Has Arsene Wenger conned the Arsenal fans again?

Arsenal Con by DS

This time last year Arsenal signed Mesut Ozil. I asked the question “was this a sign of the club’s new found ambition” or merely a crowd pleasing signing, a realisation that Gooners were no longer listening to Arsene Wenger’s excuses, and were ready to vote with their feet? Of course once our board thought there was a chance of not selling shirts, and more importantly season tickets, they were happy to splash the cash.

I thought I would get my answer this summer and believed there was a positive one when we brought Alexis Sanchez for 35 million. At the same time newspaper reports were saying that Mario Ballotelli and Sami Khedira were going to follow.

But as I write this 2 days before the transfer window closes the Gunners have so far spent approx 10 million on Debuchy (a direct replacement for Sagna), 4 million on Ospina ( who takes Fabianski’s place) while the Vermaelen money was used to bring in Chambers. In other words apart from the arrival of Sanchez, Arsenal’s squad remains the same size as last season (not including the deadwood we have got off the wage bill).

The Chilean is without question a world class addition but without sounding like a spoilt fan, it leaves over 50 million left in the 100 million kitty Ivan Gazidis was boasting about.

Arsene Wenger has often admitted he spends the club’s money like it’s his own, such is his love for where he works. While it is admirable he cares so much it’s up to his bosses to persuade him to show they care more then just us qualifying for the Champions League. Wenger has earned the right to call the shots, the day he doesn’t he will walk away, but there is nothing wrong with his bosses insisting on, for example, purchasing Falcao (especially now the stadium is paid off and with our new deal with Puma).

Compare our board with say Roman Abramovich. That’s one owner who hates to lose and when he had a rare 12 months that didn’t bring a trophy he wasted no time in acting. He simply asked Jose Mourinho the reason he thought Chelsea finished 4 points off the title and gave him what he needed even before the World Cup started.

Compare that with our owner’s ambition. Now I’m not suggesting we have to start paying inflated money like Manchester City – but for our manager to try and suggest that the squad doesn’t need strengthening is an insult to all of our fans.

Even football supporters/pundits who have no affinity towards our club can easily address where are weak areas are.

I’m not saying those people have better knowledge of the game then Wenger but the Frenchmen’s criteria can be questioned. Does he truly believe that there are no players on the market for a reasonable price or is he once again trying to protect our finances to keep his employers happy?

Does he really believe that Sonogo can cover for Giroud instead on activating the 8 million buy-out clause in Loic Remy’s contract?

What has made him believe that we possess the physical midfielder which cost us in so many of the big games to the point he wouldn’t take Alex Song on loan or talk to Newcastle about Tiote? Hand on heart how many of us can say our manager’s logic is based on football reasons – not because of matters off the field.

With 48 hours to go before Mondays cut off point some Arsenal fans are keeping their fingers crossed that new faces will come in which could be the difference between us being champions or falling short again.

The speed in which Chelsea spoke to QPR as soon as they realised Torres was leaving once again highlighted our lack of urgency compared to a championship rival. Some believe it’s because Arsenal have a surprise up their sleeve, a big name where the deal would naturally be complicated and long winded in it’s completion. That’s wishful thinking.

Sanchez was the marquee signing, timed perfectly where it was announced on the same day of Puma’s kit launch. Bear in mind that Sanchez while no doubt making our attack better does not play in a area of the pitch which was our weakness. Arsenal didn’t finish 7 points off City because of a lack of offensive players. What his signature did do was ensure we avoided months of fans complaining like last summer. Signing Sanchez early meant customers rushed out to fill the company’s pockets with money believing that more big names were following. Only recently have the club tried to downplay that hope. They didn’t bother to do that when selling tickets and shirts of course, they were happy for us to believe this was an new era.

