Has Bellerin become Arsenal’s first-choice right-back?

The young Hector Bellerin, who arrived at Arsenal from Spain in 2011, has been imperious since the injury to Mathieu (corrected) Debuchy thrust the young Spaniard into the limelight. Even with Debuchy out of contention, the 20 year-old was still considered to be the understudy to the expensive new arrival Calum Chambers.

But he has grown into his role and admits that he is now completely different to the raw lad that was persuaded to move from Barcelona at a tender age. “I left there as a kid and now I feel like a man,” Bellerin said on Arsenal.com. “I’ve grown up a lot because I left at 16 to come to another country, another culture.

“You really have to grow up and there’s a lot of things that have changed. When I was there I used to play as a winger and now I’m playing as a defender. I feel I’ve grown up on and off the pitch and I feel really confident now as a right back.

“I’ve only played there for four years but I’m feeling really confident that I can play there, and that I’m proving to everyone that I can play in the Arsenal first team.

“Sometimes you only get once chance and I took it,” he added. “I’m really happy with my decision, I’m really enjoying my football and I’m really enjoying living in London. I’ve got my family over here as well so I’m really settled in the club. I’m really enjoying myself.”

He has now made 20 appearances for Arsenal this season, and it is a sign of Wenger’s faith that Bellerin has etained his place in the last four games, despite the vastly more experienced Matthieu Debuchy returning to full fitness. I have a feeling that this young man is going to be one of our great players in the future, and I’m not even sure that Debuchy (or Chambers for that matter) will be able to dislodge him from being an automatic starter next season.

What do you think?

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  1. I hope Hector is first choice. My guess is Wenger will go with experience next year.

    1. if Hector has a bad game, you delusional Gooners will want him sold to Mk Dons for a shilling.

  2. Yes. Others are second choice or back-up IMO. Even Sagna wouldn’t have benched him.

  3. I still cant still figure out how the kid manages to play so well despite his small size.He has a tendency to go forward but his ability to recover quickly into a defensive position makes it less worrying.He tackles,He defends,He dribbles,He runs,By jove the kid can fly !! Lets hope he continues improving his game and we have a great defender in our hands…and what did he cost the club? A tenth of what manure paid for Luke Shaw !!

  4. Happy with both.
    We are very strong at RB.
    In fact the whole defense
    is looking good.
    Just need to add the
    second DM and maybe another
    goal scoring option and we
    are good to go.

  5. Ronaldo misses penalty.
    He was over rated.
    Ryo and Sanogo all day
    over Ronaldo 🙂

  6. If Mou will not sell us Cech
    we will not sell him Diaby
    Flamini Podolski or
    Campbell. So there!!!

  7. Hector bellerin has been a revelation for arsenal this season in the right back position, and will only get better not doubting sooner or later he will cement that RB position! Coyg!

  8. No, don’t think so in Wengers eyes. He’s developed a tremendous amount this season but a fully fit Debuchy, with a handful of gametime, is a brilliant RB and currently number 1.

    SIDENOTE: did anyone see Wengers press conference talking about transfer startegy? He said along the lines (when questioned how to best go about it) of waiting for the right opportunity when a club needs to sell in order to buy (then referenced Suarez/Alexis deal). Anybody feel like there’s a name out there he has his eyes on and is perhaps waiting for the famed domino effect to take course yet again? Cavani surplus because PSG get Pogba for instance….I found it interesting.

  9. I can see debuchy facing a tough challenge from hector bellerin for that right back position!

  10. Bellering is currently one of the best RBs in the country. He adds alot of pace and skill down our right side while also being quite nifty if he’s allowed inside. Debuchy is also a great player but just missed a year on the sidelines. Common sense says you let Debuchy build back up to try and win his place back – for this season it’s Bellerin. Form through the pre-season will probably decide who starts as RB next season. Either way we have two quality RBs – my guess is Bellerin will phase Debuchy out as Bellerin has the greater potential even if his current quality isn’t always as high as Debuchy’s is at full fitness. Once Bellerin develops another year I don’t think Debuchy will have a chance – when you’ve already got Barca coming sniffing because they want their talent back you know he ain’t gonna be a bench warmer for anyone.

  11. Bellerin has really made the transition this season. He actually looks like he learns from every mistake. Top quality. Ultimately, I think he could play where Ramseys been filling in on the right side of midfield.

  12. NO!! This is one problem with Arsenal.. We keep too much faith in youth their inexperience cost us in games..

    Bellerin conceeded a penalty vs Liverpool and exposed Per lack of pace to Sterling consistently.
    Against United in the FAcup he got an early yellow-card and has to be subbed off to avoid being red-carded.
    Against Chelsea he escaped being yellow-carded and conceeding a penalty-kick when he held Hazard’s shirt.

    He still lacks experience and needs lots of growing up to do.

    Debuchy first choice.
    Bellerin 2ndchoice/backup/rotation.

    I learnt from the UCL…Carvajal inexperience cost Madrid the first leg vs Juve

  13. OT Just been watching some youtube clips of arsenal legends. All those who remember Davor Suker at Highbury should watch them again. What a player! oh how he would love to play in this current team. he would be just what we need now.

  14. New Dream team in Making looking at how young players are taking over the older ones, hope another surprise happens again this time in the striking force a young talented, this makes us different from Mancity, having now old players, so it means working on a new team,

  15. Martin Debuchy?
    Do you not mean Mathieu Debuchy?
    Please proof read your own articles for the love of the force! Stupid mistakes such as this makes your site look very amaturish and that you hire 10 year old writers who do not know how to check their own work…

    1. Nice to see we have some PERFECT readers on here that have never made a mistake in their lives…..

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