Has Jack Wilshere done enough to deserve a new Arsenal contract?

Jack Wilshere very nearly went a whole season uninjured playing on loan at Bournemouth last season, and it would appear that he has fully recovered from his hairline fracture, going by his recent Arsenal performances. He was brilliant against the Man City U23’s a few weeks ago and was one of our best players in the away win at Red Star Belgrade in midweek before finally getting some Premier League time in yesterday’s win at Everton.

The English international had been tasked by Arsene Wenger to prove his match fitness before sitting down for contract talks to extend his current deal, which ends at the end of this campaign, and it would seem he has now done that and according to reports Wenger now wants a deal wrapped up before the New Year when Jack will be free to talk to other clubs.

There is always the danger that Wilshere could choose to move on with the promise of regular football (and probably a giant signing-on fee from a Bosman move) but the player himself has insisted that he wants to stay at the Emirates if possible. “You are always playing for your future but I am happy to be back, to feel part of the squad,” Wilshere said last month. “I am fit and healthy and getting back to my best and when the time comes to sit down and talk or not we will see.

“Do I see myself staying? Of course I do. I love this club. They have been good to me over the years, I have a great relationship with the boss.

“He (Wenger) has played me since I was 17. He has put his trust in me since then. We have a great understanding and of course I want to stay.”

Well that sounds cut and dried, but playing a few reserve games and a few senior minutes does not mean he can survive the season uninjured, but who thinks that Wenger should now be offering Wilshere a good deal in the hope that he returns to his former scintillating form. We certainly could do with his fighting personality in our midfield….



  1. the Drax says:

    off topic. try opening a Gmail account using a password as Liverpool defence. it will tell you thats a weak password lol..

    1. McLovin says:

      Yet, we conceded 4 against them…

  2. gotanidea says:

    Not yet, he still has to be fit to produce consistent performances. He looks good in Sanchez’s and Ozil’s positions though.

    But if Arsenal really need a decent homegrown player to meet the quota, they should extend Wilshere’s contract soon, before other clubs lured him in January.

    In my opinion, Arsenal would need more skillful and braver attacking midfielders than what they have now. The one that is willing to take big risks in very tight spaces and work hard to pressurize the opponents. No guts, no glory.

    1. jon fox says:

      I have disliked your generally fair comments, purely because if Arsenal are to sign Wilshere down to a new contract, it must be now (or certainly before Christmas at very latest) I do take your point about provingconsistent perfs BUT his ability is not in question after his many years here and frankly, he has now not the time to prove long term consistency until he is a first choice regular – as I think he must soon be – and we need to tie him down to a contract now(or within a few weeks) or let him go. I want to keep him and I suggest to you, so do virtually all Gooners. You can rely on him always give his all when playing, unlike OZIL ,who though sublime yesterday, stunk the place out only a week ago and who has chosen not to have signed a new contract anyway. Not being anti Ozil , but just realistic. Jack has Arsenal in his blood but who can truthfully say the same about Ozil?

  3. Mudassir says:

    The boy is naturally talented with football brain, just look at the passes he gave in that cameo. 2years extension will not be bad.

  4. Kedar Damle says:

    I think we should give him may be 2 years extension with pay as you play clause… This can keep him at our club and we will only pay him when he is fit… He is a fantastic talent and we should keep him at least for 2 years… May be we can give him one year extension with further 1 year extension clause…

    1. jon fox says:

      KEDAR, personally I would only pay all players their full salary when fit – when unfit just a basic far lower wage, written into contracts, as a matter of principle – so I agree with you on Wilshere. HOWEVER, that is a an ideal only and sadly we don’t live in an ideal world. Players and esp their rapacious and greedy agents hold the power and sadly this will be impractical in todays “power is all with the agents/players world” we have to put up with. But to me he has now proved he deserves a new two years contact extension with an increase in wages. I just wish that increase did not find some of its way into the grubby hands of his agent. All agents everywhere, who are a cancer in the modern game, regretfully.

  5. Tony says:

    ya give him a new contract after one match then suffer for next 5yrs.