In Wenger’s defence is it is hard to buy players who will better what he currently has, that he will not spend for the sake of spending, clearly when it comes to money he has the welfare of the club in his heart. When it comes to what the board spend he clearly is in charge. It’s funny how he has never used that influence to persuade them not to charge us more then any other fan in the country to watch our team. I guess it’s important to save as much money as possible so they will be so grateful they will keep him in a high paid job, being paid more then anyone else in the UK, doesn’t seem to have the same moral high ground, does it?


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  1. JDodge says:

    He better sign at least 2 players tomorrow including a striker.

    1. SeamonkeyUK says:

      Wenger has mugged us off for to long. This is the last straw. If he does not sign a defensive midfielder & striker tomorrow it will be the worse season in 2 decades for us & the club. We will be out of the champions league next season. The players we could have bought this pre-season will not even contemplate joining us next season.

    2. seancali says:

      stubborn wenger will not sign anyone. He is destroying our team, we are missing two key players and that is a striker and a holding mid. This is crazy, he has waited till the last minutes of the transfer window and now there is not enough time to even panic buy. there goes our entire season down the toilet. sorry guyz but must accept the fact that we are shiiit at the moment and we have only wenger to thank for it.

  2. Rockymountain_Gooner says:

    Complain all you like, Wenger has been conning u guys for years and will continue to do so until the fans stand up and demand change. His coaching and tactics are outdated, he has offensive weapons at his disposal , but he uses them wrongly. He lacks the ability to inspire his players to “die” on the pitch (Atletico Madrid/Simeone). In summary , Arsene Wenger has lost “it”.

    1. tegh7 says:

      Applause for you sir, you have “spoken” well. I am firmly entrenched in the Arse-ne out camp. The last decade has been a waste as far as I am concerned.

    2. shekar233 says:

      When do we gunners learn ?? It was never the players….its that toothless wenger spoiled the great Arsenal. I wonder if He knows anything about tactics. How on earth is it called counter attack when u have 2 defenders in front of u and u still wait for the remaining players of the opposition to re-group and then again play fuc*king tiki-taka?? Mr.stubborn, wenger, please learn that ‘the wilshere kinda goals’ last season against norwich comes once in 100 years, please fu*king stop setting up our team to play meaningless passing game to score such goals.

      Just watch Spurs vs Liverpool match today. Look at the high tempo of the game and high pressing. full on from 1′ to 90′

      Trust me…..if we can manage a draw against Pool and city at home. That would b a miracle. And talking about injuries, mr. wenger, just help us once by sitting quiet. We dont need your heavy workout and training sessions and a special dietician.Let our players train just like other players at other clubs.

      I wonder how we have 70% possession in games eliminating regular tracking back, hardly making any runs, never pressing high and still players get injured. If we play the Liverpool way or pochettino way(Southampton way), high pressing and quick passing game, we would have our entire squad injured just after 3 matches.

      Now talking about transfers….

      Let us not be idiots for once in our life, we even punish our kids when there is something wrong with their behavior. And Arsenal, Arsene & board are no exception.

      When we signed Debuchy, ospina, chambers, sanchez, I read people making ridiculous comments like we will win the BPL and some even goin further talkin abaout UCL. remember at the end of last season, we all knew that we needed a St, a DM, LW and a 4th choice CB. Lets look at our signings. We have debuchy , ospina as replacements for the departed. Chambers for cover at RB for departed jenks. We needed a 4th choice CB nd v sold TV5 making us now desperate for 3rd choice cb. We signed sanchez while v needed a left footed LW. Mind u if u think sanchez (a right footed player), can play LW. for that we dont have to spend 40mil. we have Ox, gnabry etc. Thats our transfer business. Where are we standing now? We still need a st, dm, lw , CB just like last season and on top v need another cb for 4th choice.
      Kudos to wenger. hes gonna make 1 huge signing per season. by the time he signs 11 big players , the previous signings are gonna cross their 30 yrs age. I pity us for the treatment towards us by our club. (The ozil signing was pure desperation to calm us down as he failed to sign a St). He tried hard to buy a suarez highlighting our great need for St, he failed and signed ozil, a cam. Now he says he doesnt need a st. Then why in 1st place did he need suarez? How did v suddenly solve the st crisis by signing no-one?? Its simple, he only wanted to spend some money to shut us up after 3-1 loss to AV. Bravo wenger

      How the hell can we not see that it is wenger’s but not players fault. He wasn’t sure about himself and his capabilities to sign a new contract until he won the fa cup which he did barely overcoming championship side.. That is how arsenal are playing under an absolutely clueless manager. He was successful early in his career may b coz he had excellent players, players who wanted to prove something to the world, who couldn’t bare a defeat, May b wenger was never responsible for that success.

