Has Emery’s start to his Arsenal career been impressive so far?

Right now we are two thirds of the way through Unai Emery’s first season as Arsenal boss, and it has certainly been a rollercoaster ride with the 22-game unbeaten run, and then the collapse of our away form. Not to mention the three season-ending injuries and our ever -changing tactics, especially in defence.

But if we had to judge right now, would you say it had been impressive? According to the new Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri, everyone keeps saying that the Gunners are doing very well. This is what the Italian said after his side beat Malmo 3-0 to progress to the last 16 of the Europa League alongside Arsenal, and he was asked if he was close to being sacked. He replied: ‘I am not interested, to be honest.

‘I have to think of my work as a big picture issue, otherwise I’d do my work badly. So I continue along my path and nothing has changed, as far as I am concerned.

‘I keep hearing people praise Arsenal’s season, but they are not in the Cup Final, they have fewer points than us in the Premier League and reached the last 16 of the Europa League just like us.

‘I don’t understand why people act as if our season is so negative and Arsenal’s is impressive.

‘It’s true there have been many peaks and troughs, including some very deep troughs, but considering it’s my first season in a new league and environment, I think that’s acceptable. ‘I did take over a team that finished fifth with 70 points.’

To be honest I don’t think you could choose between the two manager’s success so far this season, except that Chelsea are going to be massacred my Man City in Sunday’s League Cup Final. Would you say that either of them had been “impressive”?

Darren N


  1. Sean Williams says:

    I feel sympathy for Emery. He has had the job of turning ‘a sow’s ear into a silk purse’. Nobody could do that with a poor squad like ours. Until Satan Kroenke releases the money for a ‘silk purse’ we will be limited to 5th or 6th as other owners release funds and improve upon us. Satan Kroenke conned his way into Arsenal ownership. He is hated by most in the USA and here in the UK. We must get him OUT. But we must support Emery, he’s trying hard against all odds.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Spot-on about Emery’s burden

      I bet he would move on if he gets better offer, because he has nice CV

      I’d say Emery is doing a good job so far, but not as impressive as Ranieri at Leicester

      1. Gavana says:

        The only time you got an Idea!

        1. Jah son says:


    2. patH says:

      Get real, Kroenke’s going nowhere in the foreseeable future. The new upper management were appointed by Kroenke and were fully aware, at the time of their appointment, of the “self sustaining model” that they were required to operate under. I am not a big fan of Kroenke or his business philosophy but that’s what it is. It would also be interesting to know how Kroenke would be able to just give Arsenal say 200 million,if he wanted to, without breaching Fair Play and all the other rules which are currently in force. I wonder if any Arsenal supporter has thought that Kroenke’s ultimate plan is to bring American Football to the Emirates. If so he is going to be here for long time.

      1. Sean Williams says:


        You have “self sustaining model” on the brain. You are walking through life like a horse with blinkers, you can’t see the rest of the world. I feel sad for you and your one dimensional view of the world. Luckily there are creative minds in the world. Things can change because change is the nature of life.

        1. Midkemma says:

          Self sustaining model is what we have had for years, I mean years prior to Silent Stan, we still won things though.
          The people who run the club, not the owners but the ones who work hard to make it a success, they are the ones who really matter.

          It was Dein previously, yes he was a shareholder but he wasn’t a mega rich, throw his money at anyone blah blah type.

          Wenger came to Arsenal after we had been ran well off the field, this wasn’t the owners as far as I’m aware, it was a single shareholder who threw himself into Arsenal and made the difference from a job within the club.

          Raul has a lot of work to do.

          Does rest of the world include UTD?
          They was bought and the loan paid for from UTDs income… reported that close to 1 billion was taken out of the club over the years. They did have a better growth during the decade than us, raising their income by a greater % which was already a higher figure than our income… Good business and now they are the 2nd highest net spender in the EPL over the last 5 years.

          Are they not part of the rest of the world part?

