Has Arteta blatantly not told the truth about the Aaron Ramsdale situation?

Aaron Ramsdale didn’t need a world class save in the Carabao Cup to prove he’s good enough to play for Arsenal, but that was the point of loaning David Raya, wasn’t it?

Apparently, the competition will bring out the best in both and therefore the team benefits.

That’s what our manager claimed.

Zero Number One, just two quality options in every position, who starts in goal judged game by game?

So, by that logic Ramsdale should start at the weekend after a clean sheet compared to Raya’s mistake on Sunday in the build up to Spurs’ first goal?

I’m yet to see Raya in three matches do anything special with his feet that wasn’t happening before.

Oh wait, doesn’t their boss have plans to sub the two for tactical reasons?

Were there not occasions last season where he claimed that was a temptation?

As we searched for a winner in the NLD was any Gooner shocked that no switch occurred?

Anyone else confident that no such sub will ever happen?

We are just meant to smile and nod our heads and pretend we believe the narrative being told.

Yet if someone constantly says things that are not true …. if their words are full of contradictions …. what does that make them?

Mikel Arteta was at it again yesterday in his post-match press conference, knowing he would be quizzed on the goalie situation, a messy scenario that he has created.

He claims he is the last person who should be asked an opinion on Ramsdale, given he was the man who brought the 25-year-old when so many questioned the signing. In the same breath he says he ‘loves’ and ‘is happy’ with how Ramsdale has been playing.

Yet that makes no sense.

If you are content with Ramsdale’s body of work why the need to drop him?

That’s what he’s done, he’s dropped him, and it’s an insult to our intelligence to pretend otherwise.

No, you’re not altering keepers depending on opposition’s tactics and no you’re not changing them in the middle of a game.

It’s patronising to think anyone believes you and again if someone is not telling the truth …. what does that make them?

The fact you authorised the club spending 30 million on a role you know a player doesn’t hit peak form till 30 plus, the idea that you agreed on the player getting a new contract as recently as May, just to now give up on him, that’s not good.

On and off the pitch Ramsdale couldn’t have done more to respond to his demotion with professionalism.

Some have questioned the sincerity of his golf clap celebrations to Raya’s save last weekend because he must have known the cameras were watching, but, in many ways, he could be seen as wrong no matter his reaction?

Ramsdale can’t do any more then what he did at Brentford.

Yet I don’t believe it will make any difference, as history shows that once Arteta feels you don’t suit his ethos, he will wash his hands of you.

There are several examples of players who have worked with him who have said he’s not the type who feels the need to put his arm round your shoulder and explain his thought process.

Which again undermines his public line that he ‘loves’ his players.

Ask Bernd Leno if any sensitivity was given once Arteta decides you don’t meet his principles?

To this day the German maintains he doesn’t ‘understand the excuses’ given for why he wasn’t allowed to fight for his place.

When he stressed that was his preference he was told by coaching staff, ‘we need to change players and have positive energy.’

“When I wanted to fight for my place, the goalkeeper coach said, ‘You have to leave the club,’” he stated.

“When he said it wasn’t about performance, I knew straight away I had to leave. I don’t know if they didn’t want two strong ’keepers. I had one year left on my contract. So it was the last time to make money off me.”

Leno is another individual who doesn’t believe the keepers will be subbed.

He adds, “I would feel very strange and very surprised if I would see the No 17 was coming off in minute 75. Everyone in the stadium would be surprised.”

So again, if you’re not telling the truth, what are you?


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  1. MA has got an extremely good track record so far of replacing what he has with better. With that in mind, lets wait and see how this pans out as it’s still early days, although this situation can only last one season.

  2. Your article is misleading and shows no issues here. The boss deems it fit to deploy his playing staff as he see fit. If arteta had not started ramsdale and still went for Raya, you will still come here and say “why was Raya used again? “; ” Why was ramsdale not selected?”.he has been selected and that is not satisfactorily enough?. Ramsdale had been too comfortable at times last season due to the fact that he had no one to challenge him. Now he has. Get with the program. Either he does a “sanchoesque” and pout or he knuckles down and fight.. the onus is on him .

    1. Arteta couldn’t select Raya to play last night as it’s against the rules to play a loan player against the team who ‘owns’ him.

