Has Arsenal FanTV ever added anything productive to the Club?

Has Arsenal Fan TV Encouraged Positive Changes for Arsenal?

The only thing more depressing than watching Arsenal slump to an unexpected defeat is taking in the reaction on AFTV afterwards. Robbie Lyle heads out with his microphone and gives angry, ineloquent men a platform to rant – and just enough rope to hang themselves. Nobody bothers with this channel when Arsenal win, but it goes into overdrive after a defeat. Rival fans rub their hands with glee as they reach for the popcorn and prepare to watch meltdown after meltdown from furious Gooners that often talk like they stumbled out of a grime video.

Nobody watches it for depth of analysis. They are simply looking for a car crash moment, and the likes of Troopz and DT are all too happy to oblige. Troopz will stare into the camera, spout poisonous bile and inject the words “fam” and “blood” into his diatribe at every possible opportunity. Regular contributors veer from pitiful laments to intense vitriol, and rival supporters lap it up. AFTV is an embarrassment to the club, making it more of a laughing stock than it has already become, and many fans would be delighted to see the back of it.

It is worth noting that Lyle’s intentions when setting it up were laudable. Before he came along, fans did not have much of a platform to air their views from, as former players and other pundits dominated the narrative. He wanted to give a voice to the supporters, the people that spend their hard-earned cash on tickets and merchandise and keep it afloat.

However, it has taken on a life of its own and that is due to the colourful characters that populate the show. The most epic rants have racked up north of 2 million views on YouTube and it has turned into a huge money-spinner for Lyle. It is estimated that he is pulling in more than £400,000 a year, so he has no intention of changing a winning formula. Yet that simply means that clowns like Troopz dominate the narrative, and it hardly seems representative of the 27 million people that identify as Arsenal fans.

In fairness, Lyle does speak to a decent cross-section of fans for his videos, but the only ones that gain widespread attention are those that appear in the aftermath of defeat, and that is when the blood fam brigade is wheeled out in all its snarling glory. It gives the impression that Arsenal fans are moronic hooligans, and that is simply not the case.

Many Gooners are eloquent, intelligent individuals that could actually break down the reasons behind the failings, express their disappointment, sorrow, frustration and anger, and speak constructively about the change that needs to be made in order to improve the situation. Yet they are not the faces of AFTV. It risks become a mere vehicle for attention-seeking plastic gangsters that simply pile more misery on Arsenal fans after embarrassing defeats through their ridiculous antics.

Arsenal supporters have every right to be furious with the way in which the club has been run recently. Stan Kroenke has not invested a penny of his own money in the club, whereas Man City’s owners have invested £1.3 billion in turning it into a Premier League winning powerhouse. His attendance record is abysmal and he has emerged as a mere absentee landlord, content to treat the club as a cash cow. Ticket prices continue to increase, while the quality of the football diminishes. Arsenal have just finished below Spurs for the third consecutive season.

St Totteringham’s Day has been consigned to the history books. Chelsea ripped them apart in the Europa League final. A late season collapse saw their top four bid derailed in spectacular style. The other teams in the so-called Big Six look better equipped than Arsenal to challenge for silverware next season, and it is hard to imagine the Gunners making great strides over the summer due to a lack of funds. Punters will find thousands of markets on the 2019/20 season and none of them paint Arsenal in a flattering light.

Fans need to challenge Kroenke and the Arsenal board. They quite rightly feel as though they are being ripped off. Yet having such buffoonish characters fronting the effort undermines it. The board can easily dismiss the ludicrous rants of DT as the ravings of an imbecile that speaks for the minority. By giving oxygen to more sensible people, AFTV could pile far greater pressure on the club to effect change. But that would probably not draw millions of views on YouTube and it would not help Lyle’s bank balance much.

And so the show will go on. Arsenal’s steady descent into mediocrity will continue, while Kroenke holes up in his Colorado ranch, counting his cash. Embarrassing defeats will keep happening. “AFTV is going to be brilliant tonight!” rival fans will write on Twitter. Troopz will say fam a hundred times as he lays into the club, and Arsenal’s former reputation as a classy organisation will be further eroded.

AFTV has added nothing productive to the club, nor has it ever encouraged positive changes. It is just another source of embarrassment for the majority of the long-suffering Arsenal faithful, and it will not change until the Gunners are good again. And that is unlikely to happen until Kroenke goes, but AFTV certainly will not be the one to push him, as it too easy to dismiss the show as a pantomime.


Updated: June 17, 2019 — 4:20 pm


  1. 400k a year??? Sheesh!!!
    I don’t watch it religiously, like some, as I’m usually somewhere having a breakdown of my own after the game ? it was Claude that used to crack me up! But I believe he’s not in it anymore!