          I agree about the creative minds part, that is what we need in Arsenal, creative minds that can help our income grow while sorting out our expenditure, balance the books to allow for better spending in the future…

          I hope we don’t get creative minds that basically threaten UEFA with court costs and a bigger bank account than UEFA has access to so bring it! That sort of creativity isn’t needed in Arsenal. That brings football into question.

          I can agree that it would be nice for Silent Stan to use ASDA (This is part of WalMart and Silent Stans asset?) as a sponsor for us, get rid of Emirates and remove anything associated with non human rights, it would be nice if ASDA paid us 50% of their marketing budget PA or whatever and sponsor us. There are ways that Silent Stan could invest in us which I would like…

          Hmm, Maybe that should be an article in itself though, how can Silent Stan invest without breaking FFP?

          1. Will says:

            I would hate to see an Arsenal shirt sponsored by ASDA ??

        2. patH says:

          You seem to have getting rid of Kroenke on the brain.You won’t. As for the statement about him being hated in USA and the US I doubt that most of the population of those nations don’t even know who he is let alone hate him. He is very small beer in the USA unfortunately not so for Arsenal

  2. kev says:

    Emery’s start to his Arsenal career has not been impressive but he needs more time to implement his system because this team is ages away from a typical Emery team.A prime example of a typical Emery team performance was the PSG team that beat Barcelona 4-0 in the UCL of 16/17 season or the Sevilla team that beat Liverpool 3-1 to claim the Europa.You can also see Emery’s style from PSG(home) against Arsenal in 16/17 season.You can see in all these matches that defensive solidity and pressing was the basis for all good things.He overcrowds the whole midfield when in defense and usually uses 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 formations.He’s been quite average in tactics and team lineup selctions. The 22 unbeaten run was helped mostly by the fact that teams couldnt finish us off.I dont want to talk too much about the negative aspects of his time so far because they outweigh the positive.I’d rather hope we win most of our matches if not all in the EPL and make top four.

  3. Declan says:

    Impressive? No not really, in my humble opinion.
    He’s done ok, a bit meh at times but it’s his first season and I’m not sure given the restraints he’s under that he could have done much better. I genuinely believe he will be given decent money to spend in the summer so I’m hoping things will be much better next season and I’m also hoping we get a “style” which at present we don’t have.

  4. John0711 says:

    Following Chelsea’s ban, Kronkie has ordered all the scouts into schools to sign as many kids as possible

    1. tas says:

      HAHAHAHA so right

  5. Sue says:

    Rennes it is then….

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    I actually think Emery is slightly over achieving. Many may scoff at that, but I’ll break it down, just looking at the league.

    Arsenal haven’t been in the CL for two straight seasons now, as Arsenal gradually got worse under Wenger. 5th in 16/17 with 75pts and 9 defeats. 6th last season with 63pts and 13 defeats. We’re currently in 5th with 50pts and 6 defeats with 12 games to go. So we’re well on course to better last season, and that’s with a crippling injury list.

    This is why the injuries are such a relevant point. We’re only a point off 4th, 10pts off 3rd. We’ve scored one more than Utd, 8 more than Chelsea, one less than Spurs, and only 6 less than Liverpool’s mighty attack. We’ve lost only one more game than Utd, only 2 more than City, and level on defeats with Spurs, and Chelsea.

    So imagine where we’d be if Emery hadn’t had an insane injury list ALL SEASON! Our defense hasn’t improved, but guess where the bulk of injuries have been…defense. And our awful defending is more a cultural issue embedded within the club, over years, and years of neglecting the defensive side of the game. Emery is also working with the weakest squad in regards to quality, and the 5th worst budget, only bettering Spurs in that area. Without such a shocking injury list, we would easily be challenging Spurs for 3rd at the moment.

    Emery has improved our attack, he has improved some of our players, he has improved our mentality and work rate, he has improved us in the big games, and I am sure once the injuries lessen, and he gets more players in suited to his philosophy, we’ll see further improvement. And remember that he hasn’t even completed a season at Arsenal yet.

