Has Emery made a grave error in prioritising the Europa League over Top Four?

Europa League or bust for Arsenal??? by Mike

What do you think they’re smoking over there at Emirates? That question asked by Liverpool’s Owner John Henry in 2013 over the Luis Suarez fiasco is still very relevant for the current situation at the Emirates.

With the feeling of doom and gloom after a terrible run of results, it’s easy to forget that just over a month ago there was a feeling of optimism with the new regime and what it could hold for the future, we had a good run of games to end the season compared to our rivals, but as is the general consensus Arsenal bottled it during the business end of the season.

This isn’t a new thing, it’s been the general feeling for a long time that Arsenal have lacked the mental strength to compete during the tougher times. The fans can blame individual players all they want but when you see previous players who were labelled weak at Arsenal winning trophies elsewhere it makes you realise the issue is in the dressing room at the Emirates.

I don’t want to dwell on Arsene Wenger too much because he is a club legend but this attitude shift is mainly his fault, the club for far too long placed a big emphasis on playing great football and it’s impossible to win every game playing it the beautiful way you need grit and determination to carry you through the tough parts in the season, this is more apparent in the modern game which is more demanding and requires a squad that can navigate the rigours of the Premier League which is considered the most physical league. Whilst others were planning and doing things for their future Arsenal were waiting for Financial Fair Play and relying on the beliefs of Arsene Wenger this has made Unai Emery’s job much harder as we are way off others and don’t want to spend money to change this. He has inherited a squad which lacks character and tends to go missing when the going gets tough.

The perfect example of this is our away form, we have missed out on the top 4 due to our inability to compete on the road not just in this bad period but the season as a whole. Away games in the main require a different approach you will typically play more cautiously and we just haven’t displayed the ability to compete on the road. Who are the leaders of this group? Who can we rely on to dig deep in these games?

The future doesn’t look any better with Ramsey, Cech and Welbeck departing it feels as if the club is losing a lot of character which it is already lacking massively. Cech is retiring so there isn’t much that can be done in that case, but Danny Welbeck is a versatile squad player with a good mentality. Why are we letting him go if we have a low transfer budget to work with already. In the case of Aaron Ramsey it just seems that Emery found out far too late his value to this team which is strange as you heard he was one of the players he was meant to be building his team around, Ramsey could’ve easily had the same impact David Silva, Rakitić or Banega had with Emery in the no 10 position, Both Welbeck and Ramsey have had questionable injury records but I think money is the main focus of these decisions which makes no sense because money will need to be spent to replace them.

Unai Emery has to take a lot the blame for this end of season collapse, he has prioritised winning the Europa League over the top 4 which is risky, this was apparent in his selection against Palace where he blatantly underestimated their quality and played Guendouzi and Elneny in the middle which we had already seen against Everton wasn’t up to scratch. He has a tampered with formations in recent weeks and this isn’t the time to be using untested systems. He has been too defensive against counter attacking teams and too open away from home. The squad lacks the necessary quality and without investment we could have anyone managing this team it will be hard to do much better. This could all mean nothing if we win the Europa League but that is a big if. A second leg against Valencia mustn’t be taken lightly, especially with our players looking dejected after the Brighton result, and then the potential of meeting Frankfurt or Chelsea in the final will also be a tricky one off game.

Has Emery put all his eggs in the wrong basket?

Mike Kaikai


  1. I don’t think so, because he has a vast experience in EL

    Maybe he knows that re-entering top four just makes him achieve what Wenger has achieved

    Whereas winning EL means he would bring the first major European trophy since 1994 and he would become an Arsenal legend

    1. It’s a European trophy yes but it’s like us winning the carling cup if we were to lift it ,a competition which is put together to make as much money it can for the men in suits ,pointless competition except that the winner gets to play in the champions league which we all know that they won’t have a chance of winning it that’s why they are in the EL.
      As for calling him an arsenal legend if he wins it that is one of the most over top things I’ve read on here ,all while you slag off wenger who is an actual arsenal legend .

      1. If Emery wins EL, he will be remembered because he would achieve it in his first season

        Wenger is an Arsenal legend, but he deserved the criticisms because he failed to enter CL in the last two seasons

      2. The size and aspiration of a club dictate the extent to which they would rate winning the EL.

        For Leicester, it would be an accomplishment to be celebrated. To Barca, it would be something to quickly forget.

