Has Daniel Ek been given a boost in bid to buy Arsenal from Kroenke?

There are reports in a few papers today that will gladden the hearts of Arsenal fans that are desperate to get the Kroenkes to sell their ownership of Arsenal Football club.
The Kroenkes have been in trouble in America since they lied to the residents of St Louis and upped sticks and moved the NFL team the Rams to Los Angeles, and there have been legal battles regarding the legality of their behaviour ever since, and also the NFL bigwigs for allowing them to do so.

Kroenke, the NFL and other owners are being sued in a case which could cost over £700m in compensation if they are succesful.

The latest development in the case has been reported that a judge in the States has ruled he wants to see financial records of NFL team owners, including Kroenke, to rule out any fraudulent behaviour in this deal, and Ek is hopeful that if Kroenke loses the case he could be in need of funds, which Ek is happy to provide by paying him to hand over control of Arsenal to the Spotify billionaire.

Arsenal fans have heard very little of the takeover bid lately, but this will give us all hope again. The Gunners legend Dennis Bergkamp made it clear when the bid was made that Ek would not just cave in and give up. Bergkamp said: “We can’t force anyone to sell.

“I understand that, in addition to that offer, Daniel has now reached out twice to Josh Kroenke [Arsenal director and Stan’s son] and his bankers.

“Whatever Kroenke’s intentions are, it would be good if we at least have a conversation with each other. In the interests of the club.

“Regardless, Daniel is not a quitter and neither are we football boys. We are here to stay.”

Personally, I’m not sure that a big fine in the region of £700m would be enough to scare Kroenke into selling, but it would nice to see the Silent One put under some more pressure.

Don’t give up Daniel, do this for Arsenal fans all over the world…

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  1. if fans think they EK is going to spend his entire 2billion fortune to allow fans to have big tag and big name signings every transfer window/season

    then fans should just stick to Fifa21

    Ek’s money is better off funding medical research, vaccines, building hospitals, helping medical needy people and etc…

    1. His worth is around 4 billion according to reports. I agree though and doubt it will happen.

      1. The lawsuit was filed in 2017 and is hardly news. The NFL and all 32 teams are defendants so Kroenke is not personally on the hook for potential damages. This is a non story

        Ek is an amateur and a pretender jerking the chain of Arsenal fans. He will grasp at any straw to try to keep his name in the news.

    2. @John Ibrahim a.k.a Hafiz Rahmann,

      Nobody buys things with the money they have, they LOAN the money. When I bought an apartment, I loaned the money. When Kroenke bought out Usmanov, he loaned the money.

      You dont need to have the money. All you need is income that will convince banks to give the funds.

      And if we roll back years, it was you, Hafiz, who insisted on buying big tag players! Every article! I was here 7-8 years ago and I still remember your style of writing.

    3. Actually, Ek, Kroenke, Sheikh Mansoor, Abramovich, Glazer and other billionaires should have used their money for healthcare, instead of football

      The football fans should also stop wasting their time, watching/ cheering other people’s accomplishments and start doing something more useful. Heck, let’s abolish all commercial sports competitions, because we could’ve used the billions wasted every year for helping sick and poor people

      Being noble, generous and altruistic is great, but the businessmen are also entitled to make profit from their ventures in today’s free trade world

      1. gai, An interesting though ambiguous portrayal of both sides. I’d LOVE to know on WHICH side YOUR heart truly lies?
        To be clear, I am all for ethical profit but implacably against PROFITEERING, a la Kroenke and his ilk! Pedant alert: Profit and profiteering are very different concepts!

        Mine lies with humanity over elite sport AND THOSE GROSSLY PROFITEERING FROM IT, all day long. Even our beloved Arsenal.
        You may believe that last line is sacrilege but IF you do, I will at least know where YOUR human priorities lie!

        1. I’m also against profiteering in any types of businesses, unfortunately there’s almost no limit of it in football

          However, I’m sure those billionaires have spent a lot of money for charity. But maybe it’s not enough for some people

          1. gai, Why and how are you so “sure”?

