Has Arsenal become the new Tottenham? Or vice-versa?

There was a time when we all laughed at Tottenham, they were nicknamed Totteringham for the way they bottled it, and their squad down the years had one or two quality players weighed down with deadwood. But it is not them anymore that can be called bottlers with a squad of mediocrity, that is now us.

Alarmingly we are now fast becoming a subject of derision in the same way Tottenham were for years, we were seen as the visionaries, the team that played entertaining football, the team that brought in youngsters and turned them into world class players, the team with the future looking manager, the team with the best stadium in London and so on – but who do they say that about now?

Out of the top six who do you think is expected to spend the least amount of money in the transfer window? Well, I suppose you could say Chelsea, but that is only because of the transfer ban….

Which of the top six has the weakest squad, and before you try and say Chelsea or Man Utd just check out our subs bench last night compared to United’s.

I have no idea what teams will be giving what odds for next season’s competitions but I doubt any bookies will have us above Tottenham in the title betting.

Then there are the managers; United and Chelsea have weak managers as well for sure, but Sarri is doing a better job with Chelsea right now than Emery is with us. They are now above us in the league, they are in the semi-finals of the Europa League, same as us, they went further in the League Cup and FA Cup and for some reason, Sarri gets far more from his number 10 than we do.

We have had multiple opportunities to cement third and fourth and at each step we bottled it. That is a hard cold fact and it is now Tottenham that is almost certain to claim the third position, while we are left hoping Man Utd do a number on Chelsea and we somehow get a result away at Leicester City.

And even if we do make next seasons Champions League, do we honestly believe we will progress beyond the quarterfinals at best? We will just be making up the numbers I assure you.

We may not like it but unless we face the truth we will never address what needs addressing and the reality is that we are now in the shadow of a team we once derided, that is how far we have fallen.



  1. Oh just to put the boot in – now I have to answer that “have we become the new Tottenham” ??
    So depressing right now…….

  2. Although we have become a laughing stock over the years, we’ll never be THAT bad! When was the last time they won a trophy?

    1. So if Tottenham keep getting in the top 4 and challenging but failing to win trophies that’s alright is it. You comment is further proof of how far Arsenal have fallen.

  3. it all turns in circles in the 30’s arsenal were far superior . in the 60′ and 80’s spurs. the george graham was effective but boring and in no way could he be described as a visionary. nor could poor bruse rioch. wenger was great, in large part because of his deep connections with the french national team just as it was becoming the best in the world. it is more to do with money than great visions. in the 60’s spurs were wealthy. so too in the early part of the 8o’s, but in ’91 there were on the edge of receivership just as the PL began and they did not ride that wave. the simple fact is that with the money of some other clubs through extraordinarily wealth of owners keen on their vanity projects teams like spurs and arsenal have more in common with everton that man city. liverpool have done well since spending. yes there needs to be a structure and throwing money away is a recipe for disaster, as fulham have discovered, but wealth rather than vision.

  4. Arsenal were in comfort zone, hence they neglect the youth development and scouting systems that made them great

    The spuds look like the previous Arsenal now, with their high quality graduates and mnimum purchases. They haven’t won anything yet, but they manage to finish above us in three seasons in a row and have more international English players

    Looking forward to Emery’s second season, because he manages to make Arsenal stay competitive despite having a set of disinterested players. I believe he would improve Arsenal more if he can get rid of the aging players

  5. Martin ,Sarri inherited a much stronger squad than Emery did so we are not comparing like with like.Spurs and probably Chelsea will finish above us because they have better players.In the case of Chelsea they have a superstar who turns it on most weeks in what is a very physical League.Without Hazard , and their transfer embargo in place they could struggle next season.

  6. …… Tottenham are currently better managed than Arsenal and why the question of having better players than we have or vice versa is debatable, they do have something we don’t have; they have a fighting spirit and will go down till the end. They have been competing really well in the champions League for a few seasons until their breakthrough this season into the semi finals. While we whine and mock them for being without a trophy, the painful truth is that, they are better than we are currently and can sell many players in their squad for big bucks while being able to get better ones. Can we honestly say the same of our dear club?

  7. VAR will finish Tottenham and half of Harry Kane’s goals! It’s true though, they are better than us currently. We would never have gone past Round of 16 leave alone quarter finals or the champions league.

    1. If you want success, yes.
      This club is epitomised by its countless failures ever since 03-04. Most notably, the failure to win the champions League.
      I’m not a “troll”, I just know that every fan who wants success better be scared of losing. City and Liverpool practically don’t know what it feels like nowadays. And I say Liverpool even if they don’t win the league because 97 points would have won it for them any other season.

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