Harry Redknapp comments highlight how desperate Arsenal fans have become

Harry Redknapp claims Arsenal fans would be happy with Saddam Hussein if he got the team winning again.

Arsenal’s quest to get back to winning ways is beginning to attract ridicule now, such is the way the club is being viewed.

Arsenal has dropped down the league table into sixth and their bid for a top-four spot is looking unlikely.

Unai Emery has been blamed for the team’s performance this season and Redknapp thinks the club’s fans have become so desperate that they would accept anyone as their manager except Emery.

The former Tottenham manager reckons that newly-sacked Mauricio Pochettino could even make his way to the Emirates as the club’s fans just want to start winning matches regardless of who is their manager.

On talkSPORT radio, he said of Pochettino: “You think the Arsenal fans wouldn’t love him there?

“You go in and start winning football matches, they could take Saddam Hussein in there, they don’t give a monkeys do they.

“If you start winning every week they’ll be singing ‘there’s only one Saddam’.”

Arsenal has been linked with several managers recently after the results have failed to improve under Emery and while it is clear that Redknapp was jesting about Saddam it does show how desperate they believe us Arsenal fans have become.

Sad thing is, he is probably not half wrong, not judging by the clamour by some fans to want Pochettino in charge.

Emery has until the New Year to turn things around but a bad run of results could see him get the sack.


  1. Tottenham! Tottenham! Tottenham! Once Tottenham always Tottenham! Why do they always jump onto whoever is linked with Arsenal? I mean we were linked with Morinho and they jumped onto him as always. Who told them we were interested in him in the first place?

  2. Firstly he’s Tottenham through and through
    Secondly shouldn’t we want our club to win, isn’t that the aim ?

  3. We have become a laughing stock,wrong recruitment of wrong is here with us like many other clubs.Truth is we don’t have to blame Emery he has no ability to manage this club yuo don’t give what don’t have you can not blame him for not giving up either of course he loves the job that he was offored. He’s contracted.Time for the board to act Tottenham fans didn’t protest they got the change but with the absentee landlord he maybe thinking we’re in top of EPL at least he having spent in the summer.I would take my primary school games teacher as arsenal manager over Emery at least he was predictable in a logical way.But we have the man coaching the clubs he always trys to be clever in the name of,remember ‘tactics’

  4. He nailed it, but we could say the same thing about Spuds. I bet they’d be ecstatic if Levy hired Wenger instead of Mourinho

    Many football fans admire Pochettino, including me, but just leave him for now. Because he would need some time to evaluate his mistakes at Tottenham

  5. Expect mourinho to continue his excellent record against arsenal as usual.Soon the London derby will be a different story. I know Emery the coward and the mentally weak players we have already taken notice that Jose is in town so coil your tails.It is the same mental block that we can’t man u team c at old Trafford its in the unwritten constitution for arsenal lose to Jose, lose at man u away. Mourihno is the bully we badly needed to give these players believe,he was the best out there likes winning at all costs.

    1. Lost the dressing room at Chelsea, lost the dressing room at manure, took both clubs for millions of pounds in compensation, believes he is “the chosen one”…welcome to the spuds,

      As for Redknapp, what he says is the thinking of any club supporter and I would certainly have poch over ue – just think of the motivation he would have to prove spuds wrong.

      1. Honestly I just want Emery out ASAP. I don’t think he can turn things around. We are struggling. We need the positive vibes back. This team has lost the motivation and drive. It is clear.

      2. Hear Hear Ken! On Mourinho, he has always spent hugely when he has had real success. WELL, THAT WILL NOT APPLY AT SPUDS WITH LEVY AND THAT STADIUM TO PAY FOR. So relieved he is not now on the radar for us, as I had feared. I bet Spuds fans are over the Moon. NOT!!!!

  6. Emery is our FOURTH manager in over 30 years, Harry is confusing us with the Spuds. Shooting off at the mouth as usual!!

  7. The article is a myopic if you ask me.

    So Arsenal getting Sol Campbell was us being desperate?

    People are judging the body of Pochetino’s work in comparison to what we have currently with the resources we have currently at our disposal.

    Whether you like it or not Pochetino is a way better manager than Emery

  8. Hmmm. This could be a serious lack of proactive foresight to decisively take action in time to avert a likely serious failings at Arsenal this season if the Arsenal owner/board acted to change Emery with a new manager after the top-four place finish/the PL title win this season are out of Arsenal sight by January, but if Emery failed to guide his Arsenal team to win sufficiently in the next Arsenal series of matches in the Pl between now and December endings to give confidence and hopes to us Gooners, but if Emery’s Arsenal win many or all their games from their home match against the Saints and keep on winning up to December ending that will make us believe that us will see the silver lining appear to us at the end of the PL and the ELC season’s campaigns’ tunnel this season.

  9. And what’s wrong with Arsenal getting Porch? Just because he once managed Spurs?! Don’t be ridiculous @OP. And you don’t speak for Arsenal fans.

  10. All I know is that the optimism of a post wenger era has faded and the winter of discontent is upon us … not sure who can turn this around but am sure that emery can’t … sad state of affairs

    1. Watching Arsenal since ’98,several times in the later years of Le Prof,I told some football buddies of mine how difficult it would be for any other coach to get the same results Le Prof did with the squads he had.I always intimated how they would need,almost,to get an entire new first 11.Looks like I was right.

      Disappointed,wanted him to take another coaching role to prove my theory of him being able to get the best out of even the Squilacis and Hoytes

  11. Poch is a horrible idea. We need leaders in the team, I know what, let’s get a manager who never got the best Tott side in forever ..any silverware. At least Emery has something, Poch won’t be remembered because there’s nothing to remember. I’d rather give it to a guy who hasn’t gotten a chance at a top club but deserves one. Poch had his chances and he failed, why would a bigger club trying to make a come back want him. I’m very surprised that so many off this site want him, my paranoia senses are tingling, like, are people being real here.

    He made the CL, I thought we got rid of Wenger for constantly making the CL, if that’s what you wanted then you should’ve kept backing Wenger – he’d have delivered along with a bit of silverware.

  12. Harry is absolutely right in what he says, some of us are just too one-eyed to realise it. Sometimes the truth hurts, no matter who tells it.

    The fans will sing the praises of anyone that turns around the fortunes of the team and starts winning consistently, even if it’s Donald Trump. But I believe we all agree that Emery does not have the skills to achieve that

  13. Whatever we think of Mourhino Tottenham will end the season better than Arsenal if Unai Emery remains our coach. Is anyone in doubt?

  14. Not Poch, for Gods sake. Why should Arsenal focus on what the Spuds are doing or not doing, saying or not saying, hiring or not hiring…. We are the Arsenal, way way better than the Spuds, but this clown has made us the laughing stock of the Pl. Emery out, and a decent top level Manager like Allegri or Blanc in. Even I would vouch for Arteta.

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