Has Arsenal chief basically confirmed we have a low transfer budget?

A lot has been made over the word “ammunition” today because it was uttered by the Arsenal head of football Raul Sanllehi while he was discussing the clubs summer transfer plans.

It was an in-depth interview and it is easy to take things out of context when quoting just snippets but that is what the media have done in abundance today making out that it is some sort of massive turnaround in the clubs attitude and that we can expect a significant number of quality signings.

But that is simply not going to be the case, not if you analyse what Sanllehi actually said, or rather what he did not say.

“I don’t feel in disadvantage with anybody. The Premier League, is exciting for any player in the world. London, Arsenal, the history, the dimension of the club, the stadium, the facilities at Colney, the fan base, the followers around the world and the exposure.

“Really, I feel like I have a lot of ammunition when I talk with players to engage them in our project.” Sanllehi said.

Well, that ammunition is not money, it is ok speaking about history, the club, the stadium and so forth but there was absolutely no mention of the size of the expected transfer budget.

No denial of the numerous reports claiming we have just £40 Million to spend rising to a potential £70 Million in the event we qualify for the Champions League.

All the history, culture and facilities will not get us two £40 Million players, it won’t get us top class talent that Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, Man Utd, Tottenham and even Wolves can afford to purchase, we will continue to be restricted due to a limited transfer budget.

A pea shooter has ammunition, they are called peas and that is what we will be shooting while most of our direct rivals will be offloading rocket-propelled grenades and nothing Sanllehi said has persuaded me otherwise.


  1. I know , lets tell the world how much £ we have so they push the prices up . Thsts a great strategy

    1. Yeah, it’s all just a smokescreen as an attempt to lower our targets’ price tags. Arsenal would most likely make at least one marquee signing and that would surely cost more than 40 M

      I just wish they have Dortmund’s strategy in player transfer this season. Despite having several excellent wingers, Dortmund still buy two more

      Dortmund, Barcelona, Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham and other top clubs seem to know the importance of good wingers or wide players in their squad. Arsenal should have invested more in that department, instead of chasing another central midfielder

      1. Dortmund has signed three very good players for a total of less than €70 million and very early in the transfer window. One has to question the effectiveness and efficiency of Arsenal’s scouting and contract staff.
        Once again Arsenal will approach the next season with a disadvantage compared to, not only the big five, but clubs like Everton, Watford and Wolverhampton. Sanhalli is smart enough and experienced enough to know that players are attractedto clubs for three main things: money, playing time and exposure in the Champions League to get the attention of national selectors and prospective future buyers.
        Sounds like Gazidis Mark II. Remind me again why Arsenal left Highbury?

  2. It’s really a stretch to conclude that claiming that Arsenal has a few ‘ammunitions’ to attract players is confirmation of low budget. Why are you so certain that they have a low budget? He seems to be suggesting that they have the resources to secure their target over the competitors. The history, facilities and culture are the unique selling point as to whether a player choose you ahead of your competitors. You lose credibility when you skew quotes as a pretext for your rant about inadequate transfer fund which is unsubstantiated.

  3. I don’t know, him alongside Vinai just sound like a Gazidis 2.0. Always with the same trying to sugarcoat stuffs búllshît.

  4. So because he did not mention the transfer budget in his speech he has confirmed our low budget rumours? If you were a researcher am sure you do not need me to tell you, your baseless conclusions would have been rejected vehemently. Rubbish article, click-bait at best. Can’t wait for Jon Fox to tear you a new one over this.

    1. Whys it click bait ,we all know from reading the drivel he came out with in that interview that we will have a low transfer budget .
      He sounded just like a certain snake who left this season .

    2. QD, Sorry to disappoint you then, because I am much in agreement with the article and believe that owner investment is paramount to our chances of real progress. Neither £40 mill nor £70 mill will much much dent in repairing the many gaping holes we need to repair. SANLLEHI’S STATEMENT REEKS OF GAZIDISM TO ME! Nuff said!