      We still do have such players. The likes of Campbell, bellarin, chambers, gnabry, akpom, zelalem, but wenger wouldnt play them. Look how these kids played against benfica in the emirates cup, they wanted to prove that they deserve first team football. U could see the difference the next day when our senior team took on Monaco.

      But still it isnt the player’s fault, if your manager doesnt know how to make the team counter-attack, how to make diagonal runs or doesnt have clue against high pressing teams then i only have pity for u players.

      Poor ozil and sanchez, from playing beside Ronaldo and messi they have come down to a team that has a french kid from league 2 as 2nd chioce striker, not to mention the 1st choice.

      It is time Arsenel needed a change. Change in tactics, change in philosophy, change in transfers more importantly change in manager. Even if it takes 3 years for us to win something, anyhow that is what is going to happen under current manager and his tactics. COYG. Lets stand up for change.

  3. JoJo says:

    2 articles at once?

    1. Andrew AFC says:

      You are right. I am just going back to being an Arsenal supporter and being happy and forgetting about this website. GOYG

  4. GOONSTER says:

    I had so much optimism for this season earlier in the summer… Gazidis came out and said we were going to spend some serious money, and BOOM Sanchez… We replaced Fabianski and Sagna, brilliant and the signed Chambers to replace Jenkinson.

    We started being linked with Khedira and it looked legit, I was in heaven, I just could not believe it, Bender was mentioned too, I was like weeeeew 🙂

    Then it all went quiet and Schneiderlin was the talk, it then dried up..

    The Carvalho, then all went quiet…

    Now the deluded Falcao rumor is doing the rounds, but it looks like it was just a rumor after all..

    Back to the old Wenger, how dumb and gullible were we all summer to think he was a changed manager..


  5. pubgooner says:

    Now Arsenal Football Club looks more like the Arsenal Business Ventures Ltd. Inc.. Please Wenger change the name!

  6. almostawinner says:

    I think the failure to get the world-class striker/DM/CB etc we want is due to:

    * wenger’s cheapness: instead of getting the #1 available player at that spot who would address 80% of our problems and cost 50M, he’ll go for the #5 player who’ll be only half as effective, but who will cost one-fourth as much: a classic financial calculation: higher return-on-investment

    * stubborness: if everyone thinks something, wenger’s determined not to do that. if we all want cf/dm, he’ll buy a LW for the CF and repurpose an aging CAM for the DM.

    * lack of rotation: underplays his bench which causes them to get frustrated & leave; overplays his favorites which cause them to get injured

    * lack of tactics: doesn’t vary gameplan based on opposition.

    nothing lasts for ever: he’s been good for many of his 17 years (not so much last 8) and thats a good run: board needs to grow balls and get klopp or simeone …

  7. greekgunner says:

    what a sad day for us gooners..

  8. Hooray4B says:

    Unfortunately i live outside the UK and therefore unable to
    create a BIG protest sign with huuuuge letters which could be something like:
    “Loved my great Arsenal,AW you did to.
    Now it’s 8-2,5-1,6-3 etc. Gunners we were,now our mighty guns seem as waterguns.
    Shame on everyone responsible,but not us.Stop our bleeding.
    We love you Arsenal,we do.”
    Probably would have needed fellow gunners to help me with that due to lenght 😛
    Jeeesus people wake up,we owe it to our glorious history not to tolerate mediocre always 4th place.

    1. SaveArsenal says:

      WTF are you talking about?
      If you are going to make a banner best to get someone to check the grammar or even the fact that it makes sense!

