Has Alexis already decided to join Man City?

The big Arsenal transfer story at the end of the summer window was the saga of Alexis Sanchez waiting impatiently for Arsene Wenger to sign Thomas Lemar so that he would be allowed to join Pep Guardiola’s Man City side, but the massive deal failed to go through and the Chilean was forced to remain at the Emirates against his wishes.

One would think that Guardiola doesn’t need Sanchez any more, considering the blistering pace they have started the new season, but certain comments now are suggesting that it is a done deal. Bayern Munich were supposed to be one of the big sides that were interested in Alexis as well but according to the Bayern president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, he will not be going to Germany: “I think Sanchez has already decided which club [to join], so I suppose that the door will be closed in January,” he said. “That’s not an issue, and he is no direct substitute for Robert Lewandowski as he is not a real centre forward.”

So where will he be going? A comment from Arsene Wenger after the Man City defeat may have given us a clue. Wenger was asked if it was a ‘mental test’ for Alexis to play against City, and Le Prof replied: “It is a huge mental test, but I had no doubt about him before the game. I know that he is focused and he wants to win.”

So why would it be a “huge mental test” unless he was set to play against the team he should have been playing in? Did Wenger drop a massive hint about Sanchez’s new club?

Darren N


  1. Tony says:

    who cares, he can go wherever he wants.
    he isnt staying with us thats all. i would love to see him on the bench though.dont see him replacing Sane or aguero.

    1. SAMF says:

      Sanchez can easily replace Sane or Aguero …

      1. Sue says:

        I would LOVE Sane or Aguero actually I’ll take both

  2. SAMF says:

    Alexis deserves more than Wenger …

  3. barryglik says:

    Do City need Sanchez?
    Aguero Jesus Sane D. Silva.
    B. Silva KDB Stirling.
    Gundogan Fernandinho Toure
    and Danilo Walker Delph bombing forward.
    Why spend 50 mill on a 29 year old in January
    when you can get him for free in July?
    There are many 21/23 year olds around for half the price and half the salary.
    More likely they will buy 22 year old Thomas Lemar
    as a long term replacement for D. Silva (31)
    Besides City desperately need to buy another CB as
    Stones and Otamendi have played what seems like the last 14 games in a row.
    For Arsenal to get money from a Sanchez transfer they need
    City to have multiple injuries and several bad results or both.
    Same deal with Ozil to Utd. Too old, too expensive too big a salary
    when they can get him for free 6 months later.
    Ozil also wants to finish at his home town club Schalke so after
    the world cup would seem to be a perfect way for him to finish
    without pressure on Schalke to pay a big transfer fee to bring him home.
    But who knows it all depends on the table in January.
    Giving City 3 points Sunday did not help with Sanchez hardly firing a shot.
    Ironically beating Spurs on the18th of Nov and Utd on the 2nd of December
    will mean City will be even further ahead so City will need Sanchez even less.
    Kinda crazy how different results can lead to different consequences.
    Will David Moyes appointment for example make West Ham harder to beat
    now in the two games before Xmas or it easier 🙂

    1. Audioscope says:

      Sanchez is million times better then Sterling and would bench aguero aswell

      1. Mobella says:

        With the way he plays at arsenal, he will be lucky to make the bench at city. Watch how Pep set up his team to play, there is no room for twist and turn or dwelling too much on the ball and trying to beat every opposition players so that people can shout work rate when there is option to pass forward. Pep is all about pass and move and attack, attack, attack. How can the so called best player lost possession 15 times and one of them led to the controversial goal. If it were to be Xhake he would have being murdered on this site.

      2. j Evans says:

        Couldn’t be arsed on Sunday. Went through the motions. twas a feeble performance.

      3. Audioscope says:

        Yes this season he has been woeful but its clear he doesnt wana be here. Judge him for all the seasons before this one and he is hands down twice the player sterling is and easily gives aguero a run for his money

  4. Nayr says:

    Sanchez played very badly against man city giving the ball away countless times.

    i dont know why arsenal players when they have the ball have to stop and think what to do next…ramsey,iwobi.ozi
    l all lost posession doing that on sunday.

    so i think the problem is the tactics and coach.
    we are suffering silently but all hoping something will

    chin up lads.we are in a bumpy ride till 2019 summer.
    hopefully he leaves then.

  5. Audioscope says:

    The least he could do is sign a year extension so we can still gain a transfer fee for him, a bit like how Suarez and many others signed a new deal weeks before being sold fo mega money

    1. Ray says:

      I don’t think he cares for Arsene Wenger or the club any more TBH so I don’t think he would sign.

      He was most likely sold the same lie as all of us!

      This club has not got the right attitude or ambition!

    2. Sue says:

      I’m not sure I’d want him to sign (never thought I’d say that)

  6. Ray says:

    I think he’s already decided a long time ago he will leave at the end of his contract. Not sure it will be City though, although, it wouldn’t surprise me if he did!

    He looked lost against City. His passing has gone wayward and his runs are not as effective any more. He looks dejected in all fairness.

    I just can’t believe we are going to lose 2 players who, on paper at least, are worth a lot of money go for nothing at the end of the season. Were Arsenal FC (Arsene Wenger) really that confident of persuading them to stay at a club beyond their contracts?

    I personally think that the arrogance of the club and manager know no bounds when it comes to “rubbing it in your face”. Maybe this will be a lesson for deranged attitude they have?!

    Then again, maybe not..

  7. puntamarina says:

    Man City don’t need me. If he was playing well Arsenal would be in the top four. Arsenal will struggle this year. The Manchester clubs, Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool are above them. Arsenal will finish sixth next year. Arsenal fans is getting use to it because the board and management wont change. Arsenal fans are now facing rgettin of sixth place.

  8. Roachie says:

    Accept the offer for him from Everton. That’ll mess with his head…

  9. stubill says:

    Two points;
    Sanchez will have to change his style of play to fit in with City, he holds onto the ball too long, tries to beat too many players, and often misplaces his passes, he then goes chasing the ball and gets praised for his work rate.

    He’s not going to be the main man at City, or be guaranteed a starting position as he is/has been at Arsenal, I wonder how that will effect his mood. I can’t remember which game it was, but a couple of weeks ago, someone didn’t pass to him and he literally jumped up and stamped both his feet like a petulant child.

    Yes he’s a great player when he’s in the mood, but when things don’t go his way, he sulks and throws his toys out of the pram, so if he wants to go, off you trot sunshine, I can’t be arsed with your melodramatics any more.

  10. Ivan says:

    This idea some are sporting that we can get £50 mil for sanchez – we won’t. Like Ozil and Wilshire he can go for nothing on a Bosman at the end of the seaon. He will pocket the extra he would have cost in fees in wages a few months ago.
    If he agrees to go anywhere in January at best we will gt £10-15 mil as any club knows he goes for free 4 months later.
    As for where he is going we all know it is Man City as he wants to win trophies.

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