      1. Arsenal asked Brighton for permission and they agreed. Arteta just chose not to field Raya that’s all

  3. Wish I could block this crap site from ever showing up in my feed. The most ignorant, ill informed, histrionic, illiterate, and poorly written Arsenal analysis ever.

  4. Maybe Arteta plans to play Ramsdale in cup competitions and let Raya handle EPL?

    Arteta’s decision to play Raya in three consecutive games has successfully made us unbeaten

      1. He should’ve replaced Nketiah instead of Jesus, but Jorginho and our defenders were more responsible for Son’s goals

  5. Yeah I don’t get these articles about dropping Ramsdale. Was he undroppable? He always had a mistake in him, which cost us few times last season but he couldnt be dropped because Turner wasn’t mr Reliable himself.

    Now we have Raya, who arguably was the best keeper last season, providing healthy competition for Rams. Its Ramsdale’s turn to sit on the bench although he will guaranteed play matches this season (cup competition to start with, both Brentford clashes in the PL, minimum..), and if Raya loses form, it will be Aarons turn again.

    Are these articles deliberately seeking sensationalism..?

  6. Not sure why this writer in particular always moan? The fact that we can afford to play a GK of Aaron’s quality in cup games and rotations in the league or CL which i’m confident is Mikel’s intentions can only boost our chances to next to 100 percent certainty that ONE OR BOTH CUPS ARE COMING TO THE EMIRATES. So tell me if we achieve that would you still think Ramsdale has been betrayed or major cog in the Arsenal team? You talk of Leno who was basically a goal keeper and nothing more considering the roles evolution in the modern day game like he’s moved on to a top club fighting on all fronts but hey we’ve “unfairly” got rid of him and guess what he has’nt proved us wrong, at least we have earned our add ons in the paltry fee they were willing to pay for his “high performing” self after staying up last season. I was not even in for this idea in the first place but upon seeing how we’ve been benefiting. i’m very much backing the idea as i’m confident Mikel is more intelligent than you could ever imagine.

  7. It’s a pity that people don’t critically analyze things cos if they do majority will see through Arteta’s facade. Arteta has lied several times, saying one thing and doing the other. He convinced AMN to stay that he was a very important part of his plan. Blocked the boys 20mil move and ended up not even playing him much. The boys confidence was bashed. That single decision alone took AMN career south.

    Arteta talks about ESR having to prove that he deserves to be at this level and can perform at this level. What has Harvertz and Viera done to prove that they deserve to be at this level? What have they really done to warrant his heavy support?

    Are people not listening to what Leno said? He said he was told to leave and wasn’t even allowed to fight for his spot. He didn’t mind being number 2 but was willing to compete which clearly wasn’t the case. He was told to leave by the goal keeping coach for no tangible reason. This means deep within the management it’s not about competition but pure favoritism.

    Another thing to take out of this is how influential the goal keeping coach is. He was the one who directly told Leno to leave( on the orders of Arteta ofcourse) and when it comes to goalkeeping decisions he has a huge say. You have to realize that Raya was Arteta’s first choice for Keeper before an injury disrupted that plan and he went over to Ramsdale. Also the goal keeping coach was Raya’s goal keeping coach at Brentford. So this is not a coincidence. Ramsdale will sit on the bench for long. By starting Raya in EPL, then Champions League and then the Derby again, Arteta has clearly shown that Raya is his number one. Those 3 starts for Raya are statement starts.

    Besides the save he did, Raya was woeful at the derby. His distribution which is acclaimed to be his biggest strength was shameful and his long balls were a total disgrace. If Arteta is being honest that the competition between players is a game to game basis then comparing their last two performances Ramsdale deserves the start next match.

    I personally haven’t seen anything special that Raya has done that we were not getting even better from Ramsdale.

    1. And despite excellent performances everytime he is on the pitch, Trossard never starts unless there is injury.

      What was the point of giving ESR 4 minutes against Spurs?

  8. How does an opposing team plan to exploit a keeper’s weakness when they don’t know who will start. Arteta may make stupid subs at times, but he is building a team that can challenge on all fronts. Would you rather have Rambo or Raya in a cup game or Turner… As Arsenal fans, we’ve become so negative, look at the positives, an injury to Rambo means we still secure at the back. 2 pairs of shoes are always better, because you don’t wear them out… Trust the process or go support Man Utd, you sound just lik’em.

