Has Alexis smoothed the way for Arsenal’s next GREAT signing?

Arsenal are said to be lining up a surprise move to sign the Juventus midfielder Arturo Vidal, who looks set to be leaving Turin at the end of the season. Reports from the Italian source CalcioMercatoWeb further suggest that Arsenal already have a deal in place to bring the combative midfielder to the Emirates.

The Daily Express reports that the Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has been alerted to the availability of the Chilean international after a reported offer from Liverpool, and will look to snatch him away from the clutches of Brendan Rodgers. However, what makes this story significantly credible is that Vidal has the same agent as the Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez, with whom Wenger shares a cordial relationship after having shook hands over a deal for the former Barcelona man last summer.

Reports from Italy suggest that Vidal will be allowed to leave by the Old Lady in a bid to hang on to their most coveted possession, midfielder Paul Pogba, who is a target for Real Madrid and Barcelona. Juventus are understood to value Vidal at around £25million and if sources in Italy are to be believed, Arsenal seem to have worked out a transfer fee in that range.

In addition to the fact that Vidal has the same agent as Sanchez, another factor that boosts the credibility of this story is that Wenger has been tapping into the South American market quite frequently as of late, the signings of Andre Santos, Sanchez, Gabriel and Ospina are all illustrations of the Frenchman’s advent into South American football. While reports of a deal already being struck may be a little hard to comprehend, I do believe that the interest is certainly there, given that it’s common knowledge that the player will leave Juventus this summer.

Personally, I would love him at the Emirates. The 27-year-old is very efficient in the tackle, good with the ball at his feet, has great work-rate and also possesses a good eye for goal. But above all, the Chilean is a someone who will come with a winning mentality and Arsenal most definitely need players who can bring that into the squad.


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    1. He has serviced the Old Lady very well enough, I’m sure she won’t forget him in a hurry. I’d be glad to have him at the Emirates.


      1. Barca plan £50m Ramsey move???? Muahahahaha!!!

        Let’s be serious here. Can I just have a bottle of coke and some waffles???

      2. Vidal ain’t gonna like sitting on the bench behind Ramsey. Nor would Rambo.

        So maybe he is packing his shades and sun cream?

      3. Glad to have Vidal but Schneiderlin isn’t up to scratch because “he’s not a DM”…consistent as ever. Got to just laugh sometimes

        1. ChaCha (nice name from me to u), Schneidelin is welcome, I did not say he won’t be a good addition, I only said he’s not 100% defence minded. I also did categorically say Vidal is no DM at all in my opinion.

          By the way, will Arsene get either or both these guys??? U can ask ur inside source.

    2. Dont believe it.An the author of the article keeps talking about Wenger tapping into the South American market,what are you talking about?we got Sanchez,GAbriel,and Santos from European clubs,not exactly tapping into the South American market more buying South Americans already in Europe

      1. Porto and Benfica are really the only big European clubs to benefit from their countries’ relaxed immigration and work permit rules that enable them to ship in South American talent by the shipload without hinderance. They are effectively a clearance house for all the other clubs. They find one very good one for every dozen they buy and make big profits. Very difficult for other EU countries to import directly from SA without hold-ups or immigration hassles.

  1. Cech to Arsenal.
    Vidal to Arsenal.
    Schneiderlin to Arsenal.
    Benzema to Arsenal.
    Stirling to Arsenal.
    Reus to Arsenal.
    Yet Wenger said 2 days ago
    he is not in transfer mode 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. All I need for ARS is Marco Reus can play AM, LW, RW, CF Sanchez Walcott and Welbeck are alternatives for CF also
      Wenger won’t go for an expensive DM I bliv he will sign Yoann Cabaye Buh if he wants to sign an expensive one I would love Lars Bender.
      And I also love Fabio contreo dunno hw 2 fit him in tho
      I bliv Lukas Podolski can be included in deals for either Reus or Bender. sell or release Arteta, flamini, diaby, rosicky or include dem in potential deals.
      if we can’t get cech av got no P if Gabby and Kos are first choice CB

    2. This rumour about Vidal is either hat it is, namely a rumour OR its bloody madness, we do not need another Midfielder like Rambo, unless Rambo eally is on his way out to the Nou camp which I don’t really see happening, though NOTHING would surprise me of either Wenger OR the board.
      what would make m faaaaar happier even if it was only a rumour would be something about us sighning a beast of a striker, someone we really really need NOT someone who despite being a cracking player is a player the likes of which we are really over inundated with.

      1. Come on Ozzy you grouchy old gooner – rumours like this are one thing that cannot be laid at Wenger’s door. He carries the can for everything else but getting upset with him and/or the club for all these f**king stupid stories is a bit of a stretch.