            IMO the harm MOST(though not all) billionaires do to ordinary and far more HUMANE people is far outweighed by any donations they make to charity, which is often no more than a gesture for reasons of”good” publicity.

            Abramovitch and Sheikh Mansoor are both truer examples of that harmful type of multi billionaire, even than Kroenke.

          2. I phrased my reply badly. It should have read: the harm they do far outweighs any donations they make to charity!

          3. @jon fox : I know about their charities, because they were publicized. I agree about the harm caused by their businesses

          4. And avoided paying their fair share of tax everywhere in the world, leaving those who can least afford it to bare the cost of the legal, military, social and physical infrastructure that supports their business operations. In the case of Walmart, eliminate/discourage unions and fight a universal minimum wage, so that they can continue to exploit their minimum wage employess

    4. @John
      Rivalry is innate to us as humans. We always find ways to feed this aspect of our genetic makeup.

      I understand where you are coming from. But it will never happen. It’s part of our evolutionary make up. As a human species we are wired to be tribal, we will always find ways to make tribes between each other. That’s why religions have been part of us for ever.

      We always need a side to cheer on. That’s why Religion, Sports, Politics etc are so powerful.

      That’s why we all stress about Arsenal like our lives depend on it. Some people will die for their religion.
      We spend our money on our clubs with zero chance of gaining anything tangible apart from “Emotional highs”.
      It’s like taking drugs or smoking. It feeds our emotional aspects, gives you that high and that’s it.

      With football we get emotional highs while the footballers, managers and board members etc make £millions in our feels and emotions. 😊

      But because it’s so addictive, we will keep paying more while players are making £100,000-£300,000 a week.

      1. Goonster, Yes, and in essence , I do agree with what you outline as being the case, in general.

        But that does not excuse the moral harm it can do – though I accept it can also do good in many diverse ways.
        But the love OF and passion FOR GREED is bad for our selves and for all it touches. NB: The LOVE of greed, NOT spending sensible amounts of money.

        We all need practical things and of course all good things , as well as most bad things, cost money. For example; broccoli is good for us; cigarettes are bad but ciggies are far more harmful and massively more expensive. And are only allowed so that governments and manufacturers , wholesalers, retailers can all make more money, BUT out of peoples bad health and harmful addiction
        I accept,of course, this is a very nuanced matter involving freedom to choose versus freedom of others to cause harm.
        But the bottom line for MY motal compass is that in NO WAY can wages such as hundreds of thousands of pounds a week be morally justified for grossly obscene and grasping players. I have enormous more respect and admiration for the countless heroes in all countries who save lives and care for the disadvantaged because they CARE for their fellow creatures. Often for peanuts or little money.
        Top footballers, by comparison, are rich in material life but so often( but again, not always!!) poor in morality and in human values.

    5. So would Stan’s money Will somebody tell me where all this money Arteta wants to spend is coming from I was led to believe we had no money for big transfers

  2. Is the $700mil fine for Kroenke alone? I believe it’s spread over a few different parties so Stan’s own amount may well be much lower than the quoted $700mil that he’d need to pay.

    I also believe Ek’s worth is around $3.9bil. If the price for Arsenal is $2bil I highly doubt he’s be able to significantly fund Arsenal if just the purchase price is over 50% of his total worth alone. On top of that how much of his $3.9bil is liquid?

    1. True,
      Valuation is one part and liquidity is another…
      Is his 3.9 Billions are fully liquid?? I am not sure… no business valuation is fully liquid unless your valuation is only for tangible fixed assets and intangible assets like Intellectual property rights like royalties, copyrights…
      Goodwill and Brand value is nothing but just window dressing

      1. Ek’s net worth is almost totally tied up in Spotify stock. He would have to borrow almost the entire purchase price. This is not the bottomless pocket Arsenal fans dream of. Rather a man with far fewer resources than Kroenke.

        Keep in mind that fake buyers for football clubs abound Newcastle being the latest example.

    2. Although $700 is not an insignificant amount it will not deter the Kroenke’s from their stance keeping their sports portfolio intact. To put it into perspective Stan’s wife is worth $ 9 billion alone with $ millions in revenue coming from her Wallmart shares every year. Stan will hurt a little but he wont sell.