  9. If Raya is better, then why not. Only time will tell. Yes it’s harsh, as I don’t think Ramsdale has done a lot wrong, but if it works out better for the team, then that can only be a positive.

    That said, I have had enough of Arteta though, and he needs to go!

    MA has been getting in the neck since our first league game against Nottm Forest, and rightly so!

    We all know results are what defines a manager, and they have been apocalyptic so far! Yet another win last night against Brentford, and I am just sick to death of seeing this!

    So far this season it’s:
    Played 9
    Won 7 Drawn 2 Lost 0

    Wins over both Manchester clubs, and a draw against Spurs.
    All away games won, and without conceding.
    A trophy.

    Pathetic so far! Cannot believe we’re almost into October and still waiting for our first defeat. When is it coming?

    Hopefully when we get over our injury crisis, we FINALLY get that defeat we’re all craving. Fingers crossed! COYG!

    1. Now THATS top level sarcasm!

      Amazing how much truth comes from ridiculing the view of others and using reverse psycholgy in a sarcastic way. Only seven wins and two draws! Oh misery! Woe, woe and thrice woe!.

      However will we MA supporters get though the long dark night, with such misery!

  10. Read halfway and stopped. Stop wasting our time and go spare your ridiculous emotions elsewhere. Lies, lies and propaganda. Crucifying the manager based on hypothetical scenarios.

  11. True talk. Some fans have emotional attachments to some players. They tend to vent their anger on the gaffer when those players are not selected in the starting line-up or moved on. I remember the scenarios of Ozil, Oba, Guendouzi, Girou just name a few. Some fans said he was clueless, egoistic, obstinate, bla bla bla. His decision is in the interest of the team, not the player. People should stop reading too much meaning to the
    decision when a player is not selected. The gaffer knows the best.

    1. So true and so sadly not noticed by so many regular moaners who simply have NEVER given MA a chance ever since his start.

  12. So we have to re-do the keeper thing after every game?

    Both lads have shown a lot more maturity than most pundits who are just trying to stir up trouble.

    I am happy to leave it until the end of the season to judge all involved.

  13. We’re blessed with two of the best keepers in the Premier League. Thank whichever deity you subscribe to and stop looking for conspiracies, lies & double talk.

  14. Dans piece assumes that our manager needs to explain why he makes every decision he makes, to all we fans!

    WHY does DAN ASSUME THIS ? No other profession or job ever asks its members to explain chapter and verse to its customers.

    I suggest Dan is arrogant to expect it!

    I do not expect it at all, as I have loyalty and faith in our manager, two VITAL COMPONENTS in being a true supporter.

    But then I do not spend EVERY DAY writing JA critical articles about MA, as Dan does regularly. He seems to see it as his raison d’etre in life!

    If Dan ever wrote ANYTHING compimentary about MA, I would die with shock.


    1. But Jon he did write one piece after the Everton game which was very much complimentary though lol….(I understand your comment was tongue in cheek)

      1. SID My post was certainly NOT tongue in cheek.

        I meant every word I wrote and am completely sincere. Sometimes I do use sarcasm but NOT in this case

  15. Ramsdale cost us the Europa League last season, chipped from 55 yards by Sporting Lisbon, I think that was when Arteta made up his mind because that Knock out could have sacked the manager of some of the top European clubs. Secondly, all the people who have jumped on the Ramsdale bandwagon didn’t fight for Leno when his place was undeservedly taken. That’s big time hypocrisy!!!!

    1. I’ve seen one of our best ever goalies concede a goal from even further out to the one Ramsdale conceded against Sporting Lisbon, David Seaman in ’95 in the CWC Final. Both goals were flukes imo.

      As for Leno, he made far to many mistakes that led to goals, not just for us, but for Germany as well !!

  16. I agree with 😇Jon regarding Dan’s article, as it does nothing but cause controversy amongst the fanbase.

    I wonder why Dan thinks MA has to explain every decision?
    He has made it clear he wants competition in every position and the signing of Raya backs that statement up 100%…no falsehoods there Dan!!