    1. Don Robbie will buy Arsenal one day and save us!

      1. Hurrah hurrah! Yes he should splash the cash, the tight sod ?
        I thought you’d like this article, QD ??

        1. Definitely Sue! The rants have been more interesting than some of the games I’ve watched this season.

          1. I can’t disagree with that!!

  2. Arsenal Fan TV rocks! Even when we lose I know I have something to cheer me up. I loved the collaborations with Full Time Devils, the features with Ian Wright, CFC’s Sophie, Mia Khalifa, the Blud bruvvas series, All Guns Blazing podcast, The Biased Premier league Show. I sure hope Wenger will turn up one day on aftv. Anyway, in short I just love AFTV and I wish it would have been started sooner.

    1. I’d like the admin to go to his home page and see the topics and posts on here at justarsenal…half of them are negative…

      Football is about passion, and business…the internet these days has allowed, ease of business and let’s people sell their passion for profit..aftv is about passionate fans…not “classy”fans whose dimes haven’t directly reached Arsenal as an organisation. you can’t fight the net, lest you won’t be here yourself so either you accept, the new way of life or cry in silence..because all EPL players are very concerned with their weekly wages..and rightfully so. They have mouths to feed, passion comes a close second..not also forgetting that football is as dangerous game,my point is if you had traffic like aftv with their so called formula you won’t change…cut the envy.

      It’s always hard to smell the shite when your the one in the toilet…live and let live, Afterall Liverpool’s “vile and passionate” fans kept suarez, Gerrard and have made Anfield and intimidating ground..let’s see where are classy fan base will head us

      1. Perfect response

      2. Only those that want to defend whoever or whatever is being criticised call the articles negative and all the waffling in the world will not change that fact.

  3. It’s a bit like AFTV on here sometimes!
    Anyway I’m not sure there’s anything we can do about AFTV, short of kidnapping the presenters?. Arsenal have distanced themselves from them having made them change their name and stopped them using the Arsenal name. I suppose they could be barred from their usual places on the stadium concourse but they would just move farther away from the stadium.

    1. GB, their usual place on the concourse is near the public toilets…a fitting position for such a “programme”.
      Perhaps if they were to move into the said public toilets, their real significance to our club would be finally recognised.

      No wonder Tony has his arms up in eternal hopelessness that this charade has become a reflection of our club, having to listen to that rubbish!!!
      It will be interesting to see how many of the dullards Jon Fox refers too, align themselves with this excuse for a fans forum?

      1. Are we really that much better on here sometimes? Just b/c we cant put faces to names doesn’t make us the epitome of class lol. I haven’t watched AFTV in ages, but I would never be against fans voicing their opinions even if they are crazy and unpopular. They are the regulars that pay to go to every game too so they have more than a right.

        1. Exactly my point.. People here in JArsenal are complaining as if they have always been constructive about their criticisim.

          I have read people here calling for emerys head just after our chelsea defeat last season, seriously? After 2 games with the sh!t that wenger left us with?

          I definielty watch AfTV afyer every game. Just to know that the emotions(win/lose) after the game are the same. I visit JustArsenal for the same reason.
          But i do watch only those guys who talk some sense, like DT , Moh, Turkish and sometimes claude.

          And here we have people like Ken1945 who thinks AFTV is just as good as toilet. Why? Coz he thinks his opinion matters the most and is the correct opinion among the millions of other.
          Hipocracy at its best.

          No wonder Emirates is declining year after year in providing the electric atmosphere. Too many hypocrites in arsenal.

          1. wow.shekar233, you just typed out my thoughts verbatim. Thank you for the prompt response to ken1945 who bashes iwobi ,emery and others every now and then and still thinks he has the right to bash aftv for airing what majority of fans feel. millions of fans would say worse things than dt or troopz or claude if given the opportunity to air their opinions on tv. Do you know how terribly frustrating it is being an Arsenal fan on many occasions? Especially when you’ve been a fan since before the invincible era only for you to see the club deteriorate each and every day. yet some ignorant ones would expect us not to react? We are not stoke or sunderland who know and accept they are a low level club. we are Arsenal, a club that has dominated world football on numerous occasions, 8th richest club in the world and we pull some sunderland and stoke city performance almost half of the time. That’s why we’re mad, that’s why we are passionate about Arsenal and getting to see someone vent out at least half of what u feel on aftv brings me some peace of mind knowing I’m not alone in the suffering and depression. Do u know what some people would have done to themselves if they didn’t at least see someone who shares what they’re also going through ? it would be hell.