    1. jon fox says:

      Great context and well written.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I enjoyed reading that too, a lot of truth in it.

    2. Mwsupporter says:

      As far as I recall we have had crippling injury lists for the last several seasons, I’m not sure this year is any different. We as fans having been asking the question for some years, how we seem to get more than our fair share of injuries, some have blamed training techniques and medical teams, however we have different teams in place now and still the problem persists. It needs looking at by the club to assess where things are going wrong.

    3. Midkemma says:

      Emery comes in with 5 def players signed and he can’t keep a clean sheet. 12 games to go with 14 less goals conceded so far, the way Emery can’t get Arsenal to keep clean sheets then I think this could be around the same, or more.
      Considering Emery is a def minded coach who had 5 new players to help in def… Pathetic! Wenger could have done better!

      Now the injuries…
      Two ACL injuries in such a short time and neither one of those was due to impact (foul’d by another player), they collapsed when turning or putting a lot of strain on their own body. Poor physical training, I’ll say it, Emery has pushed to hard and some players broke. No feeling sorry for the guy who pushed to hard and broke his own players. If he had payed attention to the country he was in then maybe he would have eased off a bit over this xmas as we didn’t have a break… no break in gametime at least, thanks to Emery we got breaks in players.

      1. Jah son says:

        Guy is a clown wimp out and played Ozil didn’t hear the fans singing Emery’s name no they sang Ozil.

        1. Midkemma says:

          I’m getting very close to the point of putting the men’s team ‘on hold’ until Emery has gone, I’ll watch the women’s more and the U23 more, I can’t give up on Arsenal but I don’t have to support this boring style.

          I am a bit ashamed to admit that I don’t watch enough womens football, some of the few games I have seen was exciting, thrilling… edge of the seat style. Plus the added bonus of being able to enjoy the legs on display XD lol.

        2. Break-on-through says:

          Midkemma, it is Wenger’s old players that are gaining the serious injuries, none of the new signings seem to be dropping besides the odd hamstring pull that keeps you out for three weeks or so. Laca and Auba also look fine even though the PL is supposed to be tougher physically, both of them are more or less new players, yet it’s the ones with prem experience that are falling under their own weight.

          Emery spent 75 mil, is in his first season, but more importantly so are all those signings you say haven’t improved the defence. How many great players have found this league tough in the first season, Salah comes to mind, and De Bruyne, and I’d say many others. Defending is not just about CB’s CDM and fullbacks, it is a team effort. The outfield players he brought in was just Sokratis & Torriera for the starting team defence.

          And I won’t even bother replying to yourself Jah rastafiri son, I’ll wait til you something intelligent to say.

          1. Mwsupporter says:

            I’m really struggling to understand what you’re saying, please explain what difference it makes who bought them.

    4. NMC says:

      Good analysis, there are certain games where I feel he could of improved the result but overall he has done ok.

    5. AndersS says:

      So right 🙂

  7. Achala says:

    If we win against Rennes, the 7 likely teams in the QF will be:


    I really don’t see a much bigger chance to win this than to reach top 4.

    We can win against any of them, but to win last 16, QF, SF, and final — not sure we have consistency for that…

    1. RSH says:

      Agree. The opponents are tougher than last season. Hopefully Bate was just a blip, because even Rennes will be tougher. Every opponent will be from here on out. We are certainly not favorites

      1. Sue says:

        Said online that Rennes beat PSG in Emery’s last home game & Ben Arfa plays for them and he doesn’t get on with Emery… interesting!

