Has Emery given up on Arsenal making the Top Four with his selections?

Bad players and managerial decisions equal bad results. by Konstantin Mitov

Are Arsenal making the top 4? Do we even want it? Ask the manager that question. What on earth is he doing with the squad selection? Elneny, Mustafi, Jenkinson and Guendouzi. Enough said. You can sometimes get away with having one poor player on the pitch, but 4 is a bit too much.

Why are we resting Torreira? The guy was out and had a break, play him. This is where every point matters and we should’ve taken the opportunity to capitalize on United getting slapped. Now the pressure is back on us. Do you see us winning away at Wolves, Leicester and Burnley? With this performance I’m questioning if we can beat Brighton at home.

This performance reminded us, that despite all the changes that have happened since Wenger, there is still a weakness lurking around. We’re trusting players who’ve failed us time and time again. What on earth is Mustafi doing? This goal was the one that really killed our momentum in the second half. Sokratis would’ve blazed it out of field instead of waiting for the ball to be pounced. Amateur defending.

We should’ve got rid of Mustafi in the summer. How many times have individual mistakes let us down? Whenever we don’t play our best 11 the dip in quality is obvious. The manager should be held accountable. This is his fault. For me those rotations mean he doesn’t trust the players to have the physicality to last the tough run of games.

The reported 70 million transfer funds are nowhere near enough the money we need to rebuild. We’re not fighting to get the top 4. We’re praying. That the rest are as bad as we are. And while United are at the moment, Chelsea and Spurs have an easy run in. We have at max 7 games left. Emery should seriously think about what he is doing, because not making the top 4 again would be catastrophic.

But this is what you get when you make cowardly decisions at the top, they crawl down to the pitch. I feel like the only way up is if someone takes the balls to buy the club off of Kroenke and appoint people who would understand the importance of this club to it’s fans. Emery better have a masterpiece for Wednesday, or else he should be packing his bags, if we are a serious football club.



  1. Sigh…… so bloody frustrating… even my son turned to me yesterday & said I think UE underestimated Palace (& that’s coming from a 12 year old!)
    Tbh you always knew with no Sokratis…. and Mustafi up against Zaha, it wasn’t going to end well…
    So now we can’t drop anymore points…. Will that happen? Well I certainly ain’t betting on it!
    And why the hell have I got ‘ Glad all over’ in my head ???

    1. A 12 year old see’s what a 47 year old man can’t, that just sums up our pathetic performance and lineup yesterday Sue! It’s time I took the reigns ?

        1. I’m guessing you’re not a fan of Mustafi Sue ? ? Still can’t believe Valencia received 35 million for that clown they should have paid us 35 million to take him and elneny shouldn’t be playing football, whoever told him he was a footballer must have been a comedian ?

          1. Sheesh, unbelievable isn’t it?! How many errors has he made? Do you know Palace were unbeaten against us this season – thanks to him!!
            Roma are interested in him & Elneny apparently, please take them now… I’ll drive them to the airport!! I’ll even pay for their flights ?

            1. The penalties at selhurst park ? Emery couldn’t get one over an old pensioner ? it would have been a perfect day had we won given how utd were narrowly beaten at goodison ? I was gonna do Ole at the wheel edits on Photoshop ? now gotta watch that old chain smoking chav jump above us tonight! Happy Easter ?

                1. I had to check the date (April fool’s ?)
                  Oh jeez the fags will be out in force tonight… I just hope Ashley Barnes, the wrestler turns up ??

                  1. Maybe it’s old news then Sue ? They probably sent that out on April 1st ? haha yeah hopefully, I must dig out my Burnley shirt later ? if we lose to wolves on Wednesday I’m going into exile disappearing off the radar until August ?

                    1. Life won’t be worth living if United win & we lose on Wednesday.. some gooner on the train yesterday said he’d jump off a bridge with me! ?

                    2. It’ll be pretty miserable ? and Valencia are looking strong too ? so your going through with it then ? this Arsenal team is gonna leave me with a nervous breakdown ? tbh Sue, I can’t wait until the season ends, too much deadwood in that squad to enjoy it.

                    3. I am going to go through with it ? I think we’ll all end up in a secure unit at this rate, Kev ? it’ll be total meltdown on Wednesday if we don’t get a result – I hope UE & the team realise this

                    4. We had 10 years of Wenger’s eccentricities now Emery is cloning him ? will we ever get a break ? We’ve already had to watch Liverpool and spurs cruise to the champions League Semi’s and the cancellation of st Totts day there’s only so much a person can take before they become members of the padded party room right Sue ? ?

