Harry Redknapp says Arsenal “playing fantastic football” but Man City will “pip them” to the title

After Arsenal’s defeat to Everton, Gooners have finally seen the true colours of Premier League pundits. Tottenham-affiliated pundit Harry Redknapp, who played and coached Spurs, has boldly claimed Arsenal will not sustain the Premier League title race, saying, on Reece Mannie Podcast, “I don’t know though, I’ve still got a feeling Man City are gonna win it; I think they’re gonna come with a rally and pip them.

“But it’s gonna be tight. Arsenal are gonna take some catching, but the one team you don’t want chasing you down is Man City! If it was anyone else chasing them I’d say yeah fine, but they’re so dangerous.”

Even after the defeat this weekend, I doubt many Gooners will be bothered by these claims. Arteta is a man with a plan, and there is no need to be concerned about Arsenal’s squad depth following the January transfer window. Arsenal are ready for whatever is thrown at them.

Even Redknapp is aware of this; in fact, before backing Man City to beat Arsenal to the Premier League title, he admitted, “I think Arsenal are playing fantastic football. The football they’re playing and the team just looks so well balanced. Two great wingers in Saka and Martinelli, they’re strong in midfield. Odegaard looks a real player, I love the way he plays, he’s just class. And they look solid at the back, Ramsdale is good.”

When Arsenal found themselves at the top of the Premier League standings, many thought they were simply benchmarking, but it has finally dawned on them.

Pundits will always be pundits, and many people can’t stop talking about Arsenal right now. Anyway, when they can’t stop talking about you, you know you’re doing something noteworthy.

Darren N


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  1. Let’s see what happens in next 2-3 games..
    Arsenal Vs Man City is massive game at Emirates..
    If we avoid defeat then we have strong chance of winning it..
    But there shouldn’t be any more of Everton types days…

    1. We have to win against Man City at home, because they would likely dominate us at their turf and we’ll be busy with EL. Man City had weakened their squad by sending Cancelo away, so we have a decent chance to win it

      1. I guess we just have to stop KDB because if we stop KDB then automatically you take Haaland out of the game..
        And if both of them are ineffective then 80% City attack is ineffective…
        Utd did this by using man marking technique on KDB which took Haaland out of the game..
        Spurs showed how to we can stop City

  2. If they were to catch us they would have already. They will pip us to the title when their response to our loss was a loss of their own?

    We are going to win our game in hand, and after 21 games its not that easy to close the 8 points gap against opponents who have lost just two games.

    Until they become men and give credit where it is due these pundits can go to ell for all I care. It wont surprise me one bit if Carragher beleive Liverpool still have a shot at the title.

    1. Amen to this. One minute they want the league to be competitive but can’t seem to accept that other teams have also a shot at it and not just their Man City.
      One thing I have come to notice these so called pundits, never want Arsenal to succeed.

    1. IDKWIC AND REVEALINGLY, NO ANSWER FROM AD PAT EITHER. JA must have their own private reason why they have not commented on it, as it is real ground breaking actual NEWS, that massively affects our club and team.

      Odd to put it very mildly inded

  3. By the way, did Arsenal found themselves on top of trhge Premier League standings this season? Or they got to the top of the standings by their working very hard and harder tprchllight attain that exclusive top flight bossing which they are currently incharge and controlling?

  4. By the way, did Arsenal found themselves on top of the Premier League standings this season? Or they got to the top of the standings by their working very hard and harder to attain that exclusive top flight bossing which they are currently incharge and controlling?

  5. It’s not a surprise but a normal thing to see the ardent big Spud of Harry Redknapp coming out in support of Man City to retain the Epl title win this season at the expense of Arsenal. Who are currently topping with 5 points gab on Man City and sitting atop of the League.
    But are Arsenal bothered of Redknapp’s ranting in favour of Man City to retain the Epl title this season? As against Arsenal who are currently placed on top of the log and looking can win it,? I think the answer is simply YES! Arsenal can win it. YES they can.
    Therefore, I think Arsenal should ignore Mr Redknapp’s anti-Arsenal ranting. But continue to do their things very property always as they concerned them in their fights to win the Epl title race this season. And continuing with their racing, racing seriously not stopping until they breast the finish line tape and cross the line as no 1 to cross it unfailingly at season’s end. Irresponsible of which team is challenging them in the race to first them cross the finish line but should not be allowed to happen by the Gunners.

  6. It’s a sloppy article, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you were a neutral with 50 pounds to flutter on a bet the wise money would still be on City with United as a long shot. Those above who have taken the bait and attacked Redknapp should have had more important things to vent their ire on.

  7. I find it distinctly ODD that when, as with the City news, WHICH AFFECTS US AND ALL BIG CLUBS, there is actually some REAL NEWS for a change, instead of made up articles about nothing of substance , that those running JA would have leapt on it and deluged us with hourly articles.

    That there has been NOT ONE all day long is IMO more than just odd and must have some reason behind it that JA would rather we do not know about. Antennae raised therefore!

  8. He actually speaks very well of Arsenal here, it sounds like it is a tough call for him to make so he just goes with his gut in the end. We are a very well-balanced team and we have looked strong in all departments throughout the season

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