Has Arsenal’s Walcott found a new club for the new season?

Has Walcott found his next club? By AH

Theo Walcott has not endured the best of seasons at Arsenal this year, simply adding to his miserable performances that he has been hindered by, ever since the ‘Sign Da Ting’ days. Now as the summer transfer window approaches ever closer, the 27 year-old is being linked with a move away from the club. Could his poor performances for the Gunners finally see him off?

Back in the ‘Sign Da Ting’ days of 2012-13, Walcott finally seemed to be showing the potential that he had been promised to have since Arsenal signed him in 2006. However 10 years on from his transfer from Southampton, the England international has never lived up to what was expected of him. Now after yet another sorry season full of misery for Walcott, it seems as if Wenger and Arsenal may have finally given up on handing Walcott chance after chance. The Metro has today reported that the Arsenal winger, who has 85 goals for the club, has been subject to interest from fellow Premier League club, West Ham United.

The forward has in the past gathered interest from a number of Premier League clubs, with both Chelsea and Liverpool supposedly lodging bids several seasons ago. Back then Arsenal was receiving a greater value for his 100k per-week wages, however now with the likes of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Joel Campbell and newly promoted youngster Alex Iwobi performing better than Arsenal’s current longest serviceman, could Arsenal finally cash in?

The biggest stumbling block in my opinion will not be finding potential suitors for Walcott, because he could well do a job for a lower positioned club, but instead the biggest problem could be his high wages. The likes of former suitors Chelsea and Liverpool may not have any problem with paying Theo his wage demands, but West Ham may not be so willing to commit such funds.

The transfer of the Southampton youth product could also potentially happen at any point of this summer, with the 27 year old, apparently close to being left out of England’s 23 man squad for the European Championships in France. Do you think Walcott should finally leave the club after 10 years of service? Or do you think he will be kept for the ‘experience’ he supposedly offers the team?

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  1. if any club comes for him v should let him go…he has not meet the expectations..
    joel campbell is not getting one season to prove himself and walcott got 10.. i think v can live without him

  2. if this were True, we can only say

    “Thanks for the 10yrs of service and Goodluck on ur New adventures”

  3. westham will play their last home game at the boleyn ground today ……next season they play at their new olympic stadium

    add to that, they intend to splash well over 50miL on a top striker which if the attempt fails, they’d bid for one in england (supposely walcott)

    sold out well over 52,000 season tickets and are auctioning stuffs from their 112yrs home (boleyn ground) to fans

    Bottom Line: There’s been no mention of stadium debt and they are aiming to splash the cash for a Top striker….they could go bankrupt, thats for the future to decide….They wanna dine with kings…. Don’t be surprised if they become kings one day!


    1. The stadium was paid for by tax payers, WHU have a lease on the stadium for so many days a year, this will cover all home games for EPL and other comps that they will be in.

      WHU have been given a golden ball by the Gov and it is disgusting how the Gov have gave them a wonderful lease while other teams have had to work hard for anything they got.

      Arsenal haven’t ripped off every law abiding citizen of the UK, the Hammers have and that deserves to be spat upon be every tax payer that doesn’t want to aid a EPL team who isn’t short on money.. not like some full time workers who have to pay tax which has gone into building that stadium.

      It is a dodgy deal and no surprise that our David Camerons gov have gave some rich people a break on having to pay out so much… AGAIN!

      Arsenal wasn’t handed anything to them on a silver plate to get our stadium.

  4. This is easily Walcott’s worst seasons since I have known him.
    There is something seriously wrong with him.

    I will so happy if he can be sold but it is very unlikely because;
    Wenger may not want to sell,
    And he may not want to lower his wage…

    The hardworking players in the team like Giroud,Sanchez..don’t hold the club to ransom when they wanna renew their contracts but injury prone,lazy,and average Walcott will do so..

    If there is an offer take the money and run!

    1. I hope not – but id still prefer we take that chance replace him with a true out and out winger that will be justify himself playing 90min every game.

  5. Wenger staying means walcott staying means Giroud, Mert, and Ramsey all are staying …

    1. @Sam…
      I personally don’t have a problem with Giroud at all..
      It may not be fair to put him in the same category as Walcott and Ramsey..

      Giroud really tries and still trying,he has won us important matches and scored good goals this season,what has Walcott done???

      Undisputedly,we can’t win with ONLY Giroud…of course he is not as useless as Walcott..
      Infact,Giroud is ready to play as a second striker,he is ready for the competition..

      This season,he has contributed,but it is not his fault that Wenger didn’t buy another striker…
      IF others striker Wenger trusted has been chipping in with goals it would have been balanced..
      We definately need a striker but Giroud is good enough for our bench

    2. Wenger has seen favorites leave, it isn’t down to Wenger alone, depends if Silent Stan wants to sell them.

      Wenger didn’t want Nasri to be sold the same time as Cesc, Wenger believed he wouldn’t be sold and came out and said publicly that Cesc and Nasri will not be sold at the same time.
      Nasri was sold and Nasri has highlighted the board that sold him.

  6. Walcot is the biggest scam in the history of football….he has no football brain, he runs and forget d ball at the back. he is the only player in the Epl that has the worst pass completion rate in the Epl below 35%….he will fare better in the sprint event..

  7. Always been overrated. Great player on his day, but his day is erratic and not consistent.

    Bit like Michael Owen.


  8. Theo is just to shy to make it big, he has all the attributes but he just doesn’t show enough constant desire… he is just moments.

    The moment against Croatia where he went to get his 3rd goal.
    The moment against Newcastle where he was taken out yet he kept going to score.

    Theo has a footballing brain, he has shown it with his runs, how he can drag defenders around and how he has done it to link up with other players… for a moment.
    Theo has a fantastic shot on him, was it last year he had the same conversion rate as our great TH14? It wasn’t for the whole season due to injury and again it could be called a ‘moment’ in the season.

    I love seeing those moments but they are not worth the wages he is on and they are not doing a man of his age any good, he is no longer that bright eye’d kid who wants to impress but now a man who should be able to do his job.

    If he could turn those moments into consistency then I would defend him till I am blue in the face with arguing but currently… I will do a Theo and have a moment, then go quiet for the rest of the season 😛

  9. I would prefer we sell AOC than Walcott. For 10 years, he has been injured most times. He scores more goals than AOC.His goals home and away against Leicester City, against Man City were great. We should sell Sanogo, Arteta, Flamini, AOC. First. Then buy a World class Striker. Play a front 3 of strikers with pace. Change formations a times. Welbeck is injured and I will rather we keep Theo. Sign one of Lewandosky, Jesse, Morata. Then we can think of what to do with the other players.

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