Has Iwobi booked Arsenal starting place for Liverpool?

So that is that for Arsenal’s pre-season schedule, with less than a week to go before the Premier League season kicks off. Arsene Wenger and the coaching staff will be working hard with the players over the next few days to get them ready for the visit of Liverpool but I am sure that the manager already has a pretty good idea of who will be in the starting line-up for that opening match.

It was looking like Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain would get off to a good start this year but tghe last couple of games have not really gone all that well for the lad. And up until last weekend it seemed as though Joel Campbell was the front runner for the right forward position but now I am not so sure.

Alex Iwobi has really stepped up in the last two games to put forward a strong case for his inclusion in the first team on Sunday. After completing nearly the whole game against Man City and looking sharp, Alexis Sanchez is sure to start on the left and I think it will be Theo Walcott through the middle.

Perhaps the right flank is not Iwobi’s best position but he is looking so sharp that I think Wenger will want him in the team. He has all week to work on that position and I am fairly sure he can do a good job there, so do you think the young Gunner has booked himself a place to face Liverpool?

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  1. ………………….Cech

    1. Hahaha ? Stop kidding yourself when you know full well that Ramsey will be starting somewhere in that lineup.

      1. @ Arsenal Girl

        ? I just noticed that your formation kinda looks like Petr Cech ‘flapping’ with the ball being ‘Alexis’ Going through his legs! ??

    2. ………………….Cech

      Knowing Wenger, I expect the above lineup.
      Don’t think Kos is fit to start, we already lost 2 experienced CB, we cannot afford to risk Kos

      1. Can we kick Ramsey out of there? His style and ability is in the middle of nowhere. Not precise enough in attack but also not discipline enough in defense. He’s tend to useless. Coquelin or Elneny is more useful.

      2. cech
        Bellerin.. Chambers.. Holding.. Monreal
        Elneny….. Xhaka
        Ramsey… Carzola….. Sanchez

  2. Remember we got an Academy and some players need to come from within our system I for one would be delightedly happier if the solution comes out from within rather than buying and putting money into agent pockets particularly when prices are inflated this inflation got to be burst before we all get bussed come on 100 milion for pogoba if thats the case what money is on messi or ronaldo or for the new messi and the new ronaldo you got to have limit this limitless soccer business got to stop some where and the monies got to filter down I like the premier league because all have equal opportunity but than you have guys like the moron morinho will just spend and get his player no matter what the costs are as I said they must be a limit and for that reason I salute MR wenger and the likes of Leicester

    1. Summerbreeze, I expect you will get thumbed down and comments about market value, money in the bank is no use to us fans etc.

      However you make a valid point. It does appear that some transfer prices are getting ridiculously high, particularly Pogba and higuain. Other transfer prices whilst high do look more sensible, looking at man city they have paid for gundogan £21m, Nolito £13.8, Sane £37m.

      To put things in context, net spend in five years prior to current transfer window.
      Arsenal £110m
      Leicester £55m
      Tottenham £50 PROFIT
      Leicester spend is about average for the PL, the real shoestring team is tottenham.

    2. It bemuses me when people mention player cost money wasting and inflation in football like they are owed a share of the clubs money, and the money spent on a player will detract from the money the club has put aside for fans mortgages and other financial commitments.

      I’m sorry but transfers have a direct link to the intent and ambition of a club. Man Utd fans couldn’t care less how much Pogba costs all they care about is that there club and team are geared and gearing up to win trophies.

      Can we say the same for Arsenal?

      We could have got 90% of the players on the market if we would have just paid what was owed.

      Has anyone noticed how Arsenal players are always so reasonably priced?! How the hell did RVP get sold for 24m off the back of a 30 goal season. At least the old man is consistent! Albeit at the detriment of the club ?

      1. 12th man, you make some very valid points, what do us fans care about the costs, we want arsenal to buy the players we need and get on and win the PL as a starter.

        However our owner believes that arsenal must be self financing, Kroenke set out his principles at the MIT Sloane conference earlier this year. Last summer we all expected major signings and we got only Cech. The reason became apparent in the financial report for six months ending nov 2015. We made a financial loss due to deferred payments to existing players old clubs. So last summer money was short, we did not dip in to cash reserves and buy the players we needed. We did not show ambition, did not win PL and Ozil/Sanchez have not signed new contracts.

        To our owner the finances matter, they are his only interest, paying extra for success on the field is only important if it makes him more money. He is not abramovich who owns chelsea as a hobby and wants to win, or sheik mansour who is only interested in promoting abu dhabi and sacks managers who win the pl but do not do well enough on cl.

