Has Osimhen already agreed to join Arsenal this summer?

Could Napoli forward Victor Osimhen have already agreed to a move to Arsenal? He could have, if the claims of Italian transfer specialist Gaetano Fedele were true.

According to Gaetano, Victor Osimhen only wants to move to the Premier League and has already committed to joining a specific Premier League club.

“There is a clause in the renewal contract signed by Victor Osimhen. The Nigerian has already agreed with another club and will leave in the summer,” said Fedele on Tele A, as per Area Napoli.

“I am convinced that the Nigerian goes to England. Trust me, he knows where to go.”

Based on these statements, I can’t help but wonder if Arsenal is the team Osimhen has decided to join.

Transfer sources have consistently stated that if the Nigerian international transferred to the Premier League, he would join either Arsenal or Chelsea.

As ambitious as we would assume Osimhen is, we should believe the 25-year-old would like to play in the Champions League next season. Chelsea, unlike Arsenal, are unlikely to offer Champions League football and may even miss out on all European competitions.

So, could he have agreed to come to Arsenal to battle for the League and Champions League? And, if so, are Arsenal preparing for another £100 million+ transfer?

However, given Arsenal’s acute need for a clinical striker, Osimhen is an excellent choice. He hasn’t had the best season, with struggling Napoli, injuries, and playing in the African Cup of Nations causing him to miss a number of Serie A games, but he still has 11 goals and three assists in 18 appearances, which is outstanding.

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  1. Let’s hope not. He hasn’t been to his best this season to justfify the quoted price tag, and he’s extremely injury prone for a player quoted at 100 million (on average misses 10-12 matches a season completely).

    1. DaJuhi, I totally agree, he is overpriced because he will miss even more games in the English premier league, because it is a lot tough to stay injury free, plus the African country games, he will not be playing for Arsenal and we will still have to pay him huge wages for playing away in Africa. Too much risk involved. Their are other world class strikers for less money, like Martinez or Gimenez etc.. that would guarantee you 20 plus goals for around £60 million. I would look at strikers that are proven against big opposition teams, because that’s when you need them the most.

    2. I hate people on a band wagon. How has he done badly this season? He has had three different coaches, went to the AFCON, and won a silver medal. In this same year, he has won African Player of the Year and Seria Player of the Year.

  2. There are many strikers in the market that Arsenal can buy right now. Osihmen was alone last summer and they failed to sell him when he was still hot. Now it’s different.
    1. He is no longer alone as I said.
    2. He hasn’t been at his best
    3. There are cheaper options and a good number too.
    4. He is from Africa (will often go to play for his country)
    5. His contract expires in 2026
    6. Clubs are wary of FFP constraints and are no longer eager for crazy spending
    Napoli should be lucky to get 60M for him

    1. Mo
      We shouldn’t touch it
      Gyokeres and Isak are better and have experiences in the EPL and the Championship

  3. There are only three alternatives for an Arsenal striker: The 25 yo Viktor Gyökeres (Sporting); the 28 yo Ivan Toney (Brentford); and the 30 yo Harry Kane (Bayern Münich). Arsenal should get a guy who have proved himself as a player for the tempo and toughness in the EPL, and who like to play in rain, snow and when it’s twenty degrees Fahrenheit. Victor Osimhen would only be a new Super-Mario (Balotelli).

    1. Imagine Harry Kane coming to Arsenal, it looks like he won’t win anything at BM this season, I would buy him just to wind up the rubbish down the road, another Campbell masterstroke

      1. The “rubbish down the road” who made Harry Kane their top scorer after Arsenal said he wasn’t good enough. Liam “Chippy” Brady still has nightmares.
        Class clubs or supporters don’t lift their club up by putting other clubs down, but let on field (and off field) performances do the talking.

  4. For the figure quoted, just praying we find an alternative. His blip this year barring all, could be a sign that, after all, he may not be as consistent a striker as should of him.

    He may not be worthy the wait

  5. Osimhen is good any day anytime, firm is temporal but class is permanent. Let’s be logical in our analysis of a good player. Take for example Harland, how many goals has he scored this season compared to this time last season, will you say because he hasn’t replicated the form of last season then he’s not a good striker?.

    I think Arsenal needs the type of Osimhen in the team who can force his way through any defense line when the goals are not coming. Just imagine Raya giving him one of those his long range passes.

