Has Giroud finally silenced his Arsenal critics? Wenger thinks so!!

Arsenal fans have been waiting and hoping all summer for Arsene Wenger to go into the transfer market and come out with a top class striker, one that we feel will give us that extra edge up front to really challenge for major honours.

Well there is not much time left and it looks like the manager is not going to do it. In fact he seems perfectly happy with his striking options at the Emirates, particularly with his fellow Frenchman Olivier Giroud, as his interview on Arsenal.com makes clear.

Giroud may have been off the pace against Besiktas on Wednesday, but Wenger put that down to his physixcal condition and rustiness and there is no doubt that our big number 12 made a huge difference after coming on for Alexis at halftime against Everton on Saturday and rescued a valuable and morale boosting point with a great last gasp header.

Giroud’s stats on his Wikipedia page show clearly that he has always improved year on year at his previous clubs as well as the Gunners and Wenger is backing him to do the same again this season and improve on his very respectable goal return from last season.

The Prof said, “He scored 16 [in the Premier League last year] and he’s very convincing. You never have to set any limitations for any player. For me, he’s improving every year and don’t rule it out that he scores 25.

“We have Sanogo who will be an important asset, we have Giroud, we have Lukas Podolski, we have Joel Campbell who can play centre forward. We have Alexis and Walcott coming back. Let’s not forget that.

“All of our opponents look for strikers as well and nobody finds a world-class striker available who is better than the strikers you have.”

Does that sound to you like Wenger is really looking for another striker? So maybe it is time for us to give the bug guy a break and hope that with him and our other forward options, Arsenal do have enough firepower to win the Premier League.

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    1. ive been harsh on him since last season, but he is a gd squad player, decent third choice.

      still need a world class cf, we dont buy one, title will be out of reach like for the last decade
      (aswell as dm blah blah)

        1. I’d love an upgrade on OG but reckon there are many on here falling in to the simple assumption that say £50M on Cavani is a guaranteed no-brainer making us odds on for PL glory. The reality is long way from that. Sanchez, Ozil and Walcott all performing around OG, AR carrying on where he left off, better collective defending and £50M on defensive reinforcements gives a better shot at glory IMO. Of course some will want the £50M striker and the defensive reinforcements but that ain’t gonna happen. I won’t argue that an OG replacement wouldn’t improve our chances but the truth is a £50M striker is a long, long way from guaranteeing anything. We never won it with RvP for 8 seasons, never won it for 4 out of 6 seasons with Henry (probably the best striker the PL has seen) and won it once in 8 seasons with Wrighty. The competition is now far, far stronger than in our Invincible days. Could reasonably assume OG will get 15-20 PL goals and 10 assists this season – what will £50M get you, another 5 PL goals (say 20-25) and probably less assists? Also, and whilst it may not end up being a bad thing it will be back to the drawing board tactically, personnel wise etc if we change the focus of the team with a solo, traditional running off the last man type striker. The actual difficulty in buying say a world top 6 striker is also nonchalantly underestimated. I reckon the truth is a bit more complicated than people are prepared to accept.

      1. agree hope we’ll get Remy. Remy is wellrounded striker he can finish, dribble, and has great pace, physical presence and okay technique.

        but i still think the dm is more important

        1. I have been saying this for 2 years now, Remy is nothing but average at best.

          What he would bring is about 15 goals in all competitions and if that’s what we’re looking for then why are we selling Podolski?

          Remy = has never scored more than 20 goals in a season during his professional career – FACT.

    2. Giroud must score against Man City,Chelsea,Liverpool and Man United before anyone can start saying he’s silenced critics,he lacks big game temperament until he sorts that out only then will we talk of Giroud as a great striker!

        1. On the money – see just how totally shite RVp and Rooney looked yesterday. Might be useful if people actually had a sneaky look at our chances created stats for last season – we are way off the pace, Swansea and Newcastle for example managed the same as us. City way, way out in front. Seems like we go in circles – OG is shite and any forward would score more with our all conquering dynamic midfield we have but the more balanced true state of affairs is more likely to be OG is not quite as shite as people insist he is and that our midfield is not quite as brilliant as we imagine.

