Has Alex Iwobi won back the Arsenal fans after Chelsea display?

The Nigerian international Alex Iwobi has divided Arsenal fans as much as Mesut Ozil in the last couple of years since Arsene Wenger promoted the youngster to the first team squad. He has always looked lively during games, but he is known for going just one tackle too many and losing the ball, or taking a wild shot and sending the ball into orbit.

But he was inexplicably started by Unai Emery against Chelsea at the expense of Aaron Ramsey, and he, even more surpringly, played extremely well and provided an assist as well as blasting one past Chelsea’s very expensive goalkeeper to get Arsenal back on level terms before the break. Iwobi told the media after the match how the team felt during the half-time team talk. “We were on a high,” Iwobi said. “The message was to keep it going, keep our head and don’t lose ourselves. We fought hard for him.

“We enjoy training, everyone is buying into his ideas. It all takes time, a new manager, a new system and the fans and players know that.”

Arsenal tried hard to keep themselves in the game, but in the end a piece of magic from Eden Hazard found Alonso in the box to break the Gunners hearts, but one of the big positives was Iwobi’s performance. Many of us have been hoping that Emery can improve our players after too many years of Wenger’s instructions, and maybe Iwobi is only the first example of that starting to happen.

Who would have thought that dropping Ramsey for Iwobi would have proved such a spectacular success?



  1. jon fox says:

    I have slated Iwobi as much as anyone on here and with good reason. But , at Chelsea he played well. Not VERY well, just well. But it is a new start and I for one am quite happy if he starts this weekend . We will see how he progesses – or does not (as the case may prove) under a manager who can and does coach. Iwobi needs to grow up fast. Til now, he has always seemed a little overawed to be in the team and though he clearly has ability on the ball, has shown that only in fleeting moments here and there while being wasteful in possseion and terrible when shooting. But NOW is his chance and no one- even the ever loving Nigerians on here- will be more delighted than me if he becomes a regular. Up to you now Alex! Good luck!

    1. GB says:

      Good comments Jon, I agree.

      1. Phil says:

        Yeah me too.I said in an earlier post I was prepared to give him some slack from all the deserved criticism I fished out last season and see if he improved with PROPER COACHING.At Chelski he played well and looked at times as though he belonged in the team.Good workrate.Got into the box.Took players on.He even looked comfortable on the ball.So o good start from Iwobi but still a lot to do to even begin to believe he can perform like that consistently

        1. GB says:

          I’m not so sure that Sue will be agreeing with us yet though?

          1. Sue says:

            ? nice one GB! I passed out when he scored & had to be resuscitated…… I have to say well done for scoring, but it was only one goal in one game. I’m not expecting him to score every week, but if he contributes more in the final third, then I will never put a penguin emoji on here ever again ?

    2. Sesam says:

      wow. Just wow. Big Jon, this comments about Iwobi means alot coming from you. I said it here sometimes ago, the lad will come good this season with proper coaching. Where is Sue and Big Phil at….. COYG

      1. Phil says:

        See above.Credit where credit is due.But it’s only one game

        1. Th14 says:

          Phil are you still hating? Here’s Iwobi stat for the season so far P1 G1 A1. Not bad for someone so talentless huh??

      2. jon fox says:

        Sesam, i never think that any Gooners are criticising for personal diskike of players and I certianly have NOTHING WHATEVER against young Iwobi. We all care deeply for our club – and it is ours, in truth, not the legal owner who cares nothing for it, except financially, as we ALL well know. Millions of Gooners world wide are bound to have loads of different opinions and all are valid if not hatefully made. It would be a truly boring world if we ALL thought the same on everything. There would be little point in a fans site opinions and I , among thousands of others, love discussing with caring other fans on this site. Imagine for a moment that Silent Stan were on this site . What could we possibly say to him that would gain his response, do you think? How about “Oh Stan, I see our world wide value has increased by 1.3875 % this last six months. How thrilling, eh Stan?” NOT!!! We who ACTUALLY CARE for our club are a different and far more worthy type oF human than his mean minded, mean spirited, anti social. anti glory, pro personal wealth type. And let US be grateful for OUR blessing. I would not sell my soul, as he had so wilingly done , for putrid, filthy lucre. He is cursed but WE are blessed and let us well rounded fully human Gooners, never forget that truth and be all the healthier for it.

        1. ken1945 says:

          Jon, what a positive post from you, both on Iwobi and what being a Gooner really should mean.
          I never thought that I would agree completely and irrevocably with any of your thoughts, but you have proved me wrong.
          Don’t know what I’ll do if you keep this up though!
          Hope all on here see the wisdom of your thoughts and not a word regarding you know who.
          Well said my fellow golden oldie, proud to debate with you.

          1. jon fox says:

            Not sure I am a “golden” oldie Ken. Old I certainly am but there is more mildew than gold in this old frame. As a matter of interst , what could you, for example possibly find to say to KREONKE, WERE YOU TO MEET HIM IN PERSON? Other than demanding he sell our club to someone who cares for it, I could not think of a single thing I would wish to say to him. A string of invective for sure, but not a thing constructively. But then , I do not choose lowlife types like him for company.

