Has Arsenal title challenge already become a joke?

While Arsenal fans can console themselves with the fact that the season has just begun and there is plenty of time to bounce back and mount a challenge for the Premier League title, just as Chelsea did last season after a poor start that culminated in us beating them 3-0 at the end of September, it is hard to muster up much optimism about the Gunners right now.

Do any of us really believe, for instance, that Arsene Wenger can turn a team around as Antonio Conte did last season following our comfortable victory? This low point feels bad but I think it is only going to get worse before it gets better and to add a nice cherry on top of our cake of disappointment this week we saw all our main rivals bar the spuds win their games.

It is going to take some sort of miracle from Wenger and the Arsenal players to turn this poor start around but miracles are not in our make up are they? Mistakes maybe, and plenty of them, but miracles? I can already hear the rival fans laughing at us, because the idea of Arsenal winning the title this season already looks silly. In fact, has it already become something of a joke?



  1. AngryGunner says:

    We are probably going to fight relegation ! that’s how bad we are right now.

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      We are bad but that’s over reaction. We aren’t bad enough for relegation. Last season we lost to Liverpool even worse in the first match. They scored 6. We still finished 5th. No where near relegation

      1. Kostafi says:

        The word ‘challenge’ is the joke! We are nowhere near the top 4 and would struggle to retain our ‘Europa League’ places with the likes of Spurs and Everton.

        Arsene should do Arsenal a favour and resign (probably) at the end of the season. He should take his baggage of contract rebels with him, and let a new manager clean out the deadwood he is so emotionally attached to. A new Arsenal will be born from the Ashes like a phoenix.

        This is not an over-reaction AW never prepares for difficult games or make personnel changes to adapt. We’ve seen it sadly dozens of times over the last 5 years. Just watch Chelsea at Wembley against Spurs- they doubled up their CB’s with Luiz in midfield to cope with what was a difficult game. I don’t like Mourinho’s ‘shut up shop’ approach but sometimes it is necessary to salvage a point. But no, AW is proud of the way he wants Arsenal to play, whether it is a 3-0, 4-0, 5-1, 6-0, 6-3, or 8-2 hiding!

        Yes we will come back this season, but I can assure confidently that this being a world cup year, the start to next season will be just as disastrous (with players returning late) if AW is still at the helm.

        1. waal2waal says:

          …resigning at the season’s end could be too late – its no joke we’re in greater need of change than to wait a year. wenger could do no better than to nominate a new younger successor to bring fresh ideas, greater scope and win over the fans.. eddie howe maybe

        2. Jadon Spirit says:

          You know clearly what the problem with Arsene is.. You’ve said it all. It is very painful to be an Arsenal Fan having Wenger in charge.

    2. neil says:

      we wont be fighting relegation however we were never going to challenge for the title without a wholesale change of players

  2. Jeremy says:

    With AW and Silent Stanley, it just a disaster in the making. Mid table team with mid table showing. The nightmare continues…. season ended as it started.

    1. BuddReloaded says:

      Thing is that Wenger will retire in maximum 2 years but we will stick with Kroenke. God help us.

      1. Dalinho says:

        Any manager would be sack after the last year Wenger has had and after this display it happened at Chelsea with Jose when he lost the dressing room and it has to happen with Wenger coz being a legend is not enough reason to stay at a club

  3. Sean Williams says:

    Wenger please salvage your reputation. Riyad Mahrez for skill and danger. Jean Seri for midfield energy and accuracy. Most importantly for Arsenal, William Carvalho to start to protect our defence. He is available and will change our team from the root up. A new balance that will give us great potency. With the right players you can change things quickly Wenger. I’m afraid if you do not buy there will be a revolt leading to your sacking. Give us hope by buying these players.

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      I agree
      Mahrez would be an excellent signing with his experience, goals and assists.
      He could put Ozil on the bench and make Ozil play better.

      Also Mahrez would love to come here and we won’t need to break the bank salary wise to do it. We would need to pay slightly more than he is worth in transfer fee but sometimes we need to do that if necessary

      But Wenger is known for not doing the right thing and being too stubborn and cheap

    2. neil says:

      i am now of the opinion Wenger wont buy anyone as that will prove he was wrong in his assessment that we only needed 2 players to add to last seasons team that came 5th .. he is too arrogant to say he made a mistake I think

  4. Jerick says:

    I can no longer blame or hold anything against the players who wants to leave. The club is not showing any intentions of wanting to win things or be ambitious. Needs a complete overhaul. Formation not working for us. Why begin with it then change to our regular 4-2-3-1 when we’re behind? That’s happened in all our 3 games. Simply revert to our old formation and use the players to their strengths.

