Has Lukaku talked himself into or out of Arsenal transfer?

There is no doubt that Arsene Wenger is planning to sign at least one striker this summer in order to boost the firepower at Arsenal and give us a real chance of challenging for major trophy honours next season. And while we await the decision of one of the top scorers from the Premier League last season, Jamie Vardy is not the only forward that would improve the Arsenal squad.

Perhaps the fact that Wenger has gone for Vardy shows that he wants a striker already proven in the Premier League so that we do not have to wonder whether they will take some time to get used to the challenges of the English game. In that case the Everton and Belgium international star Romelu Lukaku must be worth a look.

The big and powerful front man was right up with Vardy and Kane in the race to be top EPL goal scorer for most of last season but fell away in the end. However, he was the only one close that was playing in a struggling side and by the end Lukaku looked thoroughly fed up with his team’s plight.

Now he has made it clear that he wants to leave Goodison Park this summer and was even more specific about where he wants to go. As reported by Metro the 23-year old has a lot of ambition and despite his young age he is desperate to join a club that has a real chance of success.

He said, ‘I’ll go to a club that will give me the chance to be part of a great project. I’m only 23, I still have to improve.

‘But I want to win titles, because that’s what we remember at the end of a career.

‘The press has reported a total of 80 million euros (£63.2m), given the number of goals I’ve scored the last two seasons and the investment that the Everton club has made in me, it is a price.

‘But in fact I do not even know if this is the true price! That’s what the media says.

‘I know however that I’ve scored a lot of goals in my young career. We’ll see the price. It will be 80 million euros, maybe less.’

It was all sounding perfect for Arsenal until he mentioned his price. We know that Arsenal could afford to spend something like £60 million on a player but how likely is it that Wenger will do it? And for that money would he not want a more proven striker?

Despite being highly rated there are still doubts about the Belgian’s attitude and he still has a lot of improving to do as he himself admits. If Lukaku does want to join a project like Arsenal, does he need to do more to help us get him for less?

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  1. Top four has been the
    Arsenal project for
    ten years. Titles.?
    No. So Lukaku would
    need to look elsewhere.

  2. If Lukaku is worth €80 million, Giroud is worth at least €50m. And I’m not a Giroud fan. Shudder to think what Griezzman would be worth – €120m? Lol.

    1. He says that Media’s asking price and he also said ‘may be less’ and that could be £30-£45 which is reasonable.

  3. I would rather we buy a lukaku, than a Morata, both are developing forwards, but lukaku is a english league player already, he is basically built for the league, power, pace and developing technical skills, already on the goal trail and only will get better, that would be a big statement

  4. New manager at everton, they ar also spending a lot of money. Lukaku may stay.

    I do not think he is worth over £60m. If we were to pay that sort of money the expectation and pressure on him would be huge and he may not be able to take it. Look at carrol at liverpool and torres at chelsea. Both proven PL goalscorers, both very high value transfers and both failures at their new clubs.

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