Has Pellegrini got a point about Arsenal being lucky?

It was a bit of a rollercoaster ride for Arsenal fans as we watched the Premier League clash with Man City yesterday. Early dominance and a so nearly scoring the opening goal through the new signing Danny Welneck turned into the Gunners trailing and, let’s be honest, looking like we had run out of ideas.

But then the Gunners managed to produce two fantastic goals and so for a while we were dreaming about a famous and fantastic win against the reigning champs. As we know, it was not to be because our defensive failings from set pieces raised it’s head again. And we nearly lost the game entirely in a frantic last few minutes.

All in all though, a draw seemed to be a fair reflection of a topsy turvy match and a result that neither side could really moan about. Or at least that is what I thought until I heard the complaints of the City boss Manuel Pellegrini. The Chilean has really got a bee in his bonnet and reckons that refveree Mark Clattenburg was personally responsible for his team’s failure to win. Not only does he think that City should have had a penalty, but he claims that both of our goals should have been ruled out, as an ESPN report explains.

Pellegrini said, “I think it was a great game, two very good teams which try to play, both teams are very creative. Today both goals by Arsenal were very clear fouls, the first one, two or three continuous fouls and the second one Welbeck on Vincent.

“Wilshere had two hands in front of the linesman and it is a clear penalty, so in that case I must be very happy with the draw. We have more possession and more chances than Arsenal.

“I think we have very difficult decisions, today was unbelievable. He [Clattenburg] had a very bad day today in the same way he had a bad day against Liverpool last year.”

So has he got a point? In my opinion, not really. The Wilshere handball, which our player does not deny, was one of those which he could not have helped and which you would say was harsh if given. The `continuous fouling` on our first goal was just the same sort of pressure which City put on us throughout the game. Clattenburg WAS lenient but to both sides and I do not think there was any bias.

In fact he could easily have showed Lampard a second yellow in the first half. Let’s go even further and ask why Fernandinho did not see red when he committed a bookable foul and then blatantly and petulantly kicked the ball away.

So stop moaning Manuel and come and see me again when you have had about half of the dodgy decisions that Arsenal had to stomach last season!!

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  1. Who cares if we were lucky or not. We’ve been unlucky on countless occasions (like last seasons away game at City), so next topic please…

    1. @jeff
      I think last seasons away game at City was a clean cut case of ref bias against us. But you’re right, next topic please…

    2. YES…he got “a” point and so did the Gunners!!! LOL

      Lucky…i didnt think so…in fact they were lucky Welbeck did not score. That would have changed the whole game. They had opportunities and so did the gunners..especially first half.

      Its a SHITTY excluse! LOL


    3. Should Ramsey buried that magnificent pass from Wilshere, Pellegrini would had nothing to say at all. Not very sure who was lucky. What suprises me is that every year EPL gets a Mourinho in the making. Not necessary coach but big mouthed character. Just wait to see LvG getting close to the 4th place. Then he will go on a collision course with Mourinho.

      1. anyone still wanna say we should be happy with our transfer window activity?
        this is exactly why we were p*ssed off!!

        heres hoping bellerin steps up. an we get literally no more serious injuries

        1. Wenger said he would definitely be replacing Vermaelen, He didn’t.
          FFS we haven’t even replaced Alex Song. SMFH.

          1. Got to laugh sometimes mate this point every season for the last 6 seasons I’ve thinking Arsene’s only f#cking about he will go for it next summer lol we’ve been 2/3 additions short of challenging for a long time.

        1. We should rely on an inexperienced 19 year old RB who has never played a competitive game for Arsenal’s first team in his entire career?
          I hope I don’t need to explain why that could be a problem, despite how good he looked in Pre Season.

          1. If a player is good enough he is old enough. Why slate our player as incapable before they play a single competitive match. What’s the point of having an academy if we can not trust a few of our brightest youngsters to break through. If Wenger thinks Bellerin is good enough such that he sent Jenkinson on loan, let’s at least give him the chance.
            Isaac Hayden is also one of the best youngster from our rank, captain all our U team, he can provide extra cover at center back.

            1. @ethangooner
              Exactly. I don’t get the “too young” argument. We should have thrown some of our young gunz out there last season when we were injury hit…
              The only way they’re goin to get the confidence as well as experience is to be playin in the 1st squad.
              Sterling is leading the line for club and country at 19…

          2. I was thinking Bellerin would be a good choice for the league cup.. Now we’ve got Spurs, Chelsea, United, Galatasaray and Dortmund coming up on our fixture list. Big ask for someone who’s never played a competitive game at the top level, though if I were to pick anyone from our youth team, he looks the most promising.. Meanwhile Jenkinson is at West Ham.