      1. patH Yes his wife is worth 9 billion but believe me that’s his is wife’s money and I mean his wife’s

        1. No, because Josh Kroenke is the future of KSR and Josh is her primary heir. So mommy’s money is relevant.

    3. There are 32 defendants so divide by 32. The lawsuit was filed in 2017. There is no news here and Ek pretending otherwise undermines his credibility.

  3. OT – this White announcement is taking its time

    I hope the welcome Video they do is worthy of an oscar with the time its taking lmao

      1. Haha
        They spend more time doing them cringe videos than the actually negotiations and medicals.

  4. Good to see some sensible, realistic and to the point posts above mine, all saying that as billionaires go Ek is strictly 2nd division .

    On the other hand though he is young, very likely to make far more money and above all CARES for the club with his heart.

    And when heart is there – as it so plainly is not and never will be with the Kroenkes, despite their feeble attempts to curry favour with this charade of a fan advisory board, (born from panic over our fan reaction to the obscene and doomed ESL) – great things can happen.

    All in all it is a no brainer that Ek would be a far more preferable owner than the lowlife, self centred to his core , Kroenke .

    And his puppet son Josh, who MAY fool some Gooners into HOPING he really is a fan but will never fool the wiser and shrewd fans among us.

    Ek, I truly believe, will truly take fans feelings and fears on board and care for the club like it is a valued family member.
    Kroenke treats us like a rat but one which keeps bringing in nuggets of gold from the field for his exclusive use.

    Right now though that “rat ” is costing him money and that is the best chance we “rats ” have of biting our “owner ” to death, via his pocket. Bite then my fellow rats! BITE, BITE, BITE!

  5. Never going to happen in my opinion. People forget it was only recently that the Kroenke’s acquired 100% of club, after years of chipping away. They wouldn’t do that to then sell 5 minutes later.

    Given that most of the rich keep getting richer, money is not an issue, thus I cannot see them selling.

    We don’t want another billionaire owner with sole power anyway. What we need is legislative change.

    1. Great point about legislation. We could adopt a similar approach to Germany. He does have more money than we think (most billionaires do). Spotify (his company, which is a separate, legal entity) is worth 50 billion. The few billion he’s worth personally is probably down to his private investment portfolio (outside of business). He ‘secured’ the funding for the takeover bids, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a large part of that is a loan. Business people try to avoid using their own money if they don’t have to. He seems to love Arsenal; that is all I care about when it comes to owners. What happened to Dangote? It’s all gone quiet on that one.

      1. Most billionaires are stock rich but not cash rich. Oil barons and oligarchs are exceptions.

        Ek’s wealth is almost totally tied up in Spotify stock. He’s a paper billionaire.

  6. Some sensibly factual posts above mine which correctly suggest that Ek is in the 2nd Div among billionaires.

    HOWEVER, he is still young, hungry and likely to make many more billions before too long. AND unlike the awful Kroenkes, he has our club in his heart.

    When a person cares for what they own and love it,even like a family member, they will always treat it with care and affection.

    Whereas Kroenke regards our club with the couldn’t care less manner of KING RAT, OWNING a pet rat(OUR CLUB), albeit one which regularly brought him in gold nuggets from the field for his exclusive pocket use, but which RIGHT NOW is actually biting HIM, deliciously too, in his pocket.

    It is clearly a no brainer to have a lesser billionaire, who cares as owner, rather than KING RAT HIMSELF, THE VILLAIN OF ANY PANTO YOU CARE TO NAME!

    And wiser, shrewder Gooners are NOT among the dullards who foolishly convince themselves that Josh is becoming a real Gooner.
    When you are a rat , brought up by an older rat ,in a rat invested house and spread poison and evil wherever you go, such daft hopes are doomed to be dashed by the reality of life.

    1. This post was originally posted at 10.30 but promptly disappeared, as so many of my posts constantly do. So I rewrote it (approximately) only to find that almost 2 hours after disappearing, my original post now reappears!

