Has Pep Guardiola created a monster in Super Mik Arteta? It’s time to beat Man Cheaty…

Padawan to usurp Grand Master Jedi? by Alex

Has Pep Guardiola created a monster in Super Mik Arteta? Is today finally the day that Lego Head finally takes his throne as the King of Kings?
Let’s kick this article off with a great saying ‘Cheaters never prosper’, well in this case Man Cheaty have prospered, but I hope they have the book/library thrown at them hard right in the face or bridge of their nose, so that it hurts lots.
The last three games unfortunately have hardly been anything to write home about; and I’m pretty sure Lee Mason won’t be frequenting any north London pubs in the near future if he has half a brain cell, which is debatable.
Manchester City tonight is by all intents and purposes our cup final of this season to date, the bench mark, the gladiatorial face off, the do or die moment of our season so far.
For once, unless Pep has had a lunch meeting with Sam Allardyce, Tony Pulis, Jose Mourinho and Sean Dyche and swapped tactics on how to park the bus, I am rather confident tonight!
Especially if Ivan Drago isn’t playing erm… I meant Erling Haaland.
Man Cheaty will come to the Emirates and want to play their game, which will/should play right into our hands and game plan. Last time we played them at the Emirates, if we hadn’t have hit the self destruct button with the Gabriel second yellow and the penalty conceded by Xhaka we would have beaten them.
The game at the Etihad in the FA Cup the players wanted to win, but at the same time weren’t that fussed and we rested a tonne of players and only narrowly got beaten despite standing toe to toe, and in my opinion creating the better opportunities mainly through a very effective Trossard!
Tonight is the night to be rowdy and make the Emirates a Cauldron!

Come on you rip roaring reds!!!!!!

Alex Bartlett

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  1. Maybe Arteta knows most of Guardiola’s tactics, but not all of them. I bet Guardiola has prepared a surprise tonight

    As long as we don’t concede from a set-piece, I think we won’t lose. Man City have many tall players to punish us in dead ball situations, so we need Xhaka, Partey, Saliba, Magalhaes and White or Tomiyasu to start the game

  2. One thing about the FA Cup game is that Guardiola noted that he was surprised by Arsenal’s tactics, which he saw as man-to-man marking.

    I guess he’ll be prepared for that this time (if we do that), so I suspect we’ll see a different game. Maybe we’ll have another surprise for him 🙂

  3. I am not a pessimist. But I doubt if we are going beat man city tonight. A draw will be a good result and a win will be a great result.

    I hope we get the great result.

  4. Check what I found

    Perarnau said: “Do you remember from Sunday’s game, after the second goal, Pep’s hug with Mikel?
    “That was because Mikel said to Mendy, ‘don’t make a high cross when you get to the end line, make a cut-back along the floor,’ and after that Bernardo scored the goal.
    “He [also] talked with Mendy and Sterling to try to make a double pass before the last cut-back.”

  5. This will a night of another “first”. We’ve had quite a few already this season:
    – beating Liverpool in the PL under Jugen Klopp;
    – beating Spurs at their new stadium.
    Beating City in the PL under Guardiola would be, perhaps, the sweetest and best of them.

  6. Tactical we can win but we need to technical too. Endurance and experience can work it well out for the visitors at Emirates but one thing for sure that I know very well is that Gunners really want this thing…….. Go Arsenal go Gunners

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