Has Arsenal chief set ball rolling to sack Wenger?

The co-owner of Arsenal, Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, has not got a place on the board of Arsenal, even though he would dearly love one and is second only to Stan Kroenke in how much of the club he owns. So that means he has no direct control or say in the running of the club.

In reality, however, when someone like that who owns over 30 percent of a club has something to say about the running of it, people tend to listen. Usmanov has done that before, of course, criticising the lack of investment in players. But yesterday he turned his attention to Arsene Wenger for the first time, suggesting that it was the manager’s philosophy and transfer policy that was to blame for our struggles.

And that seems to have really set the cat among the pigeons, as Usmanov has always backed the Frenchman before. So is this a turning point in the club’s steadfast backing of Wenger? The report in the Daily Star which reveals that the Gunners’ chief executive Ivan Gazidis just happened to pop by the training facility yesterday for a chat with the manager, suggests that maybe it is.

It is still unlikely that Arsenal will sack Wenger outright after his 18 years of service, but there could be talks about the best way and the best time for him to step aside or move upstairs. Or Gazidis could have been coming with a message that Wenger really needs to spend in January to sort things out and stop all the calls for him to be replaced.

One thing is for sure, if Usmanov is leading the `Wenger Out` campaign, it will hold a hell of a lot more weight. So do you think the Prof’s days as manager of Arsenal FC are numbered?

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  1. Arsene wenger latest project of having “British core” is main reason of this year downfall.

    If you analyze properly, the stats of Wilshere, Welback, Gibbs, Ox, chambers are pathetic, even Ramsey stats are poor this season……I don’t think any of the top 10 side in PL want these 6 players, leave alone top clubs in the world….And due to wenger insistence of playing and stating them ahead of other better player (like cazarola, roisky, in midfield and campbell ,podolski on wings), and maaking other players play out of position (Ozil on wings) to accommodate “British core”, the result is everyone to see…..Just face it, Arsenal attack is much more worse than its defense.

    Wenger is delude to think that he can do the same as Bayern and Barca have done with their local players with average English players.

    1. You are overreacting a bit bro. The problem is more due of the team being unbalanced a lot. And Wenger playing players out of poz and favoring many to others.

        1. True, maybe this is a poor attempt to gain some last symphaty, as he is clreay running out with ideas and support.

      1. He just point a fact,the core of the team are average british players and yes the blame lays on Wenger first for playing them out of position with poor tactic but also by making them the first teamer when their level is not good enough to win big stuff.

        I saw a video add on youtube where Arsenal players are compared to bums in life. did not watch until the end but the message I got from this was like a mockery, a reminder that those guy are successful because rich and we the supporters are bums because poor.I found this disrespectful as without the supporters there would no have games,I doubt players would play in empty syadium just for fun(not money).The supporters are the one who spend money and they may be poor but they love the club and players out of passion not for lucrative reason.The game of football consist to run around and push a ball inside a net.There is much money involved but you don t need to be a genius to do that.Supporters should be given more respect by club and manager who are not there for free.
        People may think what happen with me,go and watch this add and see your feelings.

      2. And by the manager playing players where he thinks they should be is not wrong? My friend arsenal brother its high time arsenal were great again

    2. “I don’t think any of the top 10 side in PL want these 6 players”

      What are you smoking???
      Chambers has been outstanding and is what, 19?
      Welbeck is being used incorrectly by Wenger and can’t use his pace (big surprise).
      I think OX is having his best season, he is making runs, attacking, supplying crosses and stretching any defense with his speed and is what, 21?
      Ramsey is having a slump, he will come back, part of that is because of Wenger playing him further forward and not giving him proper direction, a good coach would be coaching him, not watching in silence (although I feel part of his problem is a loss of faith in Wenger).

      Carzola is playing terrible football and should not be started.
      Actually you talk some rubbish!

  2. if we have an abysmal year , he will go in the summer

    if we hit top 4 or grab any trophy- he stays another few years

    usmanov is too little too late, kroenke runs this b*tch

    an that man loves wenger. man love. cuddles eskimo kisses motorboating u name it

  3. Wengerout posters, tattoos, A4s’, chants, poems, slogans, etc, bring it all to the stadium tomorrow. I’m not resident of he UK so I hope the people there will let the old man know that he’s just an employee of Arsenal who can be sacked. He has enjoyed a tad much of job security.
    Let not the win delude you!

