Has Bernd Leno done enough to be Arsenal’s permanent Number One? (Poll)

I honestly believe that Unai Emery was right to start the season with Petr Cech as Arsenal’s Number One keeper, but after seeing Bernd Leno in action over these last few weeks I think he is easily as good if not better than the veteran Cech. The German couldn’t do anything about Bellerin’s deflection in last night’s game but he still put in another great performance. The ex-Ireland star Tony Cascarino thinks the Cech could lose his first team spot permanently. “He started the season as Arsenal’s No 1 goalkeeper but I would be very surprised if Petr Cech was to get back into the team now,”

“Bernd Leno is a country mile in front of Cech in terms of ability with his feet and Unai Emery seems likely to want his side to continue playing out from the back over the long term.

“Leno might get into the odd bit of trouble but generally he is really at ease with the ball at his feet and has no fear of exchanging passes with his defenders. Furthermore, the Germany international showcased his agility in making a couple of fine saves last night.”

So what do you think. Let’s have a vote to see what the majority think…..

Who should be Arsenal's first-choice keeper?

  • Bernd Leno (91%, 823 Votes)
  • Petr Cech (9%, 86 Votes)

Total Voters: 909

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  1. Jah son says:

    Aubameyang, Lacazette, Ozil
    Are they really better than us?
    Bernd Leno is simply better with the ball at his feet and favor our style of play

    1. gotanidea says:

      I like the way Klopp use his attackers

      Mane and Salah are the type of winger Arsenal need. Good first touches, guts to do duels, pacey and good finisher

      But I believe Bellerin and Monreal would outshine Mane and Salah when attacking from the wings. Bellerin is on fire now

    2. kev says:

      It’s more of the way he uses them with respect to his tactics than how good they are as compared to Auba,Laca and Ozil who can and should be better than they currently are form wise.These three players when in form are devastingly good.
      I really rate Liverpool’s Firmino and in my eyes he is a world class false 9.He just has so much class in the way he operates on the field.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Maybe Loftus-Cheek could become a good false nine

        1. Maks says:

          What? You are already missing Ramsey? and want to bring another “great” british talent who will not be great as it looks to you at all.

        2. Greg says:

          Or maybe not. I don’t think he can bring anything to actually improve the team, so what would be the point of him?

    3. jon fox says:

      Well I hate to be pedantic – though that statement is clearly a lie – and though I don’t know if they are better than us, they are ALL better than me, for sure. But at 68 I have given up any last hope of ever being offered a players contract. Sigh!! But I would gladly own the club. Can anyone lend me several billions to buy KROENKE OUT?

      1. Lance says:

        JF, talk to Dangote. I may be able to help you with his phone number. Haha

    4. AndersS says:

      No, player by player, I would go for our three anytime.
      But Liverpool is so much better drilled in their pressing, which allows their forwards to win or to receive the ball in more dangerous situations, than our forwards.
      But we may get there, when Emery has had more time.

  2. gotanidea says:

    After a series of good performances, Leno convinces most of the fans on this site

    Cech is still a very good and experienced GK, but it’s time for regeneration

  3. kev says:

    Even in base form he has proven to be good as good as this season’s Petr Cech.Leno can also improve too for a GK of his age.That’s two pluses.Therefore we must maintain him as No. 1 in the EPL for the rest of the season.

    1. Phelyx says:

      Kev what us the best formation to fit in ozil, laca and auba

  4. jon fox says:

    So far Cech has only 8% , though only 39 have voted as yet. Modern keepers MUST be good with their feet, THAT is the key differecne between them. CECH IS STILL A GOOD NUMBER TWO though. You just don’t feel with LENO THAT A MISTAKE IS WAITING TO HAPPEN EVERY TIME HE HAS THE BALL AT HIS FEET, like you do with Cech. Of course, sooner or later it will be bound to happen, as all keepers do , however brilliant, but he has deserved the number one spot for sure.

