Has Arsenal boss already dismissed Chelsea title challenge?

When he was challenged about his statement by one of the reporters at the Arsenal press conference yesterday, Arsene Wenger chose to back up a little and say that you can never rule out any club from the Premier League title race at this early stage of the season.

Before that, however, the Frenchman had responded to the question about the clubs that were realistic contenders by suggesting that the current top eight in the table were the ones that could win it, as they are separated by just five points. And he then narrowed that down to just five or six teams.

I can understand why Wenger, when put on the spot, said that you could not rule out Chelsea because of the quality that Jose Mourinho has available to him in the squad, but I got the distinct impression that the prof did not really believe that the reigning champions would be able to retain their title after their terrible start.

As reported by Arsenal.com the boss said, “At the moment, mathematically, the top eight. I would say five or six teams, five teams.”

And when asked about Chelsea he replied, “No they are at moment not in that group. They have some ground to make up but it’s difficult to rule anybody out at the moment, even Chelsea. Of course, when you have many teams in front of you it’s difficult to catch up but they have the quality.”

He then went on to say that his job is to worry about Arsenal and how we can keep up with and even pass the current league leaders Man City in the race to be crowned champions. What do you think Gooners? Has Wenger already chalked off the challenge of Chelsea and if so, is he right to do so?

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  1. Nah!……..Lets give em reasons to hope…….. Even if it’s a false one……. A FOOL’s HOPE………. L()L



    In other News: Moanino Banned and fined 50k L()L

  2. “The Mirror” says wenger will Leave Arsenal in 2017……….. Nonsense!……… Hightime we stopped Looking in the Mirror

  3. So it looks like AW will step down in 2017 then. And I’m in China at the moment with news that pep G will take over so he can rebuild the team. Big fact is we play in a way that pep likes and another reason is A S playing for his old boss. The betting is going mad over here. I think it would be a match made in heaven AW up stairs and pep doing his thing. The other thing is pep taking a break at the end of this season just like he did before. He is great friends with AW it just makes sense
    So it won’t be a big change there like Man U or the other teams

    1. When he leaves, no doubt he will be missed. I think it will be mixed feelings for me. He is an icon and legend for the club and he will not be forgotten but for his sake and his legacy I really hope he wins an EPL or even more the CL by the time he calls it quits. The thing is he does not do enough certainly in terms of building his team to enable success. He also makes too much of the same mistakes and doesn’t learn from them.
      As for Pep…that would be great but he is likely going to Man City. Klopp has been taken by Liverpool so it would be interesting to see who steps in.

      1. If Wenger wins a major trophy like epl or ucl by 2017 he will probably continue for another 2-3 years easily. Whenever he leaves, sooner or later, I will surely be very very upset that day. We may not have won as many major trophies as the likes of manutd barca Bayern or even mancity and Chelsea in recent years but WE ALWAYS MANAGED TO PLAY ATTRACTIVE FOOTBALL even with half a dozen injuries week in week out. I m pretty sure that arsenal fans have the most exciting weekends, thanks to Wenger!

    2. arsenalkid1970

      that all makes seance we play like Barca when he was in charge and arsenal not spending and keeping reserves for the new manager also makes seance but the time line don’t unless its this summer 2016 the change over

      and Pep is the right man to take over Arsenal

      1. I do think so. But, did you realize that Pep can’t take his job pressure more than 3 years? I just wonder why?

        1. You mentioned wondering about who our next manager might be. Thought Id ask how you would feel if we brought in someone that our board feels is most like Arsene. I’m sure there must be a few ex player types that didn’t make the grade professionally so to speak hence studied the game in great detail, and is bilingual, influenced by the great Brazilian and Dutch football teams and is obliged to play attractive football. Oh and is a very very clever dude. Stoichkov comes to mind except he did make the grade in playing ball and I couldn’t tell ya if he is a very clever dude.

  4. Had the Boss not said, boys will start to be separated from the men after week game no. 10? And this weekend will be week game no.9. Let’s hope Arsenal will be very successful in their outings this weekend.

  5. It would be a great moment for Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger if we win a league at least once and maybe have a serious crack at the champions league next season in his last one in charge at the club. Be a nice way to leave on a high and on top where the club should be and he deserves!

    Im 1st to question him but we have to realise that he will decide when he leaves nobody else, confirmed yday again at the AGM but the talks have happened that this might be his last contract for the club iv read on a few sites.

    Who would be his replacment? I said Klopp a while ago but that obviously wont happen. Maybe Pep?

  6. Chelsea are still in it for one simple reason, they don’t have a Chelsea like team eating up all the ground you lose. Manc are not a Chelsea, they are prone to taking foot off gas when everything goes to their heads. Ourselves, we are not the type of team that will take advantage of every dropped point either ..pity. We would not come back and win it if we had started as they have, but I feel they could if they turned it around in the next couple of weeks. Just being honest.

    Mourinho takes another strip out of Arsene, says that he’s not aloud say the word difficult but sees you are aloud say naive and weak. Difficult Jose, no it wasn’t for saying that, it was for saying there is a bloody conspiracy and everyone is out to get ya especially the fa and officials all whilst you cannot stop talking about Arsene Wenger. Jose I am realising is one of those people that does not know when to shut up.

    1. 50k + 1 match Ban + No post match boo-boo against the FA on/before October 2016 ………… Max purnishment for moanino

    2. my Bad………. Not a match ban………. But a STADIUM BAN……. He’s not expected to be seen 200m arnd the stadium perimeter L()L

    3. Chelsea still living in their euphoria, when Jose couldn’t stop talking about how special he is and how low Arsene is. “Your mouth is your tiger”, that’s a metaphor from my country. Exactly working on Jose Moaninho.

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