Has Mourinho saga taught Arsenal fans ANYTHING?

It has not been as bad in the last couple of years, with Arsenal finally spending some decent money on the the transfer of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez and winning the FA cup for two years on the spin, but we are still not too far away from having a right old pop at Arsene Wenger.

I for one am an Arsene Wenger fan and I appreciate what the Frenchman has done, which for a long time had to be done in the most difficult of circumstances. I can also see why some Arsenal fans cannot help but feel that our long serving manager has let us down in some ways.

With modern football being what it is, spending on transfer fees has become a huge part of the game and by only signing Petr Cech in the summer transfer window, our manager has left himself open to a lot more criticism. So if the Gunners fall short again this season and fail to regain the Premier League trophy, there will be hell to pay.

But is this really fair? I have to look at the Jose Mourinho and Chelsea situation on this one, because Maureen has been one of the people that were quickest to use Arsenal’s lack of trophy success as a stick to beat Wenger with. Do you really believe that Arsene would rather save money than win the title?

I don’t and so I have to assume that he is doing what he thinks is best. And that is to assemble a very talented bunch of players that has the ability to beat any team. More importantly perhaps, they have a team spirit and they believe that their boss has their back.

That is where Mourinho failed in my opinion, blaming anyone and everyone for the problems they faced. I do think that another manager could come in, right now, and make sure that Arsenal won the EPL title. But I also think that could scupper all the hard work that Wenger has been doing for years.

So what would you prefer Gooners, a trophy or a well run club?

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  1. So what would you prefer Gooners, a trophy or a well run club? Well that’s an unfair question for a start, because clubs can be run well and be successful at the same time.

    I personally don’t like the way Abramovich goes about his business. There’s no loyalty, no patience, and he probably buys players that his managers don’t even want! But it’s hard to argue against Roman, because his philosophy has brought constant success almost since day one. In just over a decade, Chelsea have won everything! Obviously the huge funds for quality players is a key area of their success, but I feel it’s the instant pressure the Chelsea managers are immediately under to deliver success that is the main cog in the Roman empire. If things aren’t working, Abramovich quickly changes managers, and let’s be fair, it works!

    For example, Mourinho (love him or hate him) is one the best managers in the world, and delivered a lot of domestic success and was close in Europe as well in a very short period of time during his first spell. Roman gets rid of him, gets in lesser quality managers, with the exception of Ancelotti, and Chelsea have even more success! Finally winning the Champions League as well!

    My overall point, is that a lot of Arsenal fans believe we cannot do any better with another manager. They believe Wenger is the best out there. But I feel the lack of almost any pressure from the board is a huge reason for Wenger’s consistent failings. He’s had too much time and patience. Chelsea fans also felt Mourinho was the best, yet they still had so much success with lesser managers after Mourinho’s departure.

    We shouldn’t fear change, in fact, football is built on change. It’s a constant recycling of players and managers that keeps clubs fresh and on top in most cases. Arsenal haven’t been anywhere near the top in years, so it wouldn’t be a case of ‘the only way is down’ once Wenger leaves like it was with Fergi at Man Utd. With the resources we have, mixed with the quality already at the club, I’d say ‘the only way is up’ under a new manager.

    1. Forgot to say that I am not one of these fans who changes their mind from game to game or expects players and managers to deliver straight away. I prefer managers and players to be given to succeed, I am a very patient person. But Wenger and a lot of his players have been given way too much time.

    2. Fans say there is no better manager then Wenger. And he is the best we ever had. I shake my head always knowing how stupid this sounds.

      You will never know without trying.

      1. I don’t know if you are right or wrong but I noticed you did not mention any other manager you think was far better?? You should at least defend your contention.

        1. Take Wenger himsels as an example. Monaco reject from Japan became a legend at Arsenal.

          The problem with Wenger is his arrogance. He thinks he has nothing to prove anymore. CL ? Mehhh. He takes pride in other thinks who are not diractly linked with football alone.

          1. @ Ks
            You sir literally know nothing it honestly is amazes me the garbage you constantly spew out Id be embarrassed if I were you.

            Arsene won a league title, cup title, and european cup. Went to the CL Semi’s and was a 2 time french cup finalist all at Monaco. THEN he went to Japan

            1. No, it feels great not to be a fanboy.

              He went to japan after he got fired is the key thing you forgot to mention. REJECT.