    3. No lord Giroud is not s*ht. We need to use players like og12 and podolski wisely. I’ll expalin: Against top oposition we should use Sanchez stamina in the middle, walcott in the right and i supose that cazorla left (wenger preference). Let those players to make runs and maybe to score but the key here is the oposition defenders to get TIRED and this is why Sanchez is such and importante player. In the 2nd half arsenal has to use Podolski or Lord Giroud to EXECUTE the oposition. Why? Because both Sanchez and walcott will work relentesly to get the oposition TIREDin the 1st half. Then if a player is underperforming ( say cazorla) you move Sanchez to the left in order to make space for LORD GIROUD who will probably do a good work due to fact that he alway’s look’s better when defenders are tired. If say cazorla and walcott are underperforming then you bring on PODOLSKI and GIROUD and then move Sanchez to the right. It’s a perfect system to kill almost every team. Because both Giroud and Podolski are effective against tired defenders. We all know that podolski is an assassin. If the team is chelsh*t and they park the bus your better use both podolski and Giroud in the 2nd half to try to make the EXECUTION goal . The beauty of this system is that even if MESUT is underperforming you then move cazorla to the middle in order to let podolski in or move sanchez and so on… Obviously podolski depends on the oposition, maybe you need ox speed…etc. I think that wenger is just waiting for walcott to be fit… The main tactical problem is that the wilshere’s forced starting place in the middle screw’s EVERYTHING: Mesut on the left, ramsey doesen’t perform as alway’s… It’s Ramsey or wilshere both NEVER.

    4. we should have signed Ballotelli when we had the chance and now loserpool has signed him. great news for everyone involved with Arsenal. watch him shine this season and find out how retarded wenger is. come on for 16 mil we could have had him….just 16mil…and puma would have paid some of the money..I can’t get over the fact that he is joining loserpool while we had a chance to sign him long time ago for the same fee. anyways I think he would have provided great competition for giroud and much much better option then that paralyzed sonago. unbelievable

  1. Giroud is an excellent squad player…..bring him off the bench when defenders are tired and he steamroll them….but we need a 30 goal a season striker(BPL Goals)

    1. Please let me know who won the league last season!?
      Them tell me who scored 30 premier league goals for them last season!?

      1. They had 4 strikers who all contributed, whereas we had 1.
        Aguero scored 17 league goals in 23 due to injuries, whereas Giroud scored 16 in 38.
        Aguero also scored 28 goals in all comps with only 34 apps, whereas Giroud scored 22 in 50+.

        1. jojo: Precisely, we had 1. This season we should have 3 who can contribute with Walcott back and Sanchez. Walcott in his last full season scored more than Aguero and the same as Dzecko – appreciate the theory is unproven as yet but see no reason why AS and TW cannot contribute 10-15 each at least. And no real point comparing anyone to Aguero – isn’t he the most prolific goal scored/mins played striker in PL history?

        2. @JoJo
          Aguero wasn’t a target man and didn’t play more than 45+ mins per match. Whereas Olivier was ran into the ground for 90+ mins in 50+ matches.

        1. So we don’t need a 30 goal prem striker then to win the league!!
          I think Giroud is massively underrated and it’s because people misunderstand his role in our team.
          We need more goals from Ozil if he is to play behind him and our wide forwards.
          If Giroud plays to hugs strengths us holding it up laying it off and making his way into the box this gives us a platform to play off!
          Which we didn’t evidently have in the 1st half against Everton which was glaringly obvious.
          I agree we need more depth in the striking department but Giroud has his place in our squad and is massive contributor to our side assisting and scoring.
          We need more from others to.

          1. There is no chemistry between Giroud and Ozil, let alone with Giroud and other players. Such a thing as him playing some kind of hold up play doesnt exist.

            1. @Ks… You are chatting arse my friend… Giroud has got more chemistry with the team than you sweetheart Ozil… Giroud got more assists than Ozil, and Ozil id meant to be the pro assister..

              Giroud contributes to the team more than Ozil does… He might not be a £42 million player but at least he does not go missing, he uses his limited talent to help the team while Mr £42 million keeps going missing in every match…

              1. There’s no point goonster reasoning or even saying Ozil needs to do more as our fans need a scape goat to make excuses for him Giroud 1st next Wilshere then who.
                We need goals aswell as assists from our supposed number 10.

