Has Arsenal boss got it SPOT ON with referees?

There is no doubt that Arsenal got the rub of the green with a couple of key decisions in our away win over Crystal Palace yesterday. Arsene Wenger admitted as much himself and with what happened in another part of London yesterday, namely Stamford Bridge, the issue of referee decisions has been thrust into the spotlight again.

It makes me wonder whether the Arsenal boss has taken a conscious decision not to complain too much about decisions this season. He has certainly done so in the past and has fallen foul of the FA for it as well. And I do not think it gets you anywhere either.

Look what is has done for Jose Mourinho. The Chelsea boss has been moaning, whinging, blaming people and suggesting a conspiracy ever since he came back to the Premier League last season. In fact he has always done it and I have a feeling that the referees are sick of it. Maybe that is why the decisions are now starting to go against him more often than not.

There is no doubt that his side were hard done to yesterday but they also had more than their fair share of generous calls go their way. But he never seems to accept that and only mentions the things that go against Chelsea. It happens mate, deal with it.

I think that referees have a tough job and they get things wrong. The players don´t help by always trying to con them and I reckon they must feel under serious pressure a lot of the time. So maybe they appreciate it when a manager does not jump on them for every perceived injustice. And just maybe that will make them feel a bit better disposed towards that manager or club. After all those years of being bullied and intimidated by old purple nose from Old Trafford, the refs are in no mood for it anymore.

So has Wenger got his treatment of the officials spot on?

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  1. lucky Liverpool. Now they are only 3 points behind. We desperately need to beat Everton next week since they are taking on City. I guess a positive is that if Soton dont make top 4, its more likely we can get Schneiderlin.

      1. Wanyama is essentially Coquelin. Schnederlin the way better passer out of any of them and can control the tempo of Southampton midfield, something Coquelin cannot do. I think Wanyama would be a bit of a redundant purchanse.

        1. why do we need 2 Coquelins? And we do need a midfielder who can control tempo as well since Arteta is just about done as well. Why do you want two of the same type of player? Coquelin and Wanyama are midfield destroyers and are good at what they do, but they can never control a match like Schneiderlin, Matic.

          1. You honestly couldn’t be more wrong. Have you ever watched Southampton play? Coquelin is completely like schneiderlin, they are not the biggest but use positioning, interceptions and slide tackles to break up the play. And they both are technical players who can pass.

            Wanyama on the other hand is the definition of a destroyer he just uses his strength and size to bully people off the ball and that’s EXACTLY what we need

            1. Coquelin doesnt bully off the ball? I disagree highly that they are the same type of players. I think Coquelin is already the midfield enforcer. And he’s not like Schnedierlin because Schneiderlin also gets forward on occasion as well and has a bit of creativity if you watch him. Coq is more committed to his job of staying back. And any CDM has a lot of interceptions, thats sort of the point of why they are back there.

            2. do a simple stat comparison on squawaka and you’ll see Wanyama and Coq have more similar stats compared to Schneiderlin.

            3. Why do we want a player who preferred a move to Spurs over us last summer ? I like Schneiderlin but we should forget about him and get Bender instead.

      2. well said Gallen,if you look at Southampton set up, Wanyama does the donkey work and MS does the passing. Ms is a good player no doubt about that but what we need is ball winners and definitely that’s Wanyama. We also need a tall intelligent passer in the #8 role but I have not yet seen a suitable candidate, we still have Ramsey and Wilshere but can they do what Yaya Toure does? I don’t think so. We need to learn what our team needs to succeed. Am very confident Wenger knows what we need but Ramsay and wilshere are letting us down. Ms is not what we need and not every player with good stats plays for Arsenal

        1. doesnt Coquelin already stay back and do the donkey work for us? You want us paying for a type of player we already have.

  2. liverpool and the spuds are showing real steel an quality.
    bare in mind they both played 3 days ago in europa league .
    spuds came back from 2 goals down an liverpool beat southampton away- very impresssive

    everyone needs to stop acting smug- they have just as much chance as us.

    every win – we could win the title
    every loss its wenger out

    wtf enough kids

    1. Well at times when Arsenal fans see the first place in their reach they want to win it. They want to bring that thing home. Failure to do so means Wenger out. Later with time, bec of the strugle, people then are happy with just the 4th place. As in the end of they day, we tend to say, well at least we are infront of the might Spurs and that alone should be an archievment.