    Mikel Arteta is the manager and makes the decisions that he will, either, sink or swim by.

    I’m not really interested in why he makes those decisions, but I want them to turn out be the right ones… to date, there is no reason to think they are not, from the goalkeeping perspective at least. Both men have shown their quality and their faults… just as every keeper does.

    As our saintly dawg, 😇Jon rightly says, Dan’s dislike of MA, is patently obvious and I wonder when he (Dan) will acknowledge the successful side of his management time to date, not that I want 😇Jon to die of shock of course 😱.
    Perish the thought that one would wish harm to another regarding football matters!!

    As for 😇Jon’s fourth paragraph about loyalty to the manager and his final one about an “odd way for a true supporter to behave, I can only smile at the total hypocrisy.

    Finally, can I just take us back to the CL final against Barcelona, when Lehman was sent off?
    We didn’t have a like for like replacement that day (Wenger’s mistake?) in Almunia.
    Not saying he lost us the game, but one of the goals saw him beaten at his near post and the rest is history.

    1. Ken, I can’t speak for anyone else, but when my Season Ticket expires, and I make it to the Big North Bank In The Sky, I wouldn’t want my final recollections to be of one of Dan’s rants. Heaven and Mikel forbid.

    2. For Ken, the emojis addict,

      Perhaps It would have been more accurate to have written,” loyalty to the manager ,until, like Wenger ,it was patently obvious the team was getting steadily worse each successive season”!

      THAT was what I should have said. If MA is still there after ten years (altogether)and then the team loses passion, cohesion and gets steadily worse for several sesons in a row, It would be suicide for AFC to wish a manager in THAT sitution to remain.

      But that is NOT the case with MA, quite the reverse, as all those who have working eyes can see.

        1. I would just like to know what 😇Jon’s expectations are DK.

          From 2008, we were never out of the top four, won fa cups until his final season, during which time we had moved to a brand new stadium… meanwhile MA has had, in four years, one fa cup win, courtesy of AW and UE ‘s dross and deadwood, spent in the region of £800,000,000, taken us back into the CL and brought together a divided club… so what are your acceptable expectations 😇Jon and how and what will you judge him on?

          1. You start from a position I do not occupy KEN.


            I do not join in the general hysteria on here, led chiefly by wet behind the ears youngsters, but backed up by CERTAIN people of the older generation, who ought to know better from their own life and football experience and who should not keep demanding better each year that passes.
            Life does not work that way. I take the view that ALL of us on JA are extremely fortunate to support OUR CLUB and not such as Mansfield, Orient, Middlesbro etc etc. If we have out health and other faculties and a roof over our head and food inour belly, then we are far more fortunate than very many poor fellow humans on this EARTH.

            And we should STOP MOANING as it is what plastic fans do.
            To be more specific, I MUCH hope for continued improvement in perfs and for a trophy or even two. But I WILL GLADLY ACCEPT WHATEVER I get. I accept that was not always my philosophy, but I have learned that to demand more and still more in life, willnever make one content but only unhappy and stressed out.


            And THAT Ken , is my life philosophy. I recommend its use to ALL fans .

  17. It might appear callous but I’m not bothered really.
    Ramsdale arrived and out went Leno. In a business – because that is what it is – the life of a footballer will have its highs and lows. The king is dead, long live the king I’m afraid.
    Those that make it to the top may very well have trodden on other players on their way to that pinnacle. Fortunately for them, they earn loadsa money and will be set for life even if they are moved on/benched/not loved enough by the manager.
    I have had differences of opinion,Dan, with you over Arteta’s character in the past. I’d be heartless if I didn’t feel for Ramsdale, who must feel currently that the rug has been pulled from underneath him – who may in the fullness of time still oust Raya and am I then supposed to feel sorry for Raya?

    As for Arteta’s other utterances about players to the media, I take it with a large pinch of salt. It goes with the territory

    1. Sue you actually take MAs utterances with a pinch of salt?!! How could you be so cruelly REALISTIC!

      By contrast, some on here believe as gospel truth, EVERY report, utterance or rumour they are ever fed.

      The kind word for such types is NAIVE. The unkind word is &(*%$£)”!!!!