  6. I’m kind of glad Arsenal waited until this summer to buy a striker. Last year,there weren’t many quality strikers available for reasonable fees. It seems there will be lots of quality strikers available at the end of this season. I’m sure Arsenal has a shortlist of striker targets already. I don’t know if Osimhen is in it but it doesn’t matter because they’ll be plenty of decent choices I’m sure.

    Knowing Mikel and looking at his previous signings,we know that he really loves versatility and flexibility in his players. This tells me he’ll be looking for a Centre forward who has the capability of switching positions with other players in the course of a match. Does Osimhen fit that profile? Time will tell.

    1. you are absolutely right that versatility is a key attribute Arteta demands and our system requires

      the player needs to as good without the ball as with it, needs to be able to high press relentlessly for 90 minutes, needs to rotate positions constantly with other players

      the traditional target man striker is the exact opposite to the attributes Arteta/Edu are looking for

      if they can’t then they don’t start, as simple as that, may be coming on as Plan B if Plan A not working (which right now Plan A is working exceptionally well)

      e.g. how is dropped for Osihmen to start? suddenly no so easy is it? can Osihmen (or other new striker) do everything Havertz does with out the ball and better?

      so a €130m Plan B for that last 10 minute goal scramble…hmm, not convinced Arteta/Edu style

  7. Personally I would prefer either Gyokeres or Gimenez. Both would be slightly cheaper and allow us to invest in other areas.

    Gyokeres has added plenty of assists to his game, and Gimenez is a great finisher for a 22 year old.

    1. Durand, I’m with you. Maybe Arsenal scouts should be looking at goal scorers in the Championship, given that is where Gyokeres came from (Coventry City).

  8. As many people on Just Arsenal have alluded to during the last few months, on paper Osimhen looks great. Tall, athletic, scored lots of goals in Italy.

    But after watching him at AFCON I feel that despite his size and athleticism he might be a bit of a pussy. At 6’1″ he’s not that even that big by nowadays standards, and on a cold wet English winter’s day getting battered by big defenders, I don’t think he’ll look anywhere near as good as he does in warm sunny Naples.

    I would honestly rather have Ivan Toney, or maybe some of the other options coming up now might also be better.

  9. I much hope we buy Osimhen and I think we will. But I agree with posts that say ABSOLUTELY HUGE TRANSFER FEES, apart from already proven Prem greats , as Rice was before we bought him, are going to become extremely rare, given FFP or PSR( same thing in reality)
    I do nor envisage us paying £100mill plus, nor anywhere close to it ,for ANY striker and think that selling clubs who ask unrealistically high fees will have an almighty shock when they find VERY FEW clubs, if any at all, willing to pay ridiculous fees.
    We wont do so either, IMO. But we will buy a top class striker and I HOPE IT IS OSIMHEN TOO.

  10. How many goals did Salah and Mane score at the AFCON? Stop judging players by nations cups performance. It’s a different ball game

  11. The disrespect shown to Osimhen is insane . The only drawback to Osimhen is the price tag and the fact that he will be away for the AFCON, which is not a big issue.
    Osimhen has been winning personal and team trophies since he was 17 (look it up)
    He has experience playing in the Champions League.
    He is faster, stronger, and jumps higher than all the strikers we have been linked to..
    He is currently ranked number 8 on the Ballon d’Or list, as well as being the Seria best player in 2023 and the current African player of the year, beating Mo Salah.
    For those saying he doesnt have EPL experience,. Martinelli was in the 3rd division of the Brazilian League, and he is starting for one of the best clubs in the world today.
    Personally, I would take Gyokeres because of the price tag but remember Darwin Nunez did more in Benfica than Viktor Gyokeres is doing now.
    So put some respect on the players’ names because, in terms of profile within their age group, after Haaland, there is Osimhen.

    1. Thank you sir for your unbiased response. I love reading comments to see the opinions, suggestions and perspectives of other Arsenal fans. My conclusion is that most fans lack objective thinking and clear analysis of the subject matter in question. They comment based on emotions, lack of experience or knowledge of what to say. Apart from Osimhen’s release clause and asking price, I don’t have any problem with him coming to Arsenal. He will do very great in Arsenal’s shirt.

    2. Absolutely spot on. In world football today, after Kane and Haaland come Osimhen (in that order) in the CF position. He’s better than Gyokeres, Gimenez, Sesko, Boniface, Toney, Zirkzee, Martinez, etc. People need to show some respect

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