Harry Kane on the North London Derby -“There is no hiding place”

No-one knows the rivalry of the North London derby better than Harry Kane, who began his career at Arsenal before becoming a superstar striker at Tottenham, and he is more than aware of the importance of getting a good result against the Gunners.

He told the official Tottenham website: “There’s no hiding place – it’s a game both teams are desperate to win. We’ve had some good and some bad games against them and it’s important, especially before the international break, that we get a good result and take that momentum into the games once we come back.”

But Spurs have always had a torrid time at the Emirates and it is very rare that they beat us in front of our home crowd, and it could have dented their confidence by losing to lowly Newcastle at Wembley last week. Kane spoke about the pain of that game: “Criticism hurts, of course it does, but that’s part of the game and if you don’t play well then you’re going to get criticised – that’s the profession we’re in. We’re the first to know when we’ve played well or when we haven’t. We know we’ve got to do better, work harder, hopefully perform better on Sunday and as I’ve said, there’s no bigger game than the north London derby to get us motivated.”

Obviously Arsenal also get incredible motivated for this game, having only lost once to Spurs in the last 26 visits from Tottenham in the League, but Harry himself has the incredible record of having scored 9 goals in his 9 games against us, and he is hoping to carry on that record today “Yes, and I’ll hopefully look to continue that on Sunday. Sometimes you just get those teams that you seem to always score against and Arsenal are one of those teams for me personally. Hopefully that will be the same again this weekend, but as I always say the most important thing is that we win the game and the three points are more important than me scoring. But if I can help the team get the win then that will be an added bonus.”

For Arsenal fans, Kane can score against us every time if he likes, but as long as we win it doesn’t matter! He can carry on, and as Unai Emery said, we have our strikers that are just as good as him at the moment. The boss told Arsenal.com: “Kane is a big and great player for them. But we also have very big and great players in our team. We are going to play with our game plan and also with respect to them, but also believing in our game plan and in our players and in our supporters, because they are going to help us. We need also to stop them, but thinking also that we have very good players to do that. Also, to show our best capacity and best performance on Sunday.”

He is certainly right about the crowd at the Emirates as this is the one game that all Gooners are desperate to win, and they get right behind the team and intimidate our opponents. Let’s look forward to another exciting, nail-biting, ecstatic win over Tottenham this afternoon.




  1. Emery needs to polish his game plan a bit imo.

    Football can be a simple game. Get a team of players that will run through walls for you to win, put them in a system where there best attributes can be utilised and let the opposition worry about your system, it’s telepathic flow between players (built from frequently playing together) it’s solid wall like defence (Adams et Al) it’s dynamic transaction from defence to midfield and then onto attack. The potent and direct threat of wingers crossing or running into score with the natural understanding between strikers who needn’t look where their partner is…

    Still, I fear as Emery often does (and to his defence most other managers except maybe Klopp and Guardiola in the PL) he will tinker to much, overthinking and adapting to the opposition from the get go.

    City and Liverpool have definite systems and only really adapt unless it’s all going a bit pear shaped.

    This is how I think you have success.
    We had it as invincibles with a strong player in their natural positions in every position and we functioned as a unit to be a real defensive powerhouse and attacking threat.

    As I say, I think most modern managers spoil the dish by throwing to many ingredients into the pot.

    That said I expect we will scrape a win unless we have a complete nightmare at the back.

  2. He is right about no hiding place in NLD

    It’s a game both teams are desperate to win, so we need to use players that can work with such high intensity

  3. Oh man, i can’t stand Kane!
    This is the big one, we have to win!
    I’m nervous already ?
    Come on Arsenal, make us proud & i hope the Emirates will be rocking!!

    1. What’s the Betting Kane goes down a few times in the box aswell,and if Luiz and Sok are playing it’s going to be quite nerve racking when the balls in our box
      Thing is with him aswell he knows how to find that net.
      Still a diving #%^*

      1. Absolutely, Dan… and we all know Son likes a dive too! Just had to check, as i thought knowing our luck, it’d be Mike Dean in charge of var, but it’s Paul Tierney!
        I wonder if Alli will play – can’t stand him either!

  4. @admin

    Why is my post being moderated.

    There is nothing in there that could be viewed as offensive or otherwise not suitable for a post!?

    Moderation takes so long by the time it is released UE might not be at Arsenal as won’t half of the current team!;)

    1. Haha, I have NO idea why that was in moderation. It was a glitch in the Matrix!
      It happens occasionally….

  5. Oops admin, spurs don’t play at Wembley anymore. They lost to Newcastle at their toilet bowl. Hoping ALP start today and I think there will be a surprise in defence as I don’t think Kolasinac will start.

  6. harry kane is using this match today as a way to get into the olympic diving team. he will prove that he is the best diver in england, amongst other things, which i will not go into .cant wait to see him being battered later on .

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