          2. ken1945 says:

            Jon I guess three of my questions would be
            What plans do you have for the club I support?
            Where do you see us in two years time?
            Where has all the money gone?

            I’ll hazard a guess at his answers
            Make as much money for me as I can.
            Making as much money for me as I can.
            Making as much money for me as it can.

            Call me Mr Cynical Jon and I sincerely hope that my views are completely wrong.

        2. Welbeck says:

          After watching the first two Arsenal games I have concluded:

          Iwobi can really play football, he just needs confidence and a bit of coaching (Look what a change of scenery did for Oxlade-Chamberlain)

          Guendozi is going to be in that midfield starting line up.

          An experienced player like Lichtenstein should be mentoring Bellerin.

          For Arsenal to be 2-0 and bring it back before half time shows you just how much we’ve improved in such a short space of time. Let’s see how close we are to the chasing pack at Christmas before we claim its the same old Arsenal.

          One more thing…

          I’ve enjoyed reading the lovely comments from all the highly opinionated Gooners. Isn’t it heartwarming to see all the mutual respect and love being shared around confectionery at Halloween. It’s really great to see we all want the same thing: Arsenal to get back to where they belong.

      3. Sue says:

        Calm down Sesam ? looking forward to more banter from you at the weekend

    3. l says:

      @ Jon Fox.
      Nice submission. You stated my thought on Iwobi.
      He has not played as a finished product just as some other players like Bellerin, Elneny, Xhaka, Welbeck.

      Iwobi needs to be calm in his finishing and passing in the final third.
      Bellerin needs to work in his crossings
      Elneny needs to make his presence felt when ever he is given the chance
      Xhaka (not in form at the moment) need to up his pace when releasing the ball
      Welbeck (injury has not been fair to him) need to work on his finishing and final passes.

      I must not fail to mention how the young man Guendouzi has won my heart completely. Though I once suggested the coach should use him with caution due to his age, I can’t find a reason why he should be dropped at the moment for any player. He is currently above Xhaka and Torreira who have operated in the base of the midfield so far. The guy is just good.

      1. gotanidea says:

        I think Xhaka was meant to be a Pirlo-like player at Arsenal, but it simply does not work

        Pirlo used to play as a no 10, but he could not handle the pressure in the front. Therefore Pirlo was reassigned as a deep-lying playmaker, a role that really suits him, because he has a golden vision

        I think Ozil should be tried as a deep-lying playmaker as well. His pace and first touches are getting worse, but maybe he could create sharp through balls from a DM position like Pirlo

        1. Sarmmie says:

          That’s an incredible suggestion, ozil? DM? In the EPL? I can’t even imagine that and I don’t think any coach in the world will want to try that, moreover, cos something worked with a player doesn’t McEwan it’ll work with anybody else

          1. Kurt says:

            How Chelsea new signing played that dm role. Even purloined would be proud. He ad 99 passes we couldn’t get close to him. But that’s because Ozil should have been the one pressuring him anyway. His really good on the ball and smooth on the eye. We need those type of players who aren’t shy to get right in there and do there thing!!!

        2. Nikhilesh says:

          1) use inverted wingers
          2) drop no. 10 position
          3) now ozil as regista
          got an idea surely has lots of ideas

    4. Kilted Gooner says:

      Great comments Jon, very much agree!

      It is relatively simple, if he continues to play at a similar or better level that he did on Saturday, the fans will be delighted and get behind him.

      It is easy to forget he is only 22, with Emery’s coaching, I hope he really kicks on now. His stats are already better than the likes of Ox at the same age, now its up to him. Grab the opportunity with both hands Alex!

    5. Th14 says:

      Hey Jon, just wait ok, this is just the beginning of more good things to come from Iwobi. He didn’t deserve any of your criticism but you just had to cos it seem right at that time

  2. gotanidea says:

    Iwobi seems to have a better close control and seems to be better in one-on-one situations, so he would be the perfect candidate to replace Ramsey

    I’d prefer Arsenal to offload the current underperforming and old midfielders (Ozil, Ramsey and Xhaka), because we have many young players that can play well in the middle of the field

    Once the unhealthy wage structure is cleared from the underperformer’s wages, Arsenal can get new players that tend to have more impact in the games, such as wingers and fullbacks

  3. Sarmmie says:

    Yeah, he did well against a big team like Chelsea, he should only perform better against smaller teams, we’ll see now he goes from there, let’s hope the new coach will bring out the best in him

    1. Sarmmie says:

      But if he’s to start as a left winger, how would our dream of starting lacazette and auba in the same 11 come to fruition?

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    Absolutely not! Iwobi has made roughly around 100 appearances over the last three years, and I prefer to judge him on that, not ONE GAME! His final ball at times is dreadful, hardly ever scores or assists, and that’s kind of a problem when you’re an attacking player.