    1. kev says:

      Yes,I also believe modern day keepers must be good with their feet but to me that should rather be a bonus on the shot stopping ability of the keepers.That’s really what makes them legendary in most cases.I also believe now more attention is being given to the bonuses than the real ability of the players.Take for example some of our modern day CB’s.Lots of them are rated for their ball playing qualities like passing,making runs with ball etc. than the actual defending which tbh lots are quite average at.Thus why a player like Chambers at Arsenal was rated as a CB.Its really becoming worrying.All you hear is about how great of a passer they are than defensive ability.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Chambers should have played as a DM at Arsenal

        1. kev says:

          Never good enough as a CB or a DM for us.He should’ve been sold and allowed to build a product career elsewhere.

      2. jon fox says:

        kev, I do go along with the main drift of what you say and about CB’s especially. I am old school and I like defenders to be mainly concerned with keeping the ball out of our net, whatever that takes. It is only a bonus if you are a ball player too, not an essential. But with modern style keepers there has been a great change since Guardiola first popularised keepers who are good with their feet. Of course they MUST be top shot stoppers too and to my thinking, Leno is exactly that, whereas Cech is hesitant with his feet and looks likely to make an error all the time with his feet.

        1. Trudeau says:

          I like my old school defenders as much as the next guy but a modern day keeper who is good with their feet isn’t much use if you’ve also got old school defenders who aren’t really ball players. One without the other doesn’t work hence why my vote goes to Leno (despite obvious improvements Cech has shown). But more to the point, isn’t the amount of competition for starting spots across the board fantastic! You could have similar polls for almost every position.

          1. ken1945 says:

            Trudeau, the point you make regarding ball playing defenders is so relevant to our current CB’s.
            How many times has Mustafi (just one example) put Cech in trouble with ridiculous passes, because he just hasn’t got the ability to play out of a tight situation himself?
            So far this hasn’t happened with Leno, but the potential for it to happen is undeniable I suggest.
            That’s where Leno has my vote though, as I think Cech ( a top keeper even today ) has never been asked or required to play the ball out, and then also panics.
            Leno seems to be able to make the right decision and is very comfortable on the ball.

            By the way, don’t forget Martinez folks, another excellent young keeper destined for bigger things in my opinion.

          2. ozziegunner says:

            Ken1945, I see no problem with the old safety first approach and just “hoofing” the ball down field away from the danger area. My view is that too many defenders take unnecessary risks trying to show their supposed football skills.

          3. jon fox says:

            Ozzie,I agree on your post. Surely defence is all about making no mistakes, and swiftly getting the ball upfield,so why do so many defenders, who are rarely as technically good with their ball control as are forwards, play as if they have that skill, when they do not. As Ken 1945 so correctly says( at least implies), Mustafi, who is in my opinion by a distance, the worst player at club who is also a regular starter, should be dumped as soon as injuries allow. And dumped permanently, as in SOLD in January. The team under Emery is making great strides but we urgently need Mustafi, Xhaka, Elneny gone from Arsenal and Bellerin played as a wide attacking player or not at all. He is currently playing well and mainly going forward where he now looks dangerous but cannot properly defend. Playing regularly out from the back is fraught with risks, with inferior defenders and esp when facing top opponents, so why do it?

          4. Kenny Rolfe says:

            I said months ago Ken, time for Cech to retire, sorry but he’s finished, it was all over for him at Chelsea. Wenger wasted £10 million on him whilst letting Szecseny go to Juventus. Terrible managerial decision. Leno gives confidence to the defence, brilliant with his distribution. a no brainer for the no 1 spot and as you say, Martinez no 2. I think Cech would do a good job as a goalkeeper coach. Nice guy with bags of experience, move him upstairs.

          5. Ehis Weng says:

            I don’t agree with your comment. Why lay the blame on Arsene ? When we fans are the ones all clamoring for change in the goldkeeping department?
            We fans are the ones that demanded a change and the old man accepted our wish.
            So let the past be and let’s focus on supporting the team. But, not just this good times because that’s what most of you Fans out here do. I want us to also support the team when they are performing badly because it’s not going to be Rosy for long.
            I love Arsenal and will continue to, I don’t agree we would win the league this year. But I believe we will go far in the fight to win it.