              2. Not a fan boy at all, but you have to understand that Giroud can make every world class player look like shet. Dont count Ozils assists but count the ones the other players fail to score, especially Giroud in front of the goal.

                Compared to Ozil, Fabregas is one assist hit. One assist is equivalent with a goal at Chelsea. Where Giroud needs 5 clear chances to score one.

                1. Well that is bollocks – an assist is de facto followed by a goal. Think you are talking about chances created.

          2. Giroud is a striker his role is to score goals so what misunderstanding are you on about??Dzeko at Man City is a similar player to Giroud but he still scores more goals than Giroud we need a starting striker with OG as sub!

            1. You don’t get it the front 3 are supposed to score
              as many if not more then the target man striker.
              Giroud chips in with a fair few goals we just don’t have anyone other then Ramsey who does aswell.
              Need Walcott when fit and Sanchez and Ozil to score to.

              1. Amazing we have to go through this game after game. Ergs they don’t get the above. We have been saying it over and over for me it’s been over a year.

              2. @ergs
                I don’t get the logic behind the thought that many here think the other 3/4 forwards only job is to create chances for the lone targetman striker, nothing more…Lmfao

            2. @Dee@ease
              Dzeko is in no way similar to Olivier. Dzeko is invisible for large chunks of the match. Not tracking or contributing to play.

      2. Half the PL champions haven’t had the top scorer or anyone anyway near 25 goals let alone 30. Defences win titles – boring maybe but true. Point the figure at OG for not turning the tight games we had (home to Chelsea, Man U etc) but he was probably the least culpable of all 11 regarding the opening day disaster (he gave us the lead), the last 15 minute capitulations to S’ton, Everton, Stoke etc and the infamous 4 massacres.

      1. Agreed
        but all top teams have one or two world class strikers and we have just one good stock striker, if all the strikers for the top teams played as much as OG played they will score 30+ goals, we have the funds and we are top club.

      2. Last year Arsenal bagged total 79 points. But,

        1. Outside top 4, from Everton only 1 point, ManU only 1 point, from Southamton only 4 points, from Stock 3 points, from Swansea 4 points, from Aston Villa 3 points, from West Broam 3 points. That’s total 23 points.

        2. Outside top 4, at Home, we lost 9 points. We lost with Aston Villa, drew with Everton, ManU, Swansea.

        3. Outside top 4, at Away, we lost 13 points. We lost at Everton, ManU, Stock, we drew at Southampton, West Broam.

        4. With top 4 team, at Home, we lost 4 points. We drew with ManCity and Chelsea.

        5. With top 4 team, at Away, we lost all 9 points. We lost at ManCity, Liverpool and Chelsea.

        So, we need another 10 points. From where, its from any of the top 5 options. I think, we need more points from outside top 4 side away from home.

        1. 1.We won 4 points from WBA. You also said it at point 3

          No season is the same as the other. I don’t see Liverpool being the goals factory they were last season. I do see City almost the same but I think Chelsea is stronger. I think we should stay within reach of the top spot after March and then sprint to the final. Even if Manure have a weak start I see them bounce back if they manage two-three good wins in a row. Also Spuds will do everything in their power to beat everyone at home after disasters last season. I don’t think City,Liverpool or Chelsea will have an easy life at White Fart Lane. We will obviously win both games.
          Yes, I admit it, at this time in year I am not as optimist as I was last season but probably it’s for the good. I hope we advance to UCL and then have a good run at home.

          1. That’s right abt WB.
            About our run, we need defensive players badly, atleast two. Then, we can compete. But this year, main change may be competitiveness. It’ll be fearsome.

  2. It’s a start but it will take more than one goal.

    Wouldn’t hurt if he scored more like the one against City in the community shield…

  3. Giroud is a decent back up striker. He always tries his best.

    It is wenger or we who are demanding more from him. Wenger should buy a top class striker or simply take Henry,Etoo, Klose, huntlaar or any other decent stiker on loan.

    Giroud does not play badly, it is just we are demanding more from him.