    There’s an argument that’s he’s still young enough to learn new things, and hopefully improve under Emery, and that ALL players had stagnated under Wenger, not just Iwobi. But I am not sure if he should be afforded too much time to make improvements, because we need quality now…not a possibility of quality in 2/3 years times. I think all of the squad should only get this season to impress, and that’s it!

  5. Kurt says:

    Can the writer write and article on players arsenal could look to sign in the next transfer window but realistically. And players that should leave

  6. justjoy says:

    When Iwobi, Xhaka and Ozil were subbed the game changed with Chelsea gaining more of the ball and penetration into our danger area..

    were they defending and pressing better than those that came in or Chelsea’s lucky day?

    saturday is too far.

    1. Kurt says:

      Hazard and Kovacic came on at that time. That’s why shit hit the fan.

      But enough moaning next up the hammers! Let’s gun then down!


  7. tas says:

    its nothing new that Iwobi is playing well, he started to play well later part of the last season and he is getting better and more confident each game his not afraid to dribbling which he is good at, i always thought that he was thrown in at the deep end by AW and so many other young players just so that we don’t spend, hope he keeps up with his development

  8. Skills1000 says:

    We should go back to the 433 formation. A front three of Auba, Lacazette and Mkhitaryan.

    Midfield three of Guendouzi, Torreira and Ramsey. Ozil should be benched for a few games. Also, I am worried about Aubameyang poor finishing. He should have scored a goal last Saturday. The Manager needs to talk to both Auba and Lacazette. They need to be more composed, quicker and improve on their finishing. Ramsey/Iwobi for the midfield role and Ozil/Mhkhitaryan for the Right side of the attack. Key to having a successful season is to beat the smaller teams and getting points also from the top 5 teams.

  9. Andrew E says:

    If Alex can now be consistent I will be the first to praise him. This lad has a great attitude and it would be good to see him succeed along with other young players like Maitland-Niles, Reiss Nelson, Eddie Nketiah and our most recent signing Mateo Guendouzi. I think they will more easily adapt to Emery’s style of play if so, the future is bright for our club.

    I do think it is a question of being patient as we are currently going through a transition period following the departure of Arsene Wenger after 22 years. Man Utd is a good example after Alex Ferguson’s retirement.

  10. Rkw says:

    No thank you … We need to make sure miki aub lacazette and ozil start working together … It’s emery’s job to do this by playing them … Hoping second string performers who would struggle to get in to the brentford team will suddenly start delivering is naive IMO … The midfield is sorting itself out with torreira and the kid deserving starts based on performance … The big worry remains the defence … Lichsteiner has to start with Monreal but moustafi and the Greek pairing just doesn’t look solid or mobile enough … Worth risking a younger option until kos returns? Possibly but will need reinforcements in the summer in at least 3 positions

    1. Valentino says:

      The future of Arsenal is the success of Iwobi, Mavropanos, Maitland Niles, Guendouzi, Nketiah and Bellerin this season and probably other breakthrough in the coming seasons. We cannot compete with other clubs in buying expensive players.

      1. Rkw says:

        Why our greedy owners are unwilling to match the ambition of lpool spurs or Chelsea is a lingering issue which will be one for the fans to take up if this season goes South … I still believe emery can put together a first 11 that can make a run at the top 4 … Of these players only the Greek and French kids might figure … Whether the others offer a glorious future I have my doubts but should be given time on loan in good championship teams … Leeds brentford villa etc … To prove me wrong

    2. Valentino says:

      It’s time to try Mavropanos at the back pairing him with Skrodan Mustaphi… he is a gem like Guendouzi, he will perform better than our 18MIL wasted investment

      1. Dutchgooner says:

        I’d prefer the two Greeks mustafi is and always will be a liability his concentration levels are below par championship defender at best he has consistently proved that

  11. Innit says:

    Iwobi should be given another chance to start considering how he performed. He played very well.

    However, long term I consider him still a squad player until he proves otherwise.

    The problem is our team is full of players not worthy of Starting for a top team. Iwobi, Xhaka, Sokratis, Mustafi, etc

  12. Grandad says:

    Mavropanos should be played at the back but not with Mustafi who along with Xhaka should be sold in January.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Grandad and your views on the subject in question Iwobi?
      Interested because of your previous views on the man and his performance against Chelsea.

  13. ruelando says:

    Iwobi has done well pre-season and now has carried that form into this season, he has pace, power, and decent technical skills, if he continues making the right decisions it will be good for Arsenal.

  14. Dudu says:

    lacazette should start ahead of auba he works hard like a striker than auba…
    Wenger don’t like lacazette and he didn’t give him chance because of his son Giroud the same thing happened to Lucas podolski….Emery need to creat the battle field for our players not like Wenger that’s why most of our players are lazy…

  15. Dudu says:

    Iwobi and Ozil are not ninety minutes player……..like most of our players.
    Emery have plenty work to do,first of all “fitness”and our players energy level are very low.It could be worst season ever but be patient.

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