  5. Raoh says:

    Yes it has and it’s been a while. It is just now more flagrant than ever and the board seems to be sitting just watching…how can a man be afforded so many chances to make mistake after mistake.
    1) Bellerin isn’t a LWB his right foot is already not the best so how can you expect him to be confident and comfortable on his left…all his game is affected and that has been the case since the season
    2) Ox is clearly not enjoying is football in the WB role. I don’t blame him year after year he is shunted in positions that aren’t his but at the same time you missed 154 games in 6 season which translates to 4/6 full EPL seasons missed. When put in your preferred position you’ve been a liability and hardly efficient in the last 3rd so you would forgive the club if they rather play specialists. He just turned down 180k/wk something he isn’t worth and he dared turn it down. He doesn’t want to play football for us anymore yet you play him in a position where Bellerin would have been more comfortable.
    3) 2 of our best players where on the bench today. Lacazette our record signinh needs adaptation a guy that almost took Ajax out by himself last year in Europa league. Instead you play a guy that can’t score even in a 1 on 1 situation. And as mentionned above instead of playing the bundesliga LWB of the year in Kolasinac you are destroying one of our best prospect in years since Ashley Cole in Bellerin.
    4) Mustafi seems to have inexplicably been put on the transfer list when you already sold 1 player in Szczesny who was a questionable sale for 10m. Yet our defense looks shambolic and we could have done with an experience WC winner instead of Monreal and play Holding on the left side of a back 3 or in the middle.
    5) Again nitpicking your pockets…we are seeing all what could and should have been prime targets slip away. You are failing to sell the deadwood quickly. You are failing to go in for our targets the way every big clubs go for them (Man City, United and co.). What do you thing it says about us? If I was a player with 1Y left I would not want to be part of this mess and shambolic management from top to bottom at all. And if I was a primed player being targeted as a potential signing I would also not want to be part of it.
    6) The players are to blame for a things such as attitude but you can’t blame a player who has been shunted out into a different position. You can’t blame a player for looking at the state of his club and seeing that even Ivan and the owner’s son failed to overthrow a man who is passed due and seems to be acting selfishly…
    Wenger what have you done????!!!For the love of God, if you love this club either change or leave you are killing this club!! I already can’t wait for it to be over and see him go…

    1. JULIUS OUKO says:

      Wenger is slowly destroying the Arsenal. I cannot understand why our two signings for two games in a row have been on the bench. Why play players in the wrong positions and then blame them for a poor show? If Wenger has any shred of decency left then he should tender in his resignation before he completely destroys our team.

  6. Ganja says:

    An owner who’s in it for the money or to build his share and could care less about the sport.

    A manager who has been rewarded for years of failure in the league and reduced us to nothing more than a FA Cup team.

    This only ends one way.

  7. RSH says:

    There was no title challenge to begin with! Many others have said the same thing, the day wenger signed a new contract was the day we forfeited title for 2 more years. It’s hilarious this club speaks of the title, we haven’t been close in over a decade? Why are we talking about winning the title??

  8. justforlaugh says:

    Be prepared for more first team players to leave before transfer close. And who in the right mind will want to join arsenal now? Unless we way overpay their wages no world class players will join arsenal now.

    When judgement day comes I will surely wear arsenal jersey so that god knows I have already been through hell.

  9. Scubagooner says:

    I agree with what has already been said. Welbeck works hard but cannot hit a barn door. Why leave lacazette on the bench for such a big game. When we were hammering stoke second half wenger brought him off and put walcott on. What happened we lost the impatus.
    Monreal cb again? No kolansnic and belarin on the wrong side, why?
    Finaly ox. Sell all day long. Mahrez would be a much better option. But can we sell these players? I love my club but I do not love watching them at the minute.

    1. shark says:

      Embarrasing game! Wenger thought that during halftime the players will be fit for the second half :))) Liverpool humiliated us, the fans, not the players or Wenger. I don’t think Monreal is ashamed about the way he let strikers pass through him, that Welbeck can’t find the net, that Xhaka can’t pass or tackle (by the way, have you noticed that tentative? It was hilarious).

  10. Bur says:

    I could do the same bad job as weegor for half the money. Boycott the next home game fellow supporters and show a bit of unity to get weegor out. Our league campaign is on the rocks already, not playing new signings, being his usual arrogant self and pissssing everyone off . Premiership title winners my foot! We are clueless , classless and humiliated already.

  11. Bryanz says:

    Yes. Wrong man behind the steering wheel. I expected that. We are losing tho not Bournemouth and Chelsea. Just pray that Wenger leaves our team.

  12. Finding Dory says:

    This is a bit off topic. However, the only reason that I can think Wenger played the game the way he did (or the players for that matter) was to show the ownership that we need more money to spend on transfers. Perhaps Wenger doesn’t have the authority to spend like he wants and by tanking the game he could go to the board and say “I need 150 mil to spend this week to right the ship”.