  4. Well Usmanov is football man and an Arsenal fan, if it was for him being the main shareholder, Wenger would have got the full support in buying star players, but with a price which comes with the demand for success.

    Failure to it and he would have seen the door very fast. Compared to Stan, Usmanov would not be primly interested in milking the club dry, as he surely owns enough of it.

    1. Usmanov is like Roman, very passionate about the game.

      If Roman were to be the owner of Arsenal— this might sound awkward, Lol!– we would even win the world cup.

    1. people did, but they got stopped.
      emirates got some kremlin type lockdown in action.

      u should do it yourself

      1. Dude, you never give up, ok? U f**king don’t!!! I wish I do live in London; we don’t take sh*t where I come from.

        Plz, guys, we must not accept tyranny and mediocrity.

        1. we dont take shit where i come from?
          so what your gonna punch the steward?
          cut it out bro. real people do real things, this aint gta

          talking hard means nothing,you dont know londoners – alot of us aint middle class chardonnay drinkers- calm yourself kickass

          1. I would simple say no and refuse to give in. Nothing alike punching someone. ,,Arsene out,, is nothing a like offensive. If it would be something like bang ,,Wengers wife,, i would understand.

            Steward: ”Take that down sir!
            Fan: ” Why”?

          2. Ahahaha! Meh! Yeah, I’ve heard quite much about u Londoners: “Overly calculative, very withdrawn and too formal or serious.” That’s how my friend there describes you.

            Dude, if he doesn’t let me in when it’s obvious I have nothing dangerous or harmful on me, he’s really gonna dedicate the whole of his time to containing just me. That’s how we roll.

            1. your friend sounds just lovely 🙂

              tell your friend to come down peckham- see if we cant change his opinion

              stewards have been told to remove anything that could cause a rift amongst fans in the stadium- banners saying wenger out are just that

              an @ks- do u not realise several people refused to give in against man u- an were ejected from the stadium- its not that simple.

              1. Screw the Banners…… 20000 souls chanting WENGER OUT should do the trick, you Londoners figure out how to make it happen, you have the support of all ARSENAL fans around the world.

    2. If they are taking banners how about a single letter of ‘Wenger out’ printer on t shirts of a group going together, then they would open their jackets to reveal what everyone want’s to say.

      With our luck they would probably mix up their order and read ‘URGENT WOE’ quite apt I suppose…

  5. Fellow 4tharse fanatics.
    We are on track ( 2 points off)
    the glorious 4th place already.
    We are also on track to achieve
    the stupendous last 16 ECL place.
    50 games plus preseason = 55 matches.
    Financially we are rock solid.
    60,000 waiting for season tickets.
    Huge sponsorship and tv rights.
    Super owner.
    Outstanding CEO
    Marvelous manager.
    Brilliant board.
    Loyal supporters ( except a few malcontents )
    Yes indeed our 4th place sustainable franchise model
    continues to make Arsenal great.

      1. How dare u kwestion mi Anderlecht.
        Mothrider I challnge you to a doowill
        Feather tickling at dawn.
        I will have the last larf.
        If I am not there by 7am
        start without me.

  6. Wenger just replied back to Usmanovs criticism. He just said Usmanov should not have had to go through the media if he had something to say to him. He should have called him or had a discussion about the situation instead of running to the media.. I smell bad blood. Can’t wait for the next episode.

    This shows that Usmanov is not taken seriously by some people at the club. If he was the majority share holder I think Wenger would be in a much pressurised job.

    1. no matter what i say about wenger he handled that usmanov comment flawlessly.

      just seen the interview- he did well- shame his players dont

      1. Say it to my face means nothing as it would have no meaning whatsover. Wenger is not used to critisem, and he hates to be questioned. Usmanov did the right thing as Wenger got hit hard from it.