        1. Tas says:

          Sue PSG had already won the legue way before the last game so there was nothing to play for and possibly they must of thrown in some stock and young players

          1. Jah son says:

            Excuses excuses excuses

          2. Tas says:

            Yes Jah PSG have no excuse for losing that last game it was said that the players was only there because of the trophy celebration and left straight after for their holidays, twaiting for them at the airport their private jet’s

  8. jon fox says:

    The problem with how this articles question is phrased is this: One persons “impressive” may be , when set in context, anothers mere “mediocre”. To find the real truth we need to all agree on exactly what “impressive” actually means. I say this is difficult or even impossible. So that being the case, there can be no one common answer. It is not like asking “is rain wet” where all rational answers would be “yes it is”. I raise this , (to some at least) needlessly pedantic point for a good reason which is this: In life there are absolute truths and there are opinions. Most of what passes for fan debate is opinion. I ask you to accept that point first before reading on. IF you do accept that, then it follows, as sure as night follows day( which is an absolute truth), that humans will always discuss/ quarrel/ see the other parties point but agree or still disagree but not quarrel about it. We Gooners are a very diverse group of humans with just one salient thing only in common to us all. Namely that we all support Arsenal. Another absolute truth – apart from the other club fans and also the socially and mentally damaged trolls who infect this site from time to time- and so my answer will be just my opinion. There will be many who broadly accept and probably many more who disagree but in various degrees. That is human nature and worth remembering when we get angry at what other Gooners write. Please believe me when I accept that last comment applies to me every bit as much as to anyone else.

    My opinion is that Emery has done “well”; “impressive” being too large a claim to be accurate, IMO. I base this opinion on the tremendous handicaps he has had to face from day one in the job. Firstly, the language barrier, which can be underrated as a problem. Even now he is still difficult to properly understand in his TV interviews. Secondly , the culture left behind by his predecessor. My opinion is that this culture was of a club and players far too comfy in their club career. Money contributes greatly towards this comfort and the more money the players already have in the bank/ or earn, then the greater the physical comfort, though age, experience, talent and many other factors are also important. Managerial drive or lack of it also contributes much to being too comfy. Thirdly, Emery has had a really bad run of injuries , many of them long term and to key players. Fourth, he has had to contend, as did Wenger before him, with Kroenke holding the pursestrings and allowing relative peanuts to spend. Fifth, he started from scratch and did not have the human credit in the bank, so to speak , that Wenger had with many fans and even with many who still wanted him to leave. There was an affection for the man and the clear fact that he loved the club. I share that human affection and still do, DESPITE firmly calling for his managerial exit for a long time past. This is being totally honest of me, NOT hypocritical, as some may choose to think. Life is rarely black and white and there are shades of grey in many, even most, matters. Sixth, which is obvious, is that he is a completely different manager and man from Wenger. Emery is far younger , desperately keen and driven to make his mark in the Prem. Wenger, by comparison, was a grandee of the club and of the whole Prem. He was in essence, though not in strict reality, as British as I am and his English was fluent. He was comfortable in England and had little left to prove. Emery has everything yet to achieve and may or may not ever get close to Wengers former glories. Statistically it is unlikely, if only mainly because he has Kroenke to contend with from his start as manager. Wenger had the huge advantage of David Dein with his huge knowledge, drive and wisdom, plus their close freindship for his whole glory period. Please do not underestimate the importance of Dein. I do not! I could easily write a great deal more but will spare you, as my lunch now awaits me.

    1. Midkemma says:

      ” Emery has everything yet to achieve and may or may not ever get close to Wengers former glories. Statistically it is unlikely, if only mainly because he has Kroenke to contend with from his start as manager. Wenger had the huge advantage of David Dein with his huge knowledge, drive and wisdom, plus their close freindship for his whole glory period. Please do not underestimate the importance of Dein. I do not! I could easily write a great deal more but will spare you, as my lunch now awaits me.”

      As you know Jon, I am not an Emery fan, I do wish to ask you something tho.
      Wenger had Dein who was a share holder, as you rightfully pointed out in what I quoted, I wonder about your opinion on how the old owners didn’t put money into the club like what is being asked for yet Wenger still achieved what he did.