      2. Ken, I long ago gave up watching AFTV, as it was puerile. I have nothing whatever against passion but my main beef was that it had become a coterie of the same predictable few folk spouting the same things week after week. We HAVE THOUSANDS OF “NON DULLARD” folk on here, plus a number of “DULLARDS”. Any site or plaform , in order to remain most interesting should always encourage new people. This site seems to do this but AFTV clearly didn’t while I used to tune in

  4. Maybe you are just mad that your website is not as popular as AFTV? Firs you state that.” Lyle’s intentions when setting it up were laudable. Before he came along, fans did not have much of a platform to air their views from, as former players and other pundits dominated the narrative.
    and then when fans get that platform and speak you do not like their accents,of IQ scores.
    And then you say,”In fairness, Lyle does speak to a decent cross-section of fans for his videos?

    I don’t know whether its the lack of premier league football that is driving you crazy or envy,or both.Why don’t you start your own TV channel since you are so eloquent,intelligent individual?

    1. This is just sad. First the site has been rebuilt and there are charges to the full membership to prevent ads.
      Mate just give up already.
      I love AFTV and justarsenal as they both have garbage and good information. One has to be smart to pick and choose their information.

    2. Graham’s tactical analysis is light years in front of Lineker Shearer Carragher and a long list of others.
      KennyKen DT Turkish LeeGunner LeeJudge Claude Ty and Bully call it as they see it.
      I didn’t see any of these struggle to put a sentence together or hide or stay out of the way when Arsenal Win.So there’s a couple of points you’ve made shot down in flames

      1. Spot on, Les especially regarding Graham and his tactical analysis; this man knows his stuff. I would also add Mo to the list, who is obviously well educated and articulate.
        Robbie Lyle was previously a quantity surveyor, from what I believe and I have never seen him censor comment.
        One should respect these people for their passion and commitment of both time and money to the Arsenal.

  5. I just wish Arsenal have a bombshell like Sophie Rose

  6. It gets a bad wrap, but it’s a great platform for the fans to voice concerns. And the way things are going, fans need to ask big questions and put big pressure on the ownership of our club. There isn’t a classy way to ask someone like Kroenke to get out of our club. You can only do it by force and boycotting. Power to the fans

  7. When AFTV first arrived it was new,different and inventive.Now,some 5-6 years on,it all seems very pre-meditated and stale.I was surprised at just how hated AFTV has become,noticed mainly on Away trips where they all get blasted by both sets of fans.Good luck to Robbie-If there was an opportunity to make money then he certainly took it. But it’s difficult to change the format he has so cannot see any change coming any time soon?
    As for Claude-I recall watching him after another defeat saying how broke he was following Arsenal.He was spending every penny he had watching his team and would continue doing so because that was his life.THAT is a supporter.

  8. Say what you like about AFTV… I for one enjoy the channel even when we do win our matches(not just when we loose)… No platform is devoid of negativity and ranting fans… Yours have them here too…

    The features with former players and celebrity fans are fun and most times insightful. You just chose to focus on your perceived INCOHERENT AND NEGATIVE RANTINGS for reasons best known to you.. Or are you saying only angry fans, ranting with foul words grace the show?? Please, the channel also features eloquent and intelligent individuals too…

    You might not like some of the things being said…but that just your personal view…Those that loves the show and are involved in it, have a right to air their views too..not to mention that most are season ticket holders.. And if your worried about how it paints the Arsenal fan base worldwide, then rest easy, because millions of those fans your worried about, are already in love with the show…

  9. AFTV is garbage. Just a platform for a tiny cell of utter buffoons to attack their own players and club which leads to a rift between players and fans as well as an overall decrease in support for the players and manager during big games. Why do these idiots get to represent all fans? How do we benefit from these guys publicly insulting their own players and manager week in and week out? If AFTV had their way there would be no players at the club because their answer for everything is “get rid of him.” It’s doubtful any of the regulars on the show have played or coached a day of football in their lives. They don’t know shit. As Gary Neville said, they are an embarrassment, but also a liability, creating a toxic atmosphere at games and a toxic relationship between fans and players. Honestly, they do more to undermine their own team than rival fans. If you don’t actually support your own team then get the fuck out. AFTV OUT

  10. Let Aftv be. We follow both sites and we love them the way they are.

  11. Having read some of the replies on here, I have to admit I may have got this one wrong…hold my hands up.

    It just seems that there is no positivity coming from this platform whatsoever, but I stand corrected because GOC’s point about being season ticket holders is so very true.

    Just let’s say it’s not my cup of tea, won’t watch it and I’ll move on.

    1. ken, Graham is worth listening to, as are others listed above, in my humble opinion.
      By the way are you watching any cricket in the World Cup? There is no doubt the IPL has improved the Indian Team fielding; they are looking very strong. Because of their expats they get great support. I went to a one dayer last summer at the SCG and was surrounded by Indian fans; all living and working in Australia. Thank goodness Oz won!