    Absent that reasoning he player choices and the way the players played is inexplicable.

    1. Segun says:

      Not much to say there. That was embarrassing and difficult to explain. Not sure if the international break is a good thing now or not. That looked like a team trying to get rid of the manager, to be honest.

    2. invisible 88 says:

      Wenger himself doesn’t want to spend all in the name of “I have not got the right quality in the market, the prices are way above their actual valuation” etc. but even if he does buy, it’s difficult to believe anything could easily change at the moment because he doesn’t have guts to point fingers at players who even make serial mistakes e.g. xhaka in three consecutive games, his three mistaken passes have resulted into three goals which I doubt a coach like maurinho can tolerate.
      I think perhaps Wenger was successful in his early days nor because he motivates them a lot, but because he had a group who were in the first place self motivated.

    3. Marty says:

      It’s a bit late for that, a few days before the transfer window ends, all this should’ve been sorted before season started, but Wenger is so indecisive it takes ages for anything to happen.

    4. Arsenal#7 says:

      finding Dory
      there is no way that this reasoning comes close to what happened.
      There is a sickness at Arsenal and has been brewing for a while.
      Wenger has created this. He has overpaid players like Walcott and has shortchanged the team
      by not buying the right type of player also. he splurged on Alexis and Ozil and they are the most important players in the group. He indulged on Ox/Ramsey/Wilshire and where did this leave us?
      He did not have to spent 200 mil to rebuilt but he waited and waited when there were players available and willing to come to the club. Now if we get anyone worth any money it will cost 2 times more and will need a lot more of those players to rebuild.
      Penny wise and dollar foolish approach.

  13. Bobbyraz says:

    It’s really funny to think of how far we have sunk, that crap players like ox can turn us down, for those akb’s always blaming gazidis and kronke but never Wenger how do u all sleep at night? Was it gazidis or kronke that used an out of form right back as a left wing back? A left back as a centre back, a winger as a right wing back, was it kronke or gazidis that picked a forward who missed chance after chance in our previous match over our record signing striker?

  14. Nick says:

    like I said before it doesn’t matter who is the manager it starts from the top of the board has to go if we have a strong Like I said before it doesn’t matter who is the manager it starts from the top board has to go if we have a strong Board Who is pushing the manager then we’ll have a chance Wenger is a good manager but if we have a board he’s not interested in winning things you know the answer to that do you remember when Dean was in charge Wenger was around then we won everything The board is destroying Wenger and Arsenal football club American doesn’t give a toss about AFC if we put pressure on the board then they might start spending a bit of money or Selecor hopefully I’m glad we lost today because I think it will go to the board maybe get the stupid American to spend a bit more money

  15. Big G says:

    Arsenal’s title hopes ended when Van Persie was sold and will continue to evade us until there is a change of attitude at the club be that from the board or manager or both.The players need a good kick in the preverbials to wake them up from whatever trance they are in.

  16. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    do you guys just write this garbage to provoke a reaction? Cus I don’t see how any logical think person can put arsenal and tittle in the same sentence.
    wait..lets see are.
    we lost by 4 goals to a team that won’t be in top 3 come may…8 goals after 3 games..6 points of the top and after 3 games our so called great coach doesn’t know his first 11. we had a poor preseason, we having the worst transfer window since we bought cech, and we don’t look like we going anywhere fast.
    but maybe I get where you are coming from, there’s is a reason we are the joke of the football world, there’s a reason we been rule by a dictator and it’s not cus of kronke it’s because we fans are so gullible we are the worst fans in football. this Shiit won’t even happen in Tottenham..man-u had there bad patch but after two coaches the snapped out of it and already better than we have been this past decade..we talk on how we can’t change things or influence decisions, but that’s another big lie. we got more power than we thinks. without us there won’t be an arsenal but because we are stupid and gullible we let a mad man turn us into this joke and still pay him 10m for his effort…GOD we really are a bunch of jokes

  17. Nebsy says:

    It’s either players doing a Leicester from 2016/2017, forcing a clueless manager out, or it’s the clueless manager asking to get fired, because quitting earns him less money.

  18. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    none really. we really do have bad players. players who just like our manager are frauds.

  19. GB says:

    I agree Bob and also who would want to join us in the few days left to sign anyone when we are where we are!

  20. Nothing changed says:

    We were never going to challenge for the PL this year or next year or as long as Wenger is in charge. Two bad games don’t change that. What is more clear now is that the long shot of finishing in the top 4, right now, seems like a pipe dream.

  21. Nothing changed says:

    Oh, and the transfer market is not going to save us from Wenger. So no matter who we might bring in it will change nothing. Lemar, Draxler, Seri none of these guys can turn this around as long as Wenger there.