        The only value winning the EL has to me is that gets us into the CL with all benefits that come with that.

        But I would rather finish 3rd in the PL than win the EL.

    2. To answer the question…..
      Since managers are only lasting in the job for around 3 years on average, it seems to me, Emery wants to pad his resume just in case. A 4th Europa League win will look much better on said resume than coming 4th in the Premier league.

  2. With the benefit of hindsight, yes he made a mistake. But not even Nostradamus could have predicted the abject suckiness (sorry for the technical term) of this “race” for top four.
    Win Europa and all is forgiven.

  3. I have always supported Emert, mainly because he is a proven top manager with a fine CV and also because has a near impossible task and so many fans have been unfairly on his case almost since he began. He has certainly make selection mistakes but many, though not all admittedly, were forced upon him because of the threadbare squad and many injuries. Emery is a top manager and needs support from fans , players and most of all Kroenke. The last one is hopeless and is the REAL problem our club will always have while this parasite owns us. We either force him out through a long protracted war for as long as it takes. Or we continue to fall away in investment from our top rivals . The choice is ours, all of us. All Emery can hope to do with both hands tied behind his back is make a degree of slow progess. Though some on here will not have it, that is happening already. Those who believe anyone but a miracle man can make defenders out of Mustafi , Sokratis, Kolas and Co are in cloud cuckoo land. GET REAL, FANTASISTS! I do realise Sokratis was his buy. But he could hardly bring in a VVD quality CB with peanuts only to spend!

    1. And how did well did he perform in PSG with all the stars and millions in transfer…emery is an average coach.. Simple!!!…

      1. This is what Emery achieved in PSG:

        Seven trophies were won in his two seasons at the Parc des Princes: one Ligue 1 title (2017/18), two Coupe de France trophies (2016/17, 2017/18), two Coupe de la Ligue trophies (2016/17, 2017/18) and both Trophee des Champions that he entered.

    2. Joh Fox his away record in other teams he has managed aside PSG is nothing to write home about. Outside PSG (which everyone knows has no competition) he has never won a league. He doesn’t do well in away matches

  4. Let’s not forget in champions league last season PSG went to Barcelona with a 4-0 home win in 1st leg to lose 6-1 on the night.. let’s hope Emery don’t get it wrong like that on Thursday

    1. These things happen. Last night Barcelona went to Liverpool with a 3 – 0 lead and lost. Barcelona also lost in the second leg with 0 – 3 after a 4 – 1 lead against Roma in last years Champions League.

      So Emery is not alone in managing a team that loses a second leg in a knock out tournament.

      And to balance that out, he won the Europa League 3 times in a row.

    2. That 6-1 was a huge robbery… PSG were handed 3-4 direct referee blunders handed against them

  5. It’ll all be worth it if he wins the competition! People can call it a Mickey mouse cup or this and that but it’s a trophy we haven’t won.. our European record is awful.. a fairs cup back in the 70s and a cup winners cup 25 years ago.. 2 competitions that don’t even exist anymore! The way this club is run we’ll probably never see a champions League so let’s not mock the Europa League.. Wenger never won any European trophies including this one! Plus the fact the Europa League winners go straight into pot 1 in the champions League next season! And to win a trophy in Europe with that squad and a manager in his first season replacing a manager who had 22 years in charge would be a good achievement! Anyway good luck to the boys tomorrow night.. COYG

    1. Pot 1 in the CL draw? We’ll get Real Madrid in the group stage then. And the banter would continue

      1. So what? If you’re an Arsenal fan you’ll want your team to win a trophy and not think of the negatives! Ive supported Arsenal a long time, before Wenger was here and never have I wanted us to lose a game! If we have to play Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich then so be it!

        1. I prefer a real or Bayern over a Napoli and Valencia, I don’t know why people are pretending like it’s not an honour to be part of the champions league and to play against the best clubs, isn’t that the reason why they wanted us to get top 4? To be in it? That’s the only way we’re gonna improve, when we’re among the big boys.

          1. As do I AlexLaca9 ? some of these fans wanted us to finish top 4 to get Champions League yet they want us out of the Europa League because we aren’t good enough to compete in the champions League! ? The same fans will whinge if we don’t win the Europa League!