  12. Are u slating AFTV for the people that are on the show for financial gain (let’s not forget some on those fans pay over 25-30k a season to follow arsenal home and away) so they have more of a right to give their opinion whether it right or wrong and if they make a few quid who cares.. when they give their opinion it is still a raw feeling, they normally interview them an hour after so it’s still hurting they haven’t had a night to sleep on it or a couple of days after once all been reviewed.
    so writing about how crap AFTV is.. because they receive financial gain and dont match up to what what you feel is the perfect image of a fan u like to associate to our club is quite frankly a stupid post to write

    but I agree on calling out Kroenke. Using AFTV to promote and making more people aware of the poison that is Kroenke will be something that hopefully might start happening!! all I ask is Kroenke prove u have the balls to spend some money!! Why buy a football club and never address the fans personally always through ur puppets.. u promise titles and spending power but u give 45m for a summer transfer budget!! I still dont believe this 40-45m budget. I just prey we are not dithering and penny pinching.. but we can all hope hey? Let’s wait and see in July and once edu is confirmed

    1. £25-£30k per season! Where the hell are flying from Australia for every game, what a joker you are.

      1. I’m not saying everyone spends that sort of money.. but we are not just talking £90 for a ticket once u include travel whether by car and flights to AWAY games which in the europa league is all over the place.. add that up over a 50 game season and I bet it’s not far off.. some of these guys spent over 3k just on europa final.. So before u insult me get ur facts straight

        1. You’re even more stupid than I thought.
          I can tell you that up until 3 years ago I went home, away and to European games and spent nowhere near that, and I didn’t fly cattle class either.

  13. Well aren’t you so uppity…A lot of yous in here are Keyboard/keypad gangsters hiding behind your true retina Qleds lcd screens and fancy jargon thinking you’re actually more likely to drive impactful change at our dearly beloved use-to-be big club by hiding behind avatars…

    when the real ones whom are actually a true ambassadors of our anger and embarrassment as Arsenal fans as a whole are the AFTV crew

    Disagree all you may like about how not so smart they sound when vocalizing their pain or their technicalities when it comes to analyzing a game which on paper Arsenal shouldn’t be losing

    But don’t you dare overlook or understate the dent they have caused in our frustrations being recognised by the club…

    Heck I’ve seen our own star players following these guys on almost all social platforms but I’m yet to hear any of them quote a piece from JustArsenal

    so before we cockload our ignorance and take aim at other fans whom we are all in the same struggles with let us all please smell our ownselves…

  14. So, AFTV can be added to Ozil and Iwobi as a divisive issue though it is noticeable that the only insults I have seen in the comments are from those defending AFTV, kind of tells you a lot.

  15. I watch Arsenal Fan TV only when we lose. It’s like a therapy session for me.

  16. oops, struck a nerve I see,

    Or maybe not, maybe this is your audition for a role on AFTV

    1. Sorry, Admin I can’t agree with your comment about the only abuse coming from supporters of AFTV. Stones and glass houses?

  17. Has Arsenal FanTV ever added anything productive to the Club?
    No, and it could be affecting players’ morale negatively.

  18. No such thing as bad publicity. The main point is many of the matches broadcast internationally don’t have the pundit review or they get cut off because of the schedule. AFTV has created a niche, if there was a league for you tube channels we’d be in the top 4 or maybe even have won something ?

  19. It’s very ironic of you to bash on Aftv when justarsenal is a forum that does the same, only difference being that Aftv puts a face on the fans. When did it become a problem for a fan to rant after a defeat? Is eloquence really a sign of brilliance? Emotions are part of football & it shows how passionate one is with their football club. These fans follow the club to watch our matches, they pay tickets, hotels, transport etc to watch Arsenal play.
    I also rant here & on other platforms after a win/defeat, that doesn’t mean I’m any less of a fan.
    We are all allowed to choose what/who we listen to.
    Without emotions, football would not be as big as it currently is.
    I watch some of my country’s football matches but I’m not as emotionally attached as I am to Arsenal, that’s why I don’t rant whether we win or lose.

  20. I strongly disagree with your comments regarding AFTV. They are not set up to be a campaigning organisation but they offer a valuable and entertaining platform for fans to voice their views and express themselves. Much of the good work of Robbie Lyle goes under the radar eg he has addressed issues of men’s mental health through AFTV, also highlighted and facilitated the input of Arsenal’s international fanbase, also connected well and respectfully with other clubs’ supporters groups. Robbie is an important ambassador the the club and its fanbase. He is very honest and takes a balanced journalistic approach eg he always made sure to represent Wenger ins and Wenger outs fairly. Contributions from DT and Graham are often intelligent, funny and insightful. This is an unhelpful wrong-headed and misguided intervention by the author.

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