            1. Why? Isn’t BPL-U21 not competitive? Why do they still insist in organizing it if it’s not competitive? Besides, It’s about time to see Bellerin in the team. Chambers made it at 19. Why not Bellerin.

      2. Last time I looked at our team there were 4 CB’s : Mert,Kos,Chambers,Hayden. Add Monreal who can also play CB as well.

  2. We were lucky with decisions but so were they. Wilshere clearly hand balled in the box. You could argue that he fouled Aguero in the build up to his goal as well. The Sanchez goal has nothing wrong for me though, Welbeck simply out muscled Kompany.
    But, Flamini was fouled in the build up to Aguero’s goal and the City players were dirty all afternoon.
    Both teams were lucky with decisions so it’s all equalled out.

    1. I also think that there’s a serious discrepancy between our expectation and the actual quality of our squad. We expect the team to win the league when ,if we are being honest, our team is weaker than City and Chelsea. It would take something really special to win the league with the current squad, especially considering what our rivals have. Wenger is naive with his tactics but he also has a team that isn’t at the same quality of Chelsea and City. We can’t expect miracles. We still need another couple of CBs, a DM, probably another CM because Arteta, Flamini and Cazorla are getting old. There’s too many positions that need to be addressed for us to really challenge this season.

  3. If there was a zombie apocolypse, no one would think twice to shoot Pellegrini.

    City had it in for us pretty much the whole game, just look at all the fouls they committed. They were lucky not to get red.

    What frustrates me the most is how much we SUCK at defending corners and set pieces. I wish this zonal marking crap would be done with, or at least get some players to mark man for man. It has cost us too many cheap goals.

  4. How many years did we (arsenal) have had decisions go against us Pellegrini must be nervous his making excuses like we use to,
    I thought Arsenal played really well, let’s not forger we played with four new signings which take a few weeks before they all settle in,

    on another note if the team can learn anything from Sanchez this season will be a huge improvement from last season.

  5. A 4-1-4-1 isn’t necessarily bad, but I think Wenger has the wrong personnel for the formation.

    Sanchez Ramsey Wilshere Walcott
    Gibbs Koscielny Mertesacker Debuchy

    1. I think 4-1-4-1 would work very well for a partnership of Wilshere and Ramsey. All it needs is a solid DM to protect the back four and it could be a great lineup.. Flamini doesn’t really cut it. Is Carvalho the answer? I don’t know but he seems better than what we’ve got.

      Having said that, I think we’ll return to a 4-2-3-1 formation now that Arteta is back. And that means moving Özil to the CAM spot again.

      1. we were playing 4-1-4-1 before arteta’s injured. the point of it is to accommodate both wilshere and ramsey on the field.

        i started off skeptical of the duo on the field, but wilshere’s performance seems to be proving more wrong and i hope to see more of it coming.

        Ozil on the other hand, is more a mental issue, than a positional one.
        he doesn’t like to play if he’s not in his favorite position it seems. But then again, putting a out of form player in the CAM role is simply not the wise choice.

        he needs to sort his mind out, whatever it is that’s getting in between him and his football.

  6. There were some questionable tackles from City, so ‘luck’ evens itself out over a match / season.

    We look good when attacking, and fine margins in games are the difference between winning or drawing.

    The positives are, we have an amazing player in Sanchez, Wilshere is hitting form, Walcott is soon to return, and we are one of 3 teams to be unbeaten in the league after 4 games, the other 2 being Chelsea and Villa. Plus we have Chambers who is great and Welbeck will soon find his scoring boots…

    It’s not all doom and gloom, and I for one am still proud of how we approach the game. We looked good yesterday against a pretty damn good City. That HAS to be cause for optimism.

  7. Leather skin (Pellergrini) did not say much when Liverpool got mugged off with that offside goal Sterling scored for Liverpool last season..

    He has been so quiet to this day..


  8. We need to focus on beating Dortmund now, they are without Reus and won’t have Lewandowski this time round, for obvious reasons, I do believe we are a better team than them.

  9. Yes he is but about time we had a little luck go our way. Observations from yesterday. Flamini should have been replaced at 70 mins he was dead on his feet. Ozil is weak and needs to push his chest out and lift his head up, he needs a good hard shake! Per looks poor still and kos’ s excelent work covered for him. Jack and sanchez awesome, welbeck pretty good debut. Schez should have left the second headed goal for flam to clear, no communication. A fair point and a more determined combative performance than last year.

  10. I personally don’t feel we were lucky. We made a couple of mistakes and paid with 2 points for that. But no way were City superior. We had one shot hit the post and Ramsey completely scuff one shot.

