Hard-to-accept defeat but Arsenal showed spirit with 10 men

It was business as usual when Chelsea came to the Emirates yesterday as our local rivals yet again took the points and stopped Arsenal from scoring. We were outdone as soon as the 20th minute when we had to struggle from a man down and a goal down, but the team fought like lions and even tried to get an equalizer.

Wenger admitted that his team had high hopes of reversing the bad run against Guus Hiddinks men, but were left with nothing again. “It was disappointing as we couldn’t really play with our real team for 90 minutes,” Le Prof said. “I was very disappointed because in recent games we have lost we have had really harsh decisions against us [like] at Southampton and today.

“We had such high expectations today. To lose the game the way we did is really frustrating today and difficult to accept.

“The difficulty was that we went straight away down at 1-0 and we had to attack without being at 0-0 which means you expose yourself at 10 men, but what can you do?

“I think we had a good attitude and fantastic spirit despite the negative result today, I think we should come out [of this] with even more belief.”

Arsenal have endured a tough run of games that we rarely win but have come out of January with just the one undeserved defeat and we are still just three points behind the leaders. Now we just have to forget this month and get rested and focused for our next three in February. I assure you they will be a lot easier than these three just gone!

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. “we have had really harsh decisions against us” Yesterday there were no harsh decisions Mr. Stupid, you had an easy decision to drop your slow Rino for a clearly better defender (Gab) just because of your dumpiness and stubbornness ….

    1. I hope Mert will have at least 3 matches ban … Cannot run, cannot tackle, cannot take headers even being the tallest, he is not suited to the PL … This partnership worked only because of Kos (5 best in the world) ….

    2. i’ve said this before and i will say it again…….. Per is Liability…….. FLame-rambo axis is a disaster

      the next time i see per in our starting Line-up, i can be sure Wenger isn’t interested in taking this team forward

      1. Didn’t even bother reading the article..”showed spirit” really ?? REALLY ?! Showing spirit is not letting the opposition score at ALL COSTS !

  2. Chelsea won fair and square.
    The referee went easy on us.
    On another day both kos and ramsey could and should have been sent off.
    Arsenal had no fighting spirit at all.
    Our club is falling apart.
    The midfield was terribly awful.
    Chelsea had a strong call for two penalty decisions

    1. Our club is falling apart? Stupidest thing I’ve read since I’ve been using justarsenal. I understand your frustration so I won’t be too hard on your comment. We have been in the best position at this time of in a season for years now.

      We are not far from top, key players coming back from injury and a sharp Alexis Sanchez ready and rearing to rip the 2nd half of the season so don’t give up just yet. We’ve been waiting for this 11 years now and we’re still in so don’t lose faith dear gooner.

      1. “not far from top players coming back” how many times have we heard that ??! That shouldn’t be an excuse for a club of our stature. You won’t see Barca, Bayern, Madrid complain if their players are missing, they move on and use substitutes who THAKE THEIR CHANCES of sealing a starting role by showing their quality in a CONSISTENT manner. And if they don’t have enough quality they BUY the quality.

  3. The Chelsea defeat was a big kick in the nuts for all of Us!
    and Since everyone likes looking for positives in these circumstances, I am Happy to Say that the sending off of Mertesacker is truly a blessing in disguise ???

    I hope that Gabriel takes this opportunity to cement his place in the starting line up And BFG cements his butt onto the bench… where it belongs! ?

    Wait a minute. ….
    ? Why do I get the feeling that Wenger will probably start Chambers now, instead of Gabriel? ? ?
    Please God noooooo, Surely Wenger is not that stubborn?

    1. I completely and unequivocally agree on Mertesacker, no questions asked. He’s clearly passed his prime. I get down voted every time I make a slightly unenthusiastic comment about Per but it takes no whiz kid to grasp that he and Flamini are the obvious weak links.
      The fact that someone’s been able to run behind Per shouldn’t surprise anyone. What should astonish everyone is how others can’t do that on a more regular basis. Maybe it’s a testament to Per’s ability as a once top CB with under rated tackling proficiency that makes up the terrible mobility, but of late he’s declining and he’s declining fast. Barcelona would blow him away…
      Gabriel should start every game now.

  4. Bournemouth play with a lot of spirit yet they lose more than they win,spirit doesn’t win football games and titles,it takes good management and quality on the pitch to win

    1. Lol just stop, spirit would’ve forced our players to turn up from the first minute, instead we stated nervy and didn’t bother putting pressure on Chelsea which allowed them to put pressure on us and score, LIKE ALWAYS. How do you think Leicester are top of the table ?? They play with PASSION which in turn translates to SPIRIT. Fact is, our team doesn’t have it and only mention it when we beat the small teams. We have the spirit of top 4 contenders but NOT of champions.

  5. “Harsh Decisions ?”. Which world do people live in ? Mert’s decision was spot on. Kos’s body check on Cesc was a penalty. Ramsey, Flamini all escaped yellows. We were poor and timid. We don’t have big game mentality. Wenger needs to wield his axe now on Ramsey and Walcott. These two have been so poor consistently that its incredible.

  6. Starting with 2 CMs who consider themselves as strikers and behind them a CB who is slower than all players on slow motion is as gullible as it gets.Wenger is the kind of manager that refuses to learn.It cost us 3 points against West brom to realize that Arteta is finished, and now another 3 points to realize that Per mertesacker isn’t good enough to play for Arsenal.

    Walcott isn’t a striker, in fact, he isn’t even a winger(how many crosses does he provide in a game?).I don’t know what he is anymore.

    Ox is a sprinter, not a footballer.

    Ramsey and Flamini are strikers not CMs,rubbish strikers to be precise.

    Arsene Wenger WAS ONCE an excellent manager. Now he is just a good Economist.

  7. when will this old man’s belief become a reality? Every season since 06 we have had that belief and no title in the end. Stop the fXXking believes and deliver the title arsene

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