Has Bellerin confirmed NO transfer from Arsenal to Barcelona?

Things are definitely looking up for Arsenal fans on the transfer side of things, if you believe what you read in the various outpourings of the Arsenal transfer rumour mill that is. The signing of Lacazette from Lyon appears to be only a matter of time and even if the Gunners have to accept the departure of Alexis Sanchez I think we have to applaud Arsene Wenger and the club for that.

On the Alexis issue as well, I think we have to see that that the boss does not have a lot of bargaining power but some will say that this makes little difference as he never uses it anyway. But maybe now those critics will have to change their tune as the Frenchman appears to have been as solid as a rock when it comes to Hector Bellerin.

The Spanish right back has been heavily linked with a transfer back to Barcelona and when I started to hear this I thought it was only a matter of time. Now we are hearing, as reported by the Evening Standard, that the young full back is well aware that Wenger will not be dealing with Barca and that he will be a Gunner for at least one more year.

Nice work Arsene! Keep it up!



  1. Belerin is the best fastest player in the premier league, so arsenal should not sell their best player, they maintain the statuscope of keeping their best players.

      1. I suggest you actually look at his stats (both defensive and offensive) for the past 2 seasons. He’s up there with the best fall-backs in the world.

  2. Only thing being that bellerin himself tweeted that he’s staying and you shouldn’t believe all you read in the press at least a month ago

  3. Bellerin case isn’t something we should listen to.The player is under five year contracts and Arsenal isn’t in recession.. We have made it clear we ar not Gona sel him . As for Sanchez it is high time he decides on his future.. We will love to av him but if his heart is no longer for us he should quit..It hoping wenger , gasidis and kroeken will wake up and do something positive (buying Quality players ) in oda to change d story of d club… I Love Arsenal

  4. I’m retired now but when I was working if I wanted a better or more convenient job elsewhere I had the right to go there. The decision of whether the boy wants to go or stay is not up to Wenger or us, it is up to him. I would be sorry if if he leaves but the huge amount of money we would receive for him would be very useful for use in other areas.

    1. His got a 5-6 year contract, it’s not as if he can give his Boss a two week notice before forking off! … ??

    2. “The decision of whether the boy wants to go or stay is not up to Wenger or us” I do not believe that you are old enough to retire, yet you don’t understand what a contract is.

  5. The last time I checked bellerin was warming the bench,and chants of not fit to wear the shirt. He has to prove he has a football brain and that
    he is not all about pace.with bis pace he should be scoring good number of goals.so let him focus on improving before he thinks he is cafu.I know he has uttered some words in Spain showing admiration for Barca where he was made a nobody

    1. “where he was made a nobody” What, you mean when he was 16? Yeah, nice one. The fact that he was a “nobody” (which isn’t even correct in the slightest; he was very highly regarded at Barca) when he was 16, proves that he isn’t a good player. What brilliant logic, you have.

  6. He is another money crazy kid alone with alexis walcot ozil.let them go we need more loyal players like ramsey ox wilshire gibbs giroud van persy etc

  7. No matter how much desire Bellerin has in re-joining his boyhood club, you have to admire he’s maturity and loyalty to Wenger and Arsenal for not forcing the issue at this present time, where the club is about to lose one of its best players (Sanchez).

    Fair play to Wenger as he is standing firm by blocking Sanchez’s move to Man City or any other PL club, even though this doesn’t guarantee that the player will be staying with us but it shows that Wenger is willing to play hardball this time around. It looks as if City will need to make an extraordinary offer for Wenger to change his stance otherwise it looks as if Munich could see this as a good opportunity to make a cheap bid to take him off our hands.
    The latest reports are that Arsenal are about to offer a £125 million bid for Mbappe.

      1. Hahaha ?? I have no idea what that is mate. Is it an all you can eat for a fiver? ?

  8. Barcelona are good at tapping on players they have started with bellerin again.

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