  6. Tedermaan says:

    Alright, explicit rant incoming;

    NO! Our fan base is so diluted. Seriously stop, get some help!
    If you were talking about Walcott, the coment section would bash the hell outta him, and yet his premier league stats are superior to Wilshere’s…

    Basic career stats for both players in the Prem League, here we go;

    Appearances: 267 – Walcott VS 147 – Wilshere.
    Say what you will, they both have fitness, conditioning issues. And yet there is only 3 year difference between them. Were they both ‘supposed to be better’? Absolutely! At least Walcott wasn’t caught smoking and shit…

    Goals; 65 – Walcott VS 7 – Wilshere.

    Assists; 49 – Walcott VS 18 – Wilshere.
    “Walcott cannot cross the ball, Walcott cannot pass the ball.” – avg sheepminded Gooner.
    “Wilshere is a genius! Nurture, care, yada-yada.” – avg sheepminded Gooner.

    The answer to your question is a simple NO! He has to earn his place back. Hard work, consistency, determination. Over and over again. Forget 3-5 good games in a row.
    How about 2 seasons in a row?

    1. kev says:

      You’re very funny bro.Yet why is that upon all these stats why do I get the feeling that if top teams in the world were given the chance to sign only one of an in form Wilshere and in form Walcott both at their best everyone will be going for Wilshere.I keep telling people that even some of the players we rate as world class are useless in so many stats.For example some players you rate over some players might have inferior stats as compared to the ones you don’t rate.I’d be happy if people would use stats to.compare players always as you do here instead of using their eyes to judge in some cases and use stats to justify themselves in some cases.

      1. Tedermaan says:

        I agree to a degree. No one denies Wilshere’s talent. However talent is not enough on its own. Talent needs refinement and Wilshere is unpolished… in 25 years of age… funny indeed.

        I am especially hard on him, because he was supposed to be “the future captain.” The sorcerer supreme, Gerrard+Lampard fusion incarnated.
        Such hype, much wow.
        He’s not alas.

        And no top team is going to take him with his injury background. Even without them, he’s not good enough as Bayern Munich’s Vidal or PSG’s Veratti or Moura. You would swap him for those top-TOP players in a blink. He would be a bench player in any of the top euro teams. Wilshere is a Napoli type of player at best.
        Which is a shame…
        He’s good…
        but he was supposed to be great.

        End of rant.

      2. jon fox says:

        Great point about stats! Stats are often , though not always, bunkum and this one alone proves it. Mertesacker is statistically our best passer. How ridiculous is that. He takes an age to make a five yard pass, usually sideways to Koscielny, when under no pressure. So that stat is totally pointless, as are so many otherts As Souness said on tele yesterday, stats mean very little without a real refinement and totally more meaningful comparison. TRUE comparisons are of use but pointless stats – which are just silly-l ike the Merts one- give wrong impressions to those who blindly follow them but without the nous to understand where they are of relevance and where they are NOT! So well said Kev!

    2. Incarnate says:

      Fair enough but his primary job is to drive play forward much like Cazorla after Ozil arrived, scoring goals and providing assists are added bonuses.

    3. jon fox says:

      You have to be joking!!! You make simple stat comparisons between two often injured, totally different position players only one of whom, Jack, puts in a shift every time while the other , Walcott, hides and idles his career away. Walcott is supposedly a forward and longed to play centrally until it finally dawned on him (as well as everyone else) that he is too weedy, too feeble and most importantly does not have the “balls” to play where tough defenders might hurt his frail body. To be totally honest, Walcott is a coward. I LIKE TO USE PLAIN UNDERSTANDABLE ENGLISH TO MAKE MY POINT. Jack, though also often injured – in his much shorter career in years than Walcott- is always a fighter and gives his all. I know which one I would like beside me in the trenches , so to speak.

    4. jon fox says:

      Tedermann, you should please read my reply below to Kev, Really , I should have written it to you, since you are the one who relies on stats, so pointlessly in my view.

      1. Tedermaan says:

        I did.
        Cheers to you mate.

  7. AndersS says:

    Is Wilshere really the “world class” we need to get back to the top. I don’t think so. And then there are the injury problems… But on the other hand, if a deal can be agreed, which doesn’t guarantee him a huge salary without playing, then it could be decent lottery ticket.

  8. JJPawn says:

    Sign Jack to a long term contract.
    Let him play to see his level… if not good enough,
    sell him for 50M IN 2018.

    Maybe Liverpool will buy him? 🙂

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