    1. Too right Sue! Jesus a lot of crying on here! Some people would rather we not win Europa League I’ve never seen supporters hoping they’re team not win a trophy! Gonna give this site a break when our season is over! How are you anyway Sue ?

      1. Well Kev… I still want to cry after last night ? haha just kidding… today was as bad as I imagined it, I just switched off (for the whole shift ?) how about you, are you ok admist all the doom and gloom?
        Let’s hope your man puts in another MOTM performance! ?

        1. Anyway if we beat Burnley 4-0… and Everton beat the spuds 4-0… bingo we’ve done it ?? Haha I know that’ll never happen, just something I read

        2. I don’t know Sue I think its mainly our younger generation of fans, too much time on social media and player manager! I’m 100% behind Unai Emery even if he fails tomorrow night this is his first damn season in charge! We gave Wenger support, support, support even going almost 10 years without winning a damn thing! Our squad is average AF! Even Jesus himself would struggle with that squad! Sorry for ranting Sue just winded up! Haha was it that bad ? Hopefully Sue he’s a super player would be really happy if he guides Ajax to the final they deserve it ? I’m ok thank you Sue ?

          1. I agree… a lot of our players are bang average! And yes Jesus would struggle big time ? you rant on… good to let it out!
            Yes it was awful & some of them are on leave, so will have to go through it all again next week!! ? fancy being surrounded by Liverpool fans ?
            Well I hope they bloody win it.. they’ve been superb

            1. Haha but I’m the voice of reason aren’t I Sue ?? oh no next week as well ? how do you cope ? if they reach the final they can do it ? firstly man city must wipe the smile from pool supporters this Sunday ?

                  1. ?? well if you get it sorted for the weekend then I won’t have to hear round 2 from the Liverpool fans ?? showdown hey?!
                    That 2nd goal was lush ?

                    1. Omg Totts are there ? haha Ajax collapsed ? Liverpool are definitely winning now lol

                    2. Haha no it’s been bad but we both know Totts won’t beat Liverpool Sue so we’ll just have to hope city win the league and Liverpool win CL so they can’t do all the bragging.. Ajax are good but as I said to you before the first leg Totts are favourites because of they’re premier League style it’s a much much better league than Holland and they’re used to playing better teams

                    3. I’m not saying owt anymore… I mouth off & the opposite of what I want happens ?☹
                      How devastated must they be? That was literally the last few seconds… ?

                    4. I saw about it online.. not sure if I’ll watch it ? I watched Slender Man yesterday, wasn’t very good. I want to see that new Dog’s purpose film.. loved the first one ?

                    1. Picturesque ? so the real competition starts tomorrow night Sue are you nervous, excited or what ? ?

                    2. I’m worried to death, Kev… how about you? The way this week has gone… I don’t like feeling like this, but doubts have crept into the back of my mind (our last 4 PL performances, our crappy defence, our away form, Mustafi, Xhaka) you can’t blame me for not feeling overly confident

                    3. Certainly can not Sue ? I’m a little bit worried because you know how we are, we don’t get fairytale endings like Liverpool or Tottenham like tonight so we have to earn our rewards without any luck but still fairly confident we’ll do it.. it’ll be such a nice feeling being in a European final Sue and ok it’s not the CL but what can you do eh ? We are where we are so let’s just enjoy it and not put it down! Getting to a European final with this average team and manager who’s only in his first season would be unbelievable ?

                    4. I agree with you Kev.. almost like uncharted territory for us (if we make it of course) I’d be very happy, albeit I’d be on the edge of my seat all night, anxious as hell ? I thought it was supposed to be fun, being a football supporter ?

                    5. Not when you’re an Arsenal fan there’s more suffering that comes with that ? but honestly Sue if the boardroom isn’t cleared out and owner sells up we have to accept mediocrity! Kroenke did say it’s not about winning trophies he’s only in it for profit.. damn David Dein that snake brought him here!

                    6. Well you and your nephew can joke about it on Saturdays or Sundays lol ?? joking aside it could go that way ? did you see that new horror film la llorona Sue ?

                    7. A dog’s purpose ? why? I thought you loved horrors ? ? Watching Brian Clough thing on BT Sport haha he was a character and brilliant manager ?