  4. I think Wenger is having a laugh at the expense of the FAN’S. What on earth does he see in Giroud that most of us don’t. Giroud is slow his first touch is crap he can’t hold a ball up.
    Maybe Wenger just likes his hair. NO NO NO Giroud has not silenced the Fan’s. Arsenal need a Top Top class Striker. So Wenger stop messing the Fan’s about and buy one.
    Did you ever notice during interviews Wenger is always Sniggering I think this is directed at the Fan’s it like Fxxxx you I do as I like your ( Fan’s ) opinion does not count just cough up your well hard earned cash and shut up.

  5. He is OK. But we deserve better. I like his dedication and the fact that he loves the club. But I wait to see goals, goals, goals !

    1. He has silenced those who criticised him for consistently wasting 6 chances before scoring one….now he is down to four!

      1. Yesterday it was 4 chances missed, then it went up to 5 now we have 6. Care to cite the 6 “chances”? Pure fabrication. And in any event how many chances do top strikers have before they typically notch a goal – any idea at all? Suarez last season missed 4 out of 5 chances. Context mate is always useful.

  6. He is doing ok at the moment especially in a critical moment. He was not good against Basiktas but became a super sub against Everton, that is Giroud for you. The season is still a long way and I will agree with Wenger on the 25 goals mark..

  7. I’ve said all along, he’s a good player, decent player to have in the squad and offers something different in attack if we need it, just think we should have someone better as first choice, that’s all…

  8. Giroud is our best striker and only lone striker who can play well in our side unless we switch to 442.

  9. If you think that he silenced his critics bec of one goals then you are mad. Do you people remember Betnder, the lord? He aswell scored crucial goals for Arsenal, but he was never good enough to play in the starting line up. Now days the tittle of the lord has been given to Giroud. Lord Giroud.

    Go on google, and look up for the last game Henry played in. 2 goals one assist. Watch how he scored, and remember the talent. What a Legend. I am saying this without joking, an old aged Henry is still more dangerous then any striker we currently have at the team.

    1. We can also remember cursing RAMSEY for 2 seasons calling him all the names under the sun… But now you lot love him so much… Walcott being made fun of, but for the last 2 season he has become some sort of world class player according to everyone.. Isn’t it?

  10. the gunners season always produces one stand out performer, there has been fabregas, rvp, cazorla, Walcott then ramsey most recently, who is this season’s going to be? Ramsey has started off where he left off (important goals), walcott is yet to return (looked good as brief as it was last season) alexis has only just joined and will get better, and finally ozil would now have pace around him to be more effective (no excuse to underperform). This would be a fine season for us if more than one of the above perform i propose something like Ramsey (someone else). But how ever i feel this would only guaranty us a trophy, NOT the bpl, sadly the only way i see us winning the bpl is with a better striker or a drastic improvement from Giroud and with the way its going it looks like we are going to have to bet on Giroud, wenger aint getting another striker

  11. We always lack of signing, a Decent CB a Good CDM and a Good striker we need to win the leage. At the moment Not sure wenger will buy a ST, The possibility is 20-30% if someone good turns up than only. But a CB and CDM he was suppose to buy and he even said that he will buy a CB if Verm left. there are not much rumors of CB. For CDM Cavarlo and Gustavo linked. Was happy before the season now starting to panic a bit after 2 match we need to change 5 player. No Gibbs, arteta, kos Hope we can make it this Wednesday. It will be too much of pain for us even we get down by 1 goal because of away goal. Much worried about CL qualify. Ba was much better than our stikers last time all the 3 math showed us our weakness in CDM area and attacking area now all in wengers hand to do some business.

  12. No he hasn’t. One goal doesn’t suddenly make you a top striker. You have to review his performance once the season is over, and only then can you decide whether he’s “silenced his Arsenal critics”.

    Although personally I hope we keep him…but not as our first choice striker. Like people have already stated, he’s an excellent squad player, and gives us a plan B should we need it. He has improved in his second season, and I fully expect him to get more goals this season with our new/potential signings, and if we can keep players fit.

    But we do need a top striker to compete, and Giroud isn’t it.

  13. WTF!!! Hell NO!!!!

    Not me. AW is deluded. If he wishes us well and they are all sincere about our transfer kitty, they should just sign what we need. So far, our net spending is low. They still have money to make us stronger, why not.

