Has Arsenal target Mahrez joined Chelsea?

Reports are spanning social media with claims that Riyad Mahrez could be set to join Chelsea, after Adidas started selling Blues kits with his name and the number 7 on them.

The winger was reported on Eurosport in France to have agreed a move to Arsenal only yesterday, but that appears to be false, given he was with his Leicester side in Scotland, and started and played more than 50% of the match against Celtic.

Today however, there are claims that Chelsea could be close to having him join them in West London, following N’Golo Kante from Leicester City to work under Antonio Conte.

A Twitter account has a screenshot of the official Adidas UK website, advertising and selling Chelsea shirts, with Mahrez wearing the number 7 strip.

The website is claimed to have since removed the Mahrez shirts from sale, but that will not stop the rumour mill from assuming that there could well be a reason for the mistake.

This could well mean that a third Leicester City player has snubbed the advances of our club in this window, following Jamie Vardy’s much-publicised decision not to leave his current club, while Kante preferred to join Chelsea.

Would Mahrez’s possible capture for Arsenal take some of the goalscoring pressure off of Olivier Giroud? He did outscore any of our players last term…

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  1. Wenger and the Arsenal hierarchy are doing nothing to fill us with excitement for the next season as fans,teams who win things with ambition the likes of Juventus,Bayern Munich,Barcelona etc always find players to improve their squads but at Arsenal the only thing Wenger finds is new excuses as to why we are not signing world class players!

    1. I wish Wenger is Dead along with Kroenke who destroyed our team to a point no good player wants to join us. Aresen fan it is time to revolt against Wenger and greedy owners.

      1. But where will he play? Hazard and Willian are obvoiusly gonna start on the wings, with Pedro and Cuadrado already fighting behind them. Then at CAM they would have Fabregas and Oscar fighting for the spot. He will resort to being benched all the time.

  2. This is just a hoax given what I’ve heard, but it wouldn’t surprise me though as Arsenal are rarely front runners for any top player. We only got Cech because he wanted to stay in London, and only after Abramovic sanctioned it. Given Spurs already had Lloris, we had no competition for Cech. Alexis was told he could leave Barcelona, and had either Liverpool or Arsenal to choose from, again, no real competition there. Ozil was also told he surplus to requirements, but the deal ONLY went through once the Bale transfer was completed.

    What we see is a familiar pattern here…Arsenal DO NOT aggressively pursue players, certainly not top ones anyway. Instead, Wenger waits in the shadows for the classic domino effect, where clubs buy big, and then need to sell. Of course this doesn’t always happen, which is probably why we only got Cech last summer. It’s a dangerous tactic, and one that annoys me because all the top players are getting signed up! We need to be proactive, and more aggressive in the transfer market. Problem is, this will never happen under Wenger because he has his outdated valuations of players, and doesn’t seem willing to compromise . As always, this is to the detriment of Arsenal FC, and their long suffering fans!

    Come on Arsene…make them an offer they can’t refuse!

    1. Very true even when Barcelona sold us Sanchez they knew they would use that money to buy Luis Suarez from Liverpool,Wenger is not proactive he’s reactive as you say he waits for top clubs to make their moves then hopes for the best which usually turns out to be the worst for us Arsenal fans!

    2. I feel yer pain bruv. Believe me yer not the only one feels like that. I bet every EP club apart from United are thinking it.
      Least you lot got the Europe carrot to dangle as bait. We gotta either get in quick or pay over market value. But we need strengthening bad after not buying last season. And ourt defence is total crap!
      I put your problems all down on Wenger tho. Soon as hes gone you’l be ok. I’d rather he stay tho 😉

  3. Yeah, At first, I thought that this news was legitimate as Adidas done something similar with a Mkhitaryan shirt aweek before he moved to Utd, but when I realised that this mahrez news is only coming from one clever chav on Twitter, who has probably used a photoshop on his Screenshot to edit the name.

    Or maybe theres an option on these websites where you can view the name and number of your choice, before you subit your order?… Surely an option like that must be available with today’s technology? ?

    All in all, it has made the headlines in the rumour mill and as far as I’m concerned that’s all it is. .. Another bull? story with no other source, other than a chav who’s main goal was to go out and upset many Gooner’s. ?

    1. Hahaha ? I just read some of the Re-Tweets on this chavs Twitter site… More or less everyone is calling him a fake!
      As well as the kit being last years and the premier league logo being different this year compared to last season’s one.

      Next! ?

  4. then sign draxler or isco.
    If mahrez is not interested in playing in the champions league thats his problem and he follows that trend he might soon find himself playing back in the french ligue 2.
    Tired of treating grown ups like babies

  5. It wouldn’t suprize me IF it’s real. IF it was just some normal supporetes account I’d just laugh and call it banter. BUT this was on adidas official account and from what I hear theres been shirts made up.
    I know he would fit in a treat with us and stick him paired with Costa in front of Cante and Cescy but I thought we would end up getting Lukaku. £10mill too much but the lad would go bonkers trying to copy Drogs. Bit inconsistent now n then but most of our lads are.
    I remember when summet like this happened with Robinho. We were on the losing end that day lol That hurt!
    But its a sellers market this season. Seems everyone wants strikers and Defenders. Id rather us be going out for a CB and FB myself.

  6. @Admin, Why do we have Chelsea supporter on this site? Anyone is welcome to read article on this site but how come they are discussing Chelsea issues here?

    1. Why not? I’m not trolling or being disrespectful. Its a situation that affects us both soi its good to get other opinions.
      Ive been here a few times commenting.

      1. @Unionjack
        You’re always Welcome back UnionJack. Remember chattin with you before. How ya been?

        1. Nice one bruv. Dont mean to cause hassle yeah. Well after last season I ALMOST stayed in Goa getting wrecked but I got into Conte etc and came home to do it. Woulda been 1st year since I was 13 I hadn’t got one and I know it woulda done my head in. You lads just need a good striker – really dont know whats stopping you. GOTTA be Wenger. We need 2 defenders bad or going to be in deeep doo doo! Saying that if we both get what we need it should be interesting eh!! See you at the Emirates. 😉

  7. The longer you wait the more likely top players will go to rivals or other top clubs

    Mahrez to Chelsea (maybe)
    Ibrahimovic to United
    Mktharyan to United
    Batshuayi to Chelsea
    Hulk to Shanghai
    Nolito to City
    Pogba to United (probably)
    Janssen to Spurs
    Higuain to Juventus

    We should go after players early in the summer

    Anyway, I HOPE and PRAY that we get both Mahrez and Lacazette at least

  8. @arsenalgirl Hulk!? Your not wrong though. Mahrez could follow kante but surely he’d want cl football this year. Come on Wenger get it done!

  9. Irrespective of the Striker we sign, Wenger should change his tactics for next season. A 4312 formation with 3 Central Midfielders(Coquelin, Ramsey, Xhaka) playing behind Ozil. Sanchez, New Striker, Giroud, Walcott, Campbell, Iwobi all competing for the remaining 2 spots upfront. Coquelin sitting deep, Xhaka the Deep lying playmaker playing close to Coquelin. Ramsey the box to box player who is given the freedom to burst forward. Covers the most ground. Ozil the most attacking midfielder. Sanchez and Giroud upfront. Also, at this point, i dont mind if we get Chicharito. Its better than not getting anyone at all. The closer we get to the close of the ttansfer window, the harder it is to get a top Striker.

  10. Well it looks like that twwet was a rode of rorrox!!
    We just gave N’Golo Ramis old number 7!
    So its back to a gueesing game lads. May the team who want him most win!

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