      If Raul is willing to back Emery and he brings in Monchi who Emery worked will with in the past, does this not equal what Wenger had? Trust and backing from the CEO, while Raul is called a different title, he is the head man like Dein was. While it was Dein who got transfers done, if Raul gets Monchi who Emery has worked with previously, then doesn’t that cover what Wenger had?

      Wenger never had some deep pocket to call upon, it was Arsenals money and Arsenal had to make what they spent, our old board wasn’t pumping cash into Arsenal… was they? If they did then I am not aware of it.

      You know I can’t praise Dein enough, he is a legend in my eyes, I am not wishing to debate this 🙂 I am just curious to why you, along with others, focus so much on Silent Stan not throwing his money into the club when our old owners didn’t anyway… at least from what I know.

      1. jon fox says:

        midkemma, You are comparing fridges with toasters, so to speak. 1996 Prem and 2018 Prem are poles apart and so are the way that silverware is garnered. It is a common fallacy to compare two sets of things but assume the intangibles are the same when they clearly are not. To be clear, I refer to the fact that DD, who back then effectively RAN the business side of the club, being a well recognised Arsenal fanatic whose love for the club was in every cell of his being(and still is), was a massive help to Wenger. All the active directors were real fans and cared deeply for the club , BACK THEN. Now , power is entirely in the hands of people who see the club only as a vehicle for making them (both Kroenkes) richer still. This is a massive differnce that makes ALL the difference. When all in any venture are singing rom the same hymn sheet great things can be accomplished The head of any business sets the tone and way of business. Being fairly old I am worldly wise in business and how humans think and react. I therefore give huge emphasis to this massive difference now compared to back then. The other huge difference is that back then most young players were solid and mentally tough players with a large basis ff come through the club players and all were physically tough. You did not mess with Dixon, Adams, Viera, Bould et al. If you offered me Bellerin and Ozil OR Keown and Winterburn to be in the proverbial trenches alongside, which pair do you think I WOULD PICK. You need not answer as ALL on here know which pair it would be! My point is that in effect Kroenke is taking money out. Not directly and openly; he is dfat too cunning for that. But i allowing trhclub to be amatuerly run in his decade since coming in 2007, he effectively ran the club down. DD would have put the club before his gret friend Arsene and suggested he step down far soomewr than when he finally left. DD would also not have wasted the countless millions Gazidis and Wenger bot did an poor and overpaid players and running contracts down to nothing. And why, midkemma, ? Because he was on the ball. He was in constant touch and was inteh ground most days. We NOW have a remote, absent, silent non communicative couldn’t care less about silver ware owner and , though we have just recently stopped the Wenger/ Gazidis rot, they were allowed to do so MUCH damage that their incompetence will take years to fully repair, esp with Kroenke holding the pursestrings.

        You see , you have made the classic mistake of looking ONLY at the owner putting money in. What you fail to acknowledge is the awful waste, through uninterest, of the clubs own money honestly earned through football and commercial ventures. You put a remote hands off Kroenke type living thousands of miles away in charge of ANY household name British corporation and you will soon see that business start to atrophy. I do not boast when I describe myself as a realist. I have lived and worked at VERY high corporate level and have seen life in all its levels. I look way beyond the surface skin level for answers. You are also bright and could do so too , if you choose. There is much more I could write but there is only so much we can write on this site. In truth there is much more besides what I have only sketched out in this post.

        1. Midkemma says:

          “You are comparing fridges with toasters, so to speak. ”

          No, if you think this then sorry, I can point to UTD if you like… which I have done several times. They grew their business after they was bought in a disgusting way, they have had more sht to deal with that we have had to deal with Silent Stan. This is not comparing 1996 to 2019.

          I have recognised facts and included them in my own thinking. Facts like Dein took a role within the club, a role which criteria is currently being done by Raul and VV. Dein backed Wenger and their relationship meant they had a clear understanding of each other, this can be replicated again.