      1. It might sound similar but when Raul sounds upset about the Ramsey saga, with him pulling the offer off the table, then saying that this will not happen again while I’m here. This is not Gazidas, Gaidas would have left it on the table or he might have even offered more. I believe Raul intends to never let them run contracts down, Gazidas said the same and I remember saying how – doing it and saying it are two different things.

        Maybe Raul won’t manage to stand by his words, because our performances and our league standing could take precedent. I do believe he will try his darndest to get them to to the table before trying to bossman their way out.

        As for the budget, even if we do have more, he is right to play it down, esp these days. If we have roughly the money being quoted, what would you want him to say, eh Koenke, if you don’t triple that well then the team and I are going to boycott the games. We have what we have, Raul and Emery must get creative and they need to spot the top players before they become the top ones. That is part of these guys jobs, along with getting a top spotter who is good with young players and has some contact books of his own. We need to have a long reaching network. I do not see Gazidas in any of these words above, not at all, nothing about the man reminds me of Gazidas. He reminds me more of one of those old timers who worked up stairs in some capacity while you’re listening to him doing some punditry one summer or at a finals. The job, the job is going to have some similarities to the job from when Gazidas was here, it’s supposed to be almost the same job, there’s a difference though. Raul knows football, he is from Europe, and he didn’t have to build up a contact book because he already had one. Gazidas was a clown, and Kroenke was an even bigger one for hiring him.

        1. B-O-T, You make some fair points but all I said was that Raul SOUNDS like Gazidis. I pray he proves not to BE another GAZIDIS. Best though to keep schtum on what you may have to spend. I see nothing to be gained from unnecessary financial statements, since all other clubs at top level well know how Kroenke works and know he will not sanction big money. That is common knowledge, therefore making any further club comments pointless.

  5. If you read the whole interview, he says they have identified targets and are working towards getting them. The usp, the atmosphere, project, facilities he says are in place to attract targets even if we are in champions league or not. (Read in to that what you will) lower targets or good responses from initial talks with potential targets?

  6. All the talk cannot hide Kroenke’s character. He has allowed his Stateside MLS football team Colorado Rapids to slide to what may be the lowest points tally in the MLS. He let’s Arsenal slide. Satan Kroenke has an 8 billion dollar empire. With his wifes fortune it is double that. Arsenal will struggle because we will buy tier 2 to 3 players who have potential but will not put us in an EPL challenging position. Kroenk’s money is Kroenke’s money. There will be no large budget, no big players, and Kroenke will not be challenged. It is illegal in England to own more than one major football club. Kroenke owns various football clubs worldwide and through prejudice invests his money in the LA Rams. He is doing exactly what the UK laws were designed to prevent. Kroenke is despised in America but it seems in the British system he has broken the spirit of the system and made us a Portfolio club. So sad that so many, such as Sanllehi, brown nose Kroenke. As supporters and lovers of this great club, all our energies should be to get rid of our meaningless owner, Stan ‘Satan’ Kroenke. A self serving man who does not give a thought to the dreams of supporters.

  7. I hope u guys get what u pray for, a lot of ppl call for Kroenke out but who have you seen shown interest, who isnt a business man.?
    Not all business men are lover of the game like chelsea Abramovich, or with Qatar investment, most business men wants profits, the only way for better arsenal future is for Raul and d other guy to maje the club an attractive business model, that is capable enough to generate fund for self sustainance.
    When i remember the amount we sold , Fab, Nasri, and the host of our top players compared to other club sales, i have to agree the last administrator was so bad. This and whole lots of useless decision such as Keeping an unhappy sanchez when 60m was involved, still haunt till today

    1. Yes.
      You can add the bad decisions of letting Ramsey and Özil run down their contracts.
      We are now seeing a different attitude, and we are actually seeing several of our players growing in value. It takes time, but it will eventually mean, we will be able to sell and reinvest. Something we haven’t been able to for years, because our players actually got worse after they arrived.

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