      1. Hooray4B says:

        very thoughtfull of you,thank you for minding for the typical.
        english isn’t my native language and all i wanted is to point out a meaning.
        not supposed to be the actual content of the banner but “sth like it”.
        anyway,if i ever find myself with a banner at the Emirates it will be crystal clear what it says.

  9. Alex.Aus says:

    It’s a very simple equation. Chelsea signed a striker and a cm. Top of the league dominating game. We fail to sign a striker/lw and a CDM and we have drawn 2 and narrowly won the other

  10. ihsan says:

    Sorry, I’ve lost my patience now.

    It is not Sanogo or Giroud the main problem, the main problem is Wenger that he choose not to buy quality main striker.

    It is not Flamini or Arteta the main problem, the problem is Wenger that he choose not to buy quality CDM.

    And even World Class Quality Player like Messi, C.Ronaldo, Bale, Suarez, etc, can NEVER EVER help the team IF they are not given a chance to play.
    That’s also the problem that we have quality player like Rosicky and Campbell, BUT Wenger choose to not given even a single chance for them to play. Rosicky and Campbell deserved a chance to proved their worth. They absolutely can improve our attacking performance IF they were given a chance to play. Rosicky can inject much creativity, spirit, directness, game making and dictating tempo ability, penetrating dribbles to break down the opponent defence, and much much more.

    Rosicky always makes things happen, not only with individual dribbling but with individual acceleration of his passing and of his runs.

    Unfortunately, Wenger is way too STUBBORN and too old.

    The main problem is Wenger, his poor team selection and his old tactic.

    Sadly, the FACT, in our last five matches, we still have a very serious problem in beating the likes of Crystal Palace, Besiktas(twice), Everton, and Now Leicester city.

    Chelsea beat Leicester, we draw.
    Chelsea beat Everton, we draw.

    If you really watch carefully our current performance, last five matches, we really need to improve. Our current performance are definitely not good enough.

    Unfortunately, Wenger is way too STUBBORN & too old to listen any advices.

  11. merksisagunner says:

    Mannn ur more hypocritical then a dying hypo! #inwengerwetrust

  12. Andrew U says:

    Wenger’s excuses are really old and tired. Mesut Ozil looks lazy and not motivated. Compared to the top teams, Arsenal look soft in midfield and defense and toothless at striker. Why is Wenger so delusional? This team needs 3 top additions to the squad. Arsenal will be battling for 4th place at best this season. Sadly, Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool are very superior to the Gunners at this point. Liverpool looked fantastic against Spurs. Did you notice how Liverpool try to win the ball back at every moment with dynamic athletic players? Arsenal lack this athleticism and enthusiasm. I hope Wenger wakes from his delusions before the transfer window closes!

  13. Raoh says:

    I might repeat myself from a comment of a previous article but: the transfer window is great but will only be a succes if 2 to 3 new players that directly adresses our needs:ST,DM,CB…and time is running and surely a lot of good options as passed us by and now you’ll definetly going to overpay when U didn’t want to!!I’m crossing my fingers as 50 millions pound is still unused and we’re getting the CL money: Carvalho(DM),Alderweild/Nastasic/Howedes(CB) and finally for ST because great options where missed for cheap (Balotelli) now we to go for the real expensive ones (falcao,Cavani)…

  14. Cartman says:

    When we got Sanchez, Debuchy, chambers and Ospina I had so much optimism but with the combination of us not getting a striker/CDM and the aggression of Chelsea (getting Fabregas, Costa, Remy) goals galore, I’m losing my optimism

    Mourinho, an arsehole as he is, understands the importance of having top strikers and scoring goals.

    Maybe Wenger believes the combination of Walcott, Sanchez and Giroud will do the job, but that’s a big risk.

    Imagine, Falcao in front of Walcott, Ozil and Sanchez (with Giroud as supersub)

    Now that’s a front line to be optimistic about.