          Wenger found several bargains and again, as I pointed out to BOT, bargains have been found. It wasn’t us and that is frustrating… Kante and Mahrez was found before LCFC made profit on them. Haw about Shaqiri for Liverpool? Guendouzi for us? Torreira didn’t cost a record fee either. This of course is helped by the recruitment knowing the manager and managers style, strengths and flaws.

          “You see , you have made the classic mistake of looking ONLY at the owner putting money in.”
          I clearly didn’t.

          I looked at the current environment, how UTD have grown along with Peps success and change in football catching people out… Like how Conte back 3 caught teams out for a season. Wenger introduced something new and it got copied, Conte did and teams copied that, Pep has and teams are looking to press more.

          I have looked at transfers, how Wenger had support to act with purpose and as Dein understood Wenger, he could cover his flaws better than Gazidis did afterwards. I have looked at how teams in the EPL are still finding bargains…

          I really didn’t want to use this but the spuds have spent how much to build their squad?

          “Being fairly old I am worldly wise in business and how humans think and react.”
          You are ignoring the fact that someone like Silent Stan doesn’t waste their time doing accounts, they pay people to do that, they pay people who know more than them to do a better job then they could do.

          Age doesn’t equal accuracy. Just because you are confident in what you perceive doesn’t mean it is correct, adding your age does nothing to this, young and old people can be wrong. Young and old people can be wise. I make my own mind up about who is wise and it isn’t by looking at someone’s age, it is be engaging them like I do with you Jon. I know I am younger than you but that shouldn’t mean anything in what we are talking about.

          You having experience from 1759 doesn’t mean business is the same anymore either, sorry, couldn’t resist that poke 😛

          “You put a remote hands off Kroenke type living thousands of miles away in charge of ANY household name British corporation and you will soon see that business start to atrophy.”
          ASDA was bought by Walmart, owned by Silent Stans inlaw family which he is part off.
          Last I heard they was looking to merge with Sainsburys, ASDA was worth more before this merger then what was paid for them…

          1. jon fox says:

            As you are intent on just being insulting rather than taking my points ACCURATELY on board I will end this discussion right here. Sorry to have wasted your time. And mine too. You originally asked me a question and I gave my thoughts , naively perhaps taking your question seriously , and then I get this insulting reply. Well, I have learned better now where you are concerned.

          2. Midkemma says:

            You talked about me not thinking yet I proved I did and I am insulting.
            Or was it the one joke about your age, because, well… you deserved that one.

            As for accuracy, you was wrong, that simple.
            Nothing accurate about the BS you typed.
            Now you are running off as you know you can not engage in a debate without your lies being shown to be lies.

            Everyone sees it as well.

        2. gooner1989 says:

          Very interesting reading and I very much agree. I am also interested in knowing your thoughts on how to realistically remove an owner like Kroenke?

          “power is completely in the hands of people who see the club only as a vehicle for making them (both Kroenkes) richer still. This is a massive difference that makes ALL the difference”

          I strongly agree with your statement here and I believe people most underestimate how such mentality has say whether a football club achieves success or not.

          What do you think about Arsenal want to get Monchi considering that we get a Spanish trio and what do you think about that we’ve lost Mslintat?

          Sorry for my english.

  9. Midkemma says:

    I’m far from impressed with Emery.
    He has a few good games but the rest of them was bore fests.
    No secret that I want him gone, I do not like the style of football we are turning towards and I don’t want us to turn into Stoke City.

    If Emery stays then I might just give up on the men’s team, focus on the womens and U23, I like to watch entertaining football and Emery is installing boredom.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Midkemma, this is about the question you put to Jon. My answer would be – Wenger had a great eye for spotting talent and it was in a time when English clubs mostly chased British players. He had the European market almost to himself when compared to PL clubs. That was the biggest advantage that Wenger held. We were the first team to field an all foreign first eleven. Portsmouth followed suit, then everyone started to look abroad for cheaper better players. Dein was great for Wenger, because he got him his first choice targets. Today Dein would not be able to do that, because of the competition and due to funds. The day we started missing out on first targets was when the Billionaire owners arrived, we could cope with utd but not all three plus everyone now looking into France for the next Henry, Vieira, Thuram, Zidane, Pires and the likes.