    For all I care, Giroud can be our second choice, or even third if Sanchez manages to fit in there and play there once in a while.

    Arsene Wenger! Listen to the Fans, Critics and Pundits, Ex- Gunners, even rivals, they all think we need to strengthen better to win. Stubbornness on your part can’t win us EPL and maybe UCL in about 2yrs.

    1. True d@ mate!!!

      We all respect how Arsene gives his players chance and believe in them. However this should not be done at the expense of the club’s success. No player or even Wenger and his administration are bigger than the club. We’ve all seen what OG is capable of for the past two seasons, his work ethic and attitude is okay and we all love him COMING OFF THE BENCH!!!!

      Wenger expects miracles from Girould which actually just adds more pressure on him than giving him confidence. Sign a proper stricker that will help OG improve and take the pressure off him for not scoring in every game and getting bashings from the fans.

      1. @John Legend & 007
        I like how if this type of player criticism were directed towards Jack, Ozil or Poldi, the Ramsey comparisons, plastic fan accusations and support the players rants would have been flying around like bees in a hive.
        No player is above criticism. But damn, Olivier is the only damn player who gets criticized…

        1. Des players get dir own share of criticism, its not OG alone. But AW suggesting that Giroud is the best we can have is the problem. Damn!!!
          Giroud is Wenger’s fault. He did nt get so much stick if Wenger has brought in someone far better, it will even benefit OG.

          AW must be sleeping, really.

  14. are we to forget that performance in istanbul? his issues since the start is consistency, you simply cant score one goal and cement your legacy, he needs competition,

  15. I still believe all those critisism shoukd be avoided simply because he is our main man. If you have any complaint ask mr. Wenger to sign some one else. until then please please support our gunner!!!

  16. What is with this whole notion of 1st choice 2nd choice blah blah blah
    How about we have more depth in our forward line and whoever a in form plays!
    You lot are clueless!
    What football team have you played in where your manager says your back up to this guy in your position do you think avenger says that to Monreal or Sanogo or Ox lol
    You fight for your place and play on merit.

  17. The main difference between Giroud and other world class strikers like Falcao is that world class strikers can score a goal from nothing while Giroud requires a simple tap in or a header to score.

    Giroud can’t shoot outside the box, can’t run at defenders, doesn’t have a good ball control and requires about 4 chances to score one goal. He also doesn’t use his physicality to his advantage.

    Given the quality and creativity of our midfield, I think a striker very similar to Giroud (Mandzukic, Bony, Dzeko) would score at least 25 league gaol per season.

    The only difference between these strikers and Giroud is that Giroud is over-reliant on the midfield.

    I like Giroud but he is not the striker to lead Arsenal to win the league.

    1. Yup. This is important. What we need is a striker that’s similar, yet much more clinical than Giroud. Sanogo is a bit similar (height, physicality etc), but Giroud is >>>>> Sanogo.

    2. Although plays like finding Debouchy against Crystal Palace all alone in front if goal which led to 3 points count for how much? I would call that making something out of nothing that few if any on our team could do with a big CB hanging all over them.

    3. @archimedes
      Then what the hell are the midfield there for? They don’t score much. They don’t defend well. So wtf are they good for?

  18. As many have said, he is good coming off the bench or offering something else but we can’t rely on him all the time. I’m still a Giroud admirer but he can’t do it alone. He is a CF but his main job is being the anchor of the team upfront. He needs to be either played with somebody with more mobility upfront or to sub in for that person. I wouldn’t mind Giroud and Sanchez upfront in a duo attack kind of like Tevez and Llorente. Same way Koscielny and BFG utilized their strengths and weaknesses to create a great duo, Giroud could do with Sanchez up front. Just an idea, in case Wenger doesn’t buy a top striker which he probably won’t…

  19. Podolski at Arsenal:

    53 starts (16 sub)
    28 goals

    & we are selling hope we have someone better 2 replace him else……..

  20. I find it strange that such a big, famous club such as Arsenal have such a puny attacking force and the manager seems to be the only one that can’t see it. We just seem to lack ideas when it gets to the edge of the penalty area. there’s no one to give the ball to to slam it in. What if Mr Giroud has a bad injury?

