Have Arsenal made the title race much easier for Leicester?

With Arsenal, Man City and Tottenham all still involved in European competition, the fact that we all have more expensive squads with greater strength in depth than the surprise Premier League title chasing club Leicester City was somewhat nullified.

And even though I do not think that Claudio Ranieri planned it that way, the early exit of Leicester from first the Capital One Cup and then the FA cup has left their fixture schedule relatively uncomplicated and uncluttered and their focus is firmly on the the fight for the Premier League trophy.

Arsene Wenger suggested recently that it is not necessarily helpful when, for instance, they have two weeks to stew on the defeat by Arsenal while everyone else keeps the momentum by playing. He does have a point and we will have to wait and see how the Foxes do when they get back into action next weekend against Norwich and then West Brom.

However, I fear that the Gunners could possibly have lost any advantage by having to face yet another game after we failed to beat Hull City and will have to play an FA cup replay. The fact that both sides have busy schedules already will mean that the replay puts us under serious risk of fatigue or injury or that we have to move a Premier League game and have to play catch up.

All this has got to be good news for Leicester, so could that draw with Hull have just handed the EPL trophy to Leicester?

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  1. hahahahhahahahahahahaahahahah, when will people learn, fatigue is just an excuse, look at barca they play msn every game, no matter which competition. They are all overpaid plus they have 100 physios, trainers, health care and much else, and they got fatigued hahahahahahahaha Alexis and company couldnt score in brothel ffs. It must be cuz they played, fatigue is our worst enemy, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    1. ManShit (coincidentally) just release their weight after wrecked 1-5 to Chelsea by played second fiddles.
      This fatigues issue have more effect at EPL than other league in this world. And, obviously it’s caused by FA own relegation. Apart the old tradition of boxing days while the msn trio pleasured elsewhere, EPL teams play in three competitions as we know. If you top five plus league cup winner you just add one more competition to deal.
      The Carling Cup is really unnecessary things for years. No more explain needed.
      Boxing days games, for me, is more like the FA greed of money matches rather than old tradition. It’s footballers torturing event. Peoples of England Christmas day will be just fine without it.
      Finally, it’s not Arsenal who make this EPL campaign easier to Leicester, FA does.

      1. I agree with you Dragunov but you went the long way round in explaining it. @Almir, everyone knows how the PL is the most physically challenging league in world and prob only Scotland can compare with the fighting nature and battle for every 50/50 ball ..hands down prem is physically the toughest and quickest game. And on top of that we are the only league which does not take a winter break. You simply cant compare Barca playing sms every week in a training ground exercise ..to our roll your sleeves up because we are going up to stoke and its pissing down.

  2. A bit far fetched to say one more game added to the crowded fixture we list will hand the trophy to LFC….me am more worried about the fact we seem to suddenly forget how to score, right at the most important part of the season….is the nerves getting to us as usual,are we fixing to crumble under the pressure of expectations as usual?

  3. and guess what!

    All the Trophies just got harder to grab

    EPL – we got the foxes, citeh, spuds and one outsider (manure, pool ) to contend with

    UCL- up next Barca , then there is
    Bayern, Juve, R.madrid or athletico et al

    FA Cup- crystal palace , chelski , Hull II ,westham,watford and probably manure

    COC – Void

    Europa – No participation

    BottomLine – it doesn’t get any easier
    and we have to be careful , Lest there’d
    be nothing Left to take home!

  4. It is just one game at Hull. And I bet any money Hull will not park the bus at home as they did at the Emirates. Somehow I fancy a much stronger Hull because that will make us paying more attention.

  5. Seems to me that Europe has over taken England not only in politics but also in football.
    In some cases managers are opting to get into Europe more than being involved in, what are becoming Mickey Mouse cups in the UK. The FA Cup is losing it`s glitter and the League Cup is something that never was. So, we might as well form a Euro League and be done with it.

    1. FA Cup loosing it’s glitter because Arsenal has won it back to back, dude. If it was Chelsea, ManUre, ManShit or Looserpool did it, it’ll be world recognized as BIG achievement. LOL. What a schizopeniac journalism.

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