                    5. Yessssssssss!! Thank you Burnley ? back in our hands we better not let this slip again!

                    6. Oh Kev… but we always do! I’m not getting my hopes up anymore, they were well & truly splattered yesterday!
                      Although the Chelsea fans are in meltdown mode, so all good ?

                    7. I know Sue, we are the masters of the bottle job ? it’s in our hands but it’s not cos we are painfully weak on our travels and sometimes at home ? why, what are they saying ?

  2. The loss was caused by the manager. Even in absolute mental condition how can someone come up with such a lineup in a crucial run in of games? Why not pick up the 3 points before thinking of other games? Elneny in front of 2 jokers of a defender and Ozil in front of him? You are asking of goals against you. Play that team at Naples and achieve results until otherwise.
    Maybe the coach is afraid of champions league games.

  3. What does Kroenke have to do with this again?
    Is he responsible for team selection?
    Please don’t start with that, Kroenke has his own problems that he gives to us but I don’t see what he has to do with this. This is on Emery who I think, just like Wenger he’s letting his ego get the best of him. He looks down on smaller EPL teams and constantly select weak line ups against them away all season, I never thought the day would come and he would do that búllshit at home but he’s done it.
    I said before, he’s prioritising the Europa over Top four, we can get both but he’ll rather put all his egg in a basket.
    This is so frustrating, Wenger is gone but somehow this new one still find ways to frustrate us.

    1. I agree ,he should be starting our strongest team every match like all the other top 6teams ,I’m
      Hearing fans with excuses that we’ve have tired or injuried players on the bench and they couldn’t start the game ,that’s ridiculous ,they shouldn’t be on the bench if they were not fit .
      We could have been 6 points better off if we had just played our best team ,or atleast we would have known that we played the best we had .
      If we now miss out on top 4 and don’t come away with the Europe league cup then it’s going to look a silly decision.
      League over cup should have been the priority .

  4. I heard Newcastle have 100 million to spend! Newcastle and Mike Ashley with no European football have more funds than Arsenal! Stan Kroenke is making a mug of supporters! As long as he’s around we will never challenge for top honours! As for Emery prioritizing Europa League over PL that’s a dangerous game, the more I see Valencia the more worried I get, if anyone thinks we’ll breeze past them might be in for a shock! Anyway on to Wolves and that mint green kit ?

  5. The schedule is very tight, hence Emery cannot keep using the same players in every three days. And we cannot blame Mustafi alone

    The three attackers were not effective and the team should have put Palace to the sword in the first thirty minutes. Because they could not score quickly, the defense got a lot of pressure and Mavropanos was too green to handle an experienced striker like Benteke

    The top four race is still on, but we can only achieve it if we don’t get more losses. It’s gonna be tough because we still have two away games, but I believe we would have more players back by then

    1. Saying the attackers wasn’t effective, scoring two goals against CP should be enough…

      Talking about rotation, did you look to see how many games Torreira has played recently? Are you aware he was suspended and missed a few EPL games?

      You are right about not blaming Mustafi alone, UE deserves a larger chunk of the blame for persisting with him, or do people not have to worry about the consequences of their actions?

  6. Arsenal actually have a decent chance of top four. United appeared to implode against Everton (again), the manager won’t be the fall guy this time and it sounds like he’s ready to take the squad apart. So their season may be effectively over. Which leaves three London clubs competing for two top four places. Which isn’t bad odds. Looking at the remaining fixtures Spurs are probably favourites for one of them but still its whoever drops fewest points.

  7. The result was very very dissapointing and we all feel frustrated. I agree with that. However what is interesing to me is the fleck Guendouzi is getting from some supportes. For me this is total crap. He is young. Exceptualy gifted and creative. Always looking for forward momentum. Rather is it a case of not been protected by illegal or over robust play.. Please do not taking part in braking down our own talent.

    1. No way, Guendouzi is absolute rubbish. Poor passing, poor tackling and nearly as weak as Ozil and he plays in the centre of the park. He rarely makes any interceptions and lacks any vision. Passes are shady just like his crosses. Doesn’t drive the ball foward and will more often than not choose a backpass or sideways pass like his clone El Neny.

      I’ve had it with him, young player or not. Time to ship him back to ligue 2, that was and still is his level.

  8. I’m not giving up on Top 4 or Emery
    I still support Emery 100%
    But his team selection yesterday was dreadful
    I know we had several players injured and some players were being rested but still bad line-up

    He took CP for granted. He didn’t respect them
    Big mistake. He also overestimated the ability of Mustafi, Elneny, Mavrapanos and Jenkinson

    1. Agreed. Line up was indefensible. Moreover I don’t understand what Emery means when he saysMustafi has been consistent. I sincerely hope he is not claiming Mustafi should continue on for the remaining 4 games.