  3. The “Paranoid” One started this whole conspiracy story, when Chelski’s performance started to drop off. He’s done it before a) it creates a siege mentality in his team(s) b) he’s trying to influence referee decisions in Chelski games.
    If a ref refuses a penalty (even if he’s right) – then it proves Moaninho’s point, and on and on.
    The guy has a great coaching record with 4 different clubs – so why does he have to behave like a complete tw*t.
    And I see AW is in his firing line again – Moanihno a “specialist in talkiong through his ar*e!!

    Just a thought – is Adrian Durham Moaninho’s love child??

  4. After what happened in the 31st minute, which influenced what happened in the 32, 39, 41, 49, etc,etc,’ Matic did not deserve to see red for doing the 69′. MORON=HO is attacking Wenger’s credentials once again which is quite disrespectful. We have been on the receiving end of bad decisions over many seasons, some of which cost us points for a shot at the title, while him and Fergies intimidation of referees and getting decisions in their favour was always evident. The refs are not falling for Costas antiques and I am glad we got a cleaner player like Sanchez rather than him.

  5. Seriously, he has such a great team. Why does he have to moan like a b@tch. Burnley got away with a handball and Costa went over too easy. Get over it. Is it just me or have we been playing worse since Ozil got back?

  6. I don’t know why anyone would want to be a ref. From the comfort of my sofa enjoying a pint and a bowlful of nachos, I confidently thought Friend got four big calls wrong in the first half including three penalties. Turns out he got three of those right (and counting the penalty shout in the first few minutes to Southampton, 4 out of 5 big calls right). I still think they need video replays but hats off to them most games.

    Slight aside – am I the only one who thinks Ashley Barnes is being a bit hard done by? It looked to me that Barnes passed the ball and his follow through caught Matic who was trying to make the tackle. Unfortunate but hardly malicious. No one passes the ball without a follow through.

    1. He doesn’t make any effort to stop once he realised he was going to make contact.
      And didn’t appologised or checked on matic after the contact.

      1. We’re talking split seconds. By that reasoning, Matic didn’t make any effort to pull out of the tackle when he realised the ball was gone. I agree, the stills look horrific but “criminal”? Jose’s having a laugh.

    2. It did look like he was trying to break Matics leg, but he was fine and now has a red card. Thanks Burnley

  7. I’m really looking forward to Monaco. Great to have the 1st leg at home. Need to really take advantage of Home match. Kondogbia and Moutinho are People to watch out for. Also Berbatov is still dangerous. I like Kondogbia. Wish he could come here

    Anyway I predict 2-0 winto us

    1. That would be great, monaco has the 14th attack in league 1 but the best defence. if we can score early I think we’ll have a good game.

    2. score more than 1 and keep a clean sheet and the tie is over. Its important to keep a clean sheet, because we essentially always score at home and I dont think we’ll have a problem doing that.

  8. I told you people that Liverpool would win. They are good against strong teams but against weaker ones they f$ck everything up. Spurs are no thread to us. Not today and will never be. Moro is open up his srry ass mouth looking for things to complain about bec he sees himself in danger. City are about to catch up with them and i wish them all the luck to beat them for the epl title. Not that i give a shet about City but i do give a shet about Chelsea wining the leauge.

    Arsenal ( fa cup, cl win)
    Manure ( connection will help them reach this poz).

    1. Champions League win? Let’s be reasonable. A good go in QF I’ll be happy, Semis would be fantastic, but our team isn’t ready yet to win the whole thing.

      1. lol, okay people thumbing me down. Would you be comfortable betting any amount of money on us winning Champions League?? Let’s be serious for a minute.

        1. lol, thats to funny man ^^. It was meant to be a joke bec i am not happy about the 3 place and seeing us wining it would be like me and emma stone playing table tennis together.

  9. Arsenal have tampered with Middlesbrough’s form, they lost at home in the Championship. I hope we can do the same to Monaco.

  10. Wow mourinho speaking positively about Arsenal and Arsene.
    “[Wenger] has a dream job. Everyone would love to have the security he has of being manager year after year after year. He won so many titles in a certain period and that gave him that credibility he deserves. He is obviously a fantastic manager. He has a fantastic situation to be successful.

    “When you look at the players in the squad, they are capable of playing very good football.”

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