          6. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Ehis Weng,
            So you think Wenger done what the fans wished? If that was the case, he’d have left us years ago. Oh, by the way, I’ve been going to Arsenal since 1957 and still a season ticket holder, so don’t tell me about good times and bad times.

          7. Rkw says:

            Whatever happened to that szczeny guy he looked a decent keeper but never made it under wenger??!!

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    100% yes! He’s been arguably our best player since Cech’s injury. Although Cech has improved, he’s been awful with his feet, and is 36 years old now. Leno is the future, so he has to be playing.

    1. kev says:

      Agree.Currently he’s as good as Cech this season and even better with with the ball at his feet.He can also improve too.I see no reason as to why he should be benched for EPL matches.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Also 100% in agreement, but with an added bonus.
        If Emery decides to make Cech his second choice, think about the experience that would bring to our ‘cup and europa squad”.
        With Cech as captain, his knowledge and know how would be of immense value to the lesser experienced players.

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Ken, he’s made one or two saves this year and people are saying he’s improved. 10 years ago Cech was an excellent keeper so I don’t see how anyone can say he’s improved. What they really mean is he’s not made so many blunders this year compared to last year. To be honest Ken I’d rather they gave Martinez some game time in the early rounds of the Europa cup and play Leno when it gets serious. He’s got to be our no 1 from now on. We’ve looked a different team, more confident at the back and starts moves with excellent distribution.

  6. RSH says:

    i dont think he’s far and away our better keeper, but he hasn’t done anything to suggest he should be dropped once Cech is fit again. Let’s see what he can do in big games. Think it’s a bit early to draw a conclusion

  7. Sue says:

    Come on Juventus

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      You love seeing United get beat Sue, don’t you. So do I. Although you know what’s going happen? We’ll be joined by them and Tottenham in the semi’s of the Europa Cup. That’s alright, bring ’em on

      1. Sue says:

        I sure do Kenny! Yes bring ’em on ?

  8. Taiwo says:

    Oh! what a great time to be a Gooner, it’s a double advantage to have quality players competing for a spot, it brings out the best in them and in the end the team is the better for it.
    Leno had done absolutely nothing to loose that spot to our veteran goalkeeper and if I’m Unai I’ll stick with what works as the progression of the team should not be traded for favoritism.
    Once again it’s so great right now to watch sexy football play with results from Arsenal.

    1. jon fox says:

      What I find so thrilling is to at long last have a dynamic and pro-active manager who intensely coaches all game long and does not sit with a glum face playing with his coat zip. One who motivates players and who play for him or they are out the eleven. So vibrantly new during the last decade.

      1. ozziegunner says:


  9. waal2waal says:

    cech is/has been a giant in footballing terms and we are lucky to have him between the sticks BUT the idea (surely) is that leno usurps, overthrows or topples hims so as to assert himself the arsenal No 1 – although both have qualities ultimately time will choose only one… leno is the future and as it goes he is going from strength to strength.

  10. Break-on-through says:

    Did any check out Mustafi’s celebratory dance, half chicken, half Elvis Presley, and somehow a bit of Tina Turner pops up. The man has moves, but he ain’t got s**t on Alex Iwobi.

    I agree that we had to let Cech start in goal with it then up to Leno to earn that right. I have been impressed with Leno. He just joined one of the biggest clubs in world football, and has a legend like Petr Cech to contend with. The lad has looked solid enough. He’s joined a new league, so has to settle in with his teammates and adapt to the new surroundings, so fair play to him for not buckling under the pressure. His ball playing ability certainly stands out and he has not done anything to put our nerves on edge. It feels like a long time since we had some self assurance with our keeper options, I know Ospina and Szcz had their admirers, however for me I was always nervous with those two in-between the sticks.

  11. Sue says:

    Well done Juventus!! How much did United pay for Pogba & Lukaku??? ???