  15. UpGunnaz says:

    Falcao/Cavani/Reus or we riot

  16. LoCkAy says:

    Wenger has been doing it for years…
    It is clear that the results are not a priority.
    As long as we are in that “top four” bracket, we are fine… According to him.

    This is a club that was at the door of greatness in 2006… Look at us now… Barely making the CL group stage (necessary in order to get the cash reward because we are million miles away from winning the competition) and falling short in the league every season like a tradition.

    Top club?
    My f*cking ass… Any fans who believe that sh*t is as deluded as Wenger (sadly we have many of those around).
    We are basically going backward season after season. Forget about last season, we were never close (injuries and missing man players are just excuses) that is why we finished fourth.

    Wenger has no passion and tactical senses.
    His style of management is outdated and he is old fossil in the game.
    Even Ferguson managed to adapt his tactics to modern football.

    Winning the league is just a pace to much for us.
    The FA Cup was a great bonus even though it came after a serious grind from the players… Again, the manager was totally absent tactically.

    Just frustrating!
    And the guy wages (£8millions/year) makes us look like mugs!

    1. Hooray4B says:

      please do remind me other top clubs that conceide > 3 goals at the so called derbies
      please do , fellow gunners.
      everytime i remember the score 8-2 just makes me wanna smash everything around me and then when i calm down i
      start wondering just when our once GREAT ARSENAL will slate those discraces of football..just when this time will come for us?
      with these people pulling the strings,i doubt it will ever happen..

  17. IrishGooner85 says:

    Khidera, Rues , and Falcao/Cavani to be Arsenal players this time tomorrow !!!!!
    Wishful thinking ???????
    At least one of them has to be !!

  18. BUR says:

    Arsenal are a team who on recent showings will not be able to compete for the league title. It hurts me to say We are not good enough! We have been missing two main players for the last 4 seasons and our manager is incapable of seeing that. Another season of excuses from Mr Wenger.

  19. GoonerG1 says:

    I don’t even think it is about money anymore. Wenger simply isn’t decisive in the transfer market. The contrast with Mourinho is striking. Jose sees a weakness, identifies and player and signs him. Usually quickly and without drama. Wenger waffles, waffles some more and then thinks “maybe I should get pancakes or perhaps a full English breakfast?” before ultimately deciding he’s not hungry and can skip breakfast altogether. And budgetary constraints are no longer an excuse. FFP means Chelsea have had to show fiscal restraint. Yet, Jose still gets what he wants. Arsenal have plenty of money to land both a CDM and a striker and there have been plenty of options. Wenger just won’t make up his mind and pull the trigger.

    1. brpowers23 says:

      Agreed. I have no idea what drives our club anymore. F*ck, I want to win. Period. What about you Wenger?

      It’s embarrassing to all of us to have every broadcaster and ex Arsenal player reiterate how dumb/confused we are in the transfer market. I cannot believe that Wenger believes he is correct here and that everyone else has no clue. And I can’t believe the transfer market is as complicated as Wenger makes it. Find the right players, pay for them. How F*ckin’ hard is that? No other team in the world has this much trouble finding and signing players. We have 100M from CL and 35M from Puma and money from the fact that our stadium is paid for. If we have to pay a few mil extra, just pay it, pay it early, and save everyone the stress and worry.

      We need 4 players. ST, DM, LM, CB. I would be fine for now if we got three of four, Anything less and we will finish 5th at best. Let’s face it, Chelsea, City, and Liverpool are better than us. And United may not be winning right now, but they will start winning. DiMaria has balls and can play and he will make a difference.

      If Wenger does not sign the right players, this could be his last year. We are not going to accept a 5th place finish when we could have made the simple signings to prevent it. There will be no excuse.

      And now I am starting to doubt Wenger’s coaching ability too. With the players that we have I just see dumb tactics, boring lineups, and poor adjustments. Our players look clueless on field. How is that possible?

      WTF is going on on??

  20. psytripps says:

    We need to trust Arsene. He has transformed AFC. He will get it right and he will make us great again.

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