      1. Midkemma says:

        So Guendouzi wasn’t a bargain?
        How about Kante for LCFC?

        Bargains was found back then and bargains are found now, while it may be harder to get the jump on a deal without the media turning it into clicks… it also makes it easier to scout more when looking at stats. Something LCFC did when they found Mahrez and Kante.

        I do not personally accept the answer as I do believe that bargains have persistently been found.

        I would say that the day we started missing out wasn’t when we got the investors (Silent Stan and Usmanov) but the first full season that Gazidis was here. Wenger wanted Nasri and Arshavin, he got them, since then though… Gazidis hadn’t been at Arsenal long enough to learn where the coffee machine was when the Jan window came around for Arshavin, I do put that 4 goal heroic game but ‘flop’ afterwards on Wenger. He wasn’t perfect, he was human. Some good and some bad.

        Thanks for your thoughts though BOT, was good to read 🙂

      2. ken1945 says:

        For me, the partnership of AW and DD was a perfect marriage.
        Dein was the man behind the scene who, when AW identified a player he wanted, Dein went out and got him.

        How different under gazidis, who seemed to do everything he could to frustrate the requirements and wishes of AW.

        I believe that the successes of the treble sides, the Invincibles and the vision of the Emirates should be apportioned equally between these two Arsenal legends and if a statue was ever talked about, it should be for both men.

        It is no surprise that the slow, gradual decline began when the old board sacked DD, brought in kronkie and sold their shares without a thought about what this man had planned for our club.

        Just compare the two, David Dein and ivan Gazidis: Their footballing history, their relationship with AW and how each man was seen by kronkie.

        Now Ue has brought in his team, as the revolution in the backroom staff has been a complete new broom (except for some unfathomable reason Bould) and the time to judge will be at the end of this season and the summer transfer market.

        Yes, he doesn’t have the man DD, but he has brought in his own team…let’s see if he can emulate DD and AW.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          It would be totally unfair to compare Emery and his backroom staff to those of Arsene’s early successful years. For one there was only two clubs constantly fighting for superiority back then, and we were lucky enough to be one of them. Like I mentioned already, Wenger had an advantage back then that any manager who joins us right now would not have at all. The transfer market and in particular the French market, we showed the way back then to many other sides. Wenger also had another large advantage, the dietary habits he brought with him from Europe and Japan, we were also the leagues front runners in that field too. Some may choose to deny how Wenger had it more advantageous back then, but that would be someone being in denial. On one hand a person cannot say that Wenger revolutionized the English game, and then on the other hand say that he did not have any advantages when compared to Arsenal of today. Like I said, totally unfair.

  10. Bur says:

    I like Energy’s passion, enthusiasm, commitment , desire, emotion and his excitement for the game, his tactics are questionable at times but I truly think he inherited a inept squad and has done well with some players that aren’t top 4. He is challenging for a top 4 position which I am sure other managers would be striving for. Emery………….yes.

  11. Jah son says:

    No set formation
    No set team
    No cohesion
    Lack of unity
    Mostly poor performances
    Poor at man management
    Really could someone name the positives
    We can’t even beat bottom half teams comfortable again
    Emery is got to go
    Ozil saved his job yesterday just look at the match stats.
    Iwobi couldn’t have said it better

    1. Bur says:

      Bit harsh Jah son, he can only play the inept squad he adopted.

      1. jon fox says:

        Jah son is not , frankly, the brightest or most clear thinking fish in the ocean, is he! A “bit harsh” is hardly the phrase I would use . I would call him reactionary and unthinking, even incapable of rational and considered thought.

      2. Jah son says:

        Just pointing out the obvious
        I was so happy when Emery came to the Arsenal and the way he spoke highly of our players and our style of play only to throw it all out the window in half a season. I can’t point to one player that Emery as improved.

