Has Ozil’s marriage made him lose interest in football?

And so, the debate begins of what is more important – family or career!

Per Mertesacker, our BFG has spoken out in defence of why he thinks Mesut Ozil’s situation has turned sour.

The Daily Mirror has reported on Per Mertesacker’s opinion, when he spoke to the Klick and Rush podcast, about why he believes that Mesut Ozil’s current situation at Arsenal is where it is, stating:

“Matters in the player’s personal life may have contributed to his lack of action on the pitch (and to why his) focus may have switched recently. A lot has changed away from the field. He got married, has a family. Perhaps his focus has changed. Nevertheless, he is still happy and happy to play football. He’s the only player I’ve played with for three teams – Bremen, Arsenal and also at the DFB. So I’m very sorry that he’s currently in a situation where he’s not really used.”

A fair reason if that is the case but being happy to play football is all well and good, but if you’re not showing enough encouraging signs then you will be overlooked and having a family is not an excuse for losing focus and changing attitudes.

As we have seen many footballers have families, many have lives off of the pitch, yet still they manage to turn up to training, perform on match days and then go home to continue their lives off of the pitch, so if the family life is a distraction for Ozil is it just an excuse or is there something else we don’t know about.

All in all a person can have a family and a career at the same time, for a footballer it should be the most easiest thing, playing 90 minutes every three days, training a few times a week, for a couple of hours a day and then returning home each day, is doable.

So I hope whatever the issue is for Ozil, if it is a matter of managing both career and family life, that he manages to fix up and do so sooner rather than later otherwise he can kiss his Arsenal career goodbye if he hasn’t done so already. Gooners?

Shenel Osman


  1. Shenel Osman don’t you get tired of writing countless Ozil articles??

    The last thing I want to do is to read or discuss the personal life of another man.
    BFG says perhaps his focus changed.
    That’s not to say even BFG knows what changed.
    The debate you claim begins, you’re the only one doing it and the one who just kick started it.
    What, so now we get to question if his marriage is the reason? Now we add his marriage to the list of stuff to dissect?
    Can you just let some discussions be and don’t poke into them?
    Don’t you guys tired?

        1. Eddie, you could say I’m “trying to make a debate” about every bit of Arsenal news that comes to us.
          I guess that’s my job mate….

  2. Shenel, the BFGs comments have been totally misunderstood by you.
    Anyway, our 25 man Premier League squad is announced today and I certainly hope Ozil is in it and not all of the 7 centre backs currently on our books!

  3. It’s not about marriage, but it’s all about interest in what someone is doing. Ozil has lost interest in what feeds him. As long as his contract is ongoing, Arsenal has to deal with this bad attitude of his. They guy doesn’t show any interest in the field of play

  4. I have often thought he needs to show more appetite and desire to fight on the pitch when things are not going his way, perhaps the attack on him has had a more physiological effect on him than we know. That said he needs to show the manager he has the hunger to compete for the team then he might get some playing time.

  5. Very rude / insensitive of you to say to a professional. Family is everything. We all try to balance our careers and family, that’s a constant struggle of life. Beyond all these we all know that the decision to freeze Ozil out is not a football decision and it smirks of irresponsibility on the part of AFC to go down this route. I believe that Mertesacker’s interview / podcast which Arsenal have on their website today , same day they submit final EPL list is all a ploy, as has been the trend by both parties publicity wise recently . It must have been very difficult for BFG but easy decision to protect his bread and butter and lose a dear longtime friend. His choice. Fans, pundits, etc have all been brainwashed and nobody can stand up to the poor management at our club including how classless we have become in all including how we treat staff, someday it will all be clear. Ozil is a lot better than half the team we have presently, his deliverable is missed every game and if the issue is about his wages we have clubs around who have managed more severe cases better . It is very wrong to castrate a man unnecessarily and that is what AFC is now doing and other staff are watching. Fans and pundits and writers need to get off the easy side of the fence and even if you don’t wear Ozil’s shoes wear a neutral one and see things in truth and reality. This has been handled very badly and has nothing to do with Ozil’s family, that is a very petty disrespectful cover up for irresponsibility. Time will tell on this one.

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