    Look at yesterday, our two most exciting players were on the bench. Bellering, a right back, was deemed a better left back than Kolasinac by Wenger!!!! Welbeck was deemed a better striker than Laca and also left on the bench. As long as Wenger picks the team and determines how we play and who plays in what position, very little improvement will come from new players.

  22. Nothing changed says:

    Lust read Keown’s comments:

    “I’m struggling to remember a worse Arsenal performance than this. It was humiliating.

    There are players who look as if they don’t want to be there — and a manager who looks like he has lost his way.

    It does not seem like Arsene Wenger is making rational decisions. Why did he leave Alexandre Lacazette — his club-record, £53million signing — on the bench for such an important match? Surely it made sense to play him at a ground where Arsenal have not won for five years.

    Why was Hector Bellerin deployed at left wing-back when Sead Kolasinac, a naturally left-sided player, was available? Kolasinac has been a rare shining light in Arsenal’s poor start.

    And why sell Gabriel who, in my view, was Arsenal’s best pound-for-pound defender after Laurent Koscielny?

    It meant the inexperienced Rob Holding — who only came into the side in April — was thrown to the wolves. Liverpool had too much pace and know-how in Sadio Mane and Mo Salah.

    Wenger left his back five exposed with little midfield protection. There was no balance. Aaron Ramsey and Granit Xhaka were both given licence to attack but they left the back door open.

    Contrast this with Liverpool, who had Jordan Henderson sitting with Georginio Wijnaldum and Emre Can taking it in turns to get forward.

    Out of possession, Arsenal looked lost to an extent that I cannot remember seeing under Wenger.

    Of course the players must take some responsibility but the manager has to give them a platform from which they can play. Wenger was as culpable as the players for this debacle.

    There must be a part of Wenger that is questioning why he decided to stay but he will not walk away now. He has been in difficult situations before and will know that now is not the time to panic.”

    Now some Wenger lovers might say Keown doesn’t know what he is talking about but I don’t think he is far of.

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

      Fancy anyone saying Martin Keown doesn’t know what he’s talking about. People should view Roy Keane’s (an adversary) and Thierry Henry’s (a team mate) comments regarding Martin Keown on YouTube “Absolutely Football” discussing the history of the Premier League. RESPECT!

  23. hide_TR07 says:

    Joke is exactly the word for Arsenal now. I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched the game last night.

    Starting lineup, benching Lacazzete and Kolasinac and playing Welbeck up front, Ramsey and Xhaka in the middle, no Elneny on the bench, Bellerin on the left. None of these made sense.

    Poor display, cheap giveaways, lack of communication and understanding, no gutts, no hearts, no ambition and no shot on target. And all Wenger did or could do was put Coquelin in and made it back to 4-2-3-1 and, later, replaced Sanchez and the Ox, meant to be farewell to them. What a drama!

    After the match, Ozil looked devastated on the pitch. At least, he seemed to care but his performance just showed the opposite.

    Liverpool was good, but not that good actually. It was we that made them look good.

    We knew this would happen when the club proudly announced the 2 year extension of Wenger’s contract.

    Everything is not working right. Nobody can inspire anybody. This is the dead-end of Wenger era.

    Could we bounce back with a few more signings before the transfer window closes? I don’t think so. It’s been years and we have the same problem. We thought Ozil could solve it, Sanchez could solve it, but that didn’t happen. Unless Wenger leaves and an appropriate manager with ideas, vision and ambition is assigned, we can’t rebuild the club. Things are far from pretty.

    I know I sound too negative, but it’s because I want Arsenal to be great again. I want the excitement from Arsenal football with flow, pace, skill and creativity. That’s all.

  24. Sue says:

    The team shouldn’t have to ‘bounce back’ they should all put in 100% each shift but they don’t. They are paid good money to do their job & we pay good money to watch them do it (or try to do it) it’s so frustrating to watch, you see glimpses every now & then of how good they can be but it’s not enough. I want results every week! What other team in the league gets thrashed as often as we do!! ?

  25. KwakuE says:

    When we’re down, this clown of a manager sits down, rubbing fingers, folding arms or just looking away. Everything shows he’s lost it. Pathetic
    Oh when will arsenal become great again

  26. UBER 4 WENGER says:

    and who are these maggots thumbing down whenever Joker Wenger is criticized…YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF..in all seriousness at at a time like this when Mr. Joker Has completely and utterly destroyed our club..Still someone can support that joker of Manager SHAME ON YOU! my dad is a manu supporter and 5yrs ago he confidently told me Arsenal will never win the league with Joker wenger in charge..i shrugged him off..Boy was he 100 percent right…Wenger just go to hell you little old rat

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