Has Jack Wilshere decided he’s staying at Arsenal? His latest comments are not very clear…

I know this is a question that Arsenal fans have been debating since the beginning of the season, but we are very quickly approaching crunch time with just two games left in this very long but underwhelming campaign. It looked like Jack was desperate for a new offer to be put on the table up until Xmas but when it finally arrived he refused to sign it saying that “Things have changed.”

That could have meant that he didn’t like the terms on offer, or it could have been that he was told that Wenger was not going to be the manager next season, or perhaps he had refused a better offer from another club? I think it was the uncertainty about the manager as his latest statement said he wanted to talk to the new boss before deciding.

But this is what he said after the Burnley match when he was asked by whether it was different knowing it was Wenger’s final home game. Jack replied: “It was slightly. Me, I want to go out on a high as it’s the last home game of the season and we haven’t had a great season, but at home we’ve had a good season so we had to keep that going and we can give the fans some belief for next year. It’s a big year for us next year with a new manager, but it was about sending him off in the right way today.”

Notice he said “Me, I want to go out on a high.” But then he says “It’s a big year for us next year.” and then later in his comment he talks about missing out on the Champions League again, and says: “…Unfortunately we’ve slipped out of it again this year but we’re going to push for it next year.”

So what do you think? Does that sound like he has already spoken to the new boss and decided to stay? Or he is he just leaving us guessing yet again?



  1. Enagic says:

    Hope new regime will be able to do gentle decisions and cut loose players who are not helping Arsenal – the demand a lot of money which they really deserve

  2. st sass says:

    let me help him decide. Mr Jack you are not fit for our squad next season. walk out on a high else you will be a bench warmer

  3. jon fox says:

    Surely he is hedging his bets until he sees who is the new manager and whether the new man sees him as a key player or not. Money is also a clear factor but I believe the less important one. He has many times proven his hearts lies with Arenal but obviously and rightly wants to see that reciprocated before deciding. That having been said, I feel this IF we have a real top manager like ALLEGRI(please God!!!), I doubt he would make any guarantees to Jack. Personally, I think he would bring in better midfielders, given his way and I would support this decision. Sadly, Jack is just below real top class.

  4. John Ibrahim says:

    Utd potential first signing Milinkovic-Savic at 80m

    which is way above our transfer budget given to our new manager

  5. tony says:

    sell him.or tell him to borrow a football brain from somewhere

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      sell him?

      welcome to Arsenal mate

  6. Enagic says:

    Sorry don’t

  7. Pablo Picasso says:

    If the rumors of giving him 110 per week plus bonuses no way in hell will he turn this down.
    To be honest apart from China I don’t see Jack getting such an offer from any other club.

    I think the club should have waited for the new manager before extending Jack, Ozil, Elneny and even Ramsey’s contracts. We have too many expensive squad players just limiting space for better recruits plus the young stars.

    Our midfield and defence is so poor we need a overhaul. I keep saying Wenger was not the only problem at Arsenal, we need new and better players to compliment a new manger, playing style, and direction of the club.

    1. Sony says:

      Ozil that time was priority or the club would loose face honestly. Imagine Sanchez and Ozil gone plus crashing out of El and poor season. Everybody would blame it on that. Yeah maybe Sanchez would be better option that time, but honestly we could not afford to pay his demands.

      Elneny is decent bench warmer so no complaints there.
      Wilshire and Ramsey if I have to choose I pick Ramsey.

  8. Pablo Picasso says:

    OT: Question

    I was wondering, why didn’t Wenger’s coaching staff (Bould and the team) also say there goodbyes last Sunday, don’t they deserve some send off too like the kit man or is it that the club wants to keep them on?

    Your response on this will be appreciated.

    1. Shortboygooner says:

      Lets hope they are also getting the boot

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        I did see a rumour that Steve Bould is being retained, at least in the short term, to provide continuity and assist the new manager. Hopefully he will be more proactive, than he has been under Arsene Wenger and does more than chew gum!

  9. Grandad says:

    Wilshere has been very average at best and should be moved on along with the overrated Ozil but apart from the Chinese who would be willing to match his exorbitant salary? Fabinho of Monaco would be a great addition as a top quality DM.With AMN and Ramsay working in tandem with Fabinho Arsenal would have an effective midfield with pace and power.

  10. mark says:

    I think this is clutching at straws and over analysing his words to come to conclusions.

    Patience fellow supporters, all will become clear over the summer I’m sure..

  11. tas says:

    i think JW’s future will be decided by the next manager if it hasn’t already?

    for shore who ever comes in as a manager (apart from Rookie’s) they will bring one or two players to say its their team and hope who ever they bring in is exactly what we need and they will help in the changing room,

    i have a sneaky feeling that Arsenal already know who the next manager and if so again the supporters are in the dark unlike when Pep was announced months before he parted with Bayern for the City job and no harm come of it in fact it worked out better for signing new players, i wouldn’t mind Ancelotti if the other two Allegri and Enrique playing hard to get, like players and managers we want those who want to come to us rather then us persuading them after all we are the 6th biggest club in the world, if they do price themselves out of the job or unwilling to leave their old club in a below par league so be it if your not up to the challenge

  12. Maks says:

    Jack can replace Santi in the middle of the pitch. He can be and he already is our special glue from defence to attack.
    Arsenal wont be able to buy top top class for every position for some time, so Jack and Niles can fill Santi s place for sure.

    1. arie82 says:

      Yes, if he was old wilshere, and
      No, if he now wilshere.

  13. Innit says:

    Wait. What if the new manager doesn’t want him?

    I mean shouldn’t this be done after a new manager is signed. Shouldn’t the new manager make the decisions of who stays and who goes? (Unless a new manager has been signed already and he is making his moves behind the scenes)

    Also, didn’t we learn our lesson by increasing the wages of Walcott. We shouldn’t overpay players who are injury prone OR who won’t start majority of matches OR who don’t deserve it.

    Wilshere is good to have as a squad player but not a starter. I would rather sell him than pay him in excess of £100,000 per week. I hope he stays as a squad player but no more

  14. Simon Williams says:

    £100k a week in this market sounds like a good deal to me

    Ozil on treble that, with half the determination, consistency, and often impact

  15. Harish says:

    I think Wilshere is more effective when he is played as part of the midfield 2 rather than as a No. 10. When he looked back to his best this season, he was playing in that 2 but when Ramsey came back he played at No. 10. He tries to dribble too much in the forward position but when he plays in the midfield two , he distributes the ball excellently, his range of passing is second to none in this team and also can take on players in the midfield rather than crowding himself near the debox while playing as No.10 .

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