Has Chambers just earned first team start in DM role?

I am pretty sure that every Arsenal fan is counting the days until the January transfer window opens and Arsene Wenger can do what a lot of us thought he should have done in the summer, namely sign at least one outfield player to strengthen the Arsenal squad and provide cover for when the, inevitable, injury crisis starts to bite.

Until then, however, thae manager has got a month of games in the Premier League to get over, not to mention the match against Olympiacos in Athens that will decide whether we stay in the Champions League or have to plat in the Europa League on Thursday nights after the new year.

So the boss has a few big decisions to make and will be hoping that one or two of the currently crocked Arsenal players are fit again soon. His biggest problem, however, is what to do in central midfield with Francis Coquelin ruled out long term.

So far he has tried Arteta, which was nothing short of a disaster at West Brom, and Flamini, who did okay but not brilliantly and is thought to be unable to play 90 minutes of every game. Another option suggested by Wenger is Calum Chambers who has apparently been working at the role in training.

Wenger clearly has him in mind and so Chambers was given 90 minutes at defensive midfield for the under 21s last night. And according to the reserve coach Steve Gatting, the 20-year old was very impressive.

He told Arsenal Player, “It was great for the lads to play with him. I think it was good for Calum to get 90 minutes under his belt and for such a young lad he has got a lot of experience and tonight I thought he was excellent.

“The boss has seen him play several positions and it is handy for the first team to have a player like Calum. He can perhaps play in central defence, at right back and in midfield and he gives the boss options and that is good for Calum to play in different options.”

So after impressing for the under 21s, will we see Chambers get the chance to be Arsenal’s first team defensive midfielder?

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    1. He’s just like a new signing!

      on that note, why do we have so many players in the club? Why not only sign players who can play in at least 3 positions so we can have a squad of 14 or 15 and no more?

      sarcasm aside, I’ve thought Calum should get a look at DM since it became clear he’s not fast enough for rb. He’s got good ball skills, and for such a young player, he has good game-reading abilities. I think he could do well.

    2. how does playing as a DM in the Un-21 earn one an automatic spot in the 1st team?


      SMH in disgust!

      1. Cause he has experience playing as a CB in the Prem unlike Bielik who is still a teenager. Personally, I would like to see Bielik play alongside Ramsey/Flamini during the latter stages of the 2nd half

    1. Nah.. Doubt it. Jones’s versatility is mainly down to his physicality. He’s not the smartest player.
      While there’s still a long way to go in his development, personally I’ve got the feeling he’s a much more intelligent player.

  1. Tis a big step up from U21 to the EPL. As for Flamini, he has been solid, so why change something for an unknown. Chambers should be on the bench, and should come on as much as possible to gain experience, but not to risk a game or his confidence.

    1. nomatter what y’all say bout fLamini…….. It won’t stop him from being a Timebomb on the pitch

      1. But is that not true of all CDM’s. I thinkmI pretty much can remember every single one being shown reds. They have to take yellows for the team often. ItIt’s the nature of the beast.

  2. Counting the days to the transfer window!!!!

    Na, done that too many times only to be let down.
    It’s like Xmas morning when you have asked father Christmas for a racing car with flashing lights and vrooming engine only to get itchy grey socks.

    Too disillusioned or should I say enlightened for that.


    1. ah yes…nothing like telling mum…all i want for xmas is a playstation…opening that big box under the tree ..and having a watermelon with a smiley face drawn on it staring back at you.

      now i realise mum wasnt being cruel ..she was preparing me….for life as an arsenal fan haha

      love ya’ mum

  3. If AW only signs one player then he should be sacked simple. I think he should do all his business in January because we need it now so bad. It will be so tight at the top and we won’t be winning the EPL
    I think Liverpool will and city will be there and not to forget Man U olso tottingham will be around because he will add in January
    AW should have in place now who is coming and I don’t mean a 17 year old boy who played like this one and that one we need International players

  4. It won’t be good for Arsenal defending to play 2 slowers. One as a CB and the one as a CDM. Fast opponent players could out pace the slow DM and attack our one of our slow CBs.

  5. Flamini can do a shift
    with Chambers Arteta
    and Gabriel as back up.
    A fairly soft run of EPL
    games into the New Year.
    Sunderland (H)
    Villa (A)
    City (H)
    Sotn (A)
    Bournmourth (H)
    Newcastle (H)
    18 points in the bag and 7 point lead at the top 🙂
    Easy peasy.

    1. can’t believe the last we saw of Adelaide was in the emirates cup!…..what kind of a manager does that to a budding talent?

  6. Between now and January we can do with whoever is fit so long as we field 11 players on the pitch. Come the window the likes of Wanyama should be brought otherwise we sing the same Perennial song of next season. Who cursed us with these unending injuries?.

  7. YOU do not have to be the fastest to become a DM, I originally thought that Chambers had the required skills to fit the DM slot, the injuries provides him with the perfect opportunity to show what he is made of, he is a good passer, strong tackler good in the air and has the physique suited for the position.

    Most DMs are not blessed with pace, even the most coveted, therefore his lack of it is not a major issue, we speak of experience, but the only way to get experience is in the firing line

  8. Remember Chambers was bought because of his versatility.a play who cam play as a CB RB and also DM.lets not forget we have Isaac Hayden on loan at HULL FC who can be recalled to also cover up for the position of DM and has experience from the under 21s where he played as a CB and a DM

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