    1. Maks says:

      I can t help myself and not to enjoy looking mourinho and sanchez faces from time to time 🙂

      1. Sue says:

        Lovely jubbly Maks ?

    2. Kenny Rolfe says:

      £168,000,000 Sue, lovely and £500,000 a week to a sub.

      1. Sue says:

        That really is a waste of money!! Lukaku was terrible last night, in fact he has been for a while!
        What with them & 3 goal Sanchez ??

  12. theGoon says:

    Hi JustArsenal Family. Firstly, Many thanks to you, ADMIN for giving us this platform as fans. Some weeks back, I made a 12 point commentary of why we could expect more from Arsenal than a mere top 4 finish. Thank you for the honor of putting it out their as you felt it deserved a stand alone piece. I also want to thank everyone that made their contributions and comments. I ,however, want to clarify and perhaps I may not have helped myself having left out a key word in one key statement. That word is “SOMEWHERE” I said “arsenal will be up there” and one would have mistaken it to be obvious, that with the pedigree of teams like Man City, it is very obvious that it would be very premature/unrealistic to suggest we will be THE only Team that’s up there. I think we ALL know that is Not true. What I meant to say was “Arsenal will be “SOMEWHERE” up there” or is it “thereabouts”. Why? Because what everyone is/was talking about was for us to simply aim for is a top 4 finish, a general expectation by media and fans alike, which traditionally, under Arsene Wenger strongly implies at most 4th place. I wrote to oppose this belief. I gave reasons why we should and can possibly expect more than that with no surprise. The spirit of those comments was for us to put our expectations in context as opposed to mere wishes or superstition. There is nothing, according to me personally, that suggests we cant even come out 3rd or 2nd. So what of 1st place?? that would take us remaining consistently good or improving, which we can and will, plus some strange series of misfortune happening especially for Man City. Then we can obviously talk of a winning the league, provided we stay close as we are right now.I wouldn’t say the same for Liverpool because despite their strong squad and play, there is still something about them that perhaps I cant articulate here that suggests there is they still have the potential to throw away a key game. It’s same reason Chelsea, despite their new changes, beat them in the Carabao Cup and exposed some of their weaknesses. The same reason I have NEVER believed its guranteed they will beat us when they visit, as expected by probably the media. I think we realistically have a good chance to win or draw, yes even with a relatively weaker defense. Plus Emery has a history playing against Klopp. What’s strange is how all of the sudden after our winning streak, fans now understand that challenging for the title does not really mean you will win it, it simply means you have the capacity to give whoever goes on to win it a run for their money.
    ON Leno vs Cech…..I think we need both. We probably want Emery to fit the mold of every other manager that has a standard first 11 but I think they are 2 different tools for
    different occassions and Unai is very smart to know that.It’s good seeing the unity in the fanbase. COYG!

    1. Abel says:

      Way to go man. You had to write another article just to clarify one line in your previous article.

      Back to the article we were deliberating, Leno ha grabbed his opportunity with both hands. He has now earned his starting slot.

      1. ozziegunner says:


    2. jon fox says:

      I just think you are not being realistic if you seriously expect we will be in the actual title hunt, as opposed to top four only , which IS a possibility. Mind I say possibility, NOT probability. I would be amazed if we are within 14 points of City, who are certain winners in my view.

      1. Lance says:

        JF, “aim at the sun and you will never miss the moon,” goes a saying. So let’s aim higher and hope that we make 4th position.

        1. jon fox says:

          Who said we were NOT aiming at top place? Not me for sure! BUT WHAT YOU SAY IS JUST A CLICHE and sort of David Brent of The Office sitcom type speak and not a reality. Yes OF COURSE WE TRY, but most of us are also realists. Well at least I am.

  13. moge says:

    Leno has done great in the last couple of weeks. but it is still very early to say that Cech should be benched for him. Cech has improved a lot and has been one of the season’s best goal keepers until his injury. he was also showing some improvements on playing with feet. So, i still believe that once recovered from injury, he should be returned to the best 11.

  14. Grandad says:

    Leno is a very good keeper and the man in possession.Enough said.

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