    If anything, the huge positive from yesterday was that we clearly had no issue opening them up.

    The concerns are the same as ever – too easily counter attacked and full backs too high up. This is something that won’t go until Wenger goes (not happening anytime soon) so I have learnt to live with.

    While Ozil was poor not sure why he got the bulk of the criticism. Flamini and Ramsey were just as poor.

  11. We had enough chances to win the game, I don’t think we were lucky. We really got bullied in the dying minutes ad that has to stop.

  12. I think we were lucky but the luck had nothing to do with the ref. Despite a lot of possession we really only created 3 good scoring opportunities and scored on 2 of them. City had a lot more good chances, hit the post twice in the closing minutes and had a near sure goal saved by a spectacular save from the Arsenal keeper. On most days, when the good chance are lopsided like that, you lose.

    1. Anyone else think Szczesny has become a top top keeper now? The second goal was a shame because he had a really good game, but from his perspective he probably couldn’t see Flamini had stepped in from the post to head it away.. He made some great saves yesterday, and he’s made several over the past few weeks.

  13. City can hardly complain about fouls leading to the Arsenal goals given that they played a deliberately physical game that included a lot of intentional fouls. The ref chose to call the game to City’s liking (i.e. letting a lot of fouls go). Had the ref called a tight game, City would have had two guys sent off.

  14. Anybody else think Ozil just can’t be arsed playing football in general ? After Sanchez scored the rest of the team went mental !! I nearly got an ASBO from my neighbours !! Ozil walked up gave him a little hug after the rest stopped celebrating if that doesn’t get you up for a game I don’t know what will. I love Ozil but we would’ve won yesterday if Wenger mad a change even Ox for Ozil after we scored the second would’ve made a difference. Same old tactics feel sorry for Steve bould having to watch this defending all the time he wouldn’t have it in his day.

    1. Ozil is unhappy being played out of position. Anyone can see he does not like playing on the wing. Except for Wenger forcing the issue. Why not just bench and keep playing Jack. Why sacrifice Ozil to make place for Jack.

      1. Truth is dboy Ozil has had that undemonstrative, hang-dog demeanour all his life. People like to think he is sulking out on the wing to add fuel to the anti-Ozil sentiment but this is just fabrication.

  15. I think we were fortunate the last 10 minutes as we were under the cosh but our faults are clear to see at left back Mertesacker Dm and Ozil who should be sold.

  16. ot: ter is too much negativity….. yes wenger can b tactically inept sometimes…. but yesterday if u followed the match closely u can see tat at 1-1 cazorla and ox were warming up… [for ramsey and ozil of course]… and suddenly it was 2-1 wenger sends out chambers and arteta to warm up[like last season v would have took two midfielders out and put those two for defensive cover]… it was debuchys injury tat changed it… and after they scored they had the momentum……. 2-2 is not a bad result….. and about zonal marking its still fine… last tym v had sagna and giroud all good in te air they won a lot of headers tats te difference watch the game closely… still germany of all teams use zonal marking… wat next if v concede in man marking will u advocate zonal marking??? its just change in personnel.. wit training zonal marking will b jus fine…

  17. AW should give ozil the CAM role for next few games. He certainly isn’t effective in LW. Ozil needs to work a little harder defending, he probably not used to tracking back as he never done so at Real madrid. Im sure he will be back to his best after few games like Ramsey and how wilshere is coming back now.

    The full back also needs to be solid thats where our problem lies.
    DM has to be a priority in january. Flamini and arteta cant handle top players.

  18. You don’t know what you doing! You don’t know what you doing! No proper DM no proper LW! You don’t know what you doing! No back up for CB, keep playing players out of position……!!!

  19. We have been so unlucky over the years that a little luck is greatly appreciated.

    But both our goals were sweet. Nobody can deny Wilshere’s goal and Sanchez’s volley were class goals.

    If these things come true, we will have an awesome season
    1.,no major injuries
    2. Walcott comes back and plays top form
    3.,Ozil finds his mojo
    4. Wenger places players in their best positions
    5. Everyone plays their best and as a team

    I hope to see the day that all these players will be on the field at the same time. Debuchy, Koscielny, Mertsacker, Gibbs, Wilshere, Ramsey, Sanchez, Walcott, Ozil, Cazorla, Welbeck/Giroud

  20. All my friends that are City fans said the ref was good and keeping it under control. Pellegrini is just being a sore loser

  21. Normally I’d write a long, honest and comprehensive reply to these articles but only having read the headline and none of the replies/responses, I’m gonna be succinct and to the point…………….Pellegrini is full of Shit !

    1. True talk,let’s see more positivity if welbeck and Ramsey had taken there chances,if anything its more like bad luck

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