  9. I, too support Emery as knowing a bit more about which players were available to play, who he could risk and the fact that he has to show trust in his players to do their job, than the armchair managers here. However he can’t go on and play for them. I’m sure he didn’t coach Socrates to incur 10 yellow cards, thus being suspended for 2 matches.
    The anti Emery brigade may get their wish, because I can’t see him staying on if Kroenke and the board don’t support him in the transfer market. He has not damaged but enhanced his reputation competing with Chelsea and Manchester United and other clubs spending more than Arsenal. There will be suitors trying to lure him away. It will then be interesting to see which well credentialled manager/coach could be attracted to the Emirates given the non investing ownership and self sustaining commercial model.

    1. Very true Ozziegunner ? we can’t even attract a director of football with that outdated self sustainable model! As I’ve said earlier it’s been reported Newcastle will have a bigger transfer kitty than Arsenal this summer.. if we can’t compete financially with Newcastle then what hope is there!

  10. What are the odds we will win 1 leave alone 3 away games? Then with diabolical team selections like we saw yesterday, can we hope to win Europa? Am afraid if Emery doesn’t deliver that trophy I will consider this season an absolute failure! To imagine all the praise I heaped on him a day ago for transforming our mentality. What a shame our season is ending this way. What a shame!

  11. To be honest I don’t really see the big deal about being in the champions league.It’s not as if we are going to win it .The best we will achieve is getting out of the group stages.So what’s the point .It’s obvious to me that we are light years behind Man City and Liverpool and as it stands I can’t see us even challenging for the title never mind winning it anytime soon.Remember Liverpool have been trying for almost 30 years without success and I can see Man U going down the same path .Personally as we don’t have the money to complete then we have to bring out players through the academy and have a 5 year plan to do so

  12. Its obvious some of us on here have no clue on the reality of playing football on the pitch. The truth remains that arsenal does not have the squad depth and the quatity to deal with the pressure we are facing today.

    Their is no need blaming a manager who has obviously improved the squad with very little money made available at the summer and to think that HE took us this far already is a micacle.

    The reality in football game is that is players get fatigued after playing 2 – 3 times in a week and so a manager must try to create a balance with what he has available. Unfortunately, our injuries has not helped in any way the last being Ramsey and Suarez.

    Also, we all know how thin our squad is now and we are still in 2 competitions and need all the points we can get but the reality is that with the current squad we cannot have them both as in winning the EL and making the top 4 with the pressure now.The manager has to choose an opportunity cost. I believe he has chosen the EL because it is an opportunity for a trophy and it’s a straigth path to the

    I say this article is insensitive to the reality of the real footballing situations our club is facing. In Emery I still trust.

    1. Arsenal have a squad that is easily capable of finishing third. I am being serious when I say that, I know what let us down last season and it was an area which Arsenal spent near £70 million on players to fix… Along with hiring a manager who comes with reputation to help the team become better defensively.
      The thing that let Arsenal down was the def, we let in 51 goals last season and that is where us fans was let down.

      Only Liverpool and City scored more than us last season. Add into this that Laca had a knee issue in his first season with us and Auba had only joined in Jan. They are both now settled in the EPL.

      Arsenal currently have scored 6 less goals than the entire of last season, considering our CF was new to the EPL last season… We should be doing better than what we have!
      Arsenal have currently let in 43, this is 8 less than the entire of last season and we still have away games to play. I can not say that we will finish this season with less goals conceded. 4 away games and 8 goals difference…

      Arsenal have shown that the team is capable of competing with the ‘big boys’, we beat the spuds, beat UTD, beat Chelsea. Drew with Liverpool at home. Only City have beaten us twice and are above us.

      Emery is letting Arsenal down and idiots who belittle the players are just making excuses for his tinkering. While I am impressed with the teams improvements in pressing, he has done nothing else to improve our def issues. Emery has exposed our players in def.

  13. I understand the need to rotate but here is the thing. Rotate on Wednesday against Wolves where even with our top XI we will struggle to come away with anything. Torreira, AMN and Monreal could have been rested Wednesday and no one would argue with rotation. It’s a learning curve for Emery.

    My other beef is going back to two holding midfielders and a back three. Especially at home. Obviously with Ramsey, Xhaka and Suarez out his options were limited but I’d rather have seen Willock or even Mikhitaryan in for one of Elneny or Guendozi.

    Sigh – it is Easter and clearly Emery prefers his eggs to be in the Europa League basket.