                    8. I like a dog film ? Yes I do, but some freak me out a little, & that might be one of them! What a wimp ?
                      He was that alright!
                      Luckily, there aren’t any spuds at work.. I only know a handful.. but don’t see them very often… how about you? I still can’t believe they won!

                    9. Oh I know Tottenham fans Sue have 2 at work so I listen to a lot of crap ? I’m not even thinking about them now I’m only thinking of the real competition tonight ? woke up confident and I’ve been confident ever since everybody thought it was game over in France ? Beethoven??? Don’t think I’ve ever been scared of a horror film since watching the shining as a pup ?

                    10. Ok then maybe not Beethoven ? smarty pants!! ?
                      Oh god best of luck with that then, they’ll be buzzing for sure ?
                      The Exorcist frightened me ? a lot of the time I’m watching through my fingers & I always jump out of my seat ?
                      Well as you’re confident – that’s good enough for me ?

                    11. Haha I knew you would have liked Beethoven ? my mum is terrified of the exorcist so much so she won’t even have the dvd in her house lol I never understood why it frightened anyone though ? oh Sue I’m used to it ? everyone is talking Valencia up like they’re world beaters even putting them above Napoli! Old Valencia maybe not that team though which has 2 Arsenal rejects and they’re best player failed at QPR also they’re keeper is rubbish and have an average strike force… If we get put out by them I’d be embarrassed tbh.. I don’t get where everyone is saying they’re a top team.. 6th in Spain and lost their last home game to Girona! We should go there and not only score but win the game comfortably ?

                    12. I think with me it was the thought of what actually happened to Regan ? and the loft.. I was always scared of going by it when I was a kid ?
                      If it does go Pete Tong tonight, it will be a major embarrassment…. it will be a kill me now moment ?

                    13. The loft? The ouija board banging? Father dami had it under control ? I’m surprised you still remember being a kid ?? it won’t we got this ?

                    14. You know when you’re nervous & you have butterflies? Well that’s exactly how I feel! I was going to ask you, but you’ll say I’m extremely confident (as you’re vaping & shaking like there’s no tomorrow ? I can see the clouds from here ?)

                    15. No shakes, no nerves some clouds and very calm Sue ? I’ve seen this all before Sue ? I used to get like that when I was younger but not anymore ? gunners score the first goal and they will wilt under pressure ?

                    16. Different characters ? ? I’m always calm Sue I rarely ever get nervous ?

                    17. Lovely jubbly ? Sue I lost count how often I beat the keeper from that distance… When I line one up on my right foot more often than not the ball is snuggled in the net ??

                    18. Well Sue how easy was that ? I said after the the game in France are you going to Baku ? I was one of the very few people that stayed confident the whole way ?

                    19. That was freakin superb, Kev! Auba & Laca were amazing! Loved it…
                      The week from hell ends on a high!
                      You were right (yet again.. stop bragging ?) So happy Kev.. a European final woah!!!!!

  6. Emery’s Arsenal lost out on the top-four place finish this season because the Arsenal first team squad that is on ground hasn’t the necessary capacity required to finish in the PL top-four that will enable the club to qualify to play in the UCL next season through the League placement system. But as for Emery prioritising the Europa League Cup win above Arsenal finishing in the top four this season’s campaign, I don’t think so because of the reason that I’ve made above. But having opined this, Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal who played up to the semi-final stage of the Europa League Cup last season before it was knocked out by Atletico Madrid are once again playing in the semi-final stage of the competition this season under Emery.

    If Emery manage his 18 Gunners team selection very well for the match by selecting the Gunners with the right mental, physical, technical and tactically know-how and ability to play away to Valencia tomorrow night who I think could attempt to play a comeback game at home against Arsenal in this 2nd leg semi-final match to knock out Arsenal, but Arsenal should be careful to take note of what Valencia will attempt to do to them and block the Valencia attempt against them if they are to win the match or at least play to a draw game in the match to reach the final match. Which will give us Gooners great hopes to see Arsenal win the Europa League Cup for the first time since it’s inception to join Chelsea and Man Utd who are the only 2 PL club sides that have won the Cup once each with Chelsea reaching the final again but didn’t win the Cup that time after they won it when they first reached the final.

