Has Ancelotti’s sacking come at the perfect time for Arsenal?

Ancelotti Now Hot Favourite To Be Next Arsenal Boss by Dan Smith

The fact that it’s been nearly two weeks since Arsenal sacked Unai Emery leaves me assuming our owners have no long terms idea and are just taking things day by day. We must be the only side in the Premiership who would change our manager without any long-term plan.

Names have been linked, leading to the conclusion if there were any substance to the rumours action would have been taken by now.

Does it take a fortnight to decide if you want to pay compensation for someone in work?

Do you need more time to consider Arteta when he’s already been interviewed?

Are we waiting for Allegri’s sabbatical to end?

Is there a clause in Pochettino’s redundancy package where he can’t join a rival till the campaign is over?

If so, is our preference a caretaker boss?

Yet again it would help if we had clarity.

That’s why I think the Kroenke owners should be very happy with the news to come out of Italy about the sacking of Carlo Ancelotti from Napoli. Once someone explains to them who Carlo Ancelotti actually is, they might find he ticks as many boxes as possible.

Don’t get me wrong I will never agree with how the Americans run the club, but if part of the criteria is not wanting to pay compensation then suddenly this becomes a possibility. If I’m being kind, maybe we have simply been waiting for this moment.

We all know people talk behind the scenes. Perhaps we were given a heads up and told just to wait after the European group stages were finalised. Why pay to take someone from a club if you think Ancelotti will be free within the next month?

It’s not like Napoli would have been paying a salary we cannot compete with, and despite the sack he remains close friends with Naples chief Aurelio De Laurentiis. The two handled the last 24 hours professionally, not wanting to undermine qualifying for the Champion’s League knockout stage, despite knowing they were going their separate ways.

It’s hard to believe there would be any reason to stand in his way and make it hard for him to fulfil his ambition of returning to England.

As a serial winner Ancelotti would love to pick a club where winning trophies is realistic and might be put off by our lack of ambition. However, he was happy to coach in Serie A without the biggest budget, so why not us?

He might just think, at the age of 60, he’s content to be living back in London trusting his tactical ability to make us better. He certainly would demand respect in the dressing room, even enough to convince some of our stars to sign extensions.

So, Ancelotti has enough experience to cope with the pressure that comes with being at Arsenal, a proven winner, can organise a defence, is a winner and affordable.

Maybe we were simply waiting for him to be sacked?

Dan Smith


  1. The last time I checked if you count 4 of the worlds best defenders he plays in Napoli by the koulibaly but yet Ancelloti was head of a Napoli team that just wasn’t winning 9 games or so like our own UE and yet some persons think we should just poach him at once…Kai we funny…
    Napoli had better all round midfield players as well o and attackers who have been there and playing together since o and yet they have been struggling like they have till he was sacked…
    My candid opinion ….NO ANCELLOTI…PERIOD.

    1. No Thank his Football Philosophy is old school.Arsenal should be looking for a more progressive thinking Manager. Mauricio Pochettino for me.

      1. Vic, with all these world class defenders, Arsenal under Unai Emery beat Napoli home and away in the Europa League.
        That’s not to say that Ancellotti couldn’t sort out the Arsenal defense, but there’s only so many ways you can shuffle the deck with the defenders Arsenal have in the squad.

  2. Ancelotti would command a lot of respect as far as our players are concerned, but i think that will be all we would be getting if was appointed.

    This era belongs to young, hungry, innovative smart managers not old and old-fashioned managers who are living on their past achievements and are tend to be very rigid in their approach, I don’t i would like him at Arsenal.

    Managers in the mould of Ljunberg, Arteta, Nagglesmann, Tuchel, Pochetino e.t.c

    I really want Ljunberg to succeed if he can be given time but i understand it’s not easy as fans are getting even more impatient.
    If not Ljunberg, then Tuchel of Poch for me, so i would say Ancelotti’s sacking has come at a good time for Everton

    1. I like Nagelsmann, but he is contracted by RB Leipzig until 2023

      On the other hand, Tuchel’s is only tied by PSG till 2021. He is currently my first choice, because of his Dortmund experience, his ability to work with youngsters and his preference in modern 4-3-3 formation

    2. “This era belongs to young, hungry, innovative smart managers ”
      Is it really?
      What we see is those young managers also often failing at their job.
      PSG went for Tuchel and had their worst season of the Qatar era; Pochettino won absolutely nothing (despite good work), etc.
      Allegri aside (but he seems to be happy to wait for the Man U job), Ancelotti might be the very best option Arsenal could possibly have at the moment.
      Sidenote: it’s FARCICAL that Arteta could even be mentioned in a shortlist again when the guy (that I liked as a player) has never ever been an actual manager. It’d be suicidal to appoint him.

      This is not the time to gamble on a unproven young manager, it’s vital to steady the club thanks to an experienced one and there are none around more experienced than Ancelotti (Benítez would be great but isn’t in a rush to return to Europe apparently…).
      Now, 2 years down the line? Sure, a guy like Patrice Viera could well have gained enough experience to finally take over the Arsenal job.

      1. Can anybody cite anything in Arteta’s character as a player and captain at Arsenal or since, that indicates or demonstrates he has the strength to provide the discipline this Arsenal squad needs?

