Arsenal fans must feel sorry for the poor young Spuds – Surely?

Six weeks ago most Arsenal fans thought that we didn’t have more than a 1 in a 100 chance of finishing above Tottenham for the 21st year in a row, but in an amazing turnaround it was Spurs that collapsed at the end of the season, allowing theGunners to pip them for second spot on the last day of the season.

Their embarrament was amplified by losing 5-1 to a team that was already relegated, and who scored threeof those goals after being reduced to 10 men. Just like Leicester’s incredible title triumph, Tottenham’s collaps was nearly as unbelievable.

The Tottenham striker Harry Kane, who ended the season with the Golden Boot, couldn’t hide how gutted he was: “I think that’s probably the worst performance I’ve ever been involved with,” he said. “We still had a lot to play for, so it’s hard to put a finger on what went wrong. We just haven’t been good enough in the last few games – it’s not just Newcastle, we should never have lost to Southampton either. It probably started from drawing the West Brom game, but it’s hard to say exactly what went wrong.

“It would have been nicer to have won the Golden Boot on a better day, that’s for sure. It’s a personal achievement and it’s something I’m proud of, but if I had the choice between winning or having the Golden Boot, I’d rather have won. For me, it’s a little bit of a good feeling but overall I’m gutted we haven’t finished the season off strong.”

“We just haven’t been good enough. I think that’s two points from the last four games and that’s unacceptable considering how we played the rest of the season. All we can do is apologise to the fans. We have to stick together through tough times – and we’re still playing Champions League football.”

“What’s just happened hurts and it’ll leave a bad taste in the mouth over the summer,” Kane continued. “But in hindsight, you’ve got to try to look at the bigger picture. If someone had offered us automatic Champions League at the start of the season, we would definitely have taken it. It’s just a shame the way it ended.”

“We’re professionals and we wanted it to be us lifting the league. We have to use that as motivation for next year. It’s going to be another tough season. It’ll be a long old year but we have to cope with that at the top level if we want to be fighting for the Premier League again.

“We have to use days like this – and the whole of the last four weeks – as motivation. We have to learn from it. We have to learn how to finish teams off and finish the season off as well. If we had been still in the title run-in and this had happened at Newcastle, we’d have been even more gutted. If it had come down to the last day and something like this happened it would be even more hurtful. We just have to learn from it.

“Games like Newcastle and the last few weeks show there’s still a lot of work to do. We haven’t cracked it yet. We’re still learning, we still have to work hard and we still have to improve.

“But everything is in place so we all have to try to stay positive – us, the fans, the club – because we’re moving in the right direction.”

It certainly was an amazing end to the season, with all Arsenal fans dreading getting ripped by our Tottenham supporting mates, but the tables being turned so dramatically on the final day. It must have been especially hard for those young Spuds who have NEVER seen their club finish above Arsenal ever. Don’t you feel just a little bit sorry for them? LOL!

Sam P

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  1. Arsenal’s league position from ’13

    1. It’s the spuds fault we didn’t win the league. If they would have finished 2nd we would have finished 1st

  2. Kane actually played for Arsenal. I think he is from the academy *I stand to be corrected*

    Anyway’, All I want is a good transfer window…

  3. From my side of the world Arsenal topping Spurs doesn’t matter much as 1 Spurs fan is equal to 20 or so Arsenal fans. Topping Chelsea, Man U, City and to some extent Liverpool is another thing.

    But I have to get this out of my system:
    – To The Rednap family
    – To the Kane family
    – The Carragher’s
    – The Levy’s
    – And to all the Spurs follows, IN YOUR FACE!!!!

    With love, 007.

  4. Loool Spurs been running their mouths all year. No empathy here, just straight up laughter.

    1. Hahaha ? Agreed!

      And No! … I don’t feel sorry for any Spud ?
      after the season we had, i can compare this feeling to the likes of having a sauna and massage with a couple of dolly birds, with the champagne on ice ?

      Finishing above the Spuds has saved us more face than most fans realise, especially when there was fear of them winning the league, a few weeks ago.

      At the end of the day, this was a nice consolation prize, for us ?

  5. Is this necessary?????

    Admin plsssssss..
    We need an article on. ‘Snubbed Arsenal stars for the Euros and the impact/boost it will give us”..

    Let’s dump this tot’ham thing already!

    1. YES! .. Of course it is necessary ??
      You obviously don’t understand, if you’re questioning it! ?

    1. Hahaha ?
      But you would have been in the mood to moan about it,
      If we had finished behind the Spuds! ?

      1. You are right,the SoOpa I know will surely moan if we finish behind Spurs..he enjoys it!

    2. Hahaha…………. U really think i’d bother if we finished behind the spuds?

      I’d only care if we bottle up games that could have won us the League

    1. I dn’t understand why i’m getting thumbed down for being POSITIVE!

      Humans u can never understand em L()L

  6. Don’t feel a thing for them. But it will feel better if we snatch up Kane from Spuds. After all he is a product of our academy.

  7. If you bet a Spurs fan £20 in 1995 that we’d finish above them, & did double or quits every year- they would currently owe you £20,971,520

  8. A few comparisons
    1. In the last five years Arsenals net spend on transfers is £103m. Tottenham have made a profit of £54m
    2. Arsenals PL Challenge was effectively over at the beginning of march, tottenhams was much later.
    3. Tottenham collapse occurred after they could not win PL but 2/3 place was secured, in other words it did not matter. Arsenal have been bottling it at critical times all season, it is only when top 4 in PL or last 16 in CL is threatened that we dig on and show determination.
    4. Tottenham have a young team who will learn from their mistakes over the last few games.
    5. Tottenham are likely to hang on to their best players as opposed to arsenal who are concernrd about losing sanchez and possibly ozil
    6. English core- tottenhams are much better, look how many are going to the euros.
    7. Tottenham have an excellent young manager

    So to answer the questin, do I feel sorry for tottenham, the answer is no.

    Us coming second is just papering over the cracks. Manu, manc and chelsea have had poor seasons. We have finished just above manu and manc. We have had a poor seson, 10 points behind Leicester.

    1. You’re are looking at the glass as being half empty! ?
      Ask yourselves this:
      When was the last time that we finished above Chelsea, City and Utd?

      Exactly! .. 12 years ago! ?

      1. Fatboy, the last time we beat chelsea, manu and manc we won the PL. Not ten points behind the leaders.

        We have beaten tottenham and suddenly everyone is happy.

        For me, we should have won the PL this season, beating tottenham is great and unexpected but its a poor concellation prize.

        1. I now understand, based on all the thumbs down, everyone is happy as long as we beat tottenham. I have been thumbed down for supporting Wenger based on what he has done for the club. Read umpteen criticisms of our players and the manager but all is now well. We cannot get beyond last sixteen in Cl, we cannot win the PL when manu, chelsea and manc have poor seasons, get beaten by 10 points by leicester.
          Everyone on here criticises these things but now all is well, we have beaten tottenham.

          Kroenke had better add that to his list os aims for the club. Top four in PL. Last 16 in CL and beat tottenhsm.

          I just hope that next year tottenham come second, it the only way we will win the PL.

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