    3. Mourinho should come to Arsenal to destroy this club like he does every club? He should send Arsenal toward relegation like Chelsea? He should spend lavishly on players, make them want to leave, and then complain he does not have enough money or talent? He should embarrass the Arsenal faithful each week with his venomous press briefings?

      No thanks. Some of us have standards.

      1. Arsenal fans are deluded if they think Arsenal can waste money like Chelsea and City to win trophies. City got Negredo then sold him for half of what they paid for him after only one season. Chelsea bought Luis, didn’t start him at all then sold him for more than what they paid for him. They then turned to Costa he helped them win the title in the first season but now looks totally clueless. Wenger is right to be safe with his spending, nowadays you never know whether a player is committed to the long term future of the club or simply joining for the money. In addition, you can’t compare our past situation to the other clubs, we don’t rely on the owner’s money, during our financial struggle we couldn’t afford to gamble cash on a DiMaria, Arshavin was proof enough that it was better to be safe than sorry. Winning trophies at the time was never a realistic option and the quicker fans realize this the more they will understand why many of us are loyal to Wenger.

  2. Somewhere between mous 2 year cycle and our managers lengthy tenure would be ideal. A fresh outlook from a carefully chosen new manager of the right age woukd be good but be careful what we wish for! Also hearing jose wants to get back to work soon, go to a big club and stay in London! Spurs, wh? Do you reckon hes called wenger yet to ask when hes going to retire? Lmao 🙂

  3. The MEDIA cannot afford to let their cash cow (Mourniho) just wither away. They thrive on the nonsense he spews that they can then splash it as headlines.

    They are now strongly promoting the idea that the Chelsea problem was all the players fault, that Mourinho is just misunderstood and mistreated, and that Mourinho should now take over ManU. (Mata is praying otherwise).

    If Chelsea win now that means the players were just not trying for poor Josey. If Chelsea continue to struggle they will say “look, they are still losing – so Josey was not the problem.”

    Mourinho is like a bad skin disease. He is like the obnoxious uncle who moved in last year and just won’t leave. His ego won’t let him just walk away from the EPL.

    Josey, please – I am begging. Go to your swiss vacation villa and vegetate for 10 years that the world of football can heal properly without your poison.

    1. If Messi was told to play defensive football do you think he would be happy to play for the club ? Jose is a one trick pony, spend money, play defensive football, get results. What most people don’t realize is that results are only one half of what is required by a manager, otherwise Madrid, Inter and Chelsea wouldn’t have sacked him. To add on to that, he doesn’t know how to nurture youth and always relies on expensive players in their prime. Any good manager could have his success if they could spend on the players he does, the difference between him and the very best like Wenger and Fergie is that they know how to build a legacy and he only knows how to do a quick fix. Klopp, Guardiola, Ancelotti are all better managers. Sure Jose has many trophies, but will he ever be remembered by the clubs he’s been at besides Porto and Chelsea ? Doubt it. Will he be seen as someone that revolutionized football ? Never.

  4. Has Mourinho saga taught me anything??

    Yes. It has taught me how fortunate I am to be an Arsenal fan.

    My wife once asked me why I was an Arsenal fan. I explained to her, “You don’t choose Arsenal…….. Arsenal chooses you if you are fortunate enough to be chosen.” It is a calling.

  5. @mohawk, u dnt half talk out of ur rear end

    Mourinho is a world class manager his record speaks for itself u along with all ur other biased mourinho hating crew can carry on saying what you like but it won’t change the FACTS.

    Wenger is not on mourinho level sadly I can name more

    Pep, ancelotti etc

    1. ALARM!!!!!chelshiiiiit detected! …admin some cleanup to do….or better yet, let’s watch his clumsily sh##ed comments on the wake of his master’s departure as he seems clueless why their own players betray him. chelsea fans who love morinho are pure reflection of moreniho as a person. classless, never respected who found the spotlight through morinho by whatever means. they contribute nothing more than themselves and will burn any thing to achive it. they are like the oil rich factories causing global warming. oh wait, when did i get to Roman?

    2. Then why has Mourinho been fired at every club he’s been to ? There’s a huge difference between managing for 3 seasons and building a club’s legacy.

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