  21. I think, Wenger told many times and you all know already that, Wenger’s system for goals is from many positions all together, not only from CF. So that, a single player’s failure, will not hamper the team. For this I collected last three years records of all goal scorers and try to analyze it. Below is my result. Take a look and give your comments. (It’s only for league games)
    1. Center Forward  20+ goals
    2. Right Wing  15+ goals
    3. Left Wings  15+ goals
    4. Attacking Midfield  10+ goals
    5. Central Midfield  15+ goals
    6. Defensive Midfield  5+ goals
    7. Defenders  5+goals
    That’s 85+ to 90+ goals. That’s a massive improvement from last year’s 68 goal. Last three years top goal scoring teams have 102, 86, and 93 goals.
    Now, we have to assess with player’s previous stats and the players in that particular position.
    1. Center Forward (20+ goals): [Giroud( 15), Sanchez(4), Sanogo(2)]
    Giroud scored 48(16, 11, 21) league goals in last three years. So, if he can manage as many as last year, that’s good news for us. Sanchez and Sanogo also can help him in CF position. We can expect 20+ goals from CF this year.

    2. Right Wing (15+ goals): [Theo( 10), Sanchez(7), Ox(2)]
    Theo scored 27(5, 14, 8) league goals in last three years with only 66(10+24+32) starts. Sanchez and Ox can help him too. So, we can expect 15+ goals from RW this year.

    3. Left Wing (15+ goals): [Sanchez(4), Cazorla (6), Podolski (6)]
    Sanchez scored 39(19, 8, 12) league goals in last three years as RW with only 65(27+18+20) starts. Cazorla scored 25(4, 12, 9) league goals last three years. Podolski scored 37(8, 11, 18) league goals last three years with only 67(14+25+28) starts of which last 2 league from LW. Wenger prefers Cazorla in that position, but this year, I think Sanchez will be used when Theo will be back. It’s an issue how he will perform in LW. But as other options are also good, we can expect minimum 15+ goals from LW this year.

    4. Attacking Midfield (10+ goals): [Özil(7), Cazorla(2), Wilshere(1), Rosicky(1)]
    Özil scored 18(5, 9, 4) league goals in last three years with only 78(25+23+30) starts. And I can see Cazorla, Wilshere, and Rosicky will help him in that position. So, I am expecting minimum 10+ goals from AM, though 15+ goals will massively help the team as it’s so advanced position.

    5. Central Midfield (15+ goals): [Ramsey(15),Wilshere(1), Ox(2)]
    No need to discuss for this position. Only one word….. Ramseeeeyyyy….

    6. Defensive Midfield (5+ goals): [Arteta(5), Flamini(1), yeah_you_know(?)]
    Penalty kicker Arteta and others odd goals from our DMs…

    7. Defenders (5+goals): [Mertesacker(2), Koscielny(2), Debuchy(1), Gibbs(1), Chambers(1)]
    Corner header goals are expected like Koscielny’s one against Crystal.

    So, if our top scorers will be:
    1. Giroud  15+ goals
    2. Ramsey  15+ goals
    3. Sanchez  15+ goals (As his first year, it’s a concern)
    4. Theo  10+ goals
    5. Cazorla  8+ goals
    6. Özil  7+ goals
    7. Podolski  6+ goals
    8. Ox  4+ goals
    9. Arteta  5+ goals
    So, I don’t think, our goals-scoring is the main concern for league, our defense is. But in knock-out tournaments, that’s another issue. So, I think if we can solve our defensive problems(that’s another story), we can actually win the league.

  22. Giroud has shown in the two league games so far this season he has a role as the back up striker.hope Wenger does what we have needed to do for the last two seasons and buys a top world class striker.we also need to add a DM and CB so let’s hope it’s a busy week for us

      1. Bale > RM
        Özil > Arsenal – thanks Spuds!

        Suarez > Barca
        Sanchez > Arsenal, thanks Scousers!

        Kagawa > BVB
        Reus > Arsenal? cheeerioooos Manure!

        Oh the irony…

  23. Giroud is good in the box and in the air. Outside of the box he is pretty much useless, no pace, no dribbling skills etc. Use him against physical teams, otherwise keep him on the bench please or bring him on when we need some presence up front.

