Has Jorginho now replaced Kai Havertz in Arsenal’s midfield set up?

When I look at Arsenal’s last three starting lineups, I can’t help but think Jorginho has just forced his way into Mikel Arteta’s starting eleven after being overlooked in the first few games of the season.

Jorginho had only played 180 minutes for Arsenal out of a possible 900 minutes he could have in the ten games he was available before the Manchester City fixture.

But that has changed dramatically in the last three games; out of 270 minutes, he has clocked 231 minutes.

The Italian international midfielder may have demonstrated to Mikel Arteta that he can rely on him. And Arteta might think, “If it’s working, why change it?”

In “big games” against Manchester City, Chelsea, and Sevilla, the ex-Chelsea star has started alongside Declan Rice and Martin Odegaard in midfield. His partnership with Declan Rice and Martin Odegaard has injected dominance and balance into the Arsenal midfield.

Playing beside Jorginho means our summer record signing Declan Rice has been given the freedom to express himself with the ball at his feet, demonstrating his brilliant technical ability.

A midfield combination of Kai Havertz, Martin Odegaard, and Declan Rice, which Arteta initially hinted was his favored midfield set, struggled. However, with Jorginho replacing Havertz on the line-up, Arteta may have found a winning midfield combo this season.

The Gunners return to action against Sheffield United in the English Premier League on Saturday, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jorginho keeps his spot.

Daniel O


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    1. Yeah, I agree. Havertz could still come good, and is improving, but still needs a lot of tweaks before he works properly at Arsenal. Jorg is good but can make mistakes and lacks pace and urgency a lot of the time. At his age this is not going to improve, so neither is ideal, but at least Havertz is still young whereas with Jorg this is a good as it’s going to get given his age.

  1. They are two different types of players, the big German is suited more in the final third where is physicality, Ariel’s abilities and hold up play for the striker to feed off, he is ideal for the accurate long ball distribution Raya is known for and is one of the reasons the Spaniard was acquired.

    Jorginho is one of the best passers of the ball in the Arsenal set up is heavily reliant on mobile and physical players around him..

  2. As for havert every one know is a blind signing is not a surprise that he has not prove his doubters wrong the surprising thing is his signing in the first place while better options are available the like of Madison

  3. For now the Jorginho-Odegaard-Rice midfield is our best tactical option. But we can’t put too much trust on Jorginho as the No.1 holding midfielder. So while Partey continues his romance with the treatment table, Arsenal must look to to bring in a quality DM in the January window. That’s the only way not to undo all the good work done so far.

  4. Though hardly ideal, Jorginho has fitted in better than Havertz in our midfield so far. To be fair Havertz has shown he’s adept in aerial ability and hold up play. He could be our version of Marouane Fellaini who comes off the bench and be an outlet for long balls when we are desperate for route one.

  5. Joginho should not stay beyond his contract. He just circulate the ball and rarely move the ball forward. He’s no legs defend as well.

    We miss Partey a lot.

    Actually, he’s a holding midfielder not a defensive midfielder.

    I won’t be surprised if his contract is extended because Arteta and his aides always surprise; same as the extension of the contract of Elneny.

  6. With Jorginho each he has a ball you hold your breath so he does not lose it or poor pass. Can not be 100% trusted. There is hope in Havertz that he can bring the best out of him in the near future.

  7. Jorginho has had some brilliant games for us, but can’t think of any this season. At his best he’s fantastic and looks a step ahead of everyone else with his quick and often incisive passing, but when he’s not on it, his lack of pace and strength get exposed and he loses the ball too cheaply.
    Partey is a very similar player except he’s more consistent and is physically strong and reasonably quick.
    Jorginho was only ever meant to be Partey’s backup imo – I still think that’s the case now, though it’s getting to the point where we need someone more reliable.
    We have plenty of midfield players on paper but i do think that’s still an area lacking dephh of quality.

  8. Daniel O has a far higher view of Jorginhos effectiveness in our team than I do. I do not think him reliable enough and nor does he have the true physicality and pace we need in that role.
    IMO he was always bought as a stop gap or back up and that is the only role I see for him. One I hope is not prolonged either.

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