      1. We used to get fairytale endings Luke like Highbury, May 1970, Anderlecht, 3-1 down from the first leg, won 3-0. Hillsborough, March, 1971, 2-0 down, back to 2-2, Peter Storey last minute penalty, White Hart Lane, May 1971. Ray Kennedy nods the winner 3 minutes from time against Tottenham for the part of our first ever double. Wembley, may 1979, Alan Sunderland last minute winner against Manchester United in the FA Cup Final and most famous of all Michael Thomas, Anfield, May 1989, last minute goal in the last minute of the season to win the League from Liverpool.

        1. True Kenny, we have a beautiful history, no doubt about that, but I think those days are long over sadly! Our last bit of good fortune was probably the 2005 fa cup final against utd we were outplayed most of the game and hung in there to win on penalties, unfortunately it’s been downhill since then.. I won’t even mention the fa cup final coming from behind against Hull because they are a team we should be beating comfortably.. it’s up to this current bunch to create a little bit of history of they’re own and winning the European league is a good start ? 25 years on from the last bit of European silverware!

  7. It’s not a question of “prioritising” .Our recent collapse has been on the cards for some time.Indeed even when we went on our long unbeaten run we were rarely fully convincing and with our injuries to key defenders , our luck has finally run out.Our squad is so pitifully short of quality the fact that we are in the top six suggests to me that the Premier League is completely over-hyped and over rated.Emery has done as well as any Manager could have with his meagre playing resources.Neither Pep nor Klopp would have done much better with our mediocre, unbalanced squad.With 2/3 exceptions our players are simply not good enough.This has been clearly evident for 4/5 years so to expect Emery to wave a magic wand to suddenly cure all our ills is simply unrealistic I would like to think he will take steps to remove some of our overpaid under performers at an early date ,for unless he does, we could be struggling to finish in the top ten next season.

    1. This is weird, while agreeing with most of your post Grandad, it’s still a fact and quite possible that the English Premier League could have four teams in the two major European competitions this season and with Manchester City arguably the best team in Europe who can say that our league is over hyped and over rated. There are many people who still believe The Premier League is the best league in the world however I’m prone to agree with you. That’s why I said this is weird.

  8. well, i think he feels winning the Europa league attracts two glories, 1. winning an European cup for the first time since 25 years and also qualifying for the champions league.

    he definitely wants to concentrate more on this rather than just qualifying for the champions league only.

  9. We’re going to Baku with Emery and Aubameyang too ???? auba and laca was immense! Everyone doubted us against Valencia saying we’ll get beat and mess it up including our own fans as I’ve said all season have faith in the process ? so happy now come on Frankfurt ?

    1. Well Sue Chelsea get the luck again but know this they’re luck is coming to an end in Baku ? f@@k Giroud f@@k hazard we have Aubameyang and Lacazette ?

        1. Are you happy then Sue ? don’t let Chelsea getting through or the doom mongers get to you! We’re in the Europa League final and in my opinion favourites, that Chelsea team are really nothing to fear ?

          1. Yes happy ? all we want is for them to play like tonight! I don’t want to say too much, as you know I have a tendency to jinx things ?
            Thank God it’s Friday tomorrow… then it’s the Birthday, the big 3-7 ?

            1. Sue’s happy ? I’ll do all the talking is that ok ? ? When I say we’ll win you have to believe me ? haha oh don’t remind me ?

              1. Yes you can do all the talking – that’s fine by me!!
                So I bet you didn’t vape as much as you thought you would?! I ?
                I have to say – waking up today, knowing we’re in the final – what a lush feeling ?

                1. Yes ? no just the usual ? it’s certainly an unusual feeling knowing we’re still in Europe near the end of may ?

                    1. And to you too! ? so we have Mike Dean on Sunday, and making an appearance (for the very last time yay!) is the green kit ?

                    2. Sue you just ruined my night ? Mike bloody Dean and the green kit ? hahaha Emery says ebening ? can you speak Spanish Sue ? ?

                    3. It ruined my night too, so I had to share it ?
                      I can’t understand a word he says ? haha no Kev…I only know Hola & that’s your lot ? how about you? Offering to be his translator?!
                      So I saw that Zac Efron film earlier.. it was actually quite good (but I do think he’s quite nice looking,, Zac not Ted.. so maybe that was why!)