  24. so we earned 1 point and we lost the chance to be real competitors for the title cause we are not gonna sign any striker

  25. Read somewhere giroud is injured and could be out for 2-3 weeks. Could aw gofor a striker since sanago is also not fully fit after beskistas game.

  26. Arsene is saying we have so much firepower we will sell podolski LOL smh… 3 more years of madness with the mad professor.

  27. It seems we always are looking for someone to blame, giroud, arteta, cazorla, ozil etc. If you want to blame anyone blame arsene. He signed the players, coaches them and manages / motivates from to week. Of you must point the finger at a weak link it has to be per m, again though wenger knows his weaknesses and still plays him weekly. Either way we are in the sh*t ahead of a critical game with sanogo and now giroud injured and arguably neither are good enough to front us. Wenger needs to sign a striker asap, remy?

  28. Giroud has played in 4 matches this season (including community shield) and time-wise he’s played about 3 games. So he scores 2 goals in 3 games of time and is highly criticized because of one poor game at Besiktas. He’s not as bad as everyone thinks, i know that game was horrendous and he deserves the criticism, but he came back the next game and scored. Not to mention he scored against Everton @ Goodison Park, which can now be considered a fairly big team. I agree lets see how he does against chelsea liverpool, and lets see if he can replicate what he did against man city again before we start praising him. Just don’t berate him every chance you get…

  29. The more Wenger keeps putting faith in Giroud and Sanogo the more I think him selling off the invincibles so quickly wasn’t only because of age but because they were too good for him. Think about it. If Wenger kept replacing the squad with the same quality like Chelsea and Man City do then how would future players like Sanogo, Santos, Amaury Bischoff, Park, Chamakh get a chance in the 1st team ahead of players from the Henry era. Project youth to a degree is still haunting us.

    Fabregas and RVP learnt so much being surrounded by the WC talent we used to have and it’s no surprise when the invincibles were sold of these 2 became 2 stood out being our 2 best players and still would walk right into our 1st team. No starters in our squad bar Ramsey, Kos and possibly Walcott have really developed from youth. Ox is always on the bench while Jack is struggling because of his ankle. Sanogo who should be on loan to develop is being pushed into the first team with zero goals PL after 15 or so games and is starting ahead of Joel Campbell. Bringing in a World class striker would kill off Sanogo and see Giroud benched and Wenger knows this which is why he refuses to sign a Costa, Falcao or Cavani type. Developing players and CL is his priority, high wage demands is an excuse.

    OT: I think the reason Usmanov keeps lurking around and increasing his stake in the club is because he knows Kroenke will most likely move on shortly after Wenger leaves and because he knows another manager wont bring in profits like Wenger does so is being patient.

  30. So many 4th place junkies on this site….giroud can help deliver that but nothing beyond…so if you understand what motivates wenger the rest falls in to place..a strategy the depends on others screwing up and particularly spuds…. People have too easily dismissed them for this season they have a good manager and a deeper squad than past … Similar to lpool for me… Wenger hopes one will screw up and man utd will not revive…. It’s all possible but not the way to manage one of richest clubs on planet

  31. But at least the “4th place junkies” have the benefit thinking about things with a tad of realism free from the constraints of having their heads wedged up their arses. What “strategy” do you suggest to out spend City and Chelsea? And you still haven’t done your homework have you – we are one of the most valuable clubs on the planet, not in the same ball-park when it comes to being as rich as our 2 main competitors in the PL. They have spent more than the worth of the entire global Arsenal brand, business and assets etc in the past 5-10 years.

  32. I’d be happy with any one of these forwards
    1. Reus
    2. Cuadrado
    3. Cavani
    4. Falcao
    5. Destro
    6. Jackson Martinez
    7. Bony
    8. Nani

    None of these though
    1. Remy
    2. Welbeck
    3. Kalou

  33. Well by breaking his ankle and not being able to play his critics have no cause to criticise him so yes, he has silenced his critics.

    Shame that we have no decent striker to replace him and Wenger shows no real interest in bringing anyone in to replace him so Sanogo it is…

    Oh wait, he has torn his hamstring so we have no one with experience.

    Another top quality managerial decision there Mr Wenger.

    The greatest obstacle to Arsenal winning the premier league is Wenger himself…

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