  3. I don’t think he would come, because Arsenal have very limited transfer budget

    I bet the board are still waiting for the next two or three EPL games. If we can only get three points or less from the Man City, the Everton and the Bournemouth games, Ljungberg would most likely be replaced

  4. Everton have been making the first moves! how true is that I don’t know,but Ancellotti and arsenal would be a great appointment for both parties,the guy is a class act ,a winner, with authority,he worked with proper football stars respected coach! Properly backed up by our owners/board….he is the man we need now but I have the feeling the toffees have a better budget!how sad would that be to lose to Everton!

    1. Well then goodluck to them, I hope they get him.
      People are failing to see Ancelotti is becoming what Wenger was in his latter years all because if desperation, and people are welcoming the idea of him getting the job.
      I’ll fly him to Everton myself and give him the highest salary over there if I could

    2. True but I wonder at the age of 60 would he look at things short term?
      As in like a 2 year project
      So take over Everton now your in the bottom three no European Football
      Take over Arsenal, your 7 points off 4th , in the Europa League
      As a manger with beleif , he will believe he can win that competition

  5. Nope Dan, Arsenal weren’t waiting for him to be sacked.
    I’ll let you know how incompetent Raul and Co are with this coach thing.
    I know it’s hard to believe, but things leak from clubs you know? You only need to know who’s got the credibility.
    They’ve interviewed a few people, bit in truth, that Bordeaux coach and Marcelino ain’t seen as serious candidates by the board, they believe they want something more better.
    Freddie was meant to take the job till the end of the summer, so we can get one out of the two serious targets that’ll be free by then.
    For real, the only genuine candidates were Allegri and Arteta, every other person just needed to pass go through the interview.
    Clearly the board till now still don’t know what they want, don’t believe the búllshit they have a list, they don’t have any list lined up. They’re only going by the means of options they have and Raul’s Black little book of contacts.
    Josh already said the club ain’t in any haste to name a manager as they want to name the right person.
    The board really wanted Poch, but Poch doesn’t want it so it was left between Allegri and Arteta.
    It was just two nights ago I found out Ancelotti would be getting sacked by Napoli after their game regardless of their result last night, and that if he does get sacked. He’s going to top the favourites to get the job, I revealed that yesterday morning, the only problem Arsenal would have is convincing him to accept it.
    Personally since then I’ve been praying and hoping he rejects it.
    Well the board’s indecisiveness isn’t the only thing. It seems one day they make a decision then the next they turn back on it, and they don’t even know what to do.
    They’ll just tackle charge of interviews that’s all.
    In the end, Josh and his Father would make the final decision on who gets the job.

    Hell I wasn’t okay with Allegri before, but right now I’ll rather have Allegri over Ancelotti. Sorry but for years now, something seems off about Ancelotti.
    Now Charles Watts has also revealed he’ll be interviewed this week. I hope he flunks it big time tho

    1. Eddie, I agree with you entirely – if AW was to old for the job, why would we entertain Ancelotti?
      We need a younger COACH, remember that is the position up for grabs, not a manager…unless the spec. has changed.
      I fail to understand the argument that the players would respect him either…would you respect someone who has been sacked from every big club he has managed?

      Where has due diligence gone with regards to our club? I never thought there would come a day when I actually admire the spuds for the way their club is being run we are like the kindergarten versus the sixth grade!!!
      Poch, Arteta, Vieria or Simeone for me, but, as you say, the kronkies have the final say and we should all remember that fact.

      1. Ken, top line coaches get sacked because they end up at top line clubs, which have high expectations. Trying to find a top coach, who has never been moved on will therefore be quite difficult.

  6. I can only see CA or Allegri giving
    serious consideration to the job if
    the AFC brass ensures them that
    money will be readily available for
    necessary recruitment in the upcoming
    January window. CA found it difficult
    to nick results in an inferior league
    with the likes of Koulibay and
    Manolas manning his back line, how
    in the world would he react to the
    collection of muppets that would be
    his first choice @ the Emirates.

    I could see his formal interview
    ending after one?.

    CA: I need Koulibay in January

    Raul: Thx Carlo, good luck in your
    future endeavors.

    I personally am coming around to one
    of Nagelsman, Tuchel or Arteta in
    the summer with Freddy holding down
    the fort till then.

    1. Yes as it looked, a dislocated shoulder and before people shout “another injury prone player”, look again how it happened!

      1. Well, at least he should be fit for the fa cup final, the europa final and our final push for a top four spot.
        One good result followed by more bad news…it can only be The Arsenal.

  7. No to Ancelotti, he’s past it.
    We need someone young and dynamic, it’s about the long term, not a quick fix.

    1. I disagree. It IS about the quick fix!
      You can sign a long term manager next Summer or the one after that but what you really shouldn’t do is gamble on a long term prospect when the Arsenal house is currently on fire. 😅
      A manager who can stop the rot and fire the team back to at least compete for a top 4 (while realistically securing Europa League football via the league) and, who knows, create a miracle via this season’s Europa League.
      Ancelotti would stick around for a couple of seasons and steady the ship then we can see if a Viera has gained enough experience by then to manage Arsenal.

  8. No Thank’s his Football Philosophy is old school.Arsenal should be looking for a more progressive thinking Manager. Mauricio Pochettino for me.

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