  3. Iwobi is a clear link to Suarez. He’s coolheaded enough to wait for his chance and he is hotheaded enough to grab it with both hands. Right now, as a winger, I will rate him higher than Walcott (although Walcott is turning heads now) and I think (know) he will play at the top level for a very long time…

    O.T- should we look at the Nigerian youth more these days? Akpom, iheanacho, iwobi, aina (Chelsea right back), Alaba (although he chose Austria), nwakali… Maybe football is turning there now

  4. LK should step up and come back then rest in September with the international matches. I guess the same with OG but can’t blame them we have needed more squad players for years but he won’t buy. CD maybe 2 with on them an EPL player that don’t mind sitting on the bench for s few games. Bottom line AW needs to sort this and do it now coz Liverpool will run us to bits

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    1. I understand the urgency but thats still debatable!
      as there are other options to fill Gabriel and Mertesacker’s place, yes, they may not be great but it’s not as if both of the above mentioned were outstanding or anything close to that! .. Even Rob Holding is as good as both of them, Monreal has also put in a good performance as a cover for CB, In the past. There’s also Coquelin and Bielik to consider, like I said its not as if Gabriel or Mertesacker were solid.
      So I would debate that a Striker is much more important than a CB, because of the facts that we create a lot of chances without an end product…. Goals! Whereas our defence will always have a lapse or two, even with a new CB.

      1. Striker is important no doubt.
        But no striker is available in the market can win us title. Lacazette, Icardi – they are different but clearly not better than Giroud. They are good to have to provide us with alternate strategy in different games but they are no where near the so called world class striker we need.
        The only strikers we should have broken the bank for this summer are Ibrahimovic and Higauin.

        1. The striker situation is that we have giroud, walcott who now wants to play on the wing and will probably get injured and possibly akpom who scored three goals goals in 34 games last season in the championship. So 38 games in PL, two domestic cups plus 8 CL games, if we exit at our normal point.

          No problems there then, same as last year really.

  6. I’m aware we need a striker regardless of this suggestion but does anyone else think iwobi looks more like a striker than a winger ? I think he has got the tools to do it ,but what do I no !

    1. He has the ‘potential ‘ to play as a striker, but I’m afraid that word has clearly worn itself out @ Arsenal ?

      1. Indeed it has ? he’s very composed ,not a typical winger like ox he’s always looking to get in on goal rather than stay out wide

        1. Yep, He definitely has what it takes to be a striker and I’m sure that we may see him in that position sooner than you think lol especially with the way the injury crisis has started, before a ball is even kicked in the new season. ?

          1. It really is incredible our injuries , I’m wenger in all the way but one thing that does piss me off is the transfer market with wenger ,can’t help but think if we had signed mustafi already instead of beating round the bush the sequence of events leading to the Gabriel injury would not of happened,I believe we’ll get a CB and CF but it’s always a massive ballache ?im aware there is a chance we’ll get neither but I can’t believe for 1 second wenger will want the heat from the fans especially after the back end of last season

  7. WENGER said this about his Transfer Policy.
    “I personally believe the only way to be a manager is to spend the club’s money as if it were your own because if you don’t do that you’re susceptible to too many mistakes”

    “You make big decisions and I believe you have to act like it’s your own money, like you’re the owner of the club and you can identify completely with the club.”
    This is why Arsenal don’t have a Top Class Striker. HE HAS TO GO.

    1. But its okay when he signs aload of ? for 16 millon a pop! ?
      He must be taking bungs, GG style but without the getting caught part! ?

  8. This one’s for herbdawg for saying you will continue to point me out for being negative by being disrespectful and to your cheerleader Krish for saying keep it up. Funnily I’m no different than any fan that wants the best for the club. Since you love reading my comments so much why don’t you copy and paste everything what JAmerican has posted? You’ll be surprised how much the positive out ways the negative. I’m sure you wouldn’t though, you rather spend your time attacking other Arsenal fans by hiding behind your keyboard. The world is riddled with cowards that use social media as their only strength. No different than the scum down the lane. I will always bleed the red and white of North London, couldn’t give 2 sh*ts less about seeking attention for a thumbs up or down.

  9. So someone can tell me shut the f**k up but when I reply my comment gets deleted and theirs remain. That’s great to know…

    1. Let it go mate, there’s no point in getting upset about it,
      At the end of the day our profiles are anonymous!
      It’s not as if anyone really knows us! … our egos are safe behind the fake names and pictures ? So theres really no need to feel hard done by.

  10. These players are sure starters this season, unless they suffer a disastrous loss of form.

    Cech Bellerin Monreal Koscielny Ozil Ramsey Alexis Giroud

    The remaining 4 positions are still up for grabs….

    1. I think that its safe to add Xhaka to your list,
      Wenger isn’t that delusional to sit him on the bench, after having him scouted for 40 odd games and then paying 35 million for him ?

      1. It’s not that simple. You have Cazorla there as well. On current form El neny is our best midfielder. Coquelin also has qualities none of our midfielders possesses. Don’t forget Wenger rates Wilshere very highly too. If he returns to fitness, he’s likely going to start! I don’t think anyone is guaranteed a spot for those 4 positions!

  11. Iwobi has great finishing, he is always clinical, I think he one of those players that will shine more than any of our academy products this season, apart from Bellerin
    That aside, it is clear to me that our priority at arsenal is not winning the league, so lower your expectations guys, that way, you will not be heartbroken.

  12. Iwobi is our best left wing option. Even last year Wenger said he thought Sanchez was too predictable on the left wing. I think Iwobi will start on the left wing against Liverpool as he should. Theo and Sanchez can divide the center and the right wing.

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