                    4. Well they have said Ted Bundy was good looking and very charming, did you know he once almost abducted the singer Blondie ? Haha thanks for sharing ? haha no I don’t know Spanish a couple of phrases lol he is hard to understand, he’s from the Basque region and Basque Spaniards are harder to understand ?

                    5. Bloody hell ? he was mental….
                      Ooh you’re a right little encyclopedia ?
                      So you’ll be partying hard tomorrow ?
                      It’s the last soccer AM of the season tomorrow ?

                    6. Aww thank you Sue ? the great Andres Iniesta has a birthday today as well ? was it good ? ?

                    7. Wow fancy sharing your Birthday with him ? maybe you could show him a thing or 2 ?
                      So have you had a good day? I bet your daughter has spoilt you rotten!
                      It was alright.. not as good as I was expecting. Jeez that Michael Sheen doesn’t half waffle on ??

                    8. Hahaha now that you mention it, maybe show him a few finishing techniques ?? Aww she got me a lure set and a personalized mug I love it Sue ? he sent you to sleep ? well I bet your only thinking of may 29th anyway ??

                    9. Bless her, that’s really sweet! You’ll be off angling soon then ?
                      I’m nervous about tomorrow (City) but yes really looking forward to the 29th!! Bloody Chelsea ? I really hope we win!!

                    10. Oh I’ll be doing some sea fishing next month make no mistake about that Sue ? yeah Sue it was ? can’t see anything other than city winning tbh ? they have to fly to America before Baku ? how are you anyway Sue ? How’s the fam?

                    11. Perfect! ?
                      I’m good thank you, watching Derby v Leeds.. hasn’t been as good as Villa v West Brom! Kids are all good too thank you (& Coco ?)
                      So do you think UE will rest anyone tomorrow?

                    12. What about your daughter Sue is she nervous about tomorrow? ? That’s good ? Coco ? I was watching animal planet last night and a Bob cat got into a mans garden and took his little dog, it was sad ? I might get a couple of pet rats call them Auba and Laca what you think ? ?? Yeah Sue I fancy West Brom vs Leeds playoff final! God, I don’t know there’s no point trying to second guess Unai Emery lol I would like Auba to play and hopefully score a hat- trick ??

                    13. West Brom lost 2-1 & had Gayle sent off… I like Gayle & obviously I like Gibbs.. but they’re so boring! I said before I fancied Villa V Derby.. but Leeds are 1-0 up now.. they’re playing quite well…
                      Yes Kev, she’s nervous.. ? if they mess up I don’t know who’ll be angrier ?
                      Ooh rats?? They make me squirm! Nice names though ?
                      I agree.. UE probably doesn’t even know himself… I bet his translator doesn’t even know & he’s probably already told him ??

                    14. I had a wild rat run over my foot when I was out fishing one time the bloody thing was a mutant ? I think you’ll be more nervous than her ?? true but Brom are strong at home ? remember when gibbs hit chambers with the ball and Mike Dean gave a pen ? ? Haha good ebening ? on the plus side we don’t have to see that awful green kit again after tomorrow ? have to pop out Sue I will reply when I get back.. gonna watch that wickedly evil tonight ?

                    15. I’d have passed out if that had been my foot!!
                      Ha yes I think Arsenal should have a bonfire tomorrow night!! Get rid of it!! ?
                      Oooh well I hope you like it! You see photos.. but you don’t see him do anything (otherwise I wouldn’t have watched it ?)

                    16. Haha the thing was squeaking like crazy ? bonfire night ? yeah burn all 3 kits thank god no more puma because they’re kits have been an eyesore ? oh so there’s no action in it ? Thanks again for the birthday greetings Sue ?

                    17. It’s match day Kev… I’ve already moved the sofa, so I can watch from behind it ?? it’s going to be tough!!
                      Well I hope you had a great night ? did you watch the film? Like it?
                      Will Auba win the golden boot????? ?

                    18. Move your sofa back Sue ? auba did win it ???? green kit and an away win ? it was all quiet Sue ?

                    19. Oooh you’re too gruesome!! I couldn’t have watched him chop a head off & all that other sick stuff!! It was good though.
                      . You’ll have to watch Hostel ?
                      So will you watch MOTD??!!

                    20. For those who don’t know about ted Bundy they have to show the viewers as graphic as it is and I’ve seen hostel lol I sure am Sue, Im guessing you are too ? oh pogba should have gone ?

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