Has Monaco boss just comfirmed Mbappe transfer to Arsenal?

Arsenal may just have won the battle to sign the most sought after player in the summer transfer window with a mega money deal to bring the young France international star Kylian Mbappe to the Emirates Stadium from his current club AS Monaco in the south of France.

Anyone who pays much attention to the twice yearly goings on of transfers between football clubs will be able to read between the lines of what the Monaco manager Leonardo Jardim is reported by Metro as saying about his prolific and highly rated striker.

In the language of football people Jardim has pretty much declared that Mbappe is moving on and so it could be just a short amount of time before we hear an official announcement, although Jardim did not say which club the Frenchman would be moving to.

He said, ‘I think that the club and him will make the best decision.

‘Every trainer in the world wants to keep their best players, but it’s not always possible.

‘We will see what happens but the most important thing now is to focus 100 per cent on our work, and to help develop the youngsters and later we will see who we have.’

Real Madrid have also been heavily linked with the 18-year old forward but their president Florentino Perez put their own transfer hopes on the back burner this week when he suggested that it was not going to happen because their current squad may have too much competition up front for what the still developing Mbappe wants.

Has Jardim just told Arsenal fans what we want to hear?

Sam P.


  1. Urrrrh I saw no mention of Arsenal in his quote. How does this mean we are to sign him?

    Cosmic leap..

    1. Lol…it’s called click-bait…not sure why we need that here anyway..we come for the comments.

  2. You answered your own question when You wrote that Jardin did not say which club Mbappe will go to.

    I hope it’s us but most likely Madrid or PSG.
    The only hope comes from rumors that Wenger has become close with his family.

    But what an amazing signing this would be.

    1. Become?… Wenger has been close with Mbappe’s family since the kids mum was having ultra sonic scans at the hospital during her pregnancy for him. ?? Wenger was actually there checking out his kicking abilities.

  3. I see no mention of Arsenal here and I simply do not see arsenal coughing out over 90m for a yet to be tested teenager?
    Let’s get real for once Arsenal. Seal the lacazzete deal keep Sanchez and get mahrez. We could do with that.

    1. Its just out of question this kid is a confident kid if it happens it’s excellent but how on earth arsenal will pay this much

    2. Landing Lacazette shows we lost the race for Mbappe. Even if we are willing to pay a record smashing sum, two strikers of high quality?? after Wenger said we need Giroud. Lacazette would not come unless he was promised certain things. A first team place in the central role would be promised. Mbappe would want the same assurances. I agree, we are not being real here.

  4. With all the ridicule about Arsenal being stingy in the market and going for cheap options in transfers, And this being the year we missed a champion league spot..I think we should make a statement of intent and smash the world record fee by signing Mbappe we have 150m for transfers Mbappe alone and keeping our star players is enough business

    1. And you think that is a wise move to put all our eggs in one basket and on the shoulder of a teenager?
      Hell no!

      1. He is no regular teenager mate ?? imagine him as being Henry’s Son but with a bigger twin turbo engine with Fatboy low profile tyres, fully kitted interior, on board fully activated talking computer ?? he’ll never get lost like Ozil does. Man, I’m ready to take this kid for a spin… Oops! ?

  5. Would be wengers best for last situation come on winger prove that you have it in you bring in Henry 2

  6. I’m really irritated with idea of mahrez being bought for 40 mill
    Leceister fans see him as we do.ozil
    Talented but lazy an when chips our down he fades

    Do we really need that
    Even 50 for lemar is surely better
    5 years more value aswell

    I’d be gutted if this transfer happens
    Especially at that price

    1. Mahrez wipes his ass with Walcott ?? and we persevered with him for over a decade. Trust me Muff… ??Oh, that don’t sound right ?? you know what I mean, anyways you won’t be disappointed if we sign him. Wait & see.

    2. Why do you care if they buy him for 50, 100 or 150?…are you getting some of that money?..now you complaint because they are willing to spend and close a deal?….

  7. JardIm is being touted as Wenger’s eventual replacement. Perhaps he is getting him here now so that they can hoin uo again later.

