Has Bellerin given Arsenal transfer boost or just breathing time?

To be fair to Hector Bellerin, just like when Cesc Fabregas left Arsenal for FC Barcelona, you can understand why a young player who came through the youth system of his boyhood club would be keen to go back and play for them at some point, especially when that club is one of the biggest and most successful in the football world.

So even if our Spanish right back stays in north London and is an Arsenal player next season, I think it is only a matter of time before he signs for Barca, assuming that they want him to of course. It may not happen just yet though, despite the fact that some media sources were talking about the transfer as a certainty.

Bellerin himself has thrown some shade at the rumours, The Mirror reports, with a tweet suggesting that the rumours are nothing more than speculation.

He wrote, “Don’t believe everything you read.”

So does this mean that the reports of his transfer to the Nou Camp are wrong? Maybe but I am not so sure. It could just mean that the reports in the Catalan press that he has already agreed terms with Barca are jumping the gun. Bellerin could just be allowing Wenger and Arsenal the breathing space to go and find a replacement without the added pressure that other clubs could exert if they know we are desperate.

The right back has already showed thanks and loyalty to the manager and club who gave him the chance to play and prove himself at the top level and he has just recently signed a long term contract, so what do you guys make of his tweet?



  1. Dear all ARSENAL fans !
    I am a passionate fan of the gunner . I love Arsenal by all my heart so I’m happy when Arsenal win but it hurt a lot when Arsenal fail also . I do not know how to write English . I try to understand your comments with the google translation utility . I hope you can understand what im going to say below :
    Have you ever wondered why Arsenal failed year after year?
    Have you ever asked yourself if Stan Kroenke bought Arsenal because he loved Arsenal or because he wanted to make money from Arsenal ?
    Have you ever wondered why Stan Kroenke did not sack Wenger despite he failed year after year ?
    The reason is because Arsenal fans still buy all the tickets at high prices, still buy Arsenal kits and souvenirs…So he still put in his pocket millions of pounds a year . That is what he cared about, not whether or not Arsenal won the title .
    So please Arsenal fans! Do not sit in front of the computer screen and dream about the stars coming , about Arsenal will lift Premier League Cup next year. It is fabuloos dream. Look what Mc, Mu… are doing, we have how many percent chance of winning title next year ?
    One more reason Arsenal always fails because Wenger is always overconfident that he has a strong & deep enough squad to compete for title. The reality have answered us after many years. Next year it may still be that way. Arsenal will sell their best player, Alexis Sanchez, even sell to City if they pay high and replace with an average player.
    All the gunners ! We must act in order to avoid feeling pain next year . Tell Stan Kroenke that we will not put money in his pocket any more just to see our club fail . We will not buy a ticket unless he shows our club’s ambition is strong enough to win the title next season by retaining the best player and adding real stars.
    Come on you Gunners !!!

  2. A lot of rubbish has been spoken by the Spanish press … like him ‘agreeing terms’. Everyone knows this is tapping up, and Barca simply can’t afford to do that again after their last transfer ban. Just watched the England game, and to be honest, it reminded me of us playing Watford. Yes, Scotland were very lucky – their second goal was only came courtesy of a slip, which was pure luck, and otherwise they were content to park the bus, but the gulf in class between the England and Scotland squad was a lot bigger than than between Arsenal and Watford, even our subs bench was 10 times better than what they had on the field, and to put on that lack lustre display showed that it is not just Arsenal who think they can just rock up and win without putting in the effort. Credit to the Ox, he looked like the only one in the England team putting in the effort – maybe because he has been in the same situation so mant times at Arsenal.

  3. He is just saying don’t believe everything you read. Referring to the fact that click bait toilet papers were fabricating a story as they do 99% of the time.

    He didn’t say he wouldn’t go to Barca if they wanted him. If they were willing to pay a premium price and AFC were looking to cash in I’m sure it could happen. I mean we are going to see that with Sanchez that instead of building up the strength and potency of the team,as always, it is being weakened.

    His family has gone back there, he is from the Barca system and he would relish competing for the top trophies in sure..

    Question is, do Barca really want him? We shall see..

  4. Most of the rumours during the week are garbage. The ones on the weekend especially Sunday ones are the worst.

    1. Well if sir Arsene sells our best players I am sure we will be in the winderness for a while kinda like Liverpool. If we continue to sign non recognize players that can’t make an impact Arsenal will continue to decline. If we are realistic and compare our team to the top 6 teams in the EPL we will realize that we are closer to 7th than to 1 Arsenal is a joke under Wenger and Kronke.

  5. I hope Sead will be as good as Bellerin on the left
    We are lucky Bellerin emerged when Debuchy got injured because we would have been screwed on the right.

    I hope we get Bellerin to stay and sign another good RB

  6. Your comment is awaiting moderation, to rock the nation! ??

    Like I said on many occasions, if Barcelona really want a player (especially an Arsenal one) they will always find away to get their target.
    Be it by gang rape with a Barca shirt (Fabregas) or by a fan running onto the pitch to present a shirt to that player with his name on it (Henry). Either way they get the job done. They will probably end up kidnapping Bellerin’s parents and make them season ticket holders or something, who knows,maybe Bellerin is doing Wenger a favour by delaying his desire to move because of the Sanchez issue or even worse he might want to join City first before moving back to Barcelona lol ??? ? and as Bellerin said ” Don’t believe everything you read” meaning it’s City and not Barcelona ?? get it right ffs

  7. Here we go again! ?? Wake up Admin, your detector thinks I’m Green Eggs and Spam!

  8. l hate the way us fans pacic if some team is interested in our players as they always will be cause were a great team and always will be (even if not the best at times still good compared to others on average) so he goes how many stand out moments can you remember him involved in .
    Still quailty player needs to learn more but replaceable if needed .
    Look we had our worst season in years so how bad to we really need to hold on to anyone other than Alexis but if he wants to go who can stop him in the end same with Hector he will do what he wants to do so let him.

  9. Mmm, Is ‘Barcelona’ now considered to be a swear word? ? ? I can’t blame ya.

    1. Media linking us with scrap players from that Russian guy to those Sunderland kids. Meanwhile they jump at linking our top players to rival clubs… To be an arsenal fan is likened to be cursed.

      1. Lmao, they do that with every club, it’s not Arsenal specifically. Have you seen all the papers trying to push Hazard to Real Madrid? Everyone knows Sanchez is available this summer. It’s not much of a secret and the rumours are going to keep going on all summer. Just wait for real sources instead of illegitimate ones, which are everywhere.

  10. Barca will surely sign Bellerin and he is also willing to go to a place where he grown upnd trained.

  11. Ox 40m and the promise of a mf role under klopp?
    I.really hope this is a rumour.as I can see ox go.
    Wouldn’t blame him with the way wengers treated him. Bench warmer even when he’s on fire.
    Personally I really like ox decision making not always the best but I love his energy, power and strength.

  12. Mr Bellerin..before making a decision to join Barca please speak to cesc hleb Henry Overmars etc………….dont throw away your career and then regret

  13. If bellerin ….Sanchez ….want to go sell them both, get best price for them but not to any premership team ,replace them with players of equal or better talent

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