Has Arsenal new boy surprised Wenger by settling so quickly?

When Arsenal finally signed a new striker this summer, the first thing you expect to see is for him to be leading the line for the Gunners. However despite years of frustration about not having more options in the striking department, Wenger stuns the world by not only dropping Giroud, but also by not selecting his new striker signing.

Many had assumed that Wenger believed Lucas Perez quite simply wasn’t ready to play a full match for the Gunners and unsurprisingly Wenger has revealed that that is exactly the reason behind Lucas’ limited minutes on the pitch.

Arsene Wenger spoke ahead of Arsenal’s English Football League Cup fixture against Nottingham Forest, that he thinks Lucas will take time to adapt to the league and that is why the Spaniard hasn’t got too many minutes to his name. Wenger said: “When you see the games, you can see the intensity is total and it takes you a little while sometimes to adjust to that.

“All the players that we bought this season have top quality and have the right attitude.

“I believe that in training Lucas shows the quality to integrate into our squad and this is a job where you have to be focused and maintain your desire no matter what happens to you.

“Sometimes it comes quick, sometimes you have to wait and at the moment he shows us the quality.

“If he maintains that he will get his chance.”

Of course there is always a period of adaptation needed for most players when they come to a new league. To adapt to new training methods, styles of play and managerial tactics is one thing, but the players also have to be wary of the physicality of a new league, especially one as physically demanding as the Premier League.

After spending a rumoured £17 million on Lucas Perez, you’d expect Wenger to have bought a player capable of bringing goals to Arsenal. Arsene Wenger doesn’t splash the cash on just anyone these days!

Lucas made the starting line up last night and he really kickstarted his Arsenal career against Nottingham Forest with a cooly taken penalty and an individual show of strength and ingenuity. Has he surprised Wenger enough to throw him in the starting line-up against Chelsea?



  1. butters says:

    We have not had a striker with that can run into space, tall and strong for a while. Perez definitely adds an extra dimension to our attack.

    My only concern is what Wenger said about his right foot ability. I remember once Wenger said that he doesn’t like players who only relies on one foot, now that Perez seems to be one footed,it might hinder his potential, plus he’s 28.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Does anyone know if Wenger said that about Giroud, talk about one footed. He knew what he was getting when he bought him, and like you said, he’s 28, he’s not gonna get a clever right foot all of a sudden. As far as I’m concerned more than 90% are one footed, everyone favors a foot, except Cazorla and a small group of others.

    2. Ozone says:

      Then why did he buy him?

  2. Jansen says:

    I don’t think Wenger rates Perez. You would have thought that the “extensive” scouting of our prospects this summer and the waiting till the last minute to buy Perez would have given ample time for Wenger and scouts to notice whether or not he uses his right foot enough.

    A 17 million striker this summer is very much the same and a 5 million striker a few years ago. I don’t think if Wenger had gotten his hands on a Higauin or Benzema he would hesitate to play them. Just like he didn’t hesitate with Ozil and Sanchez. Perez is just not at that level for Wenger.

  3. Onochie says:

    Perez showed some qualities against Forest,its left for wenger to give him the same chance in the Premier League. Then the left-foot issue should be discussed between Wenger and Perez,as a striker,he should have a favoured foot and can also be able to score with another foot depending on the position the ball comes from. On giving players time to settle,if we fans accept that new players should be given time to adapt and settle irrespective of their price tags,then why are fans attacking Pogba

  4. Big G says:

    Wenger isn’t right about everyone all the time, he has bought countless players in the past who’ve not made the grade and been moved on. Perez has started well and looked full of energy against Forest a team not capable thus far of getting into the premiership. The real test comes against premiership opposition, then and only then will we see what kind of player Perez really is.

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