Has Mesut Ozil already agreed a new Arsenal contract?

Reports are breaking today out of Germany and now subsequently in England, that Gunners star Mesut Ozil has signed a new contract with the club, after long lasting negotiations!

Negotiations for the new deal apparently started before the end of last season, with the German international entering the final two years of his contract with Arsenal. Ozil reportedly stopped negotiations with the club during the summer, to concentrate with his national team for the European Championships, but now with the Premier League season well underway, it seems the playmaker was keen to commit.

As reports remain unconfirmed by Arsenal, we have to still assume his current deal still runs out in 2018. Arsenal are keen to have his contract extended before the end of the season, in order to avoid a similar situation to Robin Van Persie a few years back! Ozil looks likely to have committed to/or about to commit to a new deal, that will see his wage increase to around £200,000 a week! There had been previous rumours that Arsenal were looking to extend the deal to the end of 2020.

You can tell that Ozil absolutely loves the club and all that it’s about. He’s stated in recent interviews how he’s never stayed at the same club for too long during his career, but the German is now in his fourth season at Arsenal and looks to be staying for even longer. If Arsenal want to get amongst the biggest clubs in Europe, it’s vital we keep hold of players that are in Ozil’s calibre of quality.
Hopefully next up is Alexis Sanchez!



  1. Liang says:

    Great news, extending Ozil’s contract is like signing a 70M player.

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    I hope he has signed, because it may convince Alexis to sign as well. Would also be great boost for next summer’s transfer window in terms of convincing other big names to join, and for our new manager.

    Atletico beat Bayern again last night, Simeone anyone! The guy knows how to win the big games.

    1. Krish says:

      the guy is poison to football

  3. butters says:

    Im a big fan of Ozil, but you have to ADMIT IT, that he is a poor finisher for an AMC. Ozil creates a lot of chance for us, but hate to say it, he cant finish it off.

    I think Arsenal need a cover on that AMC, someone similar to Coutinho or Aguero who can put those chances to bed. He missed an open goal a few games ago, his finishing against Basel lets me down and Ive seen it plenty last season and this season as well. Its NOT a dealbreaker, but its something he needs to improve.

    AMC is not just playmaking, he consistently get into dangerous position but I cant help it when he miss alot of it. Hopefully we get to see more of Adelaide, Niles or Iwobi in the central position for experiment.

    1. Budd says:

      I doubt his main tasks is to score goals. Happy when they come but I’d rather have him assisted 30 goals a season than him to score 10. Of course, I’d take them both but you have to settle somewhere.
      By signing an extension he will basically make himself an Arsenal legend. Same with Sanchez. I doubt we can’t pay his wages to be honest. I would (if I was the board) send a huge statement and bump Bellerin’s contract now. Not sure what he makes, I guess around 50k/week, add 50% to it , same as Perez.

    2. Liang says:

      Coutinho’s number last season is not that impressive compared to Ozil.

      Coutinho: 10 Goals and 7 Assist for UCL + EPL.
      Ozil: 8 Goals and 19 Assist for UCL + EPL.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love to have both players but there is no way that players of their caliber and ability will be happy sitting on the bench.

  4. SUNNY13 says:

    This is one of finest news related to AFC. Arsenal should be such a club that all players would love to play. We must create an environment where the only way a player should ask for transfer is for not having enough playing time. Players not extending contract is a bad sign and has to be avoided at any cost, in terms of money, I think Ozil and Sanchez deserve pay rise as par with the market, they are truly and truly world class.

    If its in my hands I would also increase salary of Santi and Kochielmy both of whom are world class as well
    Once Ozil contract extension is official then we need to look into Sanchez and then Bellerine

  5. jonm says:

    Sportbild journalist Henning Feindt has confirmed that a deal is close to being signed and the German international will also change his shirt number.

    Based on this we have media articles repeating it like it is true. Because it is news we want to hear then we tend to believe it as well. How does this journalist know this information, does ozil or his agent confide in him, arsenal would be unhappy with that. I suspect it is pure speculation.

    We all know that the media make up stories to fit the facts or concerns of fans. We have bad news stories like ozil to barcelona and very good news like signing new contract.

    We can form our own opinion about whether ozil will sign a new contract, based on comments he has made etc. But I give no credibility to what some journalist in germany has said.

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