  14. With the line up Emery selected i knew from the start we were gonna be in danger of losing.

    Jenkinson, El-Neny, Guendozi was to much of a risk.
    If your gonna play Guendozi, he needs a senior midfield partner with him. Not an average player like El-Neny who I’d rather not play in general. Switch El-Neny with Torreira or Xhakha and I belive there would have been a different outcome.
    Iwobi should have started as well.

  15. The match against Crystal Palace has been lost and the way forward is how to fare better in the remaining fixtures starting with Wolves this Wednesday. The Coach may have faltered with the starting line but that was an opportunity for the fringe players to make a case for themselves. Mustafi may have delivered a trademark performance but the attacking players never covered themselves in glory either. It was entirely a team showing and leaves much to be desired.

  16. “We should’ve got rid of Mustafi in the summer.”
    From what I have read, we did try, we couldn’t find any buyers for him though.

    A ray of hope regarding Mustafi, remember reading that Raul doesn’t want players running down their contracts? Mustafi is until 2021, that means he has 2 years left at the end of this season, that means Raul will be trying to find a buyer or offer a new deal…

    If no new deal is offered then expect Arsenal to get serious about offloading him for any fee we can recoup.

  17. Just moaning about Sarri & his way of playing, how hard it is being a CFC fan, that they can’t believe they drew with Burnley at home & last but not least, they can’t wait until the season is over!! Do you know I never thought I’d see comments like that!!

    1. Also Kev.. I knew there was something I had to tell you – David Seaman was on Soccer AM, he was talking to Jimmy Bullard about fishing & Jimmy said about them both being avid anglers ? I cracked up & thought of you!!!

      1. Hahaha and you thought I was just trying to be clever didn’t you ? lol I knew seaman likes his fishing, he taught Gazza to catch and hold pike ? oh bunch of moaners at least they’re manager plays his full strength team every game ? it’s no surprise Sue Burnley can be a tough nut to crack ?

        1. Haha it was bloody hilarious, nearly as funny as when I read it in your comment (you’re an alliteration geek really aren’t you, admit it!!) That will always stick, I hope you know!
          Did you watch the game? I saw the goals, but don’t really like watching Chelsea (unless they’re getting stuffed!)
          So I can’t stop watching Catfish! Oh btw 2 days until Cobra Kai! ?

          1. Hahahaha why is that funny ? ? Not really it’s just fishing slang ? ah well glad you enjoyed it ?? I didn’t see the whole game Sue, I saw maybe last 20 mins ? I thought Chelsea would steamroll Burnley tbh so we got off the proverbial hook as they say ? catfish? Yes, but I wonder if they’ll release all episodes at once like last year ?

            1. I don’t know it just tickled me!! Yeah I thought Chelsea would win too, so was surprised when I turned it on after Eastenders ?
              Catfish is on MTV about people pretending to be someone else online…. so someone.thinks they’re in love with this fit hunk, that turns out to be some butch lezzer or something like that! I reckon they will….I can’t wait!! ?

              1. Haha you’d watch anything wouldn’t you Sue ? lol I never expected it to have such an impression ? you watched EastEnders over your beloved Chelsea ? ? I saw Johnny in national lampoon’s European vacation saw the film about 50 times and never noticed before ? why am I watching Manchester derbys ?

                1. Omg you never noticed him?? I was always like what the hell is he doing with Audrey? He should be with me ??
                  My kids want to go to a comic con in July in London & he will be there!! And Kreese!!!
                  So Brighton have to win tomorrow – Glenn Murray hat trick? Nah……. ?

                  1. She died at 32 poor girl ? no haha.. I think the shopping scene is f**king hilarious the clothes rusty and Audrey are wearing lol and Clark in his silver Milano suit doing the moonwalk ?? you gonna go get his autograph ?? haha god I hope so but I gotta say spurs are looking strong especially at home Brighton are just hopeless dunk and duffy will need to be on song tomorrow ?

                    1. Oh Christ did she? Clark, don’t you mean Sparky?! ? love those films!
                      I can’t see it happening as Brighton have been crap lately, until we turn up ?

                    2. Yeah from a diabetic stroke ? lol yeah sparky ? I love Chevy chase and I just get his humour some people don’t ? yeah I even love Vegas vacation ? I know they’ll probably beat us and keep a clean sheet ? well Sue it’s past your bedtime, can’t be burning the midnight oil at your time of life ?? jokes ? so I’ll bid you good evening or goodnight whichever you prefer ?

                    3. Hahaha the oap jokes are relentless ?Well Kev I’ll settle for Goodnight… sleep well…. goodnight Kev aka avid angler ? ?

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