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Has Almirons’ father confirmed Arsenal approach? Perhaps….

There has been much talk about Miguel Almirons leaving Atlanta for Arsenal this January, and now Bruno Pont, the official football correspondent for ABC in Paraguay, where Almirons originally comes from, has reported a talk with Almirons father quoting him as admitting that the Aersenal interest is real. This is what he tweeted…..

This translates as….Rubén Almirón, father of Miguel Almirón: “Arsenal’s interest in Miguel exists, this comes from Daniel Campos who is my son’s representative” # 730AM

But before that, Pont reported that Almirons father denied the fact. He said…..

Translation: Ruben Almirón, father of Miguel Almirón: “So far my son’s move to the Arsenal of England are just rumors, nothing formal until now, if they are interested they should get closer with the people of Atlanta United” # 730AM

So it is being reported as a fact in Paraguay, but I just think it is a bit strange that the father has suddenly decided to come clean after denying it. Saying there is “nothing formal” implies that there are talks going on in the background. If you believe in no smoke without fire then I am inclined to think we are still negotiating, and other conspiracy theorists might say that we wouldn’t have stopped the contract talks with Ramsey unless we had a replacement lined up….

What do you think?


24 thoughts on “Has Almirons’ father confirmed Arsenal approach? Perhaps….

  1. Dudu

    Please Aaron Ramsey should move on we do have a lot of sluggish midfielders..
    Xhaka,Ozil,Elneny and so on…please we need mobile midfielders like Piotr of Napoli.
    Ramsey headless chicken midfielder…

  2. Durand

    Please let this rumor be true. Almiron is a great talent and he’d slot right in.
    Rumors here in States are that he’s off to premier league in January, but no mention of which club.

    This guy fits right in to the type of player Sven digs up. Hope we seal it up fast and pay the money and not haggle over pounds.

    Raul and Sven hopefully make a sales pitch to convince him, easily replaces Ramsey and can even make money by selling Ramsey.

    He’s 24, bags of talent, and worth a bite for £12 million.

    1. ACE

      Would love to see MA feature in the Cup
      games and Europa League and then fight
      it out with Miki @ #10 once Ozil moves on
      in the summer.

      He hasn’t done it on the big stage as of yet
      but the Paraguyan has BAGS AND BAGS of
      talent in his locker.

      Add Banega as a stop gap for the balance of
      the season and I am one happy Gunner!!!

    1. Durand

      Thanks for the confidence Sue. I think ACE may know about Almiron as well, from his comments on previous thread.

      I watched him perform for a while here, and he’s absolutely mouthwatering. Add his creative flair, and wow he’ll thrill at the Emirates.

      I’m sure the aged European players that came here to extend their careers have commented on him as well.

      He’s hard working with a great engine as well. Buzzing about the rumor and hoping it’s true.

        1. Durand

          Sue, imagine Mahrez technique, creativity, touch and passing, add Walcott’s pace, and a thunderbolt for a foot. That’s what I’ve seen from Almiron for about 2 years here in the States.

          He glides through defenses, loves the one touch passing, and a nightmare to defend one on one.

          Question is the physicality of the premier league. How long will his adjustment take? Could be weeks or months, can’t know until he’s full in it.
          Hopefully you’ll see what I mean if we can lock this deal up.

      1. Durand

        I’m also with ACE about Banega as well. £30 million can bring those 2, absolutely fantastic business.
        Great minds indeed ACE my friend!

        Considering our owner and how he guards the purse strings, club can’t do better than those 2 at £30 million. Banega can Replace Ramsey until AMN is ready to take over, and Almiron is the winger we want as well as challenge for role as a 10.

        1. ACE

          There are a few of us Damn Yankees that
          know a thing or 2 about futbol DURAND!!

          Enjoy your posts my friend and I do hope
          that the MA rumors come to fruition in

  3. TH14atl

    Live in Atlanta (hence the atl in my name haha) and don’t miss an Atlanta United game. My lady and I go to most, and catch the remaining on tv.

    Miggy is a special player. I can see him eventually doing well for us (selfishly want to him see him do well so that it validates what we’re doing down here in Atlanta). I have mild concerns that he may get bullied for a bit given his frame if we attempt to play him centrally. That aside, he’s crazy technical, great attitude, unreal work rate, team player that’s willing to do it all. Very left-footed. Prolly more than Joel Campbell was.

    I’m excited about this rumor and hope it’s true. Exciting player.

      1. TH14atl

        I thought England played Panama. Not sure if Paraguay were even in the tournament. I could be wrong though

  4. Wolfgang

    Agree with Durand about the physical demands of the English Physical League.
    Robert Pires took a year to adjust to the rigours of the epl .But don’t forget he
    was a quality player of the highest std.
    As for the guy Arsenal want to buy,he maybe a big fish in a small pond.
    I maybe wrong .Hopefully if the gunners get him my misgivings will be

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