  8. Has anyone managed to bump into Lacazette whilst on their travels in London? ?? everyone except for the Lyon president claims his in London, right now.

  9. I dont see the significance here.

    But heres a question for you. There is obviously interest from arsenal. And the rumours around the club about the previous £87M bid indicate there is something there, all the people close to the club, and generally in the know, have said there was a genuine bid or enquiry.

    But these people also say that Arsene will only allow Sanchez to leave IF he gets MBappe. So the question is: would you take MBappe as a Sanchez replacement?

    1. Yup, all day long and that only took me 1 second to debate that.
      The kids 18 and he has already broke all of Henry’s records at Monaco, based on their first professional season at that club. His done better at an even younger age.

      The lads a thinker, acts accordingly at full pace. Why else would Wenger be willing to spend £125 million on him? This is Mr Scrooge who we’re talking about. ??

      1. I agree entirely. M’Bappe looks like an incredible talent, and, it really kills me to say this, but some of Sanchez’s tantrums this season did my head in. There is a difference between a winning mentality and just undermining your teammates. M’bappe just looks like he loves playing. Would love to have him at Arsenal.

  10. OT: According to Jason Burt of the Telegraph Arsenal have agreed a deal worth £52for Alexandre Lacazette.Thry will initially pay £46 plus £6 add ons.The only thing left is for the player and the club to agree to personal terms which is just a formality.He is set to undergo his medical next week.

    Also Thomas Lemar has told some representatives at Monaco that he wants to work under Arsene Wenger next season.

  11. lacazette ,Sanchez, Lemar/Ozil we will be having a front three of midgets who can’t win the aerial battles. We need a balanced team physically to be able utilise every chance. how lacazette a striker and Sanchez is not! we need Mbappe at all cost

    1. Would be simply amazing to get Mbappe, Lacazette and Lemar and keeping Alexis.

      But a lot of rumour sources say we are very close to getting Mahrez with announcement as early as next week

      1. I very much doubt that Sanchez will be around if Wenger signs all of those other players that you mention. If anything Wenger will be relying on the sale of Sanchez to help out with paying for Mbappe.
        I would Sell him to the highest bidder.

        With Mbappe, Lacazette, Lemar and Mahrez in our squad, I wouldn’t care if Sanchez went to Chelsea, let alone City lol

        1. Couldnt agree more with you.

          Would love to see ol Wenger sign the French Musketers, add Mahrez and tell Sanchez he can piss off to his but buddy Pep and Oil City.

          Alexis has been a loyal servant to the club and is our best player but his unwillingness to sign a more than lucrative extension and transparent campaigning for a move away from the Emirates has convinced me that enough is enough.

          Arsenal will be just fine without the mercurial Chilean, perhaps even better as a team without him.

          Just a worthless opinion, nothing more, nothing less.

  12. Arsenal really don’t need to appear unnecessarily needy by clinging on to every pepper-grains worth of claptrap spewed from the media. If Mbappe arrives hip-hip-hoorah! tho regardless the coach will consolidate the team (and squad) with quality – last seasons lesson dissatisfied fans wont be ignored as i’m convinced someone will (again) put on the shirt, excel and catapult arsenal to greater success. It may send the wrong message about club ambitions if we procrastinate more.

  13. Is this Wengers master plan?


    $265M spent


    $140M recouped from player sales

    $125M spent would be within the speculated warchest that Kroenke and Co. have promised.

    My only question is why would either French forward leave there respected clubs to compete against each other at Arsenal unless Wenger ops for this lineup


  14. It will take something big to get him considering we just got lazarette, if we get mahrez lemar in our team i take that, mpabbe would be good but i think he go to PSG or Real Madrid

  15. If arsenal should come up with such a tantalizing line up that includes mbappe, lacazette upfront with lemar and mahrez on the wings, that will be poetic to say the most, not even the barcelona of this world would stop such a team. Arsenal all the way.

  16. Signing marhez lemar would be a great addition for us… Walcott should just leave arsenal for us.. He is not just it…

  17. Sign all of them pls, keep only the performing ones in our starting line up, sell d flop next season, welcome to emirate all the players mentioned above.

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