Has Arsenal target just ruled out transfer to Emirates?

Depending on what happens with the current players in the Arsenal squad, with a lot of transfer rumours linking Gunners like Alexis Sanchez and Theo Walcott with summer moves away from north London, most Arsenal fans are expecting at least one forward to be on the transfer list of Arsene Wenger.

If we lose any of the current crop, though, it could well be more than one but I do not expect the Nigerian star Henry Onyekuru to be one of them, even though media sources like Metro are naming Arsenal as one of the clubs interested in him along with English Premier League rivals West Ham and Newcastle.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not putting the lad down because his achievement this season of being the top scorer in the Belgian first division with 20 goals in 36 games is impressive, especially at 20-years old and playing for a club, Eupen, who only finished in 13th place.

But that would also mean that a move to the EPL and Arsenal would be a big step up and with the young forward reluctant to go anywhere he is likely to be on the bench a lot, I cannot see the Gunners being his next destination.

Onyekuru said, ‘The first and most important thing for a player is to get playing time.

‘I’m still young and I still have a long career to pursue but now I need to play.

‘My agents are in talks with top clubs in the Premier League, Bundesliga, French league and others. If they accept our terms, then I’ll make a decision.

‘It’s not just about going to a big club and sitting on the bench. It’s not good for me, or being loaned to a club where I won’t play or where I will struggle to play.

‘The money can come later but for now, I just want to play to improve, not just to play for a big club.’

Fair play to the lad, but which striker or strikers do you think Arsenal will sign?



  1. I have a feeling we’ll be bidding £60M for this lad from West Ham in 2 years time. Let’s get him now.

  2. Theo is not leaving and you know it so cut it out please.No other club is daft enough to take him because they can see through him that he is a fraud and a conman posing as a pro footballer.

  3. I can’t possible see why Man City want Alexis…. well I can , he’s one of the best players in the world, … but they will have such a top heavy squad it’s ridiculous.

    Aguero, Jesus, iheanacho, sterling, sane, de bruyne, silva, Bernardo silva, Alexis
    And I’m probably missing some as well, can chuck nolito in there but it looks like he’s leaving.
    What are they going to do with all that talent…

    1. They have only two button there at Ettihad, buy or sell. Nothing complicated. With at less 200M pounds to spend a year, the’ll clean up the rooster if necessary. Their team regeneration is by money, not by youth player development. Switching qualities just as simple as pushing the buttons. Anyway, it’s not trophies guarantee as it shown last year. For the first time in his career, Pep Guordiola is having hard balls.

  4. It seems like Arsenal is putting all his eggs in The Mbappe basket. I mean people like Aubameyang, Cavani and Lacazette are possibly available yet it doesn’t seem like he’s interested in any of those players if he fails to get by. What are we going to do

  5. Arsenal need to act fast and sign a top striker and CM and announce Alexis Ozil contracts. Wenger is the reason why Ozil and Alexis didn’t sign new contracts last season. He is destroying Arsenal by making stupid decisions every season.
    If he sells Alexis to EPL team f**k Wenger

  6. I think Wenger must plan two teams. One each for EPL and Europa league.
    Lemar Ozil
    I doubt Wenger can get lemar but still he is very impressive. Not sure Modric would come but still anything is possible. Again I feel Wenger will stick with Ramsey and Wilshire. Assuming Sanchez stays for one more year or losing him means lacazette is my choice.
    Europa league:
    Giroud Welbz/Walcott

    I doubt Wenger will stick with same squad except sead as he didn’t cost transfer fee.
    Wenger and arsenal pokers board are the worst management I saw of a football club. Thought new castle was the worst but now it seems arsenal FC board is the worst and ranked at the top.
    All top players are on sale but I don’t understand why Wenger is still waiting. Waiting for what? Gutted…..?????

  7. We can’t leave it too late to sign a Top striker or we will be in another Lucas or Welbeck situation where we sign an average forward at the end of the summer

    Most Forwards will be snapped up soon.

    As for this player, I don’t know much about the Belgian or Dutch leagues
    Janssen didn’t do great for Spurs and he scored a lot of goals the season before

    It’s not the time to experiment. Let’s get a Top forward from the Spanish, German, French, Italian or Premier League who is a proven goal scorer like Lacazette, Costa or extremely talented youngster with great future like Mbappe

  8. Sanchez joining City

    Morata joining Utd

    Lemar joining Spud

    We are keeping Walcott and Co…..

    Another 10 years of same old story next season

  9. SAME OLD THING,,,,,,,,,, TALK ,THE TALK,,,,, 2017 / 18 season just going be the same,,
    ITS NOT UR MONEY WENGER,,,, its the fan,s money,,, SPEND IT,,,,, O M G,,,, watts up
    with you,,,,, GET Mbappe watt ever the cost,,, COSTA ALSO,,,,,

  10. I think Wenger should sign a midfielder, striker a goalkeeper and a winger and a right back defender to the squad you need at least 24 players to the squad
    I would pick two different sides for the premiership and the Europa and league cup to freshen up and rest key players too

  11. Same thing every summer for so long now, we supposed to be a big club so spend some money!!!! We are turning into a laughing stock. I cant understand how far we have fallen behind!! It’s not just manager or board, its greedy, lazy, scared players as well, heart breaking.

  12. It’s not even mid June yet and everyone here has been complaining bitterly like its few days to transfer deadline. Give the Wenger till end of June at least before you murder him with negative comments. I believe he’s working on something big.

  13. Henry Onyekuru apparantly has Arsenal in his heart.

    But I don’t believe Arsenal could offer him the guaranteed first team spot / regular starting / playing time he appears to desire.

    The suit all compromise solution may be to buy him and loan him out to a team in a league of higher standing than Belgium league 2. Guaranteed minimal playing time could be built into any loan agreement.

    Onyekuru would be one step closer to his dream of being an Arsenal first team choice.
    He would be moving up in league / progressing his career.
    Playing time he would be confident of.
    Arsenal perhaps lock in a “cheap” price for a player whose value will probably increase
    as they mature and gain additional experience etc.

    I like the idea of targeting players who dream of playing for the shirt and not just for the wage packet.

    Something like the above could work if Arsenal Scouts / management deem him good enough and likely to be an appreciating in value asset.

  14. These might be using Arsenal to make himself more well known. Because of his price tag you’d have to say Wenger would have got this done weeks ago if we were interested. He’d be here before Kolasinac because there were clubs interested in Kolasinac, big clubs. Here we’re talking about mid level clubs. Playing time, sure he can get a loan to get that under belt. I’d say he wants to go to the biggest club that will have him, and the one that gives the highest wages.

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