  2. Vida would be great but I don’t see us getting Him…We need an outright DM to compete with Coquelin. Another sharp striker with pace and offer something different from Giroud. We need to let go of the deadwoods. Keep the relevant one and everyone should fight for the team and for a start. That’s how Arsenal club should be. Remember Henry, Pires, Lunberg, Wiltord, Kanu and the likes. We need players that want to play for arsenal and also give 100% in games..I wouldn’t say NO to cech either. Ospina is doing just fine but Cech can come if available..

    1. I like that, “a proper DM”. Vidal is no DM, in my opinion; at lease, not a proper one.

  3. AA certain secret footballer who said that Arsenal have reached an agreement to sign Sniderlin in summer also twitted that a deal is already in place for a Vidal move to Arsenal: well,let’s see how correct the so called secret footballer will eventually be.

    1. It doesn’t compute on any level really. Schneiderlin and Vidal in for Arteta and Flamini??!!!?? Although also, one way or another Diaby and Rosicky are probably closing in on their exits as well. Now that is ambition but jeeeez Wenger struggles now to get all his CMs on the pitch this would do his head in properly once and for all time.

      Whether we need Vidal or not is certainly debatable – depends who is going. But and a big BUT, he is most definitely a LEADER, something we desperately need and no-one has talked really about acquiring one. Ramsey and Kos stand out as the nearest things we have to leaders in terms of commitment and attitude – but both far too undemonstrative and “shy” imo.

  4. I really wouldn’t like to be left alone with Tigers in a Hull: The fate of MUFCkers.

  5. Retiring of Trophyless legend as overshadowed lampard who will be playing his last game in epl,roza has extended his contract our potential legend.According to wenger he want to keep all is players and they want to stay!meaning flammini,roz,arteta,diaby,poldi have refused to go

    1. thats bad news if Arteta,diaby an Flamini are still in the squad next season,dont mind Rosicky but the others have to go,if not we won’t go anywhere

  6. From starting in the Champions League final to sharing time with Ramsey, Wilshere, Santi, Le Coq and company @ the Emirates. Definitely see that happening. Fantastic player but Wengers love affair with both Ramsey and Jack will preclude this transfer from ever happening…….sadly

    1. Though in fairness Wenger’s “love affair” with Jack didn’t stop him buying Ozil. Jack may have the No.10 shirt but he made no secret in years gone by that he wanted the “No.10 position” as well.

  7. Even though we don’t need another midfidfielder, Vidal is a beast. Just think of this guy as the finished version of Ramsey. He defends well, distributes well, attacks well and scores goals. He is tireless and everything that Ozil is not. He is aggressive and scores goals. Infact, it is up to wenger to decide how he wants to use him. My only problem is that when we are overloaded with midfielders, some won’t play and will want to leave the club. But if this rumour is true, Arturo Vidal is it. He is like Sneiderlin, carzola and lampard all rolled into one. Who wouldn’t want that? And he is a leader and serial seria a champion. Case closed. I will have this guy any day of the week and twice on match days. Fantastic signing if it is true.

  8. IMO (i must stress! in my opinion) the two most complete all around midfielders in the world today are Vidal and Schweinsteger.
    Chilean connection… Hmm plausible??
    The pros. Sanchez, I don’t believe he’s on that great of a wage, Racism in Italian football, Wenger, we’re likely to have quite a few of our squad midfielders on the way out.
    The cons. He’s world-class. Why would they sell both Pogba, who’s looking likely to leave, and Vidal, Juventus are a stonger team than ours currently.

    I dunno.. Would be over the moon personally, but won’t get my hopes up

  9. This is bullocks as Wenger squeezed every breath out of alexis to get into top 4 and then now is ready for another! No chance, he will think about the fit squad he has and will purchase somebody with inferior football and not a dominating guy meaning “a person who has something to prove”. There are a total of 10 players whom Wenger gives a crap about and he will never jeopardise their postion.

  10. Next season 25man squad …..u21*
    St giroud(Lacazette)
    Lf Sanchez, welbeck
    Rf Walcott, ox*, w.silva
    Am ozil,santi,Rosicky
    Cm Ramsey,wilshire
    Dm (Vidal), coqulan,arteta
    Lb Monreal , gibbs
    Cb mertesacker, chambers*
    Cb koscielney, gabriel
    Rb debuchy, bellerin*

    58m spent
    Net spend=£38m
    (Akpom,gnabry,Campbell,jenkinson=on loan)

  11. IF we got Vidal, Lacazette and Cech we would be awesome. Seriously, if we got those players I would wet myself and have a constant erection in my trousers

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