      AD PAT ASSURES ME HE DOES NOT KNOW WHY, and I must therefore believe him. But this will keep happening and not only to me, for certain.Others have posted to this effect too. Sigh!

      1. There are beginners courses online on how to use a pc laptop or phone ,could be really helpful for someone in your position.

        1. Dan such a predictably immature comment which is not worthy of a substantial reply, much as I am tempted.

          1. DAN So you really WERE trying to be helpful then! Well, then I must believe you and thank you for your comment which I shamefully misunderstood. (Though I am way past beginners courses Dan).

            But all the same. I’m truly sorry not to have trusted your sincere intent to help . Perhaps we can repair our conversations from now on. I’m definitely willing !
            Its certain we are BOTH keen Gooners and must get on!


            Hi DAN,
            Then I owe you a sincere apology for not taking your helpful post at face value. Though I am way beyond beginners courses, I do sincerely thank you for your attempt to help which I SHAMEFULLY DISSED.
            I am willing and eagerto try being less abrasive to you and others, I have a passion for the whole truth as I see it and pursue it like a hound does a fox(no pun intended).

            Hopefully we can get on much better from now on. After all we are supporters of the same great club. SO DAFT TO ARGUE!

          3. jon, reminds me of a 70yo I know of who went to a Centrelink office (social security) to fill in a form. The young clerk said they had no forms and he had to do it on line. When he replied he didn’t own a computer or know how to use one, he was incredulous when asked “didn’t you do computer studies at school?”. He had to inform them that PC’s hadn’t been thought of let alone invented when he was at school!
            From someone who started in Civil Engineering with a slide rule and 9 figure log tables and ended up project managing CAD teams on major infrastructure. .


          Hi DAN,
          Then I owe you a sincere apology for not taking your helpful post at face value. Though I am way beyond beginners courses, I do sincerely thank you for your attempt to help which I SHAMEFULLY DISSED.
          I am willing and eagerto try being less abrasive to you and others, I have a passion for the whole truth as I see it and pursue it like a hound does a fox(no pun intended).

          Hopefully we can get on much better from now on. After all we are supporters of the same great club. SO ITS DAFT TO ARGUE!

  7. I don’t understand the reason but this appears to be a fairly desperate attempt to reignite Kroenke negativity, tenuous in the extreme

    Meanwhile, back to football, things seem to be shaping up nicely and I believe we will have a good season

    Support your Club, Support your Manager, Support your Players, Support your Team

    1. What seems to be shaping up nicely? Two kids and a new CB? Are we title contendors now? Not trying to be negative it is just hard to see how the heck we are gonna challenge this year with our current squad.

      1. I didn’t say we are title contenders, that would be a huge leap from where we were but another full season with the current Manager and we just might be, for now I believe that we will compete next season, City remain out of reach and probably Liverpool but we are in as good a shape as any of the others in my opinion

        Auba needs to get back to where he was to make it happen and it is perfectly feasible that he will, Partey needs to show that he can run a game as well as his reputation suggested he could, ESR needs to add goals to his fine performances in the second part of last season and the injury to Gabriel is a concern as it is not clear how serious it is but I think Martinelli will have an impact this term and Pepe will kick on even more from what he showed us last season, plus Saka has now gained some serious experience to add to his already impressive game

        There is still time for an attacking midfielder to join and I believe that will happen to add to the competitiveness of the squad, either Odegaard or Madison would do for me, but although the three signings so far are young they will make the squad more competitive and as I say potentially form the basis (along with the many other young guys that we already have) of a serious go at the title the season after next

        Overall I didn’t think we were that far away last season to be honest, the inexplicable bad run after looking so good at Fulham on the opening day until the Chelsea game on Boxing Day killed our league season but we were decent after that and whatever clicked that day will be with us all next season instead of half, plus we won’t have the same distractions to deal with as last season

        I’m looking forward to it myself

        1. Maybe, Mikel Arteta has to utilize the players at his disposal to their full potential for a start.

  8. Who here old enough to remember ivan gazidis saying in 2011 that by 2014 Arsenal would be able to Challenge transfer market financially. Man them damn lies lol!

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