    2. Well done Mr Usmanov! Wenger sits inside a glass bowl – the whole world is telling him he needs a DM and he still doesn’t get it, we are not allowed to criticise him at AGM’s and all anti Wenger banners are taken away at matches. Usmanov doesn’t have a seat on the board, which is a disgrace as he is a 30% shareholder, so how else can he reach Wenger? Mr Usmanov has done what no one else can do, and reach the ears on Wenger, and for that he should be credited. I would’ve preferred Usmanov over Kronke for taking over the club, the one problem was that he wanted Arsenal to move to Wembley, rather than Ashburton Grove – which would’ve destroyed the support, but the positives were that we kept David Dein, and would not’ve been so financially strapped as we are under Kronke. We would only be second to Man City in terms of finance. Not that I agree with the money talking in football, but we’ve certainly been hit by it. No club has ever benefited from being taken over by an American, as they all use the club to make as much money as they can, rather than being a football enthusiast, which I think Usmanov is.

  7. in other NEWS, koscielny rushed back!……… I know we all need him!….. But this is wenger’s idea… To avoid moving chambers to CB and playing bellerin at RB……al so he could accommodate a slow mert …..the last time i checked, Kos da boss was not due back until maybe december….. A miracle u may call it…. But is it worth the risk playing a not so fully fit defender in an irrelevant game (sure, wat does beating dortmund tend to prove?….we’d still not top the group) when we have other emergency options….. I will hate Kos to go injured again cuz of wenger’s incompetence……..his rigid and stupid decisions will always put us a step back………. I REST MY CASE

    1. Do you have any substancial evidence to back up your claim or is just your normal way of turning +ve to -ve? If these players are out injured for a long time, you blame the medics but if they return earlier than expected you claim they been rushed back.

      1. @ Tope…….. U’ve gotta re-read my comment one more time……. And this time, WORD- FOR- WORD ….. Thanks!

  8. WENGER to USMANOV : “if u want to say anything to me, say it to my face” ………hahahahahaha Wenger’s just trying to save face, but really, the whole world ought to know what kinda man he is…… Usmanov really did hit him hard

  9. I want wenger out but I do worry that this goes far deeper than him, the yank is not interested in fooball which shows its a buisness, the only way to get rid is to reduce his golden egg, stop buying tickets , I have a newborn daughter but I won’t buy her a new shirt until things change at the club, if Ustanov was the owner I would be spending all our spare cash on Arsenal gear, but why shoul I put my hard earn money into a club that doesn’t care, I do think wenger will go but I hope the board will change, then we can compete for big signings and bug trophys, recently Sumo compared us to Tottenham that’s an insult we are above clubs
    Like that, unless wenger and the yank continue to ruin our club

  10. Uzi he really has a big gut
    Vinegar he’s got alzheimersl
    Ivan he’s been a skivin
    And poor old Bouldy has no say at all
    da da da da da da da 🙂

  11. Bottom line is we will get top 4, January will see us spend money to make sure we make it in the top 4 once again since that is our model. Are we as fans happy with this system? top 4 every year to make millionaire men even richer than they are?

    I honestly think the responsibility is on the fans, i hear them always say “same old i’ve been here and have seen the same old crap blah blah” … my question to you is, why do you keep coming back? you’re part of the problem. Stop moaning about the problem, be the solution you want to see at the club by not spending your hard earned money on a system that is rigged to benefit the board members

  12. Right now thats Wenger Xmas present taken care off now just have to pop into the boardroom tomorrow and ask the rest of my old chums……..!

  13. The Board have no intention of getting rid of Wenger. WHY because Wenger still has the money rolling into the Club. The only way Wenger will be forced out of Arsenal is by the FANS if they kick up enough and put a strain on the money flowing into Arsenal. How stop buying tickets to the matches stop buy Arsenal shirts and so on. Then and only then will the board do something.
    Because Wenger will never leave of his own accord would you at 8m a year.

  14. As long as Wenger gets his 4th place, he is happy.

    It’s the strangest thing. You would think after being insulted by Mourinho and Mourinho close to the title, one would think Wenger would have a natural urge to do everything he can to win the title but he does the opposite

    Starting the season seriously low on defenders while still loaning Jenkison is almost like sabotaging your own team.

