Has Koscielny proved why he should be the Arsenal captain?

Koscielny deserves Arsenal captaincy!

Since the start of the season, there has been a few questions raised about who are official club captain is since the departure of Arsenal’s last leader, Mikel Arteta. Arteta hung up his professional boots last May, leaving the vacancy for the captain of Arsenal Football Club open once again.

We seem to have had more captains than any other side since Fabregas left us in 2011, largely due to the fact that Wenger has tried and tested the captaincy in a number of positions for different reasons. Since Fabregas, Arsenal has been captained by Van Persie, Vermaelen and Arteta in the space of five years, but right at this very moment, is there anyone more deserving for the role, than centre back Laurent Koscielny.

Koscielny has been unveiled as the official club captain for this season and Wenger has recently spoken about why he feels Koscielny not only fits the bill perfectly for the role, but that he also thoroughly deserves the position as a means of reward.

Wenger said ahead of the game against Burnley: “One of the aspects of our job is to give chances to people who deserve it. It is great. I can influence people’s lives in a positive aspect so it is good. He comes from a small city in the middle of France. And I think he did not believe for a long time in his potential. He was at Guingamp and didn’t make it. They were in division two and then he went to Tours in division three.

Then to become an international player with France – it takes you a while to really believe in your true potential. He always behaved always a little bit,like, within himself. Now comes out of him what is in him. He got rid of that past. Is he as good as anyone around in that position? I think so.”

Koscielny’s rise to fame has been gradual rather than sudden and you must admit I don’t think anyone expected him to turn out as the player that he is today. The purchase of Koscielny for just under £10 million back in 2010 was for many, another typical Arsene Wenger signing, buying unknown players from the low levels of the French division. Admittedly Koscielny’s career didn’t start off in the best way possible at Arsenal, after all he did get sent off on his league debut and also was a fault for the deciding goal that cost us the Carling Cup against Birmingham. However he’s put the past behind him, as have the fans and now we can pleased to firmly say we have one of the best centre backs in the current professional game.

As for his captaincy role at Arsenal, the French international thoroughly deserves it. The captaincy hasn’t been gifted to him as an intent to stay, like I believe it was with Van Persie and Henry. But instead Koscielny deserves it as a respect to his loyalty to Arsenal over the years, especially as the player has reportedly had offers from some of Europe’s biggest clubs including Bayern Munich. Koscielny also fits the role perfectly because of his direction and leadership skills, he is experienced at the highest levels of the game and isn’t afraid to show a physical side to his game when necessary. Koscielny may come across as doing his job ‘silently’, but it’s a good thing that he isn’t a hotheaded footballer, that can end up making a defence more vulnerable to the opposition than it should be.

After many years of being uncertain in Arsenal’s choice of captain, I am finally confident with our leader on the pitch. In my opinion, out of all the regular starting eleven players currently at Arsenal, Koscielny is by far the best choice for the Gunners and I applaud Arsene Wenger in his decision of who is named Arsenal captain this time around.



  1. I love Kos. World class without a doubt in my mind. But, and big but, in my humble opinion he is no leader. He is introvert by nature. Some say he can lead by example but personally I prefer a captain who leads by example and has a big, ugly mouth he can sound off when needed. Perhaps not coincidental that both Mustafi and Xhaka were captains previously – wouldn’t bet against one of them taking on the role if they and when they settle and establish themselves.

    1. thats what i hate about fans who aren’t objective.. only because koscielny is the better defender it doesnt mean that mert is inferior in every category.. koscielny is faaaar away from having all you need in a captain.. mert was the better choice as captain, imo henry and fabregas werent captain material either whereas mert and arteta were definitely better leaders but not starter

  2. I would like to think that everyones leadership qualities are different. Laurent, seems like a “no nonsense” guy of few words. Whose presence commands respect. And the few words he does speak are heeded without question.

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