        1. Ken a bonkers and totally weird interpretation of my comments. I said nothing specific about any person , MA included. I was simply making the point that folk, such as you, who take EVERY utterance they ever read or hear as a literal interpretation of the whole truth, are completely childlike and seem to be unaware that humans -yes all of us KEN, you, I and everyone else too when it suits their purpose – will keep their real thoughtsand truths to themselves and say whatever is the most NON revealing comment , when they do not WANT to reveal something!
          . IF you, in all your 77or 78 years on this EARTH have truly never noticed that, then you must have been wearing a blindfold and ear muffs for your whole long life
          Either that, OR you simply wont admit how humans behave, even to yourself.


          1. Once again 😇Jon, your childish digs are like water off a ducks back – but keep trying as they amuse me no end!!

            “Sue, you actually take MA’s utterances with a pinch of salt” seems to me that your naming two people, but hey ho, what’s in a name?

            If I believed everything I heard, I would be calling for MA’s head, as he boasted that we would win the CL in three years, when, in fact, we’ve only just qualified.

            Your take on human traits and behaviour are simply your opinions – I happen to disagree with some of them – so why you think I need to follow your opinions I don’t understand.
            Suffice it to say that I have more faith in my fellow human beings than it seems you have… except of course corrupt officials along with corrupt institutions.

            Now, what exactly, are your expectations of MA this season and beyond and should I take your answer with a pinch of salt, or will you be truthful?

            1. Answer is above KEN. I will no longer take part in this joint ken/Jon baiting as sit is unseemly and immature and I am resolved to stop doing it from this moment . It is immature and neithe of us ARE immature.

              In future, whatever and however you try, I will NOT exchangeb unkind words and use hostile language with you.

              We have very different ways of looking at our clubs perfs.

              I WILL NOT LET MY WHOLE LIFE AND PEACEOF MIND BE GOVERENED BY HOW PLAYERS WHO HAVE NO IDEA I EVEN EXIST , PERFORM . You must do as you wish, but that , for me, is my decision.

              I will gladly continue debate if you wish, it but only in pleasant and non point scoring fashion. In short Ken I resolve to start acting MY age . What you do is your affair but I hope you will do similarly.

  18. Hey Dan. Big fan of your articles. They always create discussions. Not too sure of this one though…the goalkeeping has been largely not a problem this season. Some initial hiccups from Ramsdale, Raya comes in has a couple of clean sheets, then slightly underwhelms in the derby so Ramsdale is back again and has a blinder. Now I still think that maybe the EPL game will have Raya, but if it is Ramsdale I would like this performance culture to happen. As for Leno, well ideal Professional and pulled out magnificent saves for us but maybe not someone who marshalled the defence well. And the thing about favouritism and being told you are not wanted? Doesnt most workplaces have them? People in power rarely explain everything to juniors cuz they seem to be answerable to the top boss. So in this case, even if he does lie, I dont see the problem.

  19. The reason the commentators offered for benching Ramsdale was lack of “clean sheets”. No clue if that was the true story, but enter Raya, he was lucky he only gave up 2 goals against Totenham.
    Ramsdale will be gone in January.
    In the words of Confucius:
    “Big mistake, Weed Hopper”.

  20. Ramsdale hasn’t complained about being on the bench for the few games he has sat down. So I don’t understand why some people are concerned about him. He knows it’s a big favor from Arsenal even giving him the no1 shirt owing to his bad record in his previous clubs. Case closed. As for a proper striker, Ivan Toney he would be a good fit alongside G.Jesus. we now need a right winger to deputise Saka a proper no 10 and Eliminate Harvertz and a serious CB. That would cost uptu 200m. And the squad is ready to fight for at least one trophy and a top4 finish.

  21. I believe Arsenal wanted Raya after they ditched both Martinez and Leno, but we could not get him that window.

    We had hired Brentford’s Goalkeeping coach, and it was he who had wanted Raya and sung his praises.

    So now HE has got his way, to the detriment of Ramsdale.

    I really hope Ramsdale leaves in January and goes on to be somebody else’s star.

    While I am in the mood for moving on, ESR must surely realize by now that his role at Arsenal is like the extras at the Oscar’s who take the seat of the guests who have to run off to the bathroom

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