Has BFG confirmed that Arsenal WILL keep Alexis Sanchez?

Not only is the World Cup winning defender the club captain of Arsenal, but as announced recently Per Mertesacker will take up a coaching role with the Gunners when he hangs up his boots at the end of the coming season, so it is clear that he has a very good working relationship with Arsene Wenger and the rest of the backroom staff.

So you would think that the former Germany international would have a pretty good idea of what is going on behind the scenes at Arsenal, which is why I take his comments on the Arsenal website about our Chilean striker and so-called contract rebel Alexis Sanchez to be more than just talk.

The BFG was explaining how Alexis was a driven player who always gives his best on and off the pitch, so the concerns we often have about him not getting enough rest due to his frenetic schedule for club and country should not be too bad.

The German also dropped a line about how much he was looking forward to playing alongside the striker again this year after he missed almost all of last season through injury, so unless he is just hoping that Alexis stays it tells me that Mertesacker knows that Arsenal will not be selling.

He said, “He was impressive again at the Confederations Cup. He played a longer season than us so he’s now on holiday so he’s very quiet now with conversations and stuff. But one thing he is, is a warrior on the pitch.

“I think he likes to come back as quickly as possible from his holidays. He hates to calm down.

“So I’m really looking forward to playing alongside him in my last season and I think he makes us tick.”

So has the giant centre back just confirmed what we all hope, that Alexis Sanchez will still be at Arsenal for the next season at least?



  1. I thought Arsene made clear that Alexis is going nowhere eventhough he has not signed. He said if I remember too that well within the season, he will try to persuade him to sign.

  2. Oh come on! Two articles in a Row on same subject lol

    I was waiting a long time for the next article and it’s another Alexis’ future article.

    Write an article about our match today, like our youngsters and how they did. I thought bielik and Nelson were very good.

  3. I’m getting fed up with this. Will he won’t he, sick of it.
    Ozil has committed, aparantly and if Alexis doesn’t soon then let him just say so and then fcuk right off!
    Sorry but it’s getting rather boring now.

  4. “Much Ado about nothing”.Every Pundits seems to know better than Sanchez himself. Can’t someone write on things to make we gonners happy rather than writing negative stories about my team. I suspect some conspiracy theory among these pundits against AFC.

  5. Would be nice to know the exact truth about Alexis does he want to stay or go? All the rumours about Man City wanting him but no offer. Is he asking for 400, 000 a week.
    A brilliant player no doubt and one we don’t want to lose but nobody is worth that much money. Also we can’t afford to lose him for nothing in 12 months.

    1. £400,000 per month is so ridiculous. Messi, Ronaldo, Bale, Neymar, Suarez don’t make that. I don’t think any player in Europe makes that much. In China Yes. I think Tevez makes around £600,000 per week

      It’s ridiculous

      Which leads me to believe that either its not true or Alexis’ agent is an idiot or Alexis is doing this intentionally to go to City.

      I hope it’s not true

      1. Sorry meant to say £400,000 per week

        I’m okay with Alexis getting £400,000 per month lol

        1. 400k per.month or per week is a disgrace when our teachers and nurses are on 1% pay rise cap… lets be real !

          1. Teachers and Nurses are not on contract, footballers are on contract.
            Teachers and Nurses are pensionable, footballers are not.

  6. Barca signed a young RB from Benfica, Semedo, for £26 millions. I guess that concludes the Bellerin saga. As if there were any chance him leaving anyways.

    1. I’m glad that’s over with
      Bellerin stays
      Ozil stays (highly likely)

      Only question marks are Alexis, Giroud and Ox.

  7. As I said earlier. Either be lojal to Arsenal and sign a contract or F o*f. Primadonnas can get lost. Hammering the logo on the chest and expect it to mean something.. Don’t win titles with moneychasers. Look at Leicester last season.

  8. Just give him what he wants that’s it.If he leaves especially to an epl rival,it will be a disaster.Alexis leaving arsenal would be like a heart leaving a body.

  9. No unfortunately Alexis died while laughing at a mime stub his toe(sarcasm). Seriously can’t the guy get a break? ffs there is like 1 million articles a day and Wenger and the club came out and said he’s staying put. Do you want God to come down from the heavens and confirm it? I understand that he is our best player but come on it’s not the end of the world. Nobody knows what Alexis plans are. Agent Ozil is also on the case. What more do you need?

  10. Yeah I’m getting sick off this crap to. From now on whenever I see his name in a title off an article I’m not opening it. He will be an Arsenal player for at least one more season and we will see what happens between now and the end off the new season. Other than that I wish the media would just let this go.

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