Has Arsenal boss gone cold on Walcott?

I understand that Arsene Wenger wanted to be extra careful with the Arsenal and England international star Theo Walcott. It was not just the fact that the anterior cruciate ligament injury picked up by the pacy player kept him out for around a year either. That was not Walcott’s first spell out and he only managed 13 Premier League games in total.

But Walcott has been back long enough now and has been looking sharp when on the pitch. So after he was not started against the Spuds in the North London derby defeat last weekend, I thought he would be a nailed on starter against Middlesborough in the FA cup.

But Wenger left him on the bench and risked the fitness of Alexis Sanchez despite suggesting that the Chilean was struggling with injury and fatigue in the week. As a Daily Star report reveals, Wenger has also suggested that Alexis has pretty much replaced the Englishman at the minute and that Walcott may struggle to see regular action.

Wenger said of Walcott, “His fitness is there now and we will see game by game.

“It is a big challenge for Theo but the player who has had the biggest ­offensive impact up to now is Sanchez. Walcott can score goals as well.”

With a really tough and important period of the season ahead of us, surely Arsenal will need as many of our top players fit and in form as possible, so I thought that the FA cup clash was the perfect chance to give Theo a good run out. The fact he didn’t get it suggests to me that Wenger is not convinced that he is a key player for us any more. What do you think?


  1. After the game yesterday i had a few complaint. Okay here it is-

    1. For the number of chances we had yesterday, their was little or no end product. We need to be more cynical in front of goal.

    2. When Giroud was on a hattrick, he should have been more ruthless and asking for the ball each time we attacked. He should have told Santi and Mesut at HT to service him only. I know it doesnt work that way but he needs to be more selfish. A hattrick would have elevated his status and confidence.

    3. This is the 4th game now Walcott missed sitters. Villa, Brighton et al. He should have had a brace yesterday. He is very wasteful and it can be frustrating at times. Yes he was out for a year and all that but it’s 7 games now. The needs to work off his rustiness.

  2. No i dont believe so! Theo is still part of our plans? And is slowly returning to his best apparently wenger doesnt want to rush him back too quickly!

    1. I think Wenger wants to get the best out of Walcott before deciding on a contract extension. He is doing this by showing him he is not automatically guaranteed a place in the starting 11. For that Walcott needs to be more clinical in finishing and tracking back more.

      Walcott this time does not have so much power in the contract negotiations as he did last time. We have better replacements and also he has an injury record that is not great.

      What if Arsenal buy Reus, Dybala, Preat or Depay. Would Walcott become surplus and he may be sold with 1 year left on his contract. His sale could fund Dybala.

      I see Arsenal become a bit more like Chelsea where we sell good players to buy other good players. Like they did with Schurlle to buy Quadrado. We have a well stocked bench when everyone is fit. This will unsettle some players.

    1. yes, but if he goes he will go to a competitor who will appreciate his talents more, and play him in his preferred position, and it will come back to haunt us

  3. Walcott will get game time, he’s an important part of the squad and a regular goal scorer. Nothing to worry about. He’s only been back a little over a month and people are freaking out he doesnt start every game?

  4. Walcott may not be in form, but I would not sell him for 50 million dollars. He has potential, hes got the character to be a good footballer. Theres not much lad like him now days. Go watch his older videos, u would regret saying “Sell Walcott”

    1. What r u smokin…..I doubt we could more than 15m if lucky but should be sold in the summer for whatever the market gives …. Being out for a year might explain his rustiness in front of goal ( it doesn’t though he’s just average in front of goal) but can’t explain his inability to dribble past players or his laziness …. Ox a better option but need anither world class striking option in summer to match the quality we have in creating chances

      1. Wallcott already on £90K a week. What if he wants £130K a week. Is he worth that with him not helping defensively? What about his injury record. We may end up with a player that cost us a lot and does not play a lot. If they have have high wages they become impossible to sell.

        The next few months will probably show us where it is heading. If no new contract signed than we know he will be sold this summer.

  5. Our best XI with everyone fit and on form includes Walcott. So may be we have to wait a bit more.

    ______G rude


    that’s our best in my opinion.

  6. Wenger is gradually giving him chance. He also wanted to give Welbeack another chance.
    Walcott is pure class. He now lacks little bit of fishing but he alredy scored 3 goals after his come back. He is constantly getting into good position and giving us a different option to score.
    Contract can be an issue here .

    1. what are you talking about? He may not have had a shot on goal, but he was always involved in our offensive attack and always hustled back on defense. No reason to slate him

      1. sorry what’s the functions of our attacks? is it not to take up dangerous positions? for Christ sake we dominated the match and an attacker was almost missing and you’re say he was fully involved give yourself a break man. did anyone noticed how boro shifted back when theo came on? they were gathering momentum before theo came on but seeing him they knew they might lose by a larger margin. the theo fear alone is a big factor and I dare say it theo is more clinical than almost any other person in that team just check out his goals against villa and Leicester. to me he’s a big part of the team and should be given more chance

  7. How many games has it been now that Sanchez hasn’t scored in? He has been such a revelation up until he last scored a goal for us. He’s drought has to come to an end

  8. Walcott is no longer a nailed on starter, since arrival of Alexis and return from injury of Ozil.
    Yes he scores goals, but he’s also missed a number.
    Plus he doesn’t do tracking back to support his full-back. He has to add this to his game.
    Theo definitely remains one of our key players, but he should be wary of playing too much contract renewal hardball. No-one is indispensable
    COYG – great controlled win yesterday

    1. how much tracking back does great scorers do? think of Messi, Ronaldo, Aguero, coasta etc. sorry if we spend so much on our defense and they cant perform their functions independently then I think we shd start playing our attackers in those positions. please give a break from this tracking bak of a thing. I once read an article which says you do more defending when you lose the ball too often. lets understand his function and allow him to do it for Christ sake and stop asking them to fall bak and attack in every game

  9. Isn’t it funny that we are able to read articles such as this? Good times. We wanted top players signed and we got it. Today we have sanchez, welbeck, ox and theo competing for the same positions. I dont think Wenger ignored walcot. Welbeck needs games too. The boss is just trying to use his squad well and keep everybody happy. Last time I checked, Theo played in our last three games so I see no problems there. When Ox and Wilshere are fit, it will get even worse for them footballers because you will see a lot of quality players on our bench. That is a top team for you.

  10. Walcott has had a pattern with Arsenal. He returns from injury, gets his form back, picks up a niggle, comes back and plays a few more games, niggle keeps him missing the odd game and then BAM big injury. Wenger is trying to avoid that first niggle, especially while Theo is not an automatic starter. This does not mean he is no longer a big part of the team. His pace is deadly and IF he gets his finishing as clinical as it can be, he’ll be our best finisher in the team. He may be “missing sitters” atm but he’s also averaging over a goal every 2 games and is still getting back to himself. I have no concern about him being a part of the team.

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