Has Juventus target Wilshere not earned new Arsenal contract?

Jack Wilshere is well into the final year of his contract currently, and has so far failed to agree new terms to extend his stay at Arsenal.

The midfielder has been a Gunner his whole career, and had he never sustained any injuries, he would no doubt be our captain and main midfield star.

Unfortunately he has fallen foul of a number of injuries in previous seasons, but does seem to have turned a corner during this campaign, although he was nursed back to injury in the earlier months of the term.

Wilshere is now a shoo-in for the England international squad for the World Cup (should he remain fit), and is amongst our most consistent performers at present.

Jack is supposedly considering an offer from the club, which is claimed to include a reduced weekly wage, with the improved appearance bonuses in order to protect the club from any future injuries, but he is yet to agree to such a deal.

Juventus and Liverpool are now speculated to hold an interest in signing our former youth product, who will be available on a free transfer should we fail to agree terms.

Arsenal appear to be playing a dangerous game once again where it comes to player contracts, having already endured a frustrating 12-18 months while trying to play hard-ball with both Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, and we will have to count ourselves lucky with the way that finally resolved.

Personally I don’t believe Jack should have to sign reduced terms having watched him impress in outing after outing this season, and I would be very annoyed if our negotiation team allowed to let such an influential player leave on a free transfer.

Wilshere should be our club captain, and we have to learn to manage him and his fitness.

Can Arsenal afford to lose Wilshere on a free transfer? Do you agree that he should be our captain? Is our club crazy to try and force him to sign reduced terms just because he loves Arsenal?

Pat J

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  1. Sue says:

    We’d be absolutely mad to let him go on a free!! Yes I know he is very injury prone, but to offer him less than what he’s on now is a mickey take!

    1. Konstantin Mitov says:

      Dude, we allowed Wenger to stay here 10+ more years than he should’ve, but when it comes to players of importance we don’t really bother with their contracts…

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Sue has a decent point there, the money in football is disgusting. Players earn a fair share as that is who fans come to see. Jack will sell shirts, and he’s a local boy. Maybe not a cut in wages would be fair, but fitness should play a part. Keep him on the same money, but he needs to be available for selection in a percentage of his time (not including the type of tackles that would injure a person easily) (just the niggle type yolks that become operations).

      2. jon fox says:

        Precisely and well said!

  2. Goonerboy says:

    How hard it is to please people, If we give him and improved contract and he gets injured again, we will blame the club. wait till when he signs the contract and then goes on a long term injury again.

    If he must stay, he should just accept the terms on offer and if not he should go.

    1. John Ibrahim says:


      fans just find the tiniest excuses to complain and vent

  3. gotanidea says:

    I thought Juventus was after Ramsey, because he was fed up with the amount of abuse by Arsenal fans? I think Wilshere is after bigger salary, that is why he become a contract rebel, like what Sanchez and Ozil did (both successfully become the highest earners in Premier League)

    If there is no good agreement between Arsenal and Wilshere, it’s too bad, but there are other good central midfielders available, such as Thomas Lemar, Jean Seri, Denis Suarez, etc. Especially Denis Suarez, he is more skillful than Wilshere, Ramsey, Xhaka and Ozil.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Exactly…there are quite a few quality CM available hence losing Wilshere probably not a big loss

      Wilshere must accept the club’s terms if he serious on staying

      1. Phil says:

        Jack needs to stay injury free.Its as simple as that.Its not as though we pick up many injuries through a season do we.
        But as Sue rightly points out why lose another top player for free.Unless of course his demands are too high and we can replace with better.
        If reports are correct Ramsey is chasing a mega deal so Jack probaly feels why should he receive a lesser contract than his existing.
        Personally I don’t want to see him go but understand the argument both ways

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Your man Seri is better than I thought he was, I believed he was that over-hyped player that the youtubers big up. But he has nifty feet, he’s more in the Cazorla direction than the all round monster that the AFC fans call out for. I haven’t seen enough of him to be sure on him, but I noticed some good footwork and some early vision type passes.