        1. Pat says:

          Jah son, spot on. Has anyone notice what Poch does at Tottenham, He goes and bring in players from their youth team and insert them into the big team seamlessly, before long these players are being considered for the national team. Who has Emery improved, has the team improved generally? Am not sure.

          1. Emery has improved Iwobi and Mustafi. They are not the best but are performing way better than they were under the previous manager. Don’t forget, Poch has been around for years, Emery only months. Give him a fair chance before you write him off as a failure.

  12. Jah son says:

    Even Sarri is complaining that no one wants to criticize Emery because the media finally find someone to sink the Arsenal and their pretty football they boast about.

  13. ackshay says:

    emery has done a good job no less no more.
    In term of results; we are still only 1 pt off top 4 which was the aim at the start, still in europa league and were only eliminated by other big 6 teams in cup competition.

    in terms of Transfer apart from a certain swiss defender which was only given 1 year contract the signings have been good.

    The only part where emery is not doing a great job is on-pitch football quality. The defense is poor for several reasons and the style of play has been mediocre. maybe with more players of his choosing we will see a better style or defense.

    1. Jah son says:

      So is it not on the pitch where is work should be show what if he had gone different and signed two very good wingers or two damn good center backs to there is just so much

    2. Midkemma says:

      I’ll reserve my praise of transfers for Sven.. along with any criticism.

      Emery appears to have wanted Nzonzi and Banega, I wonder which one of those good transfers would have collapsed if Emery got his way, I wonder if we would have Torreira as Nzonzi would be that role. Sven was the head of recruitment and as soon as he started to get overruled then he quit. He didn’t quit 6 months ago, it was apparently due to Jan window and how Emery was listened to over him.

      Shame we lost Sven.

  14. John Rambo says:

    Emery has improved nothing. It’s quite the opposite actually. Defence is still a shambles, creativity has drastically reduced and since we always lose our best creators on free transfers ala santi, jack, rambo n so on.. (thank the heaven’s for guendouzi). Emery looks an average coach with average tactics and zero flair. The Arsenal Way of stylish football is certainly doomed under this stiff clown who never kicked a football in his life.

  15. ForeverGooner says:

    Definitely NOT impressive
    We are still 6th but depending on what happens, Emery can still improve on Wengers last season

    But him getting Torreira and Guendouzi was a reality check. Wenger would never have got those two defensive midfielders. He was stubborn as a mule
    You can’t win the PL without a DM.
    Wenger leaving was vital for our future whether it’s with Emery or someone else.

    Now we need to see how we finish and who he Emery will be allowed to get this summer

  16. Shinoda says:

    I can’t believe what I’m reading here. Did people really expect Emery to come in and have instant success in all aspects of the game in his 1st season? This is a guy who took over from a manager who was here for over 20 years. He took charge of a team that was in decline, a team that was piss poor defensively, a team that lacked balance, a team that has not won away to the big 6 for God knows how long, a team that finished 6th & over 30 points behind the league winners, a team that lacks quality in depth, a club that was mismanaging contracts & overpaying underperforming players and to top it all, an owner who doesn’t care about the footballing success of the club. Even our beautiful football that some keep talking about was gone.
    Yes, Emery shouldn’t be immune to criticism, but let’s not act like we were doing great or heading in a positive direction. He may have brought in some poor signings or had a poor team selection or played a dull style of football, but where has it got us? We are still in the fight for a top 4 and in the race for the Europa League.
    We aren’t a club like Mancity who can easily hire a new coach & give him £200m to work with.
    I’m willing to give him and the new management team time to implement their ideas and adapt to our philosophy.
    I want Arsenal to succeed, and I also know where we have come from, where we are and I want to see where we are heading.
    Emery won’t be here for 20yrs. If he doesn’t perform well and we don’t see any improvement later, I believe the opportunity will be given to someone else. As it stands, I wish him and Arsenal great success in the near future. No one player or person should ever bigger than my club.

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