    And playing players in the wrong position and stubbornly continuing this tactic is equally ridiculous

    1. Out of all the questionable decisions he’s made this year, loaning Jenkinson is the most brain-numbing one for me. When it happened I figured that Wenger felt Bellerin was ready. But clearly he doesn’t. So instead of having Chambers playing CB (CB crisis, what crisis?) he’s stuck out at RB and Wenger has created the crisis by throwing Monreal in the middle. I just don’t get it.

  15. Let’s not be like wenger. Let’s ‘act’ in the hope we can change things.

    Sign this petition and share it with all who care about AFC (A is for Arsenal and not Arsene)!


  16. Lucky wenger dont manage bayern! He would have taken a midfielder off put on a left back to play centre half ( after 80 mins).

  17. And some fans think wenger can change so we can beat teams like bayern ? hahahahaha they are destroying city with 10 men, while we cant beat them whit 11, we are like spuds now, we are no longer considered big top club, cuz we didnt win league for 10 years, never win UCL, and we are big, yeah in wengers mind !!!

  18. Oh dear kickass you wouldn’t last 5 minutes in London with your attitude.
    If you lot also read the Usmanov statement properly you would see he just said that Wenger just needs to admit he has made some mistakes. Usmanov is a Wenger supporter as well as an Arsensl supporter.
    He would keep him as manager but just make him more accountable and leave some decisions to others and I believe make him do the managers job properly whilst player recruitment and setting fees and wages is left to others. On the banners situation, they are banned at Emirates unless they support Arsenal so even us Londoners can’t take in the George Cross or the Union Jack. If you get in with any sort of derogatory message and refuse to take it down you get ejected and banned, draconian yes but thems the the rules brother!

    1. That just shown a club that doesn’t care, easy thing stop buying tickets , if people keep serving you crap stop going

  19. With all the hype and `positive thinking` we are used to veiling the truth I`m convinced Wenger`s trip wire came (as far as the fans were concerned) when he failed to re sign Fabregas. It was only one of many errors Wenger made during the summer. Compassion and love of Arsenal are essential ingredients in forming a winning team both from players and supporters. The fans don`t want to spend their spare time criticizing and cursing Wenger they want to trust the man and stand by him when things go wrong. It`s only my humble opinion but team spirit is the main reason for our present position. Usmanov must use his influence from now on.

  20. @Almir.
    Why are Bayern so different to us?
    1. Well drilled and play together as a team, postional covering, pressing etc.
    2. Individual quality.
    3. Mentally strong with several vocal leaders throughout the pitch.
    4. Winning mentality and belief.
    5. Game management is inteligent.
    6. Mature not naive.
    7. Serious and focused in the job in hand.
    8. Players played in their best positions but still versatile.
    All of the oposite to Arsenal.
    We’ve lost of way over time and there are numberous issues at Arsenal, it’s knowing where to start really!
    It’s time for Wenger to either:
    1. Quit now.
    2. Ensure he spends adequately in Jan, (CB’s, DM, LW maybe striker) no less. Finish strong 2014/15 season or leave in the Summer.
    I am glad Usmanov has become vocal at last, Wengers reaction of this is not how we do it at Arsenal annoyed the hell out of me. Maybe it should be/and now has to be the way forward. If you now have ultimate reign and power at the club then if ousting is what’s needed then ousting it is. Very Sad, Very sad! 🙁

      1. I am not comparing the two but just aknowledging agueros talent. Sanchez is a gunner which is all that matters.

        1. Oops, what I meant to say do you think they both feel like ‘what am I doing in this club’ while being the only players performing for their team week in week out..,

    1. i would rather we lose, cuz win over dortmund doesnt mean anything, we wont win UCL, we wont win EPL then why win? i am tired of them, every year same fight, lets change policy, phoenix first burn than arise, thats the only way how we can get rid of Wenger, i want us to lose tomorrow

          1. Losing tomorrow means we have to get a result away in Turkey, I wouldn’t be overly confident of that… Making the last 16 gives a massive revenue boost to the club. On the flip side, I guess we might actually be able to win the Europa League.