          1. John Ibrahim says:

            Seri is a one season wonder…no clubs are interested in him

            if they were , he would have already been snapped up

            not even swansea or Everton

  4. stubill says:

    Not only is it a Mickey take, it’s insulting to offer him a reduced weekly wage.

    We have Xhaka on £120k per week, Lacazette on £150k per week, Mkhitarian on £150k per week, Aubameyang on £180k per week, and Ozil on £350k per week.

    Not one of the above shows the passion, the will to drive the team forward or the love for the club that Jack does. Can you imagine him running out in a Liverpool shirt next season, how would you feel about that?

    The mismanagement and sheer ineptitude of the management and board of the club is staggering.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      It’s gonna be difficult getting Xhaka to move, nobody will top that wage or even come close. He’s gonna stick around and if we do shop his name around he will say stuff like I want to fight for my place and I understand how you need to do that at a club of this size. I just hope it was a three year contract he signed, something tells me it was five though.

      1. stubill says:

        Yep it was 5 years, it looks like we’re stuck with him until June 2021.

    2. jon fox says:

      Totally agree with every word!

    3. Durand says:


      Wonder if Ramsey has injury clause in his contract like Wilshere?
      Wonder if Ramsey offered less like Wilshere?

      Wenger has his favorites everyone knows. I’d offer jack same wages, no raise unless stays healthy, and captain’s band.

      I’d offer Ramsey same wages, prove fitness and consistency, I’ve given up on discipline.

      No automatic starts for either; if AMN beats them out, they sit on bench until they outperform Niles

  5. Jeru Damaja says:

    Are you crazy Wiltshire is not captain material he is t even a top 4 midfielder in the squad. Just because he is local does not mean he should be given the captain’s arm band.
    That has to be earned over time from putting in stellar performances, helping to push team mates to raise their game.
    Arsenal are better off sending him to Ehoever is going to pay for him.
    If any player deserves the captain arm band then it’s Aaron Ramsay. Puts in stellar performances and contributes with goals.
    I remind all of you who support Jack to look at his opta stats and you will see for yourself he is absolutely pants.

  6. Declan says:

    Talking of injuries. Both Jack and Kos have not travelled for our 6 o’clock game tonight as both are injured!

  7. Break-on-through says:

    This is maybe his agent spinning things to try and counter the cut in wages which is being mooted. We need a new dynamics in CM, one player won’t cut it. I’d keep Wilshere and Ramsey but with the new players that need to arrive, both those players won’t be happy with game-time. One should see more minutes than the other one through the pecking order. We need two new first teamers in that area. Ramsey lacks a little of what Wilshere is best with and Wilshere lacks what Ramsey is best with. Ramsey has one other plus, his engine, stamina. If you could mold these two into the one player complete player he would be a dynamite contestant, a real Rocknrolla.

  8. jon fox says:

    Pat J, You have asked the most pertinent question and of course you are right to say that Jack Wilshere is one of the the very few experienced current squad players with Arsenal in their soul. Ramsey is too and I don’t rule out, either, the younger and fringe members like AM-N and Reiss Nelson, who have come through the club, from having us in their soul club BUT I definitely rule out the likes of Xhaka, Ozil, who only renewed for vast money which no other club would offer him, as he well knew and so signed for it here, and many others, like Mustafi, the two recent buys, and many others who clearly do not bleed red and white, as Jack does. Yes, of course the now mature and grown up Wilshere is the only sensible choice as club captain and should be treated as the valuable player he is and NOT insulted with reduced terms. He no longer, being now mature, plays in the former reckless dive into 40/60 challenges style which caused many of his injuries. Players do learn better; pity the same cannot be said of our manager! If Wenger had EVER properly coached Jack in his younger days , we would now have a universally recognised stellar captain and also the first midfielder on the England teamsheet.

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