            1. NY_Gunner
              answering question with another question! so you dont know, its fine, actually you are not only one .

  21. If we eventually loose tomorrow then there is no need for you to rush here complaing cos its what you wished for. Anyway, its your opinion.as for me i wish and pray we win cos i will never wish my club bad luck cos of the wenger. All i know is that whether he likes it or not he would leave 1day. My club first every other things follow.

    1. Exactly, but you maybe dont see it, but our beloved Arsenal is not anymore Arsenal, it is Arsene Wenger, you support Arsenal, but Arsenal is Wenger, and this Arsenal will never win big, and thats what matters in sport

      1. What matters in sport form a fan perspective is following your team no matter what. Plenty of fans out there follow teams that don’t or won’t win big. Winning is great, but most will never experience it.

  22. Everyone baying for arsenes blood, (including me!). If he finally steps down cant help feeling people will be sad and should be sad. It’s history but in 18 years he’s been our leader. Such a shame he didn’t leave on a high after the fa cup win.

    1. of course, we had good times, but does that mean he is above us? i hate lies and he is currently definition of lie. If he loves our club then why 8m per year? i remember Tony Adams said, i sign contract without even watching it, thats love!!!

  23. The only way Arsene will leave Arsenal this season is if he fails to get in top 4. That is his main objective. That is the club’s main objective. It is Stan Kroenke’s main objective and it’s the fan’s demand.

  24. @almir. I get your point but careful what you wish for ‘burn then arise again’ the further you fall the harder it is to climb up again, some don’t ever. Best way and only way i see is someone to get through to wenger so he steps aside himself, (big challenge). As I see it we’re at a low now, (worst ever start in the pl) we dont need to continue doing even worse as this will just crush the players some of whuch are good and hopefully will be at arsenal long after wenger. We need the board alobg with arsene to finally grow some balls and take action, fans deserve this we’ve had all we can take.

    1. thats the way of life, why are we falling? so we can learn how to get up, and i understand some of you fans are scared, that we might end up like newcastle or forrest, but thats not possible, we are in London, we have facilities, investors like that, last year there was arabian group, there will always be investors, Usmanov is one of the richiest persons in sport, than why do you think we will fall like that ? Look at Untd, Ferguson left and there is big hole, but they have money, they will buy right players and next year they are title contenders, while we get cancer from Wenger !!!

  25. Wenger lineup most likely tomorrow;


  26. So kos back in the sqaud though a day ago he was due back on the 13th of December? ! Also whos our back up keeper for tomorrow? Huddart, iliev, or macey?

  27. Honestly the two games that we won were by playing 2 CDM’s (Arteta and Flamini). Maybe that’s what we need to fully cover the back four. So for our lineup tomorrow I would go…


    Podolski is unlikely but I would rather him than cazorla who has been awful this season.

  28. @ha559. Although theyve not played together if kos is in the sqaud I’d start him next to monreal if he’s fit enough, (per on the bench). An 70% fit kos is far more useful than a fully fit big flobbly, giant, (bfg)! Especially against a fast team like bd. Subs? Who’ll be our back up keeper with schez and opsina out?

  29. “In reality, however, when someone like that who owns over 30 percent of a club has something to say about the running of it”

    Normally, that would be the case but not here. Usmanov has been intentionally shut out of the decision making process. He has no say about anything. It is ridiculous that 30 percent doesn’t get him a seat on the Board but that’s the way it is. Arsenal’s Board is a bunch of yes men. Only two men in the organization have any real power – Kroenke and Wenger.

  30. Yes I`m in favour of Wenger resigning but I`m not so sure whom will replace him. Jergen Klopp
    is managing a team two places from the bottom of Bergesliga so, like my spelling, is not all that impressive. Pep Guardiola. Jose Maurinho, Dennis Bergkemp, of which only Dennis is a possibility, would be nice but with Theirry as his assistant and coach a new spirit would be injected into the Arsenal camp. Or would it be the old one coming back?
    The only problem with whoever gets the job is Arsenals board